\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Characters/Rowan Lebeau

Rowan Lebeau

Character Information

Sex: Male

Birthdate: November 23rd, 1993

Occupation: Male Escort

Themesong: The Bad Dreamers - Somewhere In This City (Audio)

What I'm Doing in Haven

I’d like to tell you a tall tale of how I’m running from a life that I got in over my head, but that would just be me waxing bullshit, the reality is I’m in Haven because of a woman: I should’ve known when I saw the signs, but I only looked away, somehow I guess I loved her too much too soon, and too little too late. If there was ever a creature to wrap me around a finger it was her: fiery hair, jade green eyes, and a seductive mien. She always had my attention, and when I couldn’t have it in return I decided to start fresh, so here I am; I’ll probably make all the same mistakes in all new fucked up ways; so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts cause when I least expect it this might all come back around just to haunt me if I let it.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

In-between the moral grays? Humanity isn’t some precious thing to be coddled and cherished, even if I came from such beginnings. The world is dying, and not because of cow farts, asses. Humans over bread, over feed, and mass murder on the daily; leaving in their wake ocean dead zones, chemical ridden lakes and rivers, and are quickly destroying Gaia’s forests. So they need to be culled, need to be reared in, and absolutely controlled; and the Hand promises to do that and so much more.

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