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Subject 52

Florence and the Machine
You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to


Jonathan Young
The melody of angry growls;
A counterpoint of painful howls;
A symphony of death

oh my!

That's my lullaby.

ESTP-AThe Entrepreneur

Sex: Female Birthdate: 1987
Race: White Hispanic Build: Athletic
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 ft 9 in (176 cm) Weight: 194 lbs (87.9 kg)

We crawl on our knees for you,
Under a sky no longer blue.
We sweat all day long for you.
We sow seeds to see us through,
But sometimes dreams just don't come true.

Look now at what they've done to you.

System Specifications

  • [Tyrell Corp] Urban Lowlight Cornea III (x2)
  • [Rushell Industries] Helheim Prototype IV Intracardiac Pacemaker
  • [Rushell Industries] Odin Prototype III Thoracic Oxygen Uptake Respirator
  • [Titan Technologies] Internal Shock Absorption (Refinement XI)
  • [Rushell Industries] Skeletal Reinforcement Process (Code: Draugr)
  • [Rushell Industries] Ratatoskr Warp Module III

Other Specs:

  • Nanite network for delivery of chemicals as programmed by authorized members of Project Fenrir.

Currently programmed with: steroid cocktail version VII, "Skoll".

in my defense
the moon was full
and i was left unsupervised

no one ever told me how to feel

gratuitous violence:




& so like everything else you love.

Project Fenrir Subject 52

Procured in the late 1980s alongside dozens of other werewolves birthed at home to fearful mothers, Subject 52 (who calls herself 'Roxanne', after a song by the Police) has never known a home outside of Project Fenrir – if Project Fenrir can be called a home. Raised in the environment of Rushell Industries testing and experimentation, she received cybernetics in her pre-teen years and has seen much of the grisly treatment given to her werewolf kin.

Showcasing a higher IQ than average, Subject 52 was both given specialized 'treatments' and greater rehabilitation to curb her tendency to rebel against the scientists. She possesses acute genetic similarity to Subject 1, indicating a shared ancestor in the wolf-God known as Fenrir; this information is kept from Subject 52 who has shown increased interest in bonding with her peers, including Subject 1 himself, to prevent family bonding that might cause issues during attempts to terminate Subject 1 or other genetically similar werewolves.


Psychological study has determined Subject 52 to be a charismatic leader in small groups, willing to socialize outside of her social circle, but prone to aggression and short temper when faced with individuals who ally their interests with Project Fenrir itself. Though subdued and viewed as trained, Subject 52 verbalizes her anger at the doctors and is not considered docile.


"I get it, you're protective of me. But I'm protective of you too, so we'll have to meet in the middle." - Cameron

"If neither of us ends up off world when we hunt, something isn't going right." - Poolside.

"You're more human than you think." - Booker.?

"No lie fam, I'd die for this bitch. Or at least like, I'd definitely kill." - Subject #77 Bonnie Bright

"Be wary; sometimes what first looks like freedom can be a snare of a different, more insidious design." - An Echo

"Commentary here." - Your Name.