• Roleplay:

    Long Term Continuous RP ++

    Friendship RP ++

    Calendar Events ++

    Short, Fast Emotes ++

    Petty Drama ++

    Weird, Obsessive RP ++

    Large Scenes +

    Long, Slow Emotes +

    Romance RP /

    Suiciding / Mourning -

    Prioritizing Texting --

    White Knighting / WK Summoning --


    Being Abused ++

    Being Gaslit / Manipulated ++

    Being Blackmailed / Coerced +

    Being Discredited +

    Being Imprinted +

    Being Brainwashed +

    Bruising +

    Lacerating +

    Hours of Torture --

    Uglifying --

    Permanent Damage --


    Rape ++

    Blood +

    Humiliation +

    Mind Controlled Sex RP +

    Choking +

    Fetish +

    Urine /

    Scat --

    Gore --

  • "I will find him!"

    Björn Ironside did not die, as the historians claim, in the ninth century.

    He didn't die at all. His cairn sits empty. He could not be sent to Valhalla.

    So he has decided to walk.

    The problem, however, lies in a seed he planted in a Northgard Wildling's belly.

    Elsa Björnsdóttir, one of many of Björn's children, but the most determined.

    He never knew her. He never held her, or taught her anything.

    He denied Elsa the right to swear to him, to fight alongside him.

    And now, as he prepares to trek across Niflheimr in search of Valhalla,

    She would deny him this journey. His duty is unfulfilled.

    And now Sa Björnsdóttir searches for Björn Ironside.

  • Name: Elsa Björnsdóttir
    Aliases: Sa, Swift
    Intro: a moon-pale, lithic woman with a long blond braid
    Age: Teens
    Birthplace: Northgardr, the Godrealms
    Associations: The House of Odin
    Relatives: Björn Ironside
    Sigurðr Snake-in-the-eye
    Hálfdan Ragnarsson
    Ívar the Boneless
    Thorgerðr Hölgabrúðr
    Ragnar Loðbrók

  • Faceclaim

    Sa's faceclaim, Sara Sigmundsdóttir

    Sa's Father

    The Unkillable Björn Ironside