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Samantha Calina

Samantha Calina

Born in Florida, Sam was raised in a religious cult and fled when she was 19. She hitched her way towards Haven after a coworker in North Carolina told her about it, using her skills as a dancer and a few other talents to get by. She is hoping that she will be able to start a life that is much freer and more rebellious than what she left behind.

What I'm Doing in Haven

Working, having fun, making poor choices.

Fitting in a Supernatural World

From Unaware to Hand president, Sam has made her way up the chain...and isn't entirely sure she likes the view from the top.

Coping with the Lurking Horrors

She once used drugs to cope, but now Samantha IS one of the lurking horrors...and she's sweet as pie until crossed, so sometimes people don't see it coming.


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