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Samantha Calina

Samantha Calina

Name: Samantha Calina
Age: 23
Archetype: Faeborn?
Society: LSMC Haven
Profession: Jewelry Store Owner.


Sam used to dance for a living, and still loves to do it for fun, both to put on a show and to go out with friends.

Petty Crime

Want a hottie to break into houses with you? Maybe do a little light stealing or beat someone up? Sammy’s your girl.


She’s generally chill and friendly, but Sam has made some very unethical choices to get where she’s at, and is very much on the predator side in the ecosystem of Haven. Just because she’s nice while taking your wallet or making you a snack doesn’t mean she’s good.

Cults R Bad

Born in Florida, Sam was raised in a religious cult and fled when she was 19. She hitched her way towards Haven after a coworker in North Carolina told her about it, using her skills as a dancer and a few other talents to get by. Now she’s got a pretty big chip on her shoulder when it comes to religion.

Isabelle Vadasra

“Your ass looks great when you run.”

La Hermosa Tonto

Samantha Calina

“These are my comments.”

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