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Sera Mc Laren

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Name Sera McLaren
Age 27
Occupation Freelance Coder
Theme Song Onion Girl by Holly Cole

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What I'm Doing in Haven

As an academy student and Head Girl, until no longer of use, Sera was the soft touch needed to keep students from falling too deep into their own darkness, even as she struggled to claw her way out of her own. A pill or bottle of liquor away from addiction, she struggles to find her own way of maintaining herself as she tries to hold fast a guise of stability. After living through a veritable Hell she's come out firmer in her convictions, softer in her touch, and more open in her moralities than she ever could have expected.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

A gatherer or information, a purveyor of secrets, and an ear towards gossip, Sera tends to have a finger in many things while maintaining a neutrality unless provoked. If you need to know something, need something rigged up, or someone to look into things she's certainly open to the possibility for a price. Dresses don't pay for themselves after all.

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RP Hooks

  • One Hook

Gentle Soul: Sera is one of the few kind souls left at the Institute and is a resource for students and teachers alike. Whether it's comfort, information, or 'fixing' someone or something she's here and willing to help.

  • Two Hook

Technically Inclined: Sera lends herself to the technical aspects in a multitude of ways With time she can try and make you personal items or teach you how to use a computer properly...a skill that seems to be so sorely lacking in this small town.

  • Red Hook

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"You are a broken, pretty little thing Sera McLaren. But with my guidance? You could be so much more." - Dalton Derrion

"Of course, the Den of Lust is always open, and we're always ready to serve our patrons desires" - Graanthe

"Your major flaw, and your major strength, is that you care too much." - Dr. Spilsbury

"Though you're now too timid to embrace it, one day you'll accept and wield the strength you know is within you. You won't have a choice." - Dr. Zmeyakov

"Of all the devils, you're the least evil." - Sleepy?

"Fuckin' narc." - Tommy?

"Maybe Anastasiya was right about you. You have been an exemplary student." - Doctor Schmidt

"Our very own lamb lost in the darkness, which light will attract you the most before the curtains close I wonder." - Professor Liscom

"I can be the light in your darkness, if you forgive my occasional fumbles." - Gage

"I can tell that you have suffered, Ms McLaren. Some who suffer as you have find new meaning in later life by striving to ensure that no one has to suffer the way they have ever again. Others become complacent, accepting of their circumstance, and aiding their oppressors by taking up the same tools that were once used to break them. Do you see the rabbit-hole you're spiralling down, I wonder? Your mantle of innocence cannot shield you for much longer." - Mr Aniefiok

"You have the potential to become what you want, and you profess the will to become so. The only thing that is missing is belief, but I am confident we will be able to work on that. Until then, let's move along - there's much to learn, and work to be done." - Jennifer Smith

"You were my friend before, and I hope that will be the case again. If you need anything while you rebuild yourself, you just ask." - Ione

"You have courage and heart. I should like to study these." - Arete

"She'll help, she'll support, and she'll forgive. I'm pretty sure she's a saint, and I really hope to never disappoint her." - Haley

"A wise woman with smart friends, very happy you teach, Miss McLaren." - Summer

"Thanks for teaching me how to not set the campus on fire." -Leon

"Sera has a serious ...perspective... on things that can stretch the normal understanding of what is acceptable at a dinner party. Seralove forever!" Quinn

"You're alright Miss McLaren.. I guess. The place would be weird without yooze limping around at least." Aiden

"Of all the separations that sadden me about leaving town, there is one that will hurt far more than the rest. Be safe and well, Miss Sera. You are the strongest person I know." Quinn

"A friend is someone that helps you to believe in yourself. I found that, and then it got hard. That’s when I realized what a best friend was. Someone who would always love you – the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you – because that is what people are supposed to do. I love you Ser, thank you for being my rock." Huong

"You are a bright spot in a dark world, never let that guiding light fade and thank you for being there for my stupid butt'''" Ty

"You don't seem to believe you deserve to be treated with kindness, stubbornly insist you don't. Luckily for you, I'm just as stubborn." Cameron

"Thank you for being there when I needed someone. I won't forget it." Luciana