\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Characters/Spring Paxton

Spring Paxton

Character Information

Sex: Female

Birthdate: 02/12/1997

Occupation: Hostess

Themesong: Obsession

What I'm Doing in Haven

I work a multifunctional job, hostess, bartending, socialite, and keeping things in flow. I suppose it's not all bad when the money is good. Though I can be a bit flighty, it's just in my nature I suppose. I find myself drawn to well..anyone. If they fascinate me I gravitate toward them, I suppose it's not always a bad thing, it's led me to meeting some amazing people so far.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

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"You're fortunate. You know that?" - Abel

"Chocolate is good. You are kind. Thank you for helping me fight for Genny, even though it made you sad." - Gizelle?

"Some people are only worth one dance." - Sua

"Man make head hurt." - The Wisewoman of the Wanderer's Waypoint

"But how else she gonna feel all special snowflake? Cunt." - The 'Prepubescent' One

"Some people like to blame others for the consequences of their bad decisions. You should not be mad at me for the loss of your child, you should be mad at yourself. You are the one who put yourself in danger, I gave you an out, you refused it." - Keysen