\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Characters/Spring Paxton

Spring Paxton

Character Information

Sex: Female

Birthdate: 02/12/1997

Occupation: Hostess

Themesong: Obsession

What I'm Doing in Haven

I work a multifunctional job, hostess, bartending, socialite, and keeping things in flow. I suppose it's not all bad when the money is good. Though I can be a bit flighty, it's just in my nature I suppose. I find myself drawn to well..anyone. If they fascinate me I gravitate toward them, I suppose it's not always a bad thing, it's led me to meeting some amazing people so far.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

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"You're fortunate. You know that?" - Abel

"Chocolate is good. You are kind. Thank you for helping me fight for Genny, even though it made you sad." - Gizelle?

"Some people are only worth one dance." - Sua

"Man make head hurt." - The Wisewoman of the Wanderer's Waypoint