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Summer Ryan

Name: Summer Ryan (AKA Morrigan Le Strange)

Archetype: - Demonborn

Faction: Blackfield Academy - Basic Student

Occupation: Aspiring Sorceress

Theme Song: Billie Ellish - You Should See Me In A Crown


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Summer grew up in Haven, she was sent to Blackfield Academy like all other kids. She's currently a student, as she should be, but due to her infatuation with the occult, she's doing her best to become a great Sorceress. At the moment it mostly involved playing make-believe with her self made 'magical' cloak, and performing 'mystical' rituals.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

While Summer herself is unaware of it, she actually has demonborn blood, and may one day achieve her desire to not be normal. Right now it translates to some impulses, she may steal only the left sock of a pair from one of the other students. Petty little bits of mean pranks, but she hasn't quite elevated her game yet. Perhaps when she'll awaken. She also studies the occult and arcane from any book she can get her hands on at the Academy. A lot of her 'knowledge' is currently drawn from movies and books about magic, be it frivolous like Harry Potter, more detailed like Lord of The Rings, or the occasional actual tome she stumbles across.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Mildly put, Summer can't cope with the lurking horrors, but the make believe persona she adopted for herself can! Calling herself 'Morrigan Le Strange' while wrapped in her magical cloak, and until recently warding makeup (she lost it to Academy Staff), she pretends to cast the most powerful of spells and speaks with such an air of arrogance and control, one might almost be inclined to believe she has real powers. To further strengthen the illusion, she performs some stage magic tricks, to full fellow students into believing in her powers. Wearing the cloak and being 'Morrigan' makes her capable of dealing with anything. Without her cloak, she's likely the biggest scaredy cat on campus.

RP Hooks

ø The Occult - Are you an advocate, enthusiast, or Master of the mystic arts? Perfect! Summer will adore you, and will seek to learn every morsel of information you may offer. Sadly, she could wind up idolizing some charlatans along the way and might be manipulated to perform tasks in return to real magical lessons.

ø Bullied - If you're a bully, Summer is the kind of girl that makes a perfect target, and she suffered quite a bit from those. Part of adopting the 'Morrigan Le Strange' persona came as an attempt to ward off bullies. Some of them actually were fooled by her confidence and magical prowess (read simple tricks), that they let her be for fear she'll cast real curses on them.

ø Teachers - You might not expect it, but for all her make believe and pretending to be a powerful sorcerer, Summer is actually a very enthusiastic and dedicated student. She's eager to one day be a famous Sorceress, and so she invests in her studies as much as she can to elevate her knowledge, intelligence and learning abilities. She thinks everything educational will help her in the long run.

ø Rituals - If you can do rituals, or have interest in them, Summer would love to hang out with you. She wants to learn, and if you're someone looking to learn, she's willing to teach what little she knows. Not all of her knowledge is accurate, some of it is made up by her own imagination, but she makes the world a more interesting place with her sheer dedication to the art she doesn't quite know.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Demonic Cry - A demonborn ability, if under great duress, she has a tendency to crumble and whine. Too much pressure, and she may unlock an innate demonborn ability to wail a powerful demonic cry that tends to deafen those around her.

ø Rituals - Through tireless exploration and study, research of many sources, nonsensical and true, Summer has garnered herself some actual understanding of the occult to the point she can perform some rituals with actual results.

ø Stage Magic - While it took her a long time to achieve any real magic of any sort at all, Summer did get quite handy at stage magic variety of tricks. She can make coins disappear, pull handkerchiefs and cards out of thin air, and all sorts of tricks. Some, particularly students, may actually believe she has real magic ability based on that. Either way, she's at least good entertainment value.


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