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Sven Tyller

Name: Sven Tyrell

Archetype: - Demigod

Faction: The Order - Shield

Occupation: Arcanist/Business Consultant

Theme Song: Put It On The Line


Scion of House of Odin, Blood of Skaadi, Blessed of Njord

Born in April 6th of 1991, Sven Tyrell comes from a Norwegian family who can trace their descendants back to the vikings. As such his family have a great devotion of Norse Mythology. So much so, that the majority of the family have been identified as belonging to the House of Odin. Sven is no different in that regard. Activating as a demigod many years ago, he was one of his families greatest member.

Sven, whose blood comes from the goddess Skaadi, developed first the ability to utilize his rituals and cryomancy along with an innate power to cause storms, a blessing from the god Njord. What is interesting is, that despite his association with the House of Odin, Sven seems more interested in the well being of both: supernaturals and naturals alike, which led him to join the Order. He has recently arrived in Haven, to aid the Haven Order branch's efforts.

RP Hooks

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Supernatural Outlook

ø Cryomancer - Sven is an accomplished arcanist that relies on elemental magic, specifically manipulation of the cold via his cryomancies.

ø Ritualist - As many arcanists, Sven is well taught in ritualism and the art of chanting with more proficiency then most.


"Echo. I trust her with my life. To me Echo represents true strength, for she does not even feed psychically. She believes she is an Echo, I believe she is far more. It's a shame, however, that even within her, there are dark thoughts. But I gather we are all tempted. One way or another. "

"Raquel. Raq. For as young as she is, she is incredibly mature. Despite the fact she might not grow in power in the current present, but who know in the future? If she can fight now... Imagine when she gets powers."

"Anthony. While he keeps to himself, his skills as a tactician are impressive. His knowledge on how to combat, even when faced against more stronger foes, is one of his greatest strengths."

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