• Cool Bike

    Shay fell in love the first time she set eyes on the white and gold MV Superveloce S. Almost all of her paycheck goes into that bike, often putting herself in debt just to keep it. She loves it more than her rifle, which says a lot. Fuck with her bike at your own peril.

    Girl with a Gun

    She got taught to shoot, and she does it very very well. She's most comfortable when she has one of her (many) rifles at hand and though she doesn't know much about their technical bits, she's always willing to learn about how to be better with her guns.

    Femme Fatale?

    There's a saying in Haven that it's always a gamble to sleep with someone prettier than you, and Shay is no exception. She got taught to attract and please people but no one taught her how to control herself when she grew in power. The angelborn's left a number of very ill people in her wake and shows very little guilt about it.

    Uneducated Aware

    Sure, Shay grew up in a werewolf family and was aware from the time she could speak. Shay also never finished high school and can barely read if it's not on a screen. She has weird and very biased ideas about how icky magic is (even if she tolerates it at times), and rarely understands the political machinations of the societies and other supernaturals without someone explaining to her very slowly, in very small words.

  • "Maybe happiness isn't serving someone else, but serving myself first?"

    Shay grew up in a struggling, violence-ridden family of werewolves in Queens, New York. She ran away as a teenager and lived on the streets for a while before a nice purple-haired lady gave her a bus ticket to Haven and told her to find the Alae Sursum and Amber Kane.

    Only, the Alae Sursum was no more and so she let herself be scooped up by Ophelia Leighton of the Foundation -- her first taste of Haven and its societies. First in dreams, then in the nightmare battles and finally in the real world, Ophelia and Raphelle taught the little angelborn how to fight and the first stirrings of a Battle Angel was born.

    When Ophelia disappeared and the Foundation collapsed, Shay found herself in the grip of Arianna and Katya, the twin granddaughters of Aphrodite. There she learned how to please in other ways besides her guns (but it definitely wasn't a sex cult, no siree.)

    It was a whirlwind of adventure with servant rivalries, jealous lovers, a two-week long marriage of pure bliss before it all came tumbling down. The goddess disappeared along with Shay's arranged-marriage husband. The angelborn crashed and burned until her friend and 'big sister' Candi suggested a solution - Come play a game...

    Shay disappeared for months and when she returned she found the House of Aphrodite gone. She ended up with the Covenant, protecting the witches. That is, until she one day attempted to kill Isaiah Reegan after he attacked them. She did kill him, only he got back up again and Venice was not impressed.

    At this time she'd gotten herself entangled in a bad deal with the Temple that ended in the death of Commander. It was luck more than anything else that got her out -- a Venetian Oath that she'd had no idea about when she'd asked to join the Lucky Southies to be with her best friend.

    Now she's in a biker gang, without an owner and trying to dodge a number of people who are very pissed off at her. One thing's for certain -- life is never dull around Shay.

  • Name: Sway Jacobson
    Aliases: Shay
    Intro: a perky young woman with a blurple split-dye
    Age: 20
    Archetype: Angelborn
    Birthplace: New York City
    Associations: The Redwood Pack
    Society: The Lucky Southies Motorcycle Club
    Concept: battle angel / angelic bodyguard