\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Characters/Tanya Strelchenko

Tanya Strelchenko

Name:Tanya Strelchenko
Relationship Status:Single
Nationality:New Zealander
Occupation:Academy Student
Class:S4 Advanced
Society:The Blackfield Institute
Bloodline:Human (Untested)?

English Poetry Exercise: "I"


Analysis: Either I've disrespected Miss Worthington or I've mastered the skill of bullshittery, but this poem is quite personal to me. The meaning wouldn't be the same if it was someone else who wrote it. "I" am myself. What I am can be summarized in a simple comma. I am uncertainty. I am the almost but never actually. I am just the breath of procrastination, its regret and its fear. I am the courage mustered to move forward but never enough to make the point. I am the one who is always caught in the middle. I am the second thought.

But maybe sometimes, I could be that quiet moment of awe before your name is called.

A Mundane Reactivation

Nah, this isn't about all that supernatural stuff we learn about in school. I decided to reactivate my stupid Soundcloud account but I'm keeping the rest of my social media deleted. It's all shit from before I moved to Haven that never got released so maybe people have forgotten about me enough by now to leave this alone. Best listened to with headphones, of course. Not that anyone will bother to.

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Tanya Strelchenko

“Bugger off.”


Levi Laine

“I'm always right.”


Atlas Stawarski

“A comma.”

Mis-ter Sta-war-ski

Abel Zap Price

“Why? You want to wear leather jackets and perform tonsil surgery, Tanya?”


Alfred Turner

“You keep looking at my head like it's a rainbow. Maybe there's a pot of gold on the other side? Or... roadkill.”


Wendy West

“You're tepid water. When it breaks, though, I worry to see the ripples of you.”


Roslyn Redgrave

“You're so soft on the inside sometimes, Tanya. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.”

A Dumb Angel

Levi Laine

"...You were the best meal I never had, Tanya."


River Ayers

"Good girl."


"You cannot change destiny, only delay it."

Jack Frost