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Tobias Grimes

Character Information

Sex: Male

Birthdate: August 19th, 1994

Occupation: It's a 4-way split: Oberon's Court, New England Comics in Brockton, Pulling Strings Comic Shop in Holbrook, and Zodiac Talent Agency

Themesong: Puscifer: The Misson

What I'm Doing in Haven

Originally moving to Haven with his girlfriend Lizzie Bradbury in 2018, Tobias had been in search of a place where the pair could settle down and potentially start a family. His father was injured some time late that year, so they moved in with his parents until he recovered, and then they tried their hand at Haven again.

When they returned, however, things had changed. After retrieving what they'd left behind in their old apartment, now occupied by Steve Snow, the pair went about their lives, working different shifts and seeing very little of each other, until the fateful day of March 1st, 2019, when Lizzie suddenly and inexplicably attempted to slash her own wrists. When spotted, passersby attempted to help her, but she drove off - never to be seen again.

When news reached Tobias, he was devastated, and for a very long time, refused to leave his apartment, despite coaxing from his friend and resident couch-crasher Maxie. The day before Lizzie's disappearance, he had received very uplifting and encouraging advice to go home and propose to her immediately.

Very shortly after, Tobias learned the hard way that the supernatural world existed.

Maxie introduced him to Kim some time after, who happened to be his next-door neighbor. As he had avoided contact with many people in the building to that point, this was news to him, but the two became fast friends, due in huge part to their shared appreciation of video games and music.

Later, when Kim formed the Zodiac Talent Agency, Tobias stepped up and offered his assistance, marking his fourth 'job'.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

Having only recently learned of the supernatural world, Tobias is still adjusting, though he is doing so rather quickly. Resilient enough to bounce back from several things that have happened since he initially discovered it, this young man is slowly but surely arming himself with knowledge. It doesn't hurt to have a friend like Kim, however, because through her he has a greater connection to information.

He hasn't had contact with his parents since the discovery, however, but this may be for the best. He wouldn't want to expose them to the horrors he's witnessed.

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