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Torsten Grimarsson

Torsten Grimarsson


BEFORE HAVEN – Born back in the 1760s in a place that would be modern day Tennessee, the first silver-eyed demigod son of Grimar's, son of Thor, Torsten was immediately taken and groomed to be what his 'father' wanted, his own Varangian. Grimar had been one himself, and hundreds of years later, in the turbulent times just before the revolutionary war, he felt his own secret weapon was needed. Or so it was that Torsten was told for the longest time.

The truth was a bit darker -- Grimar had always wanted to perfect himself further, and used his own bloodlines born from his various endeavors as the test subjects. Empower them, see their potential and how it shapes itself naturally as hint to the way the unnatural perfection of the gods formed. It had worked for countless years, his tests, and he drew ever closer he thought to understanding their changes.

When it came time for Torsten's harvest though, Grimar made a grave mistake -- Torsten was the strongest born of his blood yet, and he'd put him through rigors of combat, every war he could possibly invest in and worse to advance the boy turned man. Torsten fought back, and in Grimar's underestimation of him, did defeat the golden-eyed godchild, though he was grievously wounded in the conflict. People suppose their estate burned to the ground from the effects of the fight, and he had nothing left. So he wandered.

SINCE ARRIVAL – It didn't take long for Torsten to become involved with Host on contract, and since then he's done everything he could to match the needs of his current leader, one young Mr. Renfield. Fights have been had, war has been waged, sometimes in the shadows, sometimes outright in the capture and draining of people for the good of the gods. It's a just cause Torsten lends himself too -- a rare thing in that business and desire match each other perfectly. If you enjoy your job you never work a day in your life though, right?

Now though, he's finished his contract as promised. Time ran up, and a second renewal wasn't in the cards. Something had changed though. Haven changes people in that way. So Torsten set the stage for a new group to form -- the Scions. They're finally beginning to throw weight around.

The Scions went as quietly as they came. The only obvious reason was the sudden disappearance of Torsten and Angel who led them, though some of the more well-informed came to the conclusion there was a mistake somewhere made with gate magic. It was almost a year before Torsten was spat out of one of the gates and into the forests of Haven again, and everything was different.

He fought in the battle of Heaven on the losing side, owing to his loyalty to those faithful to him. It was only one believer, but that was enough to create a difference.

Lately, the wandering godchild has taken to doing whatever people pay for -- if the pay's right. He provides caution where he can on the more extreme circumstances, but ultimately has shown a certain cutthroat willingness to do what needs to be done.

SUPERNATURAL LIFE – He certainly doesn't look older than the American Revolutionary War, and when you're raised to believe that divinity is a quality, not a quantity to be measured, the divine expands rather greatly -- its many gifts harnessed more so, from the thunderous might of lightning at his hands, to the winds at his back sending him toward destiny. Even the average person can recognize that he's just too good looking, without trying.


Gender Male
Birth Date February 6th, 1768
Birth Place Tennessee, United States
Association The House of Odin
Occupation Varangian
Description a sculpted, well-groomed blond


POINT – He's a child of the gods -- truly a disciple of his innate gifts as what he is, and it shows in everything he does, from subjugation, to bone armor and thunderous blows and immense strength.

RP Hooks

HEALTH – An ancient wound that caused him constant pain and seemed unwilling to heal had him often seeking out various advanced neurosurgeons, or supernatural means of healing. Lately, that halted. Some supernatural doctors still whisper curiously at the circumstances that might have led to such a long lasting form of torture on someone so supernaturally potent.

WAR – As a mercenary, he's been all over the world, participated in basically every war he could get involved in and before arrival in Haven, worked primarily as a 'security advisor' and bodyguard for various supernaturals. You may have met him, hired him, or seen him in the past -- or might have been advised of his potential for use even.

ICON – Leader of the Scions and rumored to be the youngest unrecognized god child walking earth in some circles -- no doubt a lie, Torsten's a name that the supernatural community is learning if his many years in the far past as the long arm of Grimar weren't already enough.

ENIGMA – Despite having been born hundreds of years after the greatest age of the Vikings, he's as born and bred close to the modern form as one could be -- raised directly by one even though it was in the Americas. Are you a Historian looking for tales? Someone a little too curious about a picture far too old, still featuring him? A painting? Mention of his name in history?



"Without honor, without courage, without autonomy. Unprofessional as shit, just a complete, walking joke, man." - Olly

"Have you two left feet? You're fucking up the steps of our dance." - Still watching

"What do you give a man who believes he's a God on Earth?" - Little Doomed Ship

"I would say be careful with that winning tequila bottle. But you're so big and poised, you probably piss it right back out with excellence." - Kate

"I suppose he's pretty, if you like that whole blonde, Adonis of a man kind of look. Me? I prefer brunettes." - Briar

"It was an honor to have fought alongside you." - Renfield

"We definitely have... a strained relationship." - Virginia

"No regrets, no survivors." - Your Angel

"Damn you for making me think about it. The addictions you embrace are truly terrifying to me." - Teresa

"You are such an egotistical man-child. But you've been there, every time I have needed you to be, you've been there. Stop being so hot and cold now." - Huong

"Your blood is mine." - Beatrix

"The cycle of the strong eating the stronger to become the new strong continues. Ever brave, ever forward. A credit to the House of Odin." - Echo

"Snitches get stitches." - some bitches