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Tucker Rayne

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Tucker Rayne

The road to Haven

Tucker isn't originally from Haven. He's come from out of town after attending a medical college. He had received an offer from Blackfield, and quickly accepted it and became a sworn brother. It's a fact he's somewhat proud of due to his desire to help people.

A supernatural world

He became aware of the Supernatural early in his life while he attended school. The person he was a roommate with was Faeborn and loved to play tricks. The fact that he was just human, how ever, caused some jealous to boil deep down within him since he's not special in any way.

How I cope

Tucker copes with the supernatural through his work. He even channels his jealousy through his work within Blackfield's clinic to try and make sure those who happen to be gifted can survive. From Faeborn to demigods, wolves and vampires.

Make Your Mark

"Ah, my brother, so young... and yet so knowledgeable. I look forward to seeing how you progress..." - Rilan

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