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Tyrao Belrag

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Sex: Male
Birth Date: 04/05/2000
Race: White
Occupation: Owner of Ty's Treasures
Theme Song: Demons

Supernatural Outlook

Can piss anyone off
Can take a bullet to the guts Coming to terms with his demon blood and balancing his desire to protect those close to him with the desire to make everyone around him suffer and hurt.


He came to Haven to attend Blackfield with the desire to learn what he was, having suspected a supernatural condition, he had heard of the school attending without his parent's knowledge. At this time Tyrao has graduated from the Blackfield Institute after a very rocky and contentious time on the campus, which pitted him against Rilan Indigo many times.

More About Me

Tyrao is a college graduate having aged himself accordingly, possessing a degree Business Management from the Blackfield Institute. He is now a proprietor of Ty's Treasures just a stone throw away from the Blackfield Campus, while he refuses to enter those grounds again, he is still drawn there, due to the connection to people he cares about still on campus, most notably Huong Nguyen. He tends to be mild mannered and kind to most people he meets, however he is prone to impatience, at times his temper is very short and erratic causing a lot of trouble for the young man. Tyrao is very much a man driven by emotion, his anger and rage will often override his reason, he is also lustful in nature causing him to be reckless. One redeeming quality is his loyalty to those he cares about, in which he will risk serious injury or death to protect them.

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Notes on file

"I'll be watching your progress, closely..." - Indigo

"'I still think that I shoot better than you.''" - The Goth Princess

"You are infuriating, obnoxious, and I really don't know where I would be without you. Don't be a hero, Tyrao...I will beat your ass if I lose you." - The shoe ninja

"Still not why, but thank you. I won't forget your promise." - Luciana

"You are finding your way. Nobody makes it untainted, but remember people love scapegoats. Plan ahead and be sure your side is heard. Oh...and remember to pick a side, preferably the winning one." - Quinn