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Vanessa Keating


Name: Vanessa "Ness" Keating

Archetype: Natural - Important Local

Faction: N/A - N/A

Occupation: Owner of Tempest Studios and Fitness Instructor at Let's Get Physical! Community Gym

Theme Song: Lost Get Loud


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Vanessa has self-imposed family duties that involve a dad who is in and out of rehab in Boston. She stays close to keep an eye on things, but just enough outside of the big city that she feels like she can breathe. The cheap real estate also meant that she could potentially chase that dream of hers: building a Net Zero tiny home. As an avid jogger and long time kick boxer, she found herself joining hands with Charli Le Blanc at the opening of Haven's newest gym and pretty much spends half of her life in that place.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

She's a human, pure and simple. With all the messy emotions, bravery and exasperation that comes with it. She is fully aware however - as it didn't take long for Haven to carve that knowledge into her... literally.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Stubborn. So very stubborn. And it helps when you have guardian angels that are toothfurries.

RP Hooks

ø Fitness Nut - She won't talk your ear off about it, but it's a part of her life. You'll always find her jogging on the beach at dawn. What you won't find her doing is eating meat. "Eat Plants, not People."

ø Book Nerd - She's an English Lit major and exorbitant book owner. What she doesn't always mention is that she's also a writer. A good enough one to make some money off of it, in fact. Dig a little deeper for her raw love? Poetry.

ø Stubborn & Tenacious - Enough said. She's got a strangle hold on what she believes in and will stand up for, but it doesn't mean she's not open minded.

ø Dad Humor- She's got a pretty standard way of dealing with situations, and it's humor. It's just too bad that her jokes are by and large pretty lame.


"BoPeep, never gonna give ewe up, never gonna let ewe down. Never gonna turn around and hurt ewe. ." - Sonja

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