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Victor Smith

Fake Name: Victor Smith
Real Name: Sir Vysaelek Bronte Mournemyst
Archetype: Human - Wildling
Society: The Neighbourhood Watch?
Association: The Kingdom of Nar
Occupation: Drunken Heir
Theme Song: Jack Daniels


Why Is He in Haven

Carousing. He enjoys the variety of Earth drinks and activities, so when he can escape from castle life in Westrend, he sneaks through the Gates and lives it up. This latest escape attempt has seen him stuck on this side though, until the roads are repaired and Gates re-established. That has left him in a precarious position without support from home, so he is making the most of it.

Where Does He Fit in a Supernatural World

As a human that desires to be more than, he is an example of striving to become better. But as a human, his main place is as food. But as an actual Knight, he is at least capable of standing up to a fight against others of similar bearing.

How Does He Deal With the Lurking Horrors

As a Knight that is fully aware of the horrors around him, he relies most often on the better part of valor to stay alive through his day to day. But some days, he may also test his own mettle and try to stab them. Also varies depending on how drunk he is.

RP Hooks

ø Wildling Noble - While he will say he is merely a Knight and the Heir to a noble title, he carries himself with grace, dignity, and manners. For a few rounds at least.

ø Drunk Philanderer - Some days he wakes up in a ditch. Some days, he wakes up in a bed. Others on a floor. Quite often naked, usually with company.

ø Blackfield - One minor oddity and the reason for his bland fake name, Victor was sent to attend Blackfield in an attempt to activate his latent genes. It failed, but he did graduate.

ø Knight in Shining Armor - He does ride, wear platemail, joust, and do other knightly activities. Especially feasts and merriment!

Supernatural Outlook

ø Educated - He has more than his Blackfield education under his belt. He has studied magic for years.

ø Hunter - Like many in the Wilds, he grew up hunting and employs those skills where ever he may be.


Naur of Navvere said: "The communal good is about survival. But what if it's also what makes survival worth it?"

Sua said: "Don't know you very well yet, and perhaps seen more of you than I should have at this point. But so far you seem alright. Welcome aboard."

Person said: "Comment."