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Viktoriya Izmailova

(¯`·._.· Driven ø Ritualistic ø Hungry·._.·´¯)

Izmailova Viktoriya Sergeyevna

(¯`·._.·"The world will forever be unfair. Better to accept that now than be violently forced into the realisation."·._.·´¯)


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Viktoriya made her way to Haven from Los Angeles by way of Boston, chasing exceedingly reluctantly-given rumours that promised of a stronger concentration of an occult community than even what she was used to amidst the eclectic crowd of Angelenos she'd previously considered to be a bounty. She was soon enough made aware when it was deemed a necessity to do so, given her multiple blackouts from having been fed on past the point of consciousness. Now she's determined to stay, to see this interest of hers through to the end. Whatever that may be.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

As an unaware dabbling in the occult, Viktoriya was thrilled to discover that not only was magic real, it was real in such a fantastic, mind-bending way that she could never have even guessed at it. This delight was shortly encroached on by bitterness, once she realised that she was hampered in mastering the extreme vast majority of any of it; crippled in potential by her lifespan and her blood, she nevertheless struggles to apply herself full-force to any scraps of knowledge she's able to get her hands on -- even if she does resent knowing that she'll be forever weak.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Viktoriya's taken the pragmatic, if depressingly defeatist stance that humans are destined to be preyed upon whether they like it or not; with that in mind, she reasons it's better to willfully acknowledge her inferiority to the monsters around her. At least this way, she figures, she can choose the means of her own subjugation rather than having one chosen for her, likely in an exceedingly unpleasant fashion. Whether this is actually a viable survival strategy still remains to be seen.

RP Hooks and Abilities

ø Desperate for knowledge

ø Supernatural supremacist

Having chosen to take what's generally regarded as a bit more of a self-destructive, possibly world-destructive stance to the realities of supernatural life, she doesn't have as many cheerful, well-meaning teachers willing to instruct her in the things she's curious about. Consequently, she's eager to pounce on opportunities that other novices would shy away from, given that she doesn't really have other available options.

She subscribes to the notion that the world has an undeniable, eternally-fixed pecking order. And in this order, she reasons, humans like her are pretty close to the bottom of the list. Consequently, she tends to afford supernaturals a greater degree of consideration, respect, and subservience, and unknowns from her own race.. a little less.

ø Gothic chic

ø Good, but not to the core

Almost eternally draped in black and silver jewelry, she dresses with a witch-chic style that leaves absolutely no doubt as to her subculture of choice. She's perfectly happy to discuss pretty much anything within that penumbra -- especially in a smaller town like Haven -- and is wont to try and make friendly with others in her kind of clique.

She thinks of herself as a good person at heart, and given that she was raised around a fair bit of woo in Los Angeles, she's generally pretty good at communication and a bit more introspective than your average mid-twenties girl. That said, her empathy can ebb and flow, and given her newfound education about the world, what were once strict ethical guidelines are becoming increasingly more flexible. She can be tempted into trouble, and in the right mood or with the right incentive isn't above trying to drag others along for the ride.


"You are a delightful pet, and I enjoy the way your twisted little mind works. Keep me entertained, and you will be well taken care of." - Your Goddess

"Finally! Someone who -understands-!." - Rosa

"Comment." - Said Character