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Angel of Death

Azrael's abilities seem limitless. Not only is he capable of ripping through steel with his bare hands, he is virtually invincible and can break the sound barrier when in flight. He is able to control the weather, summon lightning bolts, create things out of nothing and was even capable of perfect resurrections. Azrael was a supernatural swiss army knife, displaying a new power for any given situation.

Most elder supernaturals detest Azrael, not only out of sheer jealousy of his absurd capabilities, but because he has tried to end the world more than any supernatural threat before him by opening up the Hell gates so he can fight the archdemons. Fortunately, both the virtuous and corrupt have managed to seal Azrael away each time he's tried. Every time he's escaped captivity, however, he's shown to be even more powerful. Hopefully, this time the seal will stick.

Calvin Earl Potter

The Huntsman

Most of Calvin's power came from a symbiotic relationship with the Fae known as the Glass Lady, who allegedly was the same Fae who started the Demon Wars and ultimately resulted in Sirinia becoming Hell. With the Lady backing him, Calvin's psychic power grew to levels unheard of, and he was able to infect supernaturally sensitive beings with the phenomenon known as Tranquility, which granted Calvin and his followers supernatural immunity to mind control, fear and even some magic.

The rest of Calvin's capabilities came from him housing a fragmnt of Et-Aral's psychic echo within him, making him the Huntsman. This gave Calvin incredible reflexes and allowed him to bypass supernatural defenses with ease. Combined with the skills he learned by being a career soldier and marksman, Calvin waged psychological warfare on the denizens of Haven, with a radical racist, sexist, nationalist dogma. Fortunately, the virtuous and corrupt denizens of Haven alike put aside their differences to stop both him and the Lady.

Felix Schrodinger

Everywhere and Nowhere

Felix Schrodinger's name is a direct reference to his signature power -- Felix can duplicate himself near infinitely, and can destroy any instance of himself with a thought. No one is quite sure if there's a Schrodinger Prime or not. His other powers are fairly standard for a supernatural, he possesses supernatural strength, enhanced senses and regenerative abilities, but there's nothing significant about them. His ability to duplicate himself is tied to fleshforming, as no instance of Felix possesses Sanctuary, allowing his enemies to really cut loose when fighting him.

Felix is also staggeringly devious, giving him a reputation that earns him either great disdain or great respect. His current claim to fame is his attempt to run for Governor of Massachusetts, having seized control of the largest Democratic committee in the state to help back him up, bringing along a few of his loyal friends and allies.

Project Fenrir: File 808

Verifying Clearance...

Verification Failed...

Access Denied: Alerting Authorities

Project Fenrir: File 121

Verifying Clearance...

Verification Failed...

Access Denied: Alerting Authorities

Natalya Stepanov


Natalya possesses incredible strength, strength most vampires shouldn't have, but oddly doesn't have most of the powers vampires are known for. She does not practice magic or telekinesis, but is a capable martial artist in her own right. Her real power comes in the form of her vast wealth and influence, allowing her a private army of professional killers, thugs, lawyers and more. She also happens to have access to several unique artifacts that have been attuned to her as a gift from Et-Aral. These items give her strange and unusual abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with.

Natalya comes from a long line of vampires with a history of demon worship. Their bloodline has always been known for being physically more capable than other vampires, but typically at the cost of more traditional vampiric abilities. Her artifacts and strength has led to her taking over the criminal underworld in Russia, and she rules it with an iron fist. While the societies may seize control of Russia, most know better than to venture there alone.

The Black Order

No information exists about the Black Order yet.

Nothing about their capabilities.

Nothing about what they want.

Hiroshi Nakamura


Hiroshi Nakamura has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous supernaturals alive. Not only is Hiroshi a talented swordsman, but he is also a practitioner of dark magic. He isn't as strong physically as most demonborn his age, but he's faster, commands more powerful magic, and can become incorporeal at will due to having a fragment of Et-Aral within him.

Hiroshi Nakamura was once considered an honorable man before he fell into worshipping Et-Aral. This sense of honor is still somewhat present -- Hiroshi shows respect when he feels its due and expects it in return.

Stephanie LaCroix

High Priestess

Stephanie LaCroix is the de-facto leader of the Remnant. She actually has the least personal power -- in a fight she isn't particularly a threat, but chances are you'll never catch Stephanie LaCroix alone and even if you do, you'll probably end up under her control. She just has a way of getting under people's skin -- of making anyone, no matter how strong they think their willpower is -- do what she wants them to do. That and a keen sense of business has led to Stephanie being one of the wealthiest supernaturals in the world, which she uses to finance the Remnant and their allies.


Calvin Potter : "Since I awoke from my coma... my thoughts have turned to one. Kill Calvin Earl Potter. It confused me at first... I didn't know why I wanted to. I still do not know. But you know what? I did. I did it at least once. Shot that fucker point blank in the head with his own shotgun. And what do I feel? ...Nothing. Absolutely nothing... it did not bring me peace. Is it because I feel robbed, as I was not myself when I did it? Or is it something else... I do not know. " - The Don of Haven High

Azrael : "Adaptive ability. That is my theory about you. The seal had better hold. It was nothing personal, Azrael, I just do not wish my world to be on fire." - A Bearer of the Seal

Potter : "Emotional, psychological, physical pain. You have inflicted the most on me. More than any other. You took two friends from me. You died too quickly. But I have your eyes, you son of a bitch... and she convinced you to kill your Lady. If you exist on some other plane... pray I never find your daughter. She will not go as easy as you were allowed to." - Gage

Felix : "You seem familiar... Narcissus?" - Gage

Azrael : "You took my everything from me." - Your Bane

Azrael : "You could be free had you not killed me." - Alaric de Graua

Calvin Earl Potter : "You have escaped me, as I had escaped you." - Alaric de Graua

Felix Schrodinger : "The one thing I like about you is that I can kill you, an unlimited amount of times." - Alaric de Graua

Natalya Stepanov : "My one true weakness." - Alaric de Graua

Felix Schrodinger : "Why do all of you have to be so pretty?" - Lieutenant Briar

Felix Schrodinger : "A singularity. The era of perfection and intelligence is here. Perhaps a bargain could be made. Serving a singularity would be above serving those with the conditions of flawed human kind." - Frost of the Sanctuary

Felix Schrodinger : "So. Pay for that black ops work still on the table even if I was already a registered democrat?" - Renfield

Calvin Earl Potter : "You were the best friend that I could have had. A good man. A good but... sick man that needed to be put down for his own good and the good of others. I'm sorry. I wish that all of us- including you- could have seen it sooner." - Witter

Felix Shrodinger : " I don't like something about this guy. His face just screams punch me repeatedly. Good thing it can be done an unlimited amount of times You were a good person once. What the hell happened to you in there?" - Witter

Sergei : "It was just a dream. But for a moment, I felt like I was part of something bigger. I can't help but feel I made a mistake, even in that fantasy" - "Rabbit"

Calvin Earl Potter : “We miss you, Mister Potter. We miss you, so much...” – Jo

Azrael : “I watch you. One after another, and another, and another – there is always one more demon waiting for you. Is this what you wanted, when you came to us so many months ago? Is this what you expected? Did you know this would happen? You were supposed to be a God. What are we expected to believe in now, if even Gods fall?” – Hellbound Eve

Azrael : "I think I understand now." - Renfield

Natalya : "Мой отец говорит, что вы собираетесь приехать в Америку, Наталья, и мы должны быть готовы предоставить дома из дома." - Россия навсегда xxxx

Sergei : "I hope the Child grows to hate you as much as I do." - The Mother

Hiroshi : "Call me fuckin' nuts, but this is one fight I'm looking forward to." - Old Man Witter

Schrodinger: “I don't trust a handsome man, Mr. Schrodinger. I don't trust you, and I don't trust your motives, and I don't trust your 'vision' for Haven – but I'm not unreasonable. I'm not unkind. I am sorry that you suffered ... but you remain misguided.” – Miss Rosenberg

Felix: “I... resent that he killed my Mistress. But it must be for a good reason, right? He wouldn't do nothing for no reason. Maybe... can we work out a deal to let them stay? Please?” – Carter

Sergei: “You better hope we don't meet again. 'Cux I'm going to go all Rocky 4 on yer ass.” – Old Man Witter

Schrodinger: “ I'm listening.” – Deputy Witter