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Viola Maturin

Viola Maturin


Name: Viola Maturin
Birthdate: August 20th, 2004
Hair: Brackish
Eyes: Gray
Ethnicity: Unknown
Affilations: Blackfield?


One may find Viola roaming about campus without much understanding of her movements, though the implications are that she is a voyeur of all things social.


Due to her strange behaviors, some of Viola's classmates have branded her as a freak or just 'too weird.' The manifestations can only be seen when she's spotted, let alone if she doesn't bolt.


It is difficult to have Viola speak. At all. Most find themselves meeting a wall of quiet when she decides to test the waters of students and staff around campus. With patience, one may be able to listen to her as one does with a seashell's song.


Contemplative. Deep. Introspective. What lies under Viola's strange exterior? Or is it all just a shallow attempt to blend in and not be noticed?


Write in the Sand

Viola Maturin

"What are your dreams?"

"I dream, of water."

No One