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Voia Andrea

Name: Voia Andrea

Archetype: Local - Sensitive

Faction: The Temple

Occupation: Artist


As Many Candles As Possible

Getting Into Knives

Why is she here?

Voia moved to Haven early in her life from Romania and has remained since. She is an artist who makes little money from her art. Her calling seems to be working menial jobs to pay rent.

RP Hooks

ø Public Lingerer - Voia spends time in public to avoid being alone.

ø Painter - Voia uses watercolors to paint small cards for friends.

ø Romanian - Voia was born in Romania and learned the language early in life.

ø Clueless - She is new to the supernatural and has gaps in her knowledge.


"...and let her eat cake." - Ginny

"I was hungry; she was kind and generous. I understood the contents of her character without understanding her words. When the opportunity arises, I will repay her hospitality and we might speak at greater length." - Naur

"We've got this.... We have to." - Richard