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Wanda Arkwright

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Wanda Arkwright

a shapely, sun-kissed woman with red hair

an envious, wistful occultist stalked by shadows

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“There is no disappointment so numbing... as someone no better than you achieving more.”
Joseph Heller

Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date February 10th, 1997
Birth Place Haven, MA
Archetype Gifted
Society The Witches of Haven
Affiliations The Coven
Sins “Envy”



a modern day woman with a weak constitution
because I've got monsters still under my bed
that I could never fight off


“Your patience; your guidance; your love; it's all I need. I'm still fighting.” – Prince Charming

“My mother is not a monster. She is blessed by nature, by the spirits.” – Deputy Moore

“Some meetings are too strange and too strong to be coincidences. Our friendship blossomed out of a experience not unlike one of those. I cherish you, Wanda,” – Yawen

“Wanda Arkwright, you are incredible.” – Elio

“I only met her in person once. She was mesmerizing.. and Terrifying.” – Xan

“What ta say? Yer always there for me no matter what or how stupid I am. I'll always be there if ya need me. Oh, and stealing that kiss was totes worth it!” – Shay

“Sacrifices must be made. I will be the one to make them, as the elder cousin.” – Corinne

“We are due some happiness, Wanda. We deserve it. We are owed it.” – Cam
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