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Wendy West

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"You ever wonder why you're hurting yourself?" - Cunt One

"I will figure it out, just let me sit here a little while?" - Waif

"Thanks for being honest. What do you want out of all this?" - His Hoe-i-ness

"Thanks for the Switch. And most of all for watching out for me." - Laurs

"Who let this bog witch into our school, anyways?" - Roslyn

"Chaos contained. There is something about her eyes that says she knows the world too soon,

Secrets below the lashes so dark and eyes of stone.

She's here, she's not here,

But the mind behind the shattered glass never stops or bends." - Olivia

"i like making u laugh" - Roslyn

"Go die." - Olivia

"You're really pretty when you're not being a cunt." - Laura

" Miss West, you exist in a perpetual state of deserving a slap, but I don't want to wear out my hand." - Miss Gabby?

"You're not a cunt, Wendy. You're just a twat." - Roslyn

"Please don't kill the wolf." - Laura

"Why do I need to show you my abs?" - Keysen

"Something." - You?