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Wulfric Graves

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Get the last word in, and I'll get the last laugh in.

✦ Knowledge is power.
Power is key.
And the rest... is Oblivion.

❝I can't promise the deal will be in equal trade but I promise never to go back on it.❞


☾ Alaric/Elrich/Wulfric

The Monster Behind the Man


If there was a human before the demon, it has been forgotten, ignored and or may have never been the case at all. There have been names though, that span across time and tell his story.


Even other demons speak bad of Wulfric, not for reasons a human might but it all comes back to him wronging them in one way or another

☾ Scheme


[The information on the wiki is OOC, it is not to be used IC.]

Be very careful in the wording when you make a deal with Wulfric, he's a rat who will try every loophole. Make sure you get your worth out of the deal because Wulfric won't.

☾ The Plan

There's always a plan

If you see Wulfric... he's there for a reason. If he talks to you, offers you something, plays nice with you, or anything that seems something a normal person would do... know there's a plan you want no part of in the making.

Trash - Korn

Snuff - Slipknot

Lucky you - Eminem ft Joyner Lucas

Coming Undone - Korn

Goosebumps - Travis Scott ft Kendrick Lamar

Antidote - Travis Scott

"Know not only your worth, but what it might be worth to me." - Graves {10/04/2018}

"You cheated." - Her {10/04/2018}

"I do not know how you scraped by for this long, Alaric. Who have you wormed your way into the service of this time?" - Azrael {??/??/????}

"I will find you." - Natalya {04/10/2013}

"It's always nice when we can come to an understanding." - Renfield {10/04/2018}

"It's nothing personal, Ric. I just prefer not to Oath." - Briar {10/04/2018}

"How long must we do this before you realize you're better serving than ruling?" - Your Friend, Felix {10/04/2018}

“I hope you find your strange red stone, Mister Graves.” – Eve {10/9/2018}

“I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement, Graves. I have something you want ... and you have some troubling ideas I want to dispel.” – Turner {3/30/2019}