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Yawen Xia

Simplicity. Patience. Philosophy.


Willful. Ambitious. Haughty.

▬▬ι═══════- Yawen Xia - 夏 雅雯 -═══════ι▬▬

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” - from Tao Te Ching


Life prior to Haven

Xia Yawen is the fourth daughter of Zongzhu Xia Yun, who is the Whisping Clouds of Opulent Summer Sect Leader, under the authority of the Jade Emperor, and follower of Daoism. The sect denies modern amenities and keep to themselves unless the outside worlds require them to intervene. They see themselves as guardians, though certainly not pro-human, yet still step in to prevent catastrophes from happening that would decimate the human race. The honored elders can predict such events by using their honed skills of forecasting the future based on current trends. Cultivation within this group is achieved through the arts; mainly music, dancing, and crafting. The mastering of sacred songs, via instruments or choreography, can be as useful as herbs and concoctions, as well as precise attacks when performed at a master level. Creating one's own weapons and instruments are required tasks. Banana leaf fans are also carefully made by each sect member; used as a shield and deflector against unsuspecting attackers, and thrown as a chakram-like weapon – only to return to its user in the fashion of a boomerang.

From the time she could walk, Yawen has trained in the sect's unique Kung Fu style. It is elegant and swan-like, focusing on avoiding strikes and redirecting any form of attack. The forecasting of the future is also applied to upcoming violent actions. Accupoints are utilized, although the use of The Touch of Death is forbidden unless the predictions show there will be no other way to end the evil at hand. It is a rule within the sect that, "One life may be lost in order to preserve life for all," but also, "Live for noble causes. Do not end a life, tho' dead in its spiritual appearance, which can be revived like a summer flower after a drought."

A skilled dancer, she uses this art form as her main source of cultivation, but she is proficient in several stringed instruments. Her mood determines which instrumental discipline she uses. A melancholic frame of mind, as well as a peaceful one, is expressed best through the playing of the guqin or erhu. If she is touched or jubilant, the guzheng is favored.

Life in Haven

Yawen is the owner of The Succubus Club as well as The Pavilion, and is taking college classes part time at Blackfield. Outside of work and school, she used to spend the majority of her time training, playing her erhu wherever she could, and dancing at The Art in Motion Dance Studio, while doing her best to not get corrupted , and is far past the point of becoming severely corrupted; she is corrupting others. Known to many as The Empress, she is the leader of The House of Aphrodite, raises a very young daughter whose father is the one and only Augustus Inigo - the current Mayor, and married Nicole Miller on May 6th, 2023. Although Yawen appears to be in her early twenties, many may note that a man of a similar age and appearance, Anwar Xia, is referred to as her son.

Coping with Reality

Sent down to Haven for her trial to prove herself to the sect, Yawen's golden core was removed, rendering her powerless. Her lifetime of cultivation growth lost, she had to work very hard to regain strength and skills. Having reawakened, she's hungry for power. There's a soft spot in her heart toward humans, a huge disappointment to her family and sect, and she desires to even the playing field. It's not about having equality, but fairness. She is one to vote for the underdog, as she is one herself. One day, she envisions herself as being a crusader and attempting to be a blockade against those of her same blood . The demigoddess learned to start hating humans, due to their actions against her, and eventually became a slaver.

(Actual footage of Yawen Xia celebrating the successful expansion of her drug smuggling empire after becoming Border Lord of the Wilds, with slaves working tediously in the background.)

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"That mouth causes so much trouble, I adore such a troublesome tongue." - Said Arianna

"You try so fucking hard to hide the fact you have a good, gentle heart. Dumbass." - Chloe

"I think... we're kindred spirits. And, even to our deepest core, more similar than we'd realize." - Wanda

"You have become as I am. No longer can you blame your vile acts on me." - Katya

"You'd better be kind or you'll be getting more fish in your mattress." - Wendy?

"Your first mistake was tea. Your second mistake was... your whole... you." - Deputy Moore

"Willing or Unwilling: Our time is coming." - Crystal

"Are you certain you're incapable of shifting into a mother duck? Or perhaps a goose - You quack a touch wilder than a duck would..." - Your Stalker