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Zhi Dai

Zhi Dai

Name: Zhi DaiAffiliation:The Shadow Hand

Child of Dreams

Zhi is a Princess of the House of Dai, from the land of Luxia in the dreamworld known as Shu Mountain. She has been on earth for about a year now but still frequently travels back to the Mountain to train in her dreams.

On a Quest

Zhi is on a mission to find things in the physical world she can take with her into the dreamworld in order to help her people in their struggles against rival kingdoms.

Food delivery

In Haven, Zhi makes ends meet as a Grubhub delivery person, text 710 1058 to place your home delivery today!


"I could have won... if I wanted to." - Sua.

"Sometimes I think you only have good ideas to fuck with me." - Abel.

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