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Moore Family


While the Paomet natives of Haven were killed and turned into vampires, the Nashaway natives of Haven went a different path; they believed that nature was a primal, all-powerful force, and during the full moon, they would dance with the wolves. English settlers in the late 1700s came to what is now Haven with muskets and bayonets, led by John Moore, who wiped out the entirety of the Nashaway tribe. At least, this is the story told by the current family matriarch, Mary Moore. What she doesn't tell is how the Nashaway chieftain bit John Moore; sometimes, the Moore family begets a child born a wolf.

The Moores were never as powerful as the other Families, but could be much more bitter about it. They're a simple, fun-loving family, and while they've amassed their own influence, they care more about living off the land by hunting and fishing. They're responsible for supplying the Lodge with some of its food supplies, and Mary owns the land on Westhaven. Every month, during the full moon, the family gathers together to honor their werewolf roots, though the Haven Moores are no longer lycanthropes.

Faction Views
The Moores favor factions who have a deep respect for the natural world, the dead (the type that stay dead, like ghosts), and factions who treat their structure like a wolf pack with territory defined strongly. Moore PCs are expected to contribute regularly to factions that fill this criteria, though with the rarity of such a faction to exist, most Moores keep to themselves. Members of factions that meet the criteria can stay in the Longhouse for as long as they'd like, and can find sanctuary of the non-magic sort in the arms of the family.


Mary Moore?
Den Mother, Park Manager

Drew Moore?
Cousin, Barkeep


Matthew Moore?
Mary's Brother, Pot Dealer

Billy Moore?
Drew's Brother, Violent Biker


Abby Moore?
Drew's Sister, Dive Stripper


Johnny Moore?
Billy's Kid, Academy Bad Boy