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Demonborn Archetypes

The demonborn are a disparate group, while some are indeed the descendants of human and demon couplings these are very rare, far more common are humans who were affected by demonic forces while still in the womb. The result is basically the same however, a human who is in some small part demon. The demonborn tend to be physically stronger and hardier than most humans, also with a much higher tolerance for heat. Many find themselves drawn to and interested in fire as well. The demonborn are also infected with the innate demonic sadism. They derive physical pleasure from the pain, discomfort or unhappiness of others. While this isn't enough to make all of them turn into psychopaths it does turn a lot and others tend to settle into some lifestyle or profession that allows them to get their fix. They are commonly found as dominatrixes or in pain oriented kinky relationships, or in professions such as soldiers, police, criminals, or professional fighters.


Tier Two


This archetype represents humans with some demon blood in them, but those who are fairly new and inexperienced with their powers.

Tier Three

Demonborn Veteran

This archetype represents a human with demon blood who's been supernatural and active in the supernatural community for at least ten years.

Tier Four

Ageless Demonborn

This archetype represents a human with demon blood who's moved beyond aging and has many decades of experience as an active member of the supernatural world.

Tier Five


This archetype represents those humans who are half human, half demon. Normally these occur when parents make deals with demons regarding their children, or a single woman allows herself to be inseminated with a half demon child as part of a deal.