\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Gameplay/Dreaming


The dreamscape is a psychic realm that all sentient beings can access in their sleep. Normal people only access it very rarely, maybe once or twice in their entire life but supernaturals and anyone living in Haven can access it almost every time they sleep if they wish to. Roleplaying in the dreamscape won't earn you regular roleplay experience, but will earn you dreamscape experience which unlocks the ability to buy certain psychic powers. Some find the dreamscape addictive and try to spend more and more of their time inside it, living out their fantasies and dreams, reveling in the ability to be anyone anytime. These individuals tend to begin to suffer in the mundane world however, becoming more withdrawn, weaker, and often developing other mental and emotional issues such as agoraphobia.

Characters in the dreamscape can have sex, this works the same way as sex on the outside world mechanically, use private when you start RPing, and the sex command. Dreamscape sex cannot get a character pregnant, or have any other physical effects but it also doesn't convey any real physical pleasure. None the less some people find it particularly addictive, owing to the ability to be anyone and experience any thing. Those who have significantly more dream sex than real sex however will start to develop sexual issues in their real life as well as other emotional problems, manifest codely as diminishing effective life force.

Dream Commands

Syntax: Dream -Fall asleep and enter the dream scape. You won't be able to enter the dream scape if you are awake, but being held captive.

Syntax: Wake -Leave the dreamscape and start the process of waking yourself backup.

Syntax: Make room -Create a room in the dreamscape, use location dreamscape to set it. Once set you can use roomlist and travel to visit other rooms as with other types of traveling. You will generally only be able to see and visit rooms you've created.

Syntax: Dream invite (person) -Invite another dream to visit the room you're in, allowing them to see it on the roomlist and travel to it.

Syntax: Dream sell experience (amount) -Turns dream experience into rp experience, with 5 dream exp becoming 1 rp exp.

Syntax: Dream buy experience (amount) -Turns rpxp into dream exp, with 1 rpxp becoming 2 dream xp.

Shared Dreaming

Sometimes it's possible for two people to share a dream, the following commands are used in these cases.

Emote: Does an emote only visible by other dreamers, if you're on control of the dream your name will not automatically appear, allowing you to control other aspects of the dream such as the environment and other figures.

Say: Performs a say only visible to others in the dream.

Look: Will show the environment and others in the dream, look (target) to see their description.

Dream Name (string) Will set your identity in the dream, it can either be a name or short intro string, you can set this outside of a dream, but can't change it if you're inside a dream you don't control unless you have the dream invasion stat yourself.

Dream description: Will put you into an editor to describe how you appear in the dream, you should add details like clothing if they're relevant, you can set this outside of a dream, but can't change it if you're inside a dream you don't control unless you have the dream invasion stat yourself.

Dream environment: Will put you into an editor to describe the environment in which you and the other dreams reside, you can set this outside of a dream, but the environment of the controller takes precedence and you cannot change it if you are not in control of the dream.

Dream Forcename (string): Sets the identity of the other person in the dream with you, only usable if you're in control and they don't have the dream invasion stat.

Dream Forcedescription: Puts you into an editor to describe the other person in the dream with you, only usable if you're in control and they don't have the dream invasion stat.

Characters are not necessarily themselves in dreams, sometimes they might be, but other times they might be other versions of themselves, or entirely different people or entities. They might remember who they are or not, it is within a controllers power to determine who their victim thinks they are in the dream, as well as if they know if they're dreaming or not.

Dream Identity

While inside the dreamscape characters do not realise that they are dreaming, or that the world they're in is not real. Drives, desires and situations from the real world frequently do manifest into their dreams, but not as something external.

For instance if you go into the dreamscape wishing to be a bird, you will probably dream about being a bird and flying around, but you won't be aware that you're not a real bird and this isn't a real world, at least not until you wake up. Or if you fall asleep in the bathtub, may well end up in a swamp or other damp locale in your dream.

Similarly if you go into the dreamscape with the intention of delivering a message about yourself or someone else being held captive you might dream about being a soldier sent to deliver their commanding office intelligence about someone being held captive by the Nazis, or yourself be a recently released POW.

People can sometimes use this to piece together events in real life, if someone has a single theme of captivity running through all their dreams when others encounter them frequently they might guess in the waking world that that person is a captive, they might also be able to guess who they are by other recurring themes in their dream identities. They wouldn't of course realise this in the dream however, since they also wouldn't know it was a dream until they awoke.

Characters do have much sharper memories of the dreams they have in the dreamscape after they awake compared to normal dreams.

The creation of dreamworlds is a conscious, psychic exercise generally done while awake or in a semi-sleeping state. Characters are aware they've built a psychic realm and have consciously chosen each of its features. Characters can while awake plan who they will be in a certain world when they fall asleep, and focus on that desire in order to make it manifest. But it doesn't always work, sometimes their subconscious works against their wishes to choose a different identity for them.

The details around how someone came to be in that place in the dream world or whatever other parts of their backstory that are difficult to explain will be fuzzy and hard for the dreamer to recall. If a dreamer does somehow realise they are dreaming, they will immediately wake back up.


Dreamworlds are small pockets within the dream scape which have their own continuity and environment. They are made by PCs and can be anything the PC can imagine from fantasy environments to sci-fi to more grounded ones or even things based on works of existing fiction. The only limit is their imagination.

After creating and accessing a dreamworld, the original author can choose to enter it either as a normal dreamer or as the god of that world. As the god they are invisible and can do emotes without their name in them, they can also probe stats. PCs earn more dreamscape experience when playing in this mode, PCs also earn a small amount of all dreamscape experience earned in their dreamworld whenever they are online.

Once you have joined a dreamworld you can see it on the roomlist and travel to it with travel as with any other room in the dreamscape.

Syntax: Dreamworld Create (name) -Make a new dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld list -List all the active dreamworlds as well as your own.

Syntax: Dreamworld info (number) -See more information on a particular dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld roster (number) -See a list of all people participating in that dreamworld, by the identities they use there.

Syntax: Dreamworld delete (number) -Delete a dreamworld you have created.

Syntax: Dreamworld newname (number) (new name) -Rename your dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld description (number) -Enter an editor to write a description of your dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld startingexp (number) (amount) -Set the amount of exp that will be added to char dreamscape exp for buying stats.

Syntax: Dreamworld statcost (number) (amount) -Set the cost per stat for your dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld statadd (number) (statname) -Add a new statistic to your dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld statremove (number) (statname) -Delete a stat.

Syntax: Dreamworld remove (number) (number or intro) -Delete a character from your dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld ban (number) (number or intro) -Delete a character from your dreamworld and prevent them ever returning.

Syntax: Dreamworld blind (number) (number or intro) -Make a character in your dreamworld unable to see what's going on, or restore their sight.

Syntax: Dreamworld noaction (number) (number or intro) -Make a character in your dreamworld unable to act, or restore their ability to act.

Syntax: Dreamworld newintro (number) (number) (new intro) -Force change someone's intro in your dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld newdesc (number) (number or intro) -Enter an editor to force change someone's description in your dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld activate/deactive (number) -Make a dreamworld active or not.

Syntax: Dreamworld addroom (number) -Add the current room of the dreamscape to your dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld godmode (number) -Toggle being a god in your dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld join (number) -Join up to a dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld myintro (number) (intro) -Set your intro within that dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld mydesc (number) -Enter an editor to write your description in that dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld buystat (number) (stat name) -Develop a stat within that dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld scoresheet (number) -See your character's score sheet for that dreamworld.

Syntax: Dreamworld retire (number) -Delete yourself from that dreamworld.

Syntax: Showstat (stat name) -Show off a dream stat to others in the same part of the dream scape

Syntax: Probe (character) (statname) -Godmode characters can discover stats of those in their dream world.

Syntax: Dreamworld petition (number) (message) -Used to send messages to the dreamworld owner, who can use the command without a message to view and edit any petitions made.

Syntax: Dreamworld roll (stat)/Dreamworld roll (number of dice) (number of faces) -Allows characters to roll their dream stats, obtaining on average 1 success per two points in a stat, or roll arbitrary numbers. Can be used by dreamworld buildings to add basic mechanics to their worlds.

Syntax: Dreamworld notify (number) (message) -Used by the author of a dreamworld to send a message to all participants.

Syntax: Dreamworld entrance (number) -Sets the entrance room for the dreamworld. This is the only room visible to those not inside it on the roomlist.

Syntax: Dreamworld elevator (number) -Enters an editor to write a description which can be seen by those in the lobby when the elevator doors part.

Syntax: Dreamworld trust (number) (number or intro) -Sets a participant as also able to alter intros/descs and enter godmode.