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Faeborn Tiers

The faeborn are those with fae in their family line. These fae genes activate erratically, usually for one child in every three or four generations. The chances of any of your direct family being active faeborn is astronomically small, but it is possible for a grandparent or great grandparent to do. There's also a decent chance that twins, both fraternal and identical will share the trait if one has it.

Faeborns take bonus stagger when struck with weapons augmented with ferromagnetic iron.


Tier Two


This archetype represents humans with some Fae blood in them. But those who are fairly new and inexperienced with their powers.

Tier Three

Faeborn Veteran

This archetype represents a human with Fae blood who's been supernatural and active in the supernatural community for at least ten years.

Tier Four

Ageless Faeborn

This archetype represents a human with fae blood who's moved beyond aging and has many decades of experience as an active member of the supernatural world.

Tier Five

Fae Child

This archetype represents humans who have one fae parent, being half human and half fae.