\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Gameplay/Relic Holder

Relic Holder

Positive Tier Modifier

Replacable: Yes.

This modifier represents someone who has found a powerful ancient relic to augment themselves with. Only jewelry and weapons can be relics. Once the modifier is taken the relic is created with customize (object) relic. Only one relic can ever be created, even if your positive modifier changes. Relics cannot be destroyed nor stored in a stash, if you do not have your relic on your person you will face serious debuffs to your effective life force. Only your relic will work for you. This obviously makes relic holders particularly vulnerable to theft and/or blackmail.

ICly Relic holders all have deals with some sort of dark power. They may have acquired the relic through that pact or have obtained it in some other way and just made the pact to keep it safe. Those who don't make a deal will inevitably end up having their relic stolen by another more powerful entity. These deals are usually much less extreme than those of demonic pact holdes however, with a severity that varies significantly from one person to the next depending on circumstances.