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Vampire Archetype Tiers can be found here


Vampires are immune to critical wounds. A critical wound for a vampire is essentially a severe wound, though markedly closer to death than one.

Vampire Blood:

Vampires can use the giveblood command to produce a glass of their blood, which can be used to put a victim in a suggestible state See help vampire blood for more information.

Vampire Feeding:

Syntax: bite (victim) (mild/severe/critical/fatal)

Bite your target, if they aren't helpless you can only use the mild form of the bite and must put them into a trance first. See help trance for more information. Vampires transfer some of the victim's lifeforce to themselves when they bite, humans are much better sources of this than supernaturals, and virgins are even better than most humans. There are limits to how much life force a vampire can take themselves to when biting lower tier characters however.

Daylight Penalties:

Vampires receive penalties during the day to their effective life force. This is worse the closer it is to noon and the more exposed the vampire is to the sun. Being indoors, away from windows and well covered up is generally their best defense. The stat Sunlight resistance can help to reduce the effects of the daylight weakness.

Sire Relationship:

Vampires can enter into a sire relationship with each other. Sires can use Scry to see briefly through the eyes of those they've turned, and receive bonuses to using hypnosis and supernatural influence on them.

Vampire Age:

Vampires appear 1 year older for every 100 years of age.

Vampire Lifeforce:

Vampire life force degenerates slower, but will only recover up to 90% on it's own, and will decay slowly if above that value forcing vampires to rely on feeding to keep it higher. Vampires who feed on animals life force won't regenerate above 75%.

Vampire Resilience:

The amount of damage a vampire can take in any round from PCs is is capped at 60 for those without armor and 40 for those with it. With the remaining damage going through to stagger. This does not apply to attacks with shotguns, long blades and blunt weapons, or to attacks with weapons loaded with incendiary rounds. Or to attacks from shifted werewolves. Attacks from shifted werewolves additionally can convert some of the vampire's stagger into bonus damage when they attack.

Wooden Weapons:

Vampires suffer additional stagger when struck with weapons augmented with wood.