\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Gameplay/Werewolves



Syntax: shift

Syntax: howl

They may use the howl command once per day. It may only be used in wolf form. Other werewolves will hear the direction the howl came from.

They may use the packmate relationship, letting them sense what others in their pack are feeling, even at great distances. They're slightly stronger while fighting with their pack, but are much weaker fighting against them.

Werewolves when shifted are all but immune to the damage cap when striking other PCs, they also can do bonus damage against vampires in some situations when shifted.

Werewolves receive bonus stagger when hit with weapons augmented with silver.

Werewolves are vulnerable to the lunacy ritual, although those who haven't shifted in the last 2-3 months less so and can't be corrupted so far as to end up killing someone while under it's effects.

Werewolves out on the full moon may end up killing an NPC randomly, especially if their lunacy habit is set to Chained, Careless, or Embracing.

Werewolves shift into a large wolf form when they transform. With 2 speed, 1 agility, 1 power, acute smell and hearing, and nocturnal. Progression up the primal focus further augments their transformed shape with +1 toughness at rank 2 and +1 power at rank 3. See help animal stats and help animal weights for more information.