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 Hatti; Hitti; Hattai; Telipinu; Tilipinu; Telipinu; Talapinu; ...
 several millenia

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Mundane Myth

Supernatural History

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Hitti was an important figure amongst the Hattians, but suffered some sort of loss of his powers during one of their wars, and after that happened, he spent some time in Egypt. Also called Hattai, he eventually returned to Hatti, with his powers recovering, and after proving himself he was raised to the status of God. His contributions to the progress of farming grant him the honorific name of 'Telipinu'.

A member of the Council of Babylon, Tilipinu was often not on the winning side of its decisions, but he was notably one of the proponents of the solution found for Sirinia around 1800 BCE, when it was decided to seal that world.

By 300 BC, Telipinu makes his name as a strong proponent to the Council's resolution of non-interference with mortal affairs. Retires from Earth in victory, but leaves with supporters in the newly founded council of Rome.


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