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Name: El Shaddai
Archetype: God
Element: Fire

God of ?

While he is known for his feats of elemental mastery, he's lost his fire due to a very close run in with more dangerous entities than himself. While he is capable of his old pyromancer ways, he has began delving into darker arts and has already mastered every secret he's come across rather easily. Those that embrace Dark Magic would probably find him to be a very capable teacher or master.

The Bespoke Suited Man

While, officially to most of the supernaturally aware, Yahweh has been missing from the usual hot spots and was presumed to have left into a pocket dimension within the GR. More fanatic occult crazies have sprouted rumours or full on stories of a man in a bespoke suit wandering parts of the world and off-world in the Wilds, Hell, and anywhere that /isn't/ the Godsrealm. Accompanying much of these supposed appearances are the disappearances of relics or random, supposedly useless, items.

The Biblical God

To some, he will always be God the Almighty and to others he is the ancient god of fire of an old Bronze Age religion(Yahwism). While he will take on the personas of both and even placate all the followers he's gained through such actions, he is, to the core, a man who sought power and fell into being worshipped instead and loving it. Those who wish to seek him out for religious reasons will do so at their discretion - as the old saying goes: Don't meet your heroes.

Serial 'Angelicide'

Yahweh has, famously, twelve archangels. To the aware, they're just freed angels with a direct connection and purpose given to them by the deity himself. However, these angels have been either killed due to failure, killed while they tried to perform their duties, or otherwise 'retired' after they're no longer needed. Each of these archangels are named Michael(Micaelis), Raphael(Israfil), Azrael, Gabriel(Jibrail), Uriel, Zedekiel, Suriel, Ramuel, Barachiel, Jerahmeel, Metatron, and Raziel. While Michael, Metatron, and Zedekiel are the only living angels of this cadre, the others are often replaced with new freed angels and given their new identity through brainwashing and other dark magic.


“Christ exposed Himself not only to the unbridled hostility of angry men, but, more significantly, to the unmitigated wrath of God.”

R. C. Sproul

“I don't understand how a being so powerful can be so petty and small. What do you get from hurting a young woman who thought of you as a friend until she loses her child? Smug satisfaction against the insane, broken thing of a man who imprisoned you?”


I sympathize with the need to break up the the monotony of an eternal life. We're more similar than you think.


“I still love you. But maybe that love means that I have to find a way to lock you away? We'll find a way to heal your mind, the priest and I. Even if it means making you small for a time.

It would not hurt even you to learn to live with less power.”