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A Living Ghost

               (Olly's odd encounter(SRSeye):SRSeye)

        [Sat Mar 24 2018]

On Prospect Street

It is afternoon, about 50F(10C) degrees, and there are a few dark grey stormclouds in the sky.

The ironically named Prospect Street is a dreary sight, today as it always is; perhaps drearier for the presence of the afternoon sun, which seems to be on an ever-unpleasant mission to permeate through the dark stormclouds overhead. Just as it threatens to wear on Olly once more, he feels a sudden tap on his shoulder, though there isn't anyone there.

Olly glances over his shoulder in the direction of the tap. He narrows his eyes and then turns to face forward, continuing to lumber along down the street, his destination the northern part of the town, his thumbs hooked into his pockets and harness about his torso, the yellow shaft of a sledgehammer visible from within the harness.

The sight of the sledgehammer doesn't appear to deter the presence. Instead it becomes more forceful, and this time Olly feels someone grab him from behind. Although the sensation is there, it doesn't actually stop him in his tracks at all -- it's a fleeting, phantom feeling, yet the urgency of it persists. Something is chasing him down the street, and as he keeps walking, whatever it is keeps trying to pull at him, to no avail.

Olly swings one bulky arm out behind him, turning as he does so. He lets out a long, rumbling 'hm' and turns to continue lumbering toward the north, "Too many damn people die here." he mutters under his breath.

The presence becomes more insistent still, grabbing and tugging at Olly, but still utterly fails to impede him in his tracks. It tries again, and again, and again to no avail, and with the man seeming content to carry on in his duty, eventually gives up. He walks a short distance up the road before coming across a wild-haired teenage girl, likely a student at Blackfield Academy. She's staring at him intensely as he approaches, and by the smell of her, she's real as anything -- and human. "Whoa, man," she says to him. "That was weird. Are you okay?"

sticks his thumb up at the woman, a broad grin splitting his face, "Yeah man, I thought I felt a buddy of mine tap my shoulder. I was gonna sock him." Olly waves his hand, "I must've just been getting sun stroke or something." he waves to the girl and prepares to lumber passed her, hopefully after explaining the oddity of his behavior.

"You mean that guy right there?" the teenager asks. She points at something right behind him as he walks on, leaning to one side to squint at him. As soon as she speaks, she's suddenly moving back uncomfortably and swinging her bag around protectively in front of her. "Hey man, get off of me!" she shouts. And this, unfortunately, has several bystanders now stopping in the street to stare over at Olly, presumably under the impression that he's just grabbed at a teenager. Once again he feels an urgent tap on his shoulder.

Olly lifts his hands defensively toward the teen, "I'm not on you man." he turns bodily to walk away from the teen at a diagonal angle, aiming to get to the opposite side of the street's sidewalk. He rolls his shoulder after the tap to his shoulder, big grin on his face to disguise his clenched teeth as he tries to ignore the tapping.

Although multiple disapproving looks follow Olly as he walks away from the irate young woman, it appears that the teenager wasn't really talking to him, something which she doesn't take the time to make anyone else aware of. She's staring hard at someone or something just behind the Samoan and adjusting her bag, but doesn't follow, and says nothing further. The tapping persists, along with the tugging and grabbing, but doesn't escalate: no sudden screaming dead people, for the moment at least.

"Hey, kid, come here? Let me apologize properly." Olly calls over to her and pauses in his tracks, then mumbles under his breath, "You keep tapping me and I'm gonna make sure you get torn to pieces by a ritual, bud."

Approaching Olly warily, the teenager keeps her distance from both him and whatever it is she sees near him, a bitter look on her face. "I'm not mad at you," she finally clarifies. "Your friend's a fucking weirdo though." All attitude, she juts her hip to one side and glares into thin air, shaking her head and lifting up her palms. "I don't know how to help you."

"Walk with me." Olly rumbles and turns to step away from the main road and down toward the coastline, where there might be less looky loos. Once they're out of earshot, he rumbles out to the teen, "What's my uh... friend saying? How's he want you to help him?"

Lifting one shoulder into a shrug, the teenager follows Olly onwards and shakes her head. "I can't understand what he's saying," she says, then gives him a blank look. "You can't see him?" She stares at him a little harder, and then suddenly -- fortunately far away from anyone else's judgemental eyes -- she screams. It's short-lived, but she still backs up from him, frowning and shaking her head. "Shit, you're one of them ..." Her heartbeat rises audibly, the telltale sign of someone on alert for the risk of being hypnotised.

"Hm...?" Olly rumbles out thoughtfully to the teenager and he turns bodily around, "Listen kid, quit your screaming and just shut up. You're gonna help me with getting rid of this dude and then you can go." he rumbles down at her and points one thick digit at her, "Don't even think of trying to run, either. You're not faster than me." he tells her, though there's a big, broad grin splitting his face now.

"My Dad's a cop, you don't wanna mess with me!" the teenager replies, eyes wide as she stares at Olly. She keeps glancing over between his shoulders, then at his grin, clearly seeing something a good deal more disturbing in his face than just a magnificent beard. She starts to back up, folding fast to her bag. "I already told you I don't know how to help you." She turns a bland look over towards something in the air and adds, "Either of you."

"You can help me by helping him. Don't you wanna do a good deed man?" Olly asks the teen and makes no move to follow her immediately, "I'm not gonna hurt you unless you make me, man." he rumbles to her, trying to be reassuring.

Less than reassured, the wild-haired teenager nonetheless seems to have her attention split, and so she turns to suddenly glare at the air rather than respond to Olly. "Look, why don't you just leave him alone?" she asks, gesturing over at the Samoan. "Even if he does help you, he'll probably just eat you afterwards. He's a vampire, you get that? VAM-PIRE." She looks a little guilty right after, and stares down at something on the floor.

Olly looks down at the floor, as if there might be something there for him to see, he shrugs and asks the teen, "What do you see, man? We might have to play charades or whatever that fucking game is... blind charades, cause you have to tell me what he's miming out."

There must be something there to see, because the teenager just keeps staring at that spot on the floor. "I didn't mean that ..." she says to whatever it is, and it's her turn to haplessly reassure. Finally, she looks up at Olly again with bemusement. "He uh ... I don't think he can hear me ... or us. And we can't hear him. But he's like, begging or something? He's been bothering people on Prospect literally all day. Just keeps chasing them trying to grab them and shake them, and doing this:" Rather than further explain, she starts waving her arms about wildly, gesturing between herself, Olly, and something in the distance.

"Like... he's trying to lead us somewhere?" Olly asks the teen uncertainly after watching her wildly waving arms, "Point me in the direction he's pointing at?" he asks the teen, "Probably he drowned or something and wants to be buried, or something like that man. Closure... everyone needs closure." he nods to the teen and scratches at his belly as he starts to focus on feeding from the ambient fear of the teen, rather than attempting to ensnare her in a trance.

"Yeah, uh ..." Vaguely confused for a moment, the effects of being fed on start to wear on her, giving her a weary, panda-eyed gaze beneath all that badly-applied make-up. She turns around to face whatever it is that's with them, smiles encouragingly, and starts to wave her arms about at it. She trots on up to presumably follow the presence, waving her hands for it to lead them on. "I think he's shy," she decides after a beat, staying put where she is. Lips in a thin line, she slowly turns back around to face Olly. "Also, he just facepalmed at me."

Olly pulls back on his feeding attempts when the teen reacts so quickly, he lumbers along after her, "Whatever man, just try to get him to lead us, yeah? It's a Saturday, I'm trying to chill here, not solve every damn spirit's problems."

The woman isn't going very far, presumably because the spirit isn't either. She turns around to watch when something suddenly grabs him once more, or tries to: it isn't a strong enough sensation to hold him in place, just a weird experience. Frowning as she watches, she struggles to translate. "I think he ... wants you to join him," she thinks out loud, glancing between Olly and the air in front of him. "On the other side. He ... wants you to go to the weird place." She then glances back across at the air. "Where all the weirdos like him are, I guess."

"You know, the weird place?" the girl continues, turning to stare at Olly. "Do you not see the weird place? I thought all you people could see it, like I can."

"...Yeah." Olly nods and glances around to make sure they're mostly alone, then focuses to send himself into the Nightmare.

Clearly able to see him just fine, the panda-eyed teenager turns to watch Olly flickering into the Nightmare, and now it's clear what it is she's been staring at -- a distraught looking middle-aged man in the Nightmare, not dead at all, but very alive, human, and visible plain as day right in front of him.

"Oh my God, thank you!" the man shouts, moving suddenly to try and embrace the Samoan with overflowing gratitude on his face. "I've been stuck here forever! Please, get me out of here!"

"Whoa, whoa whoa...." Olly holds a hand out toward the man, trying to keep him from grabbing him, "Let's make with the cash. You got any money on you man? Or how about some blood? I don't work for free." he rumbles to the fellow, lips peeled back in another broad grin.

The look that the man gives Olly is quite simply appalled, evidently deeply shocked to discover that this man is not in fact a thankless hero. Bitterly, he then looks down at himself and starts to pat down his pockets, eventually retrieving his wallet and leafing through some receipts. "I uh ... have some money in the bank, if you can get me to the ATM," he hazily supposes. The teenage girl appears to be saying something, but her voice is drowned out by the Nightmare. Shaking her head, she starts to mosey off, back towards the town proper.

"...Yeah, yeah, sure you do." Olly rumbles out and reaches out to grasp onto the man's shoulder. If he's able to, then he holds onto the man as he leads him along, "" he says and starts to lumber along, the teenager forgotten now that she's no longer useful to him.

The human is pretty weak, and unable to do anything about Olly holding onto him. He also looks too grateful to worry about being dragged around. "Why a mirror?" he turns to ask the vampire cluelessly.

Olly once they reach the area that has a mirror - the public washrooms of the trailer park, he steps through the mirror and pulls the human along, "Best you not worry about that, man." he says and considers, then shrugs and says, "I got enough money." he looks down to the man and instead attempts to catch the man's gaze to lull him into a trance.

The man turns over his shoulder to stare back at the mirror with wonder when he's led through it, but before he can comment, his eyes are drawn over towards Olly's own, and he's caught in a deep, oblivious trance.

Olly leans down to drive his fangs into the man's throat. He withdraws, suckling at the flow that comes forth for a moment or two before he drags his tongue along the holes to seal them shut. He licks his lips and snaps his fingers to urge the man out of the trance, "Get outta here and don't tap me again if you get stuck in there, man." he rumbles and turns, stalking toward the exit, evidently intent to leave the man behind.

Remaining totally clueless, the man calls out after Olly, "Thanks again ... really appreciate it. I owe you big time!" He doesn't pursue the vampire further, and instead ducks into the nearest stall.

Olly lumbers along into the twilight of the day, back toward whereever he was trying to go before being waylaid by the clueless human.