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A Murder In Supernatural Suburbia 1




Leonidas, Fenneke, Isobel

Cameos by:

Oz, Lia

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac

  A sweeping ring of light gray encircles a verdant green mound, bearing a

towering oak at the center, like a giant concrete donut where this street comes to an end. Three homes ring the center, with driveways stretching like spokes in a bike's wheel. The yards surrounding the cul-de-sac bear gaudy green grass, enriched by ample fertilizer and the occasional use of a sprinkler, save for the house on the right, which is overgrown.

It is dusk, about 86F(30C) degrees, In the distance to the right of you the setting sun, sinks below the horizon.

[ north ] [ west east ]

           a large blue duffel bag is stuffed in the back of a SUV

Lia is standing here. Ozymandias is standing here. Isobel is standing here. Leonidas is standing here. Fenneke is standing here.

Ozymandias slips a black smartphone into his faded blue jeans pocket.

Lia is blessedly silent, chewing at the straw in her milkshake and looking at whatever the fuck it is the leggy Inigo girl looks at during her moments of silence.

Ozymandias does a myriad of texting, driving, and surprisingly no drinking on his and Lia's way to the Cul-De-Sac, driving entirely too fast for the speed limit and swerving when appropriate, and sometimes not. Which all settles down a bit by the time they actually pull into that area. And he calmly parks that lumbering beast near a curb, climbing out and waiting for Lia to climb out with him. Dark eyes start scanning the area, peering over the houses and seeming to gauge them. "Hm. So. Milkshake, I'm leaning towards victims first. Generally that's where you go to start things." He says aside to the teenager nearby.

Fenneke types a message out on their phone.

Fenneke slips an aquamarine smart phone into a pocket.

"Jesus Christ, it's like the Moores," Lia blurts tactlessly, eyes finding the sole overgrown lawn in the middle of the cul-de-sac -- leave it to the rich girl to stigmatize for not taking care of one's lawn. She rocks on her heels a moment before shrugging at Ozymandias, sidling up to him and glancing skyward. "You've done this before and you're my ride home; think it'll keep us past curfew?"

A wiry bald man with caramel-colored skin waits alongside a white car parked streetside, at the entryway to an expansive circular cul-de-sac ringed by three houses. As each of you arrives in turn, he beckons you over, silently waiting until the entire group has arrived, and patiently sipping from a styrofoam coffee cup. When the entire group has assembled, he abruptly clears his throat. "I'm Jay Davis. Used to be with Boston PD, now I handle security here in the Hills. I asked Rockfield to send some people up to help me look into my daughter's murder," he declares somberly, before peering out to each of the three houses in turn.

Lia thinks; 'Bet it was some weird sacrificial thing. It's always weird sacrificial thin--better not voice that to anyone...'

Lia feels suddenly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Fenneke in the seat of a taxi, legs tugged up to her chest, being driven towards the cul-du-sac with the abandon that only a city taxi driver can manage, despite their venturing into the suburbs. Probably before the wiry guy starts talking, she slips out of the taxi and passes a wad of cash to the driver before pacing up towards the white car. Her movements are sedate and she keeps her sunglasses on, despite the dying light.

Ozymandias looks down aside to Lia at her words, then over to that sole gaudy lawn. "Almost assuredly." He answers to the teenager, nodding his head with a jerk towards that bald man, and leading the way over there, thumb of his left hand hooking into his pocket. "You can't actually bitch about lawn care until you. You know. Mow a lawn yourself, Li." He says with lips tugging into a small smirk, before he settles into silence, listening to the man speak. "Glad to be here, Mr. Davis. Help in anyway we can. I'm Ozymandias Hawke. Or Oz." He introduces, bumping a shoulder into one of Lia's then. "This is Lia. She's getting some on-the-job experience."

It seems that Leonidas is just stepping away from his lavish imported sports car to approach the wiry bald man, noting Fenneke the thin line of his brow arches and he idles along next to her, saying quietly, "Miss King." dipping her a nod before growing silent as he reaches the ex- Boston PD officer and listens to his greeting; offering after, "A pleasure Mister Davis, i'm sure, were it under other circumstances."

Lia's lips part to fire a retort back at Ozymandias, probably something sedate while being bitingly rude, but none of the words come out as her attention wanders to Mr. Davis. Out of place though she might be, the teenager manages one of her charming-but-awkward smiles that showcases dimples, lifting a hand to wave; it comes off weirdly sympathetic.

Leonidas pauses his words as Ozymandias introduces himself and Lia, offering out after that point, "Leonidas Leonhardt."

Isobel slips out of a fairly nondescript sedan, glancing around at the crowd. She squints a bit in dying sunlight, but eventually spots Fenneke and slips over, "Fancy seeing you here." She gives a nod to the man, "Miss Nettesheim. I'm sorry for your loss, sir."

"We don't, like, know if she's dead yet -- that's morbid," Lia blurts tactlessly.

A smile is also offered to Isobel as Leonidas seems to note her aswell.

Lia feels inquisitive; can you live without a foot? They did it during Saw, didn't they?

"Nice to meet you Oz, Lia, Leonidas, ma'ams," the grieving man extends to Ozymandias, Lia, Leonidas, Isobel, and Fenneke. "Your best bet is to start here in the cul-de-sac," the grieving man claims. "You've got the Wilkinses, o'er there," he declares with a wave towards the leftmost house. "Weird, but good enough neighbors. Old Warren and Janet Wilkins, and their grandson, James. James was dating Anna. Always seemed like a good kid." After pausing to take another sip from his coffee, he waves straight ahead to the furthermost household. "You've got me, my wife, my son, and my dau--" the man chokes a little, then cuts off, taking another drink to clear his throat and regain composure.

"Fenneke King, nice to meet you," Fenneke says as she keeps her hand to her side, breathing out a little exhale and edging a bit closer to Leonidas and farther from Ozymandias and Lia, not sending a look in their direction. "Yes, very sorry for your loss," she adds, if it's needed or not. Her attention does venture towards Isobel and she twitches out a brief, pained smile, her features oddly stiff despite the care taken to cover the bruises on her face mostly working.

Lia feels smug; someone hit the blonde pomeranian. Hil-fucking-arious.

A brief wince follow after Lia's blurt, and the caramel-skinned ex-cop spends a while gnawing at his lower lip as he glances to the teenager for a second. "I don't want my family given false hope," he emphasizes.

An eastward wave, and the caramel-skinned ex-cop is explaining, "And the Fitzsimmons. The bad neighbors. Frankie's an alcoholic and a thug, and their kids aren't any better. Their son Danny gave Anna a black eye, a couple of weeks back. Probably best you start over there," he suggests, already starting to sound wearied. "Only thing I ask is that you leave my wife out of it. She's-- she's had enough."

Lia meets the ex-cop's gaze with a neutral one of her own from behind her pearl-pink eyeglasses, lips shifting to the side before wrapping around the straw in her milkshake, lapsing into silence as he resumes explaining the various families nearby.

Lia thinks; 'Pfft. It's like the Moores and the Reeves had a baby that had a baby with uncle James... Shit...'

Lia drinks from her chocolate milkshake.

Pushing off of the car, the worn-down caramel-skinned man takes a few steps into the expanse of concrete that forms the cul-de-sac. "Keep in mind, you all ain't police. There's only so much push and pull Rockfield can throw around out here. We did get approval to put one person into holding, if you find a suspect you're leaning to, but you might have a trouble getting your foot in the door of some of these houses. Where do you want to start?"

Isobel gives a gentle nod towards Fenneke, then eyes Lia up and down a moment with a frown before attention returns tot he cop. "I'm sure we will manage." She glances towards Fenneke, "Might we start with the former officer's recommendation?"

Ozymandias face smoothes into a practiced neutrality as the man continues speaking, just nodding his head along with his words. "It's alright, Mr. Davis." He offers, voice in a practiced neutral tone. "We'll avoid specifics either way, sir." He explains, turning his attention down to Lia. "Hope for the best. Prepare. Well. Yeah. I get that in this town." He decides with a tensing of his mouth. Dark hazels drift as the man composes himself, and look past the group towards the houses indicated. "Mm. Understood, sir." He drawls on, tongue pressing into a cheek. "I'm generally fond of the closest relationships first. Teenage girl, I'd expect the boyfriend to know more to help us than a family of miscreants."

(Subtly)"The Wilkins sound like people I grew up around," Lia murmurs up at Ozymandias quietly, "But, like... I didn't wear my nice clothes." That's probably her way of agreeing.

"If that's what you'd like," Fenneke says quietly, her contralto muted, before venturing forward with a glance over to the rest of the group. "You suggested the Fitzsimmons?" She stuffs a thumb into her pocket, before just watching Ozymandias a minute and cutting her words off.

Lia feels uncomfortable. She doesn't want to be here anymore. She shouldn't have agreed to come.

"Well, might be best to start with the boy," the cop admits at Ozymandias's suggestion. "Frankie Fitzsimmons and I don't really get along all that well. Part of why Rockfield wanted people from outside. I'm just... too close to it," the middle-aged mulatto man explains. "Either way," he offers, hovering between turning left or right where he lingers at the entry to the cul-de-sac.

"I'd like to talk with James." Leonidas offers out, casting a glance aside to Fenneke then back to Jay, his tongue touching the inside of his cheek.

When Leonidas chimes in, the man seems to take it as a consensus, turning left along the cul-de-sac to approach westward house, leaving the group to follow him as he makes his way up to the door.

Isobel sticks near Fenneke and Leonidas, whispering quietly, "Which one is James, again?"

Ozymandias gives the bald man a nod. "That's, this house?" He asks, motioning with one hand towards the western driveway. "I'll try to be discreet. Thank you for the rundown, Mr. Davis. Leave you to get back to your family for now. Could I maybe get a number first though, incase I need to call?" He pauses though as the bald man decides to lead the way, and a small smirk drifts over his lips. "Mm. Perfect." He drawls, moving to follow along, voice dropping a little quieter as he speaks to the teenager at his side.

(Subtly)"A person to make introductions tends to be easier. Someone they know, less likely to be on the defensive. Of course, our situation in this is going to put everyone on their defensive." Ozymandias explains, voice quiet, low as he lets his hands settle at his sides. "Not really used to personal interviews though. You pick up on anything, gimme a shove, alright?"

"Victim's Significant other." Leonidas offers back quietly to Isobel as he follows along with the others, hands sliding into his pockets, adding quietly, "I figure he'd have the best idea of what was going on with her, recently.. maybe give insight to a few things."

Lia shakes her head at Ozymandias, not following along; instead, she backs away from him and the group in general, heading back towards the brooding guy's vehicle with long-legged steps that cross the distance in no time, despite her heels clicking on the asphalt.

"Janet Fitzsimmons can be a bit of a hassle, for an old broad," the man warns Ozymandias. "Best you have a familiar face around."

Ozymandias pauses his walking at Lia's retreat. And then he's blowing out a quiet sigh, turning, and moving back to the vehicle himself. "Yeah. I'll catch up in a few minutes." He offers to the retired cop, waving a hand in his direction.

The Wilkins' Driveway

  A wide, well-tended driveway of light gray concrete stretches up between

bright stretches of green yardage to approach a sizeable gray house with a sturdy oak door.

It is after dusk, about 84F(28C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon.

[ ] [ (west) east ]

Leonidas is standing here. Isobel is standing here. Fenneke is standing here.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: The door shuts loudly behind Lia and she disappears behind it, probably squished into the seat uncomfortably. "Go away," she relays simply, "I don't feel well."

The Wilkins' Driveway: Fenneke just trails after the group, leaning over to whisper something back to Isobel and dropping her voice to do so, though the soft drone of her contralto can be heard despite lack of understanding.

Fenneke whispers to Isobel, ' .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... pull .... ....'

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)Ozymandias moves to that SUV, tugging open the drivers side, and leaning into it to rest his arms on the seat, rather than the passenger side as he looks over to the teenager. "You were fine a few seconds ago, Lia. What's going on?"

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)"Doesn't matter. Go away. I'm not feeling well," Lia relays again, crushed against the inside of the passenger side's door with her phone in her hand, thumb pushing buttons on the touch screen.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)Ozymandias blows out a quiet breath, and then he's pulling himself up onto that drivers side seat, closing the door behind him. He just settles in there, arms crossing across his chest as eyes tug over to Lia, watching her thumb the buttons in silence. "It matters, Lia. Out with it, Milkshake." He drawls softly, those heavy brows perking up.

The Wilkins' Driveway: On reaching the door, the caramel-skinned ex-cop gives the door a rapping knock, then a second. After a brief pause, a matronly, well-preserved elderly woman is pulling the door open, and stepping out onto her porch. "What exactly is this about, Mister Davis?" the woman chastises him, turning to peer suspiciously upon the group behind him.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)Lia shakes her head, unwilling to explain. The pushing continues before she puts the phone to her ear, speaking into it; she seems to be calling a cab service. Once she's done, she points at the window. "You need to go do your job before the idiot-brigade does it for you," she relays simply.

Isobel whispers to Fenneke, ' .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ....'

The Wilkins' Driveway: Isobel smiles to Fenneke before leaning away from the whispering and looking to the elderly woman with a sweet expression.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)"I'm happy to leave it to the idiot brigade." Ozymandias explains to the teenager, shaking his head as she calls that cab service. "Come on, kiddo. Buckle up." He explains, a hand digging into his pocket, and pulling his keys out. "I'll miss some time. Make it up later. Not leaving you in a cab though, Li. I drove you out here. I'm taking you home." He explains as that big vehicle rumbles to life.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)"Oz -- go, like, do your damned job," Lia insists, the usually sedate tone of her voice catching an aggressive bite at the end of it.

The Wilkins' Driveway: Fenneke lingers behind the ex-cop but her smile is immediate, tempered to be sympathetic. There's a natural warmth behind it, and despite the expression probably causing her pain, she appears to committed to keep it in place. Her hands hook in front of her, both sets of fingers curl on the loop of her lunch bag. Her sunglasses remain in place, guarding her gaze from view. She waits for the introduction patiently, allowing the ex-cop to take lead.

The Wilkins' Driveway: The matronly woman remains rather stubbornly poised between the door and Jay Davis, preventing entry as she turns to shoot a nasty look towards Fenneke and Isobel. After another look at the caramel-skinned man, she's taking a step back, softening and opening the door. "If you're here to talk to Jay, you better make it quick."

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)Ozymandias"You might not get it, Li. But, this here? What I'm doing right now?" He explains, looking aside to the passenger seat. "It's as much a part of me as my job. I can't do my job if I leave you to some cabbie to get home. You matter. So. If you wanna head out, I'll head out with you. Idiot brigade can do whatever they want." He explains, head shaking as he looks out that windshield. "If I need to, I'll come out again later. Be a little harder, but I'll make it work." He explains. "Now. You wanna get outta here? We're going. Sorry. My bad for dragging you along." He explains, giving those big shoulders a shrug. And then the SUV is moving.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac: (Subtly)Lia stares at Ozymandias with her lips pressed into a thin, irritated line, before shifting in her seat and buckling (which she doesn't do in her own vehicle). "I just, like... Forgot I hate people," she supplies, jamming her elbow against the door and using the heel of her palm to perch her chin against, staring out through the glass.

Lia feels sort of guilty; she should have just sucked it the fuck up.

The Wilkins' Driveway: Isobel glances towards the cop, "Shall we, then?"

Without much further ado, the ex-cop leads the group into the Wilkins' home, following after the matronly broad, who takes a few steps in and starts calling: "James, James. Mister Davis and some friends would like a few words, darling."

The Wilkins' House

  Altogether a rather stately affair, the Wilkins' home is exceedingly

well-maintained. A well-appointed living room bears plastic-coated furniture, separated by a doorway from a white-tiled kitchen. Several doorways within provide access to a master bedroom, the studious, well-kept bedroom of a teenage boy, a bathroom, and a locked office.

It is after dusk, and about 70F(21C) degrees.

[ ] [ east ]

Fenneke is standing here. Isobel is standing here. Leonidas is standing here.

"Thank you M'am, don't mean to be a bother.. i'm sure this has been hard on Jay and we don't wish to make it any harder." Leonidas offers lightly to Janet, a practiced smile given.

Leonidas of course said James, not Jay.

Not long afterwards, a teenage boy with a tousled mop of pale blond hair emerges from the hallway, awkwardly making his way to face the group in the home's entryway, overshadowed by his grandmother. He looks fit to break down and cry at any second, and after a loud sniffle and a wipe at his nose, he's looking over the group pretty sourly. "I... I don't know what you people want. I don't know anything. I-- I wish I could help."

Fenneke thinks; 'Oh god. I'm -- I don't know what to ask. Or what to say.'

Fenneke feels like a deer in the headlights.

Isobel smiles towards James, "When did you last see her, doll?"

"I'm Fenneke, or Fenn. And... this is Isobel and Leo. Yes, when was the last time you saw her? Maybe you can run us through that last day?" Fenneke asks in her quiet contralto, obvious Bostonian accent probably very familiar to the boy. She lingers near the little group and her smile is warm and tempered for sympathy.

"A couple of hours before she-- disappeared?" the Wilkins boy responds to Isobel, calming down somewhat after Isobel's smile. His gaze turns briefly to Fenneke and he mentions. "We'd been dating since February. Went to prom together," he seems near to breaking out into a sob, before collecting his focus again to answer Isobel. "The last time I saw her was a couple of hours before she-- she disappeared," he explains. "She came out to see the school band. I play oboe."

The retired cop echoes in, at this point, to confirm James's story. "She came back at around eight pee em, after going to James's concert, then went out for a jog."

"Is that right, James? She came here then went for a job? Did she say anything?" Isobel maintains a pleasant smile and as kind a voice as she can manage.

Leonidas listens quietly as Fenneke and Isobel pose their questions; maintaining it until after James and Jay have finished, pondering after a moment softly to him, "This must be very hard on you James, I can see that, we won't ask too many more questions, okay?" as he his hands shift in his pockets; his words seeming to be an attempt to soothe the youth before he adds, "Do you know anything about why Danny punched Anna a few weeks ago? Surely you do.. I imagine it was a very difficult, and upsetting moment for her.. you were there to comfort her no doubt because you seem like you care James."

"She'd been fighting with Danny and Fionna Fitzsimmons, for a couple of weeks. I'm not really sure what it was about, but it sounded pretty serious," the boy explains to Fenneke, Isobel, and Leonidas. "She'd been arguing with Danny a couple of hours before she went to the concert, and-- that's all I really know," he explains wearily, lifting his hand to wipe a at tear-reddened eyes. "I don't know why he hit her. She wouldn't say. Every time I brought it up, she would just close off," he answers Leonidas with a sniffle. "It must have been something pretty bad."

Isobel glances between the cop and James, "Was jogging normal for her? Did she say where to?"

"Oh.. I see." Leonidas says, as though trying to sympathize with James, nodding a few times, wincing just a touch as he ponders, after Isobel's question to the boy, "Did Anna, Danny and Fionna typically fight like this before the last few weeks?" offering a staged smirk as he admits, "I've heard that Danny is sort of a bad apple.. would you say so James?"

"I see. So she and Danny had been fighting on the day she disappeared?" Fenneke asks as her attention steadies on the boy, continuing to clutch her lunch bag. Afterwards, she darts a tongue out to wet her lips, tracing briefly on a small split on her lower lip, before she tilts her head.

"She went every night," the cop answers Isobel pretty promptly. "It was her way of blowing off stress and staying in shape. She-- uh. H-her f-- remains..." even the veteran cop starts to have trouble speaking, before clearing his throat and spitting it out: "Her foot was found up in the branches of that oak tree at the street," A horrified expression is on James's face. "All the Fitzsimmons kids are bad apples. Take after their dad," the cop explains to Leonidas, until James interrupts with, "They never used to fight, though. Something must've happened."

Isobel gives a quiet nod, looking to someone. She gives an apologetic expression, "Is it possible for us to see it and the location? I understand if it's difficult. Just directions would work, if you'd rather not go."

"They never used to fight?" Fenneke asks with a raise of her brows over the frame of her glasses, before nodding a little bit. "Yes, please, directions would be great." She turns her face towards Isobel briefly, and then settles on the ex-cop for a moment, watching his reactions.

Leonidas's eyes swivel towards Jay, pondering him a moment and his words; eyes narrowing a bit-- though perhaps he's just giving thought to the information given, yet, it can't help but look a bit suspicious. After a moment he ponders of James, looking after from the grieving father, "One last question if I may James? Would you say that Anna, Fionna and Danny were even friends before all of.." pausing a moment before concluding, "..This?"

Leonidas thinks; 'Why is dear old dad jumping on all the questions.. and why doesn't he want us to speak with his wife--- he seems very adamante about the Fitzsimmons being the culprits..'

Jay gnaws at the edge of his lip for a while as he considers Isobel's question. "There's nothing really to see, at the scene. No blood. J-just... the foot. But, if you give me your word you'll leave my wife and son out of this, I can... I'll get it out of storage for you. It's in Forensics, but they haven't turned anything up." To Fenneke, James Wilkins gives a shake of his head. "I wouldn't say never. But not like this. They'd say mean things to each other, but they never actually fought, until recently. Definitely not... friends." Jay seems to agree, offering up: "Danny and my son George used to get into it pretty often. But Anna and the Fitzsimmons kids never really fought, or anything, before."

Isobel smiles towards Jay, "Of course. I don't want to cause your family trouble. Just help you out."

At this point, the matronly old lady is returning, sternly peering over the group. "I think James has had enough. It's about time you were all on your way." Though perfectly polite, the words carry a biting undertone, and Jay is already edging for the door. A sullen expression comes across James's face at his grandmother's urging of the group, and he slouches noticeably. "I uh... I wish I could help more," the young man offers mournfully.

Fenneke carefully keeps her own council at the ex-cop's words, simply nodding to him before she, for some reason, nods off towards Leonidas as well. She ventures out to the kid, quietly, with a small and kind smile, "You've helped a lot, James. Thank you."

Isobel turns towards the old lady, smiling sweetly, "Did you see her that night, ma'am? I apologize for the intrusion. We just want to figure out what happened so nobody ever bothers your family again."

"That girl wasn't my family," the old lady snaps out bitingly, the harshness of her expression immediately softening. "Sorry, I'm just... out of sorts. I only saw her in passing, at the concert," the woman answers with a patently false smile at Isobel.

A curious expression forms on the young man's face, eyes searching the group until he finds Leonidas and gives a small nod.

Jay Davis seems stung as if whipped, by Janet Wilkins' words, but doesn't seem to take them as out of character as he edges back for the doorway and opens it. "We should... we should be on our way. Sorry for the trouble, ma'am."

Isobel gives an understanding nod towards the lady, "I know. Still, one hopes no more strangers come tromping in where uninvited. I apologise for that. Have a lovely evening."

Isobel seems ready to follow Jay out.

Leonidas offers a smile to James before turning his eyes over to Janet, pondering her a moment and just listening-- once she has finished he offers out politely, "It is a trying time, i'm sure it has been hard on you in your own ways, especially seeing how it has affected young James. You say you didn't see Anna that night when she went jogging.. but.. perhaps your husband Warren did? Where is Warren if I may ask? May we speak with him?"

With a hint of nastiness layered beneath sickeningly sweet politeness, the old woman offers the departing ex-cop, "Tell Donna I said hello, dear." A sharp squint is turned towards Leonidas. "I expect my husband's busy with some trollop. You've already imposed enough on my family," she declares, arms flailing to shoo Leonidas towards the door.

Leonidas doesn't at all seem put off by the snappish ways of the old woman, nor the discomfort of Jay; being as he's here to do a job and get to the bottom of something, not shy from Janet-- that is until her nexts words which have his eyes narrowing slightly though he obeys the woman's request and slowly backs away, offering to her, "I meant no offense Miss Wilkins.. and I thank you for your time.."

"I'd rather none of you come back. Best of luck with the investigation. I sincerely hope you catch whoever's responsible," the old woman declares to Leonidas as Jay Davis leads the way out.

The Wilkins' Driveway

  A wide, well-tended driveway of light gray concrete stretches up between

bright stretches of green yardage to approach a sizeable gray house with a sturdy oak door.

It is after dusk, about 84F(28C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac.

[ ] [ west east ]

Leonidas is standing here. Isobel is standing here. Fenneke is standing here.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac

  A sweeping ring of light gray encircles a verdant green mound, bearing a

towering oak at the center, like a giant concrete donut where this street comes to an end. Three homes ring the center, with driveways stretching like spokes in a bike's wheel. The yards surrounding the cul-de-sac bear gaudy green grass, enriched by ample fertilizer and the occasional use of a sprinkler, save for the house on the right, which is overgrown.

It is after dusk, about 84F(28C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is The Fitzsimmons' Driveway.

[ north ] [ west east ]

Fenneke is standing here. Isobel is standing here. Leonidas is standing here.

Isobel sighs softly as they depart, looking to the cop, "And you're certain there's nothing at the scene to be seen?"

To Jay, Leonidas ponders rather pointedly after the door is closed at their back, "Donna is your wife, i'm assuming Mister Davis.. what exactly was -that- all about? It seems Mister Wilkins is not overly fond of your spouse.. care to tell why that is?"

Leonidas really said Miss Wilkins or course, because they never saw Mister Wilkins.

With a dark peer towards the towering oak that stretches upward from a green island ringed by concrete at the center of the cul-de-sac, Jay Davis answers Isobel with a nod of his head. "What we found was definitely... moved. From the scene of the crime," he explains, business-like, before turning his gaze back to Leonidas. "Donna is Frankie Fitzsimmons' wife. I... I don't know what Janet was on about," the ex-cop insists.

"I'm sure it's nothing," Isobel offers pleasantly to Jay. "From how that woman spoke, she sees infidelity everywhere."

Fenneke nods a little, although she seems mostly lost in thought as she lets her lunch bag drop to one hand, saying as they walk, "Do you guys mind if I have a strawberry while we walk? My blood sugar gets too low and I'm kind of useless." She turns her attention between the ex-cop and then the other pair, lips quirked slightly.

Fenneke gets an aquamarine smart phone from a pocket.

Fenneke briefly tugs her phone out of her bag and shoots off a subtle text, before focusing her attention back on the group, awaiting response.

Fenneke types a message out on their phone.

Isobel gives a nod towards Fenneke, "Of course, doll. Knock yourself out." She looks to Jay, "Shall we see what evidence you've gathered thus far?"

Fenneke gets a fresh strawberries from embroidered hemp lunch bag.

Fenneke just begins popping strawberries into her mouth as she lingers on with the group, the trash settled back into the tray of fruit cleanly after each bite.

Fenneke eats some of her fresh strawberries.

"So.. you're saying the evidence was placed in the tree?" Leonidas ponders to Jay after a moment, apologzing aswell, "I'm sorry.. for my assumption." asking after that, "What is your wife's name by the way?"

Circling past the island of green and across the cul-de-sac, Jay Davis makes a concerted effort to divert his gaze away from the tree as he approaches the Fitzsimmons' driveway and pauses there, turning to glance back to Fenneke. "By... by all means, ma'am," he answers her question, as he waits at the sidewalk. "To the Fitzsimmons', then? I'm warning you, Frankie's a... pain in the ass. He's... not going to take kindly." Turning towards Isobel, he gives a shake of his head. "There's... really not much to go on. Like I said, though. If you keep my family out of it, I can give you what they've got in forensics. For whatever it's worth." With a lift of his brow at Leonidas, he answers: "Most likely. And, Angela."

Leonidas Then after Isobel's words he ponders to Jay, "It's a small community Jay, you must hear rumors spread. Would there be any reason that Isobel here would be right about Janet? Is she a jealous woman, and does she have reason to be of Mister Wilkins?"

"I was hoping for the forensics first, but we can speak with the Fitzsimmons," Isobel offers with a nod. She glances to Leonidas at his question.

"Mister Wilkins goes through around a maid a month," the retired cop finally answers to the combination of Leonidas and Isobel. "I mind my own business, but... Warren seems like the type." After Isobel's nod, he lifts both of his shoulders helplessly. "Like I said, our lab hasn't really come up with anything. It looks like an animal attack, but we don't really have anything conclusive, on the teeth marks. None of them are nearly complete enough."

Fenneke finishes her little snack and begins to stuff the strawberries away, almost self-consciously of the whole task. She flicks her finger over her thumb and forefinger before her smile ventures in a small manner to lift at the corners, still delicately patient and kind. She reaches out with her fruit-taint-free hand to try and grasp the ex-cops hand for a moment, if he lets her, saying, "I know this is hard for you. My brother died this year and... It was so hard. I -know- you want to keep your family safe and so do we, I promise, to keep their peace of mind. Anything we could find out from them, though, would be invaluable, Mister Davis. -Anything-. And the forensics, it all paints a picture that could help us discover what's really going on. I know we're asking for a lot but we'd like to see all the forensics and... talk to your family. I promise we'll be gentle and if you want, only one of us can go in, whichever you think will cause the least upset. We'll be sensitive"

Fenneke adds after a beat, "We'll be sensitive."

Isobel glances over to Fenneke, bringing up her phone to type something quietly. "Let us continue, then."

Isobel gets a black smartphone from a pocket.

Isobel types a message out on their phone.

Leonidas's brow perks as he glances between Fenneke and Jay, nodding as though in full agreement to her words; though holding his tounge for the moment as he waits to see the man's reply.

"Look, I have more reason to see this solved than any of you," the ex-cop replies, though his tone softens at the grasp of Fenneke's hand. "I'll give you the evidence we've got. If, after you're done with the Fitzsimmons, you still want to talk to my family, I'll give you my number," he offers Fenneke. "You can come on your own, and sit down and talk with either my wife or my son, with me there. But I'd really rather they not be troubled."

Leonidas thinks; 'So. We have a purposely placed foot.. no genetic match up as of yet. We have an adulterous husband.. who was often in the prescence of Anna presumably given that she was dating James.. and a jealous wife.. maybe Old man Wilkins took a fancy to Anna.. she's a young girl.. and that would explain why Janet wasn't fond of her.. Where WAS Warren...'

Leonidas thinks; 'Jay seems incredibly suspicious given his reluctance to let us see his family members.. why is that.. and it's like he's trying to point us towards the Fitzsimmons.. maybe to lead us off of some ill deed he may have committed.'

"I agree. We're on the same side and that's to give Anna the peace she deserves," Fenneke says gently, nodding and pulling her hand back as she watches the ex-cop from behind her darkly tinted glasses. "I won't bother them unless I'm absolutely sure it can help me. You have my word."

Isobel lowers her phone, glancing curiously to Fenneke.

Isobel slips a black smartphone into a pocket.

Fenneke clears her throat and then swipes at the corner of her mouth with her forefinger, before nodding to the ex-cop and sending a look between Leonidas and Isobel, "Let's go, then?"

Fenneke puts a fresh strawberries in an embroidered hemp lunch bag.

The Fitzsimmons' Driveway

  A thoroughly cracked, if fairly wide driveway of light gray concrete

stretches up between overgrown yardage towards the poorly-maintained white house ahead. The door seems to have been recently replaced.

It is night, about 82F(27C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon.

[ ] [ west (east) ]

Isobel is standing here. Leonidas is standing here. Fenneke is standing here.

With a slow nod to Fenneke, the cop lingers uncertainly at the edge of the Fitzsimmons' driveway, before starting to stride up it. As one comes nearer to the house, the rumble of loud music becomes increasingly noticeable from within, and when Jay reaches the door, he has to pound on it for about ten seconds, before a boisterous voice screams out from within: "Ey, I'm comin' y'fucker."

Leonidas holds up a finger as though requesting a pause before continueing on towards the Fitzsimmons home, asking Jay, "If I may Mister Davis? Something you said earlier while at the Wilkins home caught me strange. You said your daughter often jogged to relieve stress? Is there something overly trying happening in her life right now? Was.. there perhaps something wrong at home? Does she get along well with her brother George, and Angela?"

Fenneke types a message out on their phone.

Leonidas probably asked this on his approach to the front door; cringing a bit at the bass pumping from inside and the profanity that's offered in greeting.

Turning back at Leonidas's question, while waiting at the door, the ex-cop chews at his lip in contemplation. "She's-- she was, a hard-working girl. Top ten in her class, honor student. Real driven. She was always the type to take a lot onto her plate, but she never really bit off more than she could chew," he explains, before a burly red-headed man with a mustache is throwing open the door. One look at Jay, and the man's spitting. "You can get right th' feck outta ere, y'fuck." Turning to look over the group behind the man, he sneers. "Th' fuck is all this about?"

"Good evening, Mister Fitzsimmons. How are you this pleasant night? Are you home alone?" Isobel turns her sweet smile towards the man.

Leonidas lingers at Jay's flank, watching on quietly as the red-headed man barks at the Ex-cop; his jaw setting a bit more firmly.

"We just wanted to bother you with a few questions, but I promise it won't take long," Fenneke pitches in behind Isobel, her smile patient and relaxed and her head tilted slightly. Her voice has a hint of a purr to it and she edges a touch closer to the other woman, tossing her long, golden blonde hair. Despite the faint bruises that show through, her carefully glossed lips bend into a subtle curve.

The red-headed man looks over Isobel with unabashed appraisal, then moves on to Fenneke, snorting at the caking of make-up on the woman's face. "Y' look like my wife. Y' know. After I found out your old pal Jay here'd been fucking her for the past month," the man barks out with equal parts laughter and anger in his tone. He drags his other arm out from behind the door, a bottle of beer dangling from his fingertips, and seems poised to hit Jay with it, until Fenneke speaks up. "Y' know what. How about this. Officer Friendly comes anywhere near my house, and he's not coming back out walking. Rihanna and Prettyboy and the chick in that black dress? Come on in," he offers, the look on Fenneke getting all the more lecherous, even given her clearly beaten state. Perhaps because of.

Isobel glances over towards Fenneke, apparently not getting the reference, then spreads a smile back to the drunkard, "That's more than kind. Shall we, friends?"

Leonidas's hand comes up to adjust his tie; flashing a practiced smile to Jay as he offers to the man, "Looks like you're sitting this one out Chief. We'll contact you after. Fenneke has your number I believe?" with the he begins off into the house after Frankie's invitation, dipping a nod to the red-headed thug.

Fenneke just nods once to the ex-cop, intoning quietly, "Thank you, Mister Davis, for showing us over. Can I have your number? I can call you when we're done." She tugs out her cell phone and if the reference to her beating gets a rise, it's not evident anywhere on her. Instead she kicks a smooth and almost-tan leg one over the other in front of her and shakes her 'California blonde' hair one more time, if anything encouraging the lech. She pauses for the number, face turned towards the ex-cop.

The ex-cop at the doorway opens his mouth as if to reply, but ultimately just turns around and makes his way to the sidewalk, looking equal parts shaky and furious. "I-- I'll go pick up the forensic evidence. Just-- I'll be back," and then he's striding off for the white car parked across the cul-de-sac. Frankie Fitzsimmons spits for a third time as his neighbor departs. "Better fuckin' get th' feck out of here, y' retired donut-eating other-guy's-wife-fucking piece of shit." The cop wanders back, only long enough to hand off a card to Fenneke. "I'll be in touch. I should be back before you're done getting anything useful out of that drunk bastard," the man claims with a pointed stare at the redhead, before turning to depart in earnest.

If anything, Isobel looks a bit bored or weary of the sniping between the two men, slipping into the house.

Fenneke takes the offered card, nodding once to the ex-cop before he leaves. And then she ventures forward, trying to slide past the red-haired man, perhaps close enough to even let her sleeve brush against him and definitely close enough that he'd catch a hint of her perfume if he's got half a nose working in his favor.

As the other two women pass by Leonidas, having stepped inside the door moves on aswell to follow; dress shoes clicking on the entry floor, and his eyes setting to glance about the home.

"How about you give me a call, instead, broad," the callous red-headed man extends to Fenneke, leaning within inches as she steps past him through the doorway to inhale sharply, taking in the scent of her perfume before turning to follow.

The Fitzsimmons' House

  The Fitzsimmons' household looks like the site of a natural disaster. 

Clothing, garbage, and childrens' toys litter the living room, and the kitchen is in a perpetually unclean state. A cluttered, unkempt master bedroom is at the end of the hallway, along with a smaller, cramped, toy-littered room that houses a pair of bunkbeds. At the opposite end of the house, a young man's and young woman's rooms are lined across from each other, with a bathroom in between.

It is night, and about 70F(21C) degrees.

[ ] [ west ]

Isobel is standing here. Leonidas is standing here. Fenneke is standing here.

"Lovely." Leonidas says under his breath as he steps in some sort of refuse, kicking a toy away afterwards that he nearly trips on.

After closing the door behind the group, the redheaded man tromps over to the kitchen, leaving the group hanging until he returns with a few bottled Miller Lights. He tosses one carelessly at Leonidas. "Have a drink, prettyboy," he grunts out, then extending his arm to offer bottles to Isobel and Fenneke as he turns to scream over his shoulder. "Fi, if y' don't turn that fecking music down, I'm gonna knock y' ass int' next week."

"So, t' what d' I owe th' fecking pleasure," the man asks Leonidas, Fenneke, and Isobel as he turns back to the group. "Th' fuck has ol' Officer Friendly been tellin' you about ol' Frankie? He doesn't seriously think I offed his perfect li'l girl, does he?"

Fenneke types a message out on their phone. Isobel's black smartphone beeps.

Fenneke flicks off a quick text before bending a smile in the red-haired man's direction, saying to him smoothly, "So, we just wanted to talk about Anna Davis, maybe speak to your kids, too? And your wife?" If the state of the home bothers her, it doesn't show on her carefully made-up face. She waves away the drink with a little flick of her fingers, her smile growing wider, saying, "Oh, no, I'm good."

Isobel glances to Fenneke with a brief frown before smiling to the man of the house. "Regardless of what he thinks, I certainly doubt it, friend," she offers quietly. "To be entirely honest, I don't entirely trust him, so I thought we should get the other side of the story of this little neighborhood's state of affairs."

Distracted by the toy, Leonidas does well to snatch the bottle out of the air, glancing at it one it's steady in his palm before looking back over to Frankie; a smirk touches his lips as he cracks the bottle and raises it slightly towards the man, "Cheers, Mister Fitzsimmons.." tipping back a small sip of the beer before adding to the man, "Miller light? I pictured you more as a Budweiser sort of man." his nostrils expands a bit and he gives a sniff at the air, eyes flicking about the disaster of the home; adding after the women's words, "Indeed, we had just been hoping to share a word about a few things with you, your wife and your children." then curious he adds, "Is Fionna around Frankie.. I can call you Frankie can I?"

Leonidas glances down the hallway after the Red-head's bellow, his answer clearly being given to one of his questions at least.

Fenneke's rejection of the redheaded brute's proffered beer has him eyeing her with mistrust, that deepens at her question. His fingers tighten around the neck of his own bottle, and then he's silently lifting it, chugging it with almost superhuman proficiency, and then tossing it at a wastebin. The bottle misses, and shatters, leaving a mess of broken glass skittering across the floor. "Donna! Y' got some shit t' clean up!"D he shouts again, attention homing in on Leonidas at his questioning. "Y' can call me Frankie, boyo. I like t' keep it classy, up in here. Livin' the big life, I am. Always Miller Light. Fionna and Danny are home. Twins are upstairs... fuckin'... I don't know. Sleeping. Maybe out back, playing. Donna's around... somewhere. Fuck if I know, cheating fuckin' tramp."

Isobel accepts the bottle offered to her, at least, but doesn't open it, "Thank you, doll."

The harsh shattering sound of the bottle has Leonidas cringing a bit and looking off in its direction before he's looking off to the mess in the living area again saying to Frankie, "Four kids? You're a busy man Frankie." trying to inject some humor into this as he takes another sip of his Miller Light.

At Frankie's screaming, a bottle-blonde with feathered hair and conspicuously fake breasts emerges from the kitchen, face caked with make-up altogether too similar to Fenneke's as she docilely bends over to start sweeping the broken glass into a dustpan. "Four mouths to feed," the man callously replies to Leonidas, turning back to glance at his apparent wife. "Five, really."

"And twins to boot?" Leonidas ponders of Frankie, brows raising, as he adds, "How old? You have your hands full." smirking a bit as he then glances about the home in more detail.

"I'm just such a light-weight, I wouldn't want to get silly-headed," Fenneke says with a shift towards bubbly, despite the purring nature of her contralto being on the lower edge of the spectrum, a hand moving up to brush through her hair. "Frankie, you wouldn't mind if I used your bathroom, would you?" She glances around her, as if trying to search it out, her hand wandering to the her neckline, lightly toying with the fabric there. "Just for a minute, to freshen up while these two asked you questions? I'm just so -stupid- about things."

"That's right. Got my hands full. So th' faster y' get t' th' fuckin' point, the better it is for all of us, righ'?" the man claims with an easy shrug, as he opens the beer Fenneke had rejected and starts to drink it. "Who th' fuck y' here t' talk to?" A mistrusting gaze is sent towards Fenneke, before he waves with his beer. "Whatever, broad. Just make y'self at home."

Isobel glances over at the man's wife appraisingly before looking back to the man, "I was hoping you could give us your impression of the current state of the neighborhood. Officer Friendly seems to think everything is hunky-dory. You seem a clever man. Far more likely to know what's actually going on here."

Fenneke heads off towards the direction of the restroom, should it be readily apparent from where she's standing, with a sauntering step that makes the most of whatever meager curves she's managed in her short-stature. She'd slip into it, depending if it's upstairs or downstairs, and then she'd pause, looking down at her cell phone and flicking out a few quick messages before she begins to snoop around.

"Well. -I- was hoping to talk to you Frankie.. maybe not in the prescence of.. well.." Leonidas my eyes turning towards Isobel and then to Fenneke, "Well.. you know." then smirks as he adds, "Maybe let them go speak with your wife about.. well.. makeup.. and whatever it is they do.."

Leonidas tacks on, like a bigot, "Women." giving a roll of his eyes.

Fenneke types a message out on their phone.

"If Officer Friendly's been too busy sticking it to my wife t' know what th' fuck is goin' on in his perfect li'l daughter's life, that's on him. I'm bettin' Anna knew about what he was up to, though. Probably explain why Danny stuck her in the eye," the man claims nonchalantly, seeming perfectly content to speak thus in front of his battered wife, who finishes the task at hand and disappears back into the kitchen. "Don't you know it, man," the misogynist echoes back to Leonidas with a sigh. "I don't really know fuck-all. Y' welcome t' talk t' Fionna and Danny. Doubt you'll get a word out of the twins."

The bathroom seems to be that of an average, if exceptionally messy family. A medicine cabinet is relatively well-stocked, and bath toys litter the floor at the foot of the tub.

Isobel gives Leonidas a bit of a bitter look, but she rises, opening the beer for show and nodding towards Frank, "Thank you again. I'll let you boys talk shop." She slips in after towards the wife's last known location.

The medicine cabinet contains the basics: band-aids, disinfectant, iodine, alcohol, and, less standardly, a flask that smells of whiskey. Beneath the sink, the bathroom contains equally common household items: a plunger, extra toilet paper, and cleaning agents.

"Isn't it so nice when they listen?" Leonidas muses to Frankie as he watches Isobel slip off further into the home, maybe to help the woman sweeping the glass as Leonidas gestures towards the kitchen and says, "It's been too long of a fucking day to stand, don't you think Frankie? Why don't we take a seat and enjoy these beverages?" then with a grin he ponders, "You mean that pig was sticking it to your old lady? How do you know? Did you catch them?"

Leonidas actually gestured towards the couches, littered with clothing and god only knows what else.

"Oh, it came out in a fight, man. You know how broads are. One second I'm hitting her, th' next she's bragging about how she's been fuckin' the neighbor behind m' back." Frankie Fitzsimmons scowls irritably, wandering over to plop backward into a couch, after smacking some toys out of the way, waving Leonidas over.

In the kitchen, Donna Fitzsimmons flicks her eyes towards her periphery, glancing warily at Isobel for a while, before docilely continuing to wash dishes at the sink, remaining otherwise silent.

Fenneke slips out of the bedroom and edges around the corner, moving first to the young woman's bedroom, a brief glance sent in the direction of the living room where the two men appear to be finding relaxing places to sit. She ducks inside and gently knocks on the wood of the door jam to signal her arrival, asking, "Fionna?"

Fenneke types a message out on their phone.

Isobel offers the beer towards Donna, "Hello, dear. Sorry for intruding. Might I help?"

"Yeah, I'm Fionna. What th' feck d' y' want!?" a shrill voice screeches out from behind the door at Fenneke. Nobody seems to be coming to answer the door, though across the hall, a teenage boy cranes to peer through his doorway curiously at Fenneke.

"She just came out with it like that huh?" Leonidas ponders, sounding slightly in awe-- or horror that's well masked as he moves to take a nearby seat, grinning as he adds chauvinistically, "I hope you hit her harder after that.. help. I wouldn't put up with it. So wait.. she just said she was fucking the neighbour, and not 'Jay'?" he muses then to the redheaded thug, "You don't think she could have meant that old Warren across the street? I hear he likes his women.. hell his wife Janet seemed to have the stink eye on your wife Donna."

The woman takes a second to uncomfortably comb at her hair, after drying her hands with a towel, then goes back to washing dishes with a curt "Sure," offered to Isobel

Leonidas said 'Hell', not 'help'.

"Just wanted to ask a few questions but I can... ask your brother first, if you're listening to a song you like?" Fenneke calls through the door as she seems to catch the teenage boy and his peer at her. She edges away from the door and starts moving to the other side of the bathroom, flashing a small smile to the teen and saying, "Hey. Uhm, I'm Fenneke."

Isobel shrugs, setting the beer down, moving to help wash, "Men, mm? So what's your opinion on all this nasty business of late?"

"I'm guessing you're here because I punched Anna?" the red-headed young man asks Fenneke directly through the doorway. "That's what this is all about, right? You're here to look into who killed her? It wasn't me." The man says it succinctly, lifting his shoulders in a helpless gesture as he peers blankly at Fenneke.

"We are, yeah. But we're not coming here with any ideas about what did what, promise. We just want to know what happened to her," Fenneke says as she lifts her palms defensively, edging closer to the teen, smile dropping away to something more sedate. "Can you talk to me? I know you punched her but I can't imagine you wanted something really bad to happen to her. Punching is one thing." Her voice is purring, soothing, and on the deeper range of feminine tones and she speaks quietly though loud enough to still be heard over the music as she edges closer to the boy. "Can we talk in your room?"

"Whatever happened, it didn't have nothin' t' do with me," is all the blonde-haired broad has to say to Isobel, as she starts to set out the cleaned dishes on a towel set to the side of the kitchen sink. "Not Frankie, neither. He's got a temper, but he wouldn't kill no girl. Would've been Jay up in that tree," she claims in a whisper.

"Donna, doll, look at me," Isobel tries to catch the woman's gaze, preparing as if to say more.

After downing the remainder of his second beer with a series of lengthy swigs, Frankie Fitzsimmons burps loudly, before shaking his head at Leonidas. "Nah, wasn't ol' man Warren. Fuckin' Hugh Hefner over there sticks it to his maids. New one every month. Fuckin' lucky sod." The man grunts audibly, turning to peer at his front window, then shrugging. "Y'know, maybe he stuck it to ol' Anna, and his wife did the deed. Janet's a fuckin' crazy bitch. Scary old broad."

(to Janus) (Privately)Isobel will attempt to put her in a trance with hypnosis 1, then taste her blood. If there's nothing unusual about it (Vee, for instance), she'll drink enough to count as a mild wound, then continue speaking after snapping the woman out of the trance.

"I'm just here to help. I'm all but positive your family wasn't involved. I want to clear your names. But I need to know who else might have a motive or ability, and I trust you more than that cop, okay?" Isobel concludes after.

"Just... close the door, alright? And leave Fionna out of it. Not tellin' you anything unless you give me your word." the teenage male offers to Fenneke from where he sits at the edge of his bed. "I didn't want anything bad t' happen t' Anna. She was a nice enough girl, and she left us alone. She just... she was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And I had to punch her." he explains ambiguously.

Donna's gaze goes vacant when she turns back to meet Isobel's gaze, and she spaces off for a while. Her blood tastes distinctly human, and aside from tasting... cheap... there's not much else to it.

Fenneke slips into the bedroom and shuts the door behind her, before turning her attention to the teenager. Her hands hook again in the lunch bag in front of her and she asks, quietly, "Wrong place at the wrong time? What do you mean? You can tell me anything, you know. I'm a great listener and I'm not going to blab your secrets all over. And... I won't talk to Fionna if you don't want me to, as long as you tell me why you don't want me to." She edges over to the bed and moves to perch beside the kid, leaning in a little bit and sliding her sunglasses away, exposing the bruise under her eye that cannot be covered with makeup.

"Hugh Hefner" Leonidas echoes, grinning a bit more broadly as he seems to take some amusement in this nickname offering his bottle out to cheers Frankie before noting the man's beverage is empty which causes him to shrug as he pulls his beer back to take a swig from; offering back to that, "Hell. Maybe you're right, that kid was probably over there a lot to see.. James? Is that the kids name? He seems like a ponce doesn't he? A little oboe player." his eyes rolling again as he says to Frankie, "We used to beat kids like that up in the school I went to."-- his words coming off maybe a bit hollow given the fancy clothes he wears-- then again, there are always bullies even in private schools. He moves on to say, "You think Old Warren would have it in him to try and put his hands on little Anna? Maybe Janet did catch him.." he moves on after this to say, "I don't suppose you saw Anna lastnight at all? That pig father of hers said she went 'jogging' after some concert at the school."

"I'd be lookin' at that boy James Wilkins, he always gave me the heebie-jeebies," is all Donna has to say to Isobel as she snaps out of a momentary distraction, almost dropping a plate, but catching it before it can hit the floor and shatter. "But I don't know anything, really. I'm telling you the truth about that. Jay and I had a thing. It was fun. That's all."

With the closure of the door, Danny Fitzsimmons seems to open up a bit more to Fenneke, though he scoots away from her to turn his back to the headboard when she moves to seat alongside him at the bed. "Look. It's just... it's complicated. She saw something she shouldn't have. And she needed to know to keep her mouth shut. And she did. Keep her mouth shut. That's all it was," he explains.

"I get complicated. Lot of stuff I see is complicated," Fenneke says as she settles her hands in her lap, lifting a shoulder in a little bit of a shrug. "Want to try me on complicated? And... like I said, I can keep my mouth shut. I just want to know what happened... not going to judge you or anything."

Isobel gives a brief nod to Donna, "That whole family does, don't they? Thank you, Donna." She wipes a plate dry and sets it aside. "I'll leave you to your business, then. Sorry for troubling you."

"I didn't see shit," Frankie offers helplessly in reply to Leonidas. "I was at work that night. You can ask where I work. I'm a valet up at Club Electro, in Boston. Titty bar. You'd like it," the man explains to Leonidas. "Shit, I bet you got a sweet ass ride. What d' you drive, man?" he asks afterwards, a glint in his eye. "But yeah. Old Warren's a dog. Classy dog, but a dog. And Janet's a crazy cunt."

A blank look is levied at Fenneke, and Danny seems to take an awful long time to weigh the merits of answering her, before he finally states, bluntly: "It's really none of your business. I didn't kill Anna."

"You uh... good luck," is all Donna has to say to Isobel as she finishes drying the plate and prepares to leave.

Isobel slips out of the kitchen, attempting to look around for the twins now.

"You're... right. It's not really my business, except it is. I know you didn't kill her but... did Fionna have anything to do with it," Fenneke says with a hint of a furrow in her brow, as she gently pushes at the teen, tilting her head a little bit. "I'm here for Anna and you said she was a nice girl. I just... want to know what you know. So I can help her find peace." She licks her lips and then continues, quietly, "Just talk to me?"

The toddler twins are sitting in their room, one of them seated atop an inflated ball, and the other chewing on a giant lego when Isobel finds them.

Leonidas's head bobs a few times, "Naw, I didn't think you did Frankie.. and hell, maybe it's a good thing you didn't.. i'd rather be seeing the sights that Electro place has than sitting around this suburb, Am I right?" that smirk returning to his lips before he questions, "How are the dances at Electro? Do you get a 'bang' for your buck?" brows raising suggestively to Frankie before moving on at the question to him and a tick of his chin towards one of the front facing windows of the home, "Take a peek Frankie, it's sitting right out there.. I bet you won't miss it." the curl to his lips growing all the more as he actually does seem to take some real satisfaction on showcasing his 'pride', saying then, "It's a 2013 Lamorghini Aventador el pee seven hundred, four." he relaxes back into the couch and takes another drink from his beer-- not at all in rush to finish it like Frankie had been with his-- then again, maybe he isn't as practiced. He ponders the last of Frankie's words for a

Leonidas ponders the last of Frankie's words for a few minutes before asking instead with a change of topic, "What's that wife of Jay's like? She hot? You ever think of getting some pay back by sticking it to her? And what about that son of his? I hear your boy does good and beats him up, or gives him a hard time."

"Look. Fionna and I didn't have nothing to do with it. I was with her, that night. We were out smoking pot at a bonfire. You can... here..." the young man turns to grab a pen and start scratching out a few names and numbers onto it, before passing it off to Fenneke. "You can check on it," he suggests. "Was probably Janet. She's really fucking possessive of her boy James. Have you spoken to George? He knew Anna better than anybody."

Isobel flutters her fingers in an amused wave at the toddlers, checking briefly for anything out of place, but not expecting to find much.

"Okay, yeah. Thanks," Fenneke says as she takes the paper, before tucking it away into her pocket. "So, you think maybe she and James had a little bit of a problem?" She tilts her head a touch, watching the guy for a minute before resting her hands on her lap. "You know, if you told me what was going on... why you punched her, I could make -sure- that the police stopped looking your way. They wouldn't ask." She weighs her own words quietly, diplomacy in full blown range, appealing to the teens fear of the police over her.

"Jesus motherfuckin' Christ," is all Frankie has to say for a while in response to Leonidas as he turns his gaze out his dirty window, and catches sight of the 'ghini. "Who th' fuck you kill for that ride, mate?" he wonders rhetorically, head giving a steady shake. "But yeah, you get plenty of bang for your buck. Fuuuuull service lap dances," the ginger cretin explains. "Angela?" An incredulous expression settles on Frankie's lips, and then he's turning to spit over his shoulder. Inside. "Probably fucks like a dead fish. I hear from my buddy she eats painkillers like skittles. Steals 'em at work."

Nothing looks to be out of place in the toddlers' room, and they both peer up at Isobel uncomfortably as she waves at them. One of them pries the lego out of her mouth, and manages an awkward wave with it, before chucking it at the wall.

Isobel pulls out her phone briefly, slipping back out of hte kids' room and firing off a text before giving a brief once-over of any other rooms.

"I'm not.. but people often make that mistake." Leonidas muses with a grin as he lowers the bottle from his lips; this being to the exclaimation from Frankie at the sight of the car. To the next bit he offers just as lightly, "I'd tell you Frankie. But then i'd be here trying to put to wraps a double homicide." giving a light wink and laugh before he listens to the wonder of Electro; but it's that last tid-bit that catches Leonidas's attention as he ponders, "She a nurse or doctor or something Frankie?" then tacks on with a sigh for show, "I thought those bitches were supposed to be the freakiest."

Isobel gets a black smartphone from a pocket.

Isobel types a message out on their phone.

"If I told you what was going on, there'd just be a different type of trouble," Danny claims succinctly to Fenneke, head shaking firmly as he pulls his foot up onto the couch, and wraps his arms over his knee.

"That's not true. I'm the type of person who can make trouble go away," Fenneke says as she smiles quietly, reaching over to try and settle her fingers on the kid's, to squeeze if he allows for a moment. "I know more than you probably think I do. And I'm a good listener, I promise."

"Been married to a cop so long, I bet her snatch's drier than the Sahara," Frankie crudely reasons to Leonidas. "Yeah, she's a nurse up at Boston Metro or some shit." He starts to search beneath the cushion of his couch, before turning up with a crumpled pack of Marlboroughs. "Heeeeey, whaddayaknow." Pulling a smoke free, he lights up in the living room, taking the occasional drag from his cigarette, and letting the ash fall to the floor.

"She caught Fionna and me making out, alright?!" Danny snaps to Fenneke suddenly at her relatively companionable grilling, pulling away from her hand. "That's all it was. We didn't have fuckin' anything to do with it."

Isobel pretty much sets about to poking through any empty rooms for anything incriminating for a few minutes before heading back to the living room.

"All of Egypt." Leonidas returns to Frankie's suggestion giving the contents of his brew a twirl, causing the beer to slosh about within. He catches the red-head's fruitful plunders and laughs, offering, "Nothing like finding buried god damn gold eh?" as the smoke begins to waft up and add to the presumed(?) already musty and stale air he ponders as he glances down the hall towards the pounding music, "How the hell do you put up with that all night, or day Frankie? Christ.. is that your daughter? What's she like?"

[Private to Isobel] Though your cursory search of the house's rooms doesn't turn up anything especially incriminating, you do spot more than a few guns. At least three handguns, and a shotgun. Along with ammunition. A couple of aluminum strips, likely used for jimmying car doors, rest in the corner of the master bedroom's closet.

"Oh," Fenneke says as she settles her hand back in her lap, shrugging her shoulders. "You know, you're at a weird age and things feel weird. I get it, how you can get confused about what you feel." She doesn't react other than that, watching the kid with passive silvery-blue eyes and a small frown. "You should talk to somebody, though, you know? What you're talking about is -hard- to keep inside. Do, uhm, you want my number? If you ever want to talk about stuff? I made a promise, I won't tell anybody and I'll steer the police away from you two."

Isobel slips a black smartphone into a pocket.

Isobel slips back to the living room, giving a wave towards Leonidas.

"Best feeling in the world," Frankie describes his opportune discovery of the cigarettes. He rapidly pulls his Marlborough down to the filter with incessant drags, shrugging over to Leonidas. "I spend a lot of time at the pub, mate. A lot of time... Time well-deserve, 'cause I work my fuckin' ass off t' feed all of these useless fucking mouths," the last bit is screamed backward, in no particular direction, at the man's family. "Fionna's a fiery little bitch. Kind of like her dad. Kid actually makes me fuckin' proud, once in a while." is how he describes his daughter to Leonidas.

Likely audible from the living room, Danny Fitzsimmons' reaction to Fenneke is to shout brusquely, "I don't need your fuckin' help, just get th' fuck out. Goddamn."

Fenneke rises from her position on the bed and nods her head, turning and heading out of the room. A brief slip out and then she shuts it behind her, sliding her glasses back on her face and starting to wander down the hall towards the living room. Adopting a playful saunter to her step mid-way, she makes for her co-workers, tucking her hair behind her ears and saying with a cheery, vapid contralto, "Stupid me, I was asking him if he needed any help cleaning his room. You know, cleaning is kind of one of the things I'm good at."

Leonidas polishs off the last of his beer; noting Isobel at the same time it seems and as the empty Miller Lite lowers there's a faint smile her way though it fades fast as he looks back to Frankie while dropping the cap to his brew down the glass neck of the bottle, "I don't envy you, having all these free loaders bud.. i'd have kicked them to the curb long ago." though he pauses and adds, "Fiery is she? I hear she was fighting a bit with Anna, you wouldn't know anything about that would you? I bet it's just so stupid girl thing.. or.. you don't think she liked that boy James too do you?"

Leonidas Looks from Frankie to someone and then back before subtle making an 'o' with his fingers which he pulls to and fro from his mouth in a vulgar gesture, before dropping the hand.

Isobel slips near to Fenneke, remaining quiet at this point with an empty smile.

"Oh yeah?" Frankie Fitzsimmons is quick to call back to Fenneke. "If y' so good at cleaning, maybe you should come by in one of 'em maid outfits. Clean m' place," he offers graciously. "You can do some deep cleanin' in my room. Y' knees good? Might be a lot of bendin' over and kneelin'." The ingrate just starts to let out a barking laugh at Leonidas's gesture as he puts his cigarette out. On the arm of the couch, then turns to look at Isobel. "Y' welcome to come by too. Even ol' Warren ain't never had two maids at once, I'll bet." A friendly grin is turned towards Leonidas. "Think li'l James Wilkins is too much of a pussy for my Fionna," he affords the man.

"Leo, honey, we can go whenever you're ready," Fenneke says as she sends a cheekily little grin towards the red-haired ass, while aiming to link arms with Isobel. "Us girls have -got- to take care of a few things. You know women, always wanting to go shopping or something."

Isobel slips in towards Fenneke with an amused smile, glancing to Frankie, "Oh, I just might, doll. You never know. Thank you for your time."

"And always on someone else's dollar too." Leonidas muses to Frankie as he begins to rise to his feet setting his bottle aside; rather carelessly because.. really with the state of the place who would notice, or care. His hands brush down along the front of his slacks before his right hand comes out towards the red-headed thug, saying, "It was good shooting the shit with you Frankie, gettin things straight. I'm glad I could get some real answers instead of that garbage Jay was feeding us. And hell, if you think of anything else, or hear anything else give me a call." his other hand fishing a business card out of his vest.

Donna emerges from the kitchen, strolling silently over to collect Frankie's extinguished cigarette but and place it into an ashtray. The red-haired pig turns, grabbing the poor woman's ass with altogether overmuch gusto, all the while staring pretty pointedly at Fenneke. "I take it y'all found out whatever th' fuck there was to figure out. Much as I'd like t' sit around and chat, I've got some uh. Business. To take care of," the man claims as Isobel and Fenneke prepare to part. He pauses only to fish one, two, three cards out of his pocket, passing them over to Leonidas. "You give them broads my card. Y' welcome t' come shoot th' shit whenever. Let me check out your car. Or y' can send them girls by. Any time." He reaches out to accept Leonidas's card with a nod.

"If i'm in the area, i'll be sure to stop by for a few Millers.. and i'll see what I can do about them.." Leonidas says to Frankie, cards exchanged-- his eye flicking down to the ones offered the redhead before trailing over to the conjoined women before looking back to him, grinning as he concludes, "If maybe you point out the best workers at that club you work at." recalling after a beat, "Electro." his chin ticking up to the man as he begins to drift off towards the door with the others, Donna being given a cursory glance before he's looking to his companions instead.

Donna gives Leonidas a look that may be akin to that of a deer in headlights, before easing into a more open ogling of Leonidas, prior to scurrying off into the kitchen.

The Fitzsimmons' Driveway

  A thoroughly cracked, if fairly wide driveway of light gray concrete

stretches up between overgrown yardage towards the poorly-maintained white house ahead. The door seems to have been recently replaced.

It is night, about 78F(25C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac.

[ ] [ west east ]

Leonidas is standing here. Isobel is standing here. Fenneke is standing here.

An Expansive Concrete Cul-De-Sac

  A sweeping ring of light gray encircles a verdant green mound, bearing a

towering oak at the center, like a giant concrete donut where this street comes to an end. Three homes ring the center, with driveways stretching like spokes in a bike's wheel. The yards surrounding the cul-de-sac bear gaudy green grass, enriched by ample fertilizer and the occasional use of a sprinkler, save for the house on the right, which is overgrown.

It is night, about 78F(25C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is The Wilkins' Driveway.

[ north ] [ west east ]

Fenneke is standing here. Isobel is standing here. Leonidas is standing here.

The cul-de-sac is empty when the group emerges into fresh air outside of the Fitzsimmons household, lit by street lamps roughly positioned at the four corners of the circular expanse of concrete. The group seems to have some time to discuss, as there's yet no sign of Jay Davis returning with the promised forensic evidence.

"Well, alright. Who wants to start," Fenneke says as she drops the bimbo act and lets Isobel go, fingers threading through her hair. "Because I've got... some interesting stuff."

As soon as they're out of the house, and the door is shut behind them, Leonidas says rather quietly to the women with a wince, "I'm.. sorry for that. Work.. it was just work."

Concealing that; Silvery blue eyes peer from behind light and glinting lashes and beneath the crescents of her brows.

Fenneke wears a pair of cat-eye sunglasses.

"Oh, believe me, I was playing up the battered idiot thing pretty hard," Fenneke says with a little grin towards Leonidas and a wave of her hand as she tucks away her phone into her pocket.

"Ah shucks.. I was hoping that was the real you." Leonidas muses lightly back to Fenneke with a light grin, offering to the two, "You two go first, i'll go last. I've some -maybe- useful information."

With this also, Leonidas moves away from the front door of the Fitzsimmons and moves towards the tree curiously, looking up at its upper branches, idly.

Isobel wrinkles her nose over at Leonidas, "It's fine, doll. Anyway, the wife had nothing to add. Other than confirming my thoughts that the Wilkins are the best place to start looking deeper. She's human... I'd like to see if Mrs. Wilkins is, too." She glances around, "... wonder where Mister Davis is."

"Why is that?" Leonidas ponders to Isobel curiously at the first of her words, his tongue coming out to wet his lips.

That is, Leonidas seemed to ask that about 'The Wilkins'.

"Mm, she suggested starting with them. Says the James kid gives her the willies. I was leaning towards them anyway... cheating husband, last seen at their place, goes on a 'walk' that the cop is very defensive about. Answered for the boy instead of letting him give it from his perspective. Definitely seems like something he's trying to hide about his daughter's relationship with that family... and he's being very discreet, too. Really, these folks are the last on my list. Seems too subtle for them, and too obvious," Isobel shrugs. "But that's just where I'm standing now after two houses down."

Leonidas nods his head a bit slowly at Isobel's reply, seeming to agree; yet look a bit puzzled at a few pieces of it, though he holds his silence for now as he looks over to Fenneke.

"Well, I'm not going to spread the kid's business, promise I wouldn't. But the black eye? Has nothing to do with any of this. Has to do with a simple weird backwoods misunderstanding," Fenneke says as she glances over her shoulder to the house they've just left, before looking back between Isobel and Leonidas. "I couldn't talk to Fionna, he guarded her like she was gold. If there's a demonborn in the family, it's her. And... let's see, he suggested that it was James' mother who did it, because she's creepy protective of him, which I sensed."

Isobel gives a nod over to Fenneke, "She's my number one at the moment, too."

"She's also -my- interest.. though.. I have to be honest and say.. this might not be a murder at all.. and maybe the problem lies closer to home." Leonidas says to Fenneke and Isobel as he looks between them, recanting slowly, "Frankie told me that his wife Donna was sleeping with Jay, I mean.. I can't confirm that that's true.. but he doesn't think it was old man Warren. He -did- say however that maybe old man Warren maybe took a fancy towards Anna.. which could be true given his interest in young women who are around the house.. and she would have visited James often I imagine, given their relationship. Perhaps Warren tried to make his move on Anna and Janet caught wind of it... she's apparently a very jealous, and very crazy woman." he pauses here to raise a finger as he says with a sigh, "Even with this evidence pointing towards the Wilkins.. I can't help feel it just seems.. off. Frankie told me aswell that Angela, Jay's wife is a drug abuser. She pops prescription meds which she "

Leonidas says, in a serene masculine voice holding notes of an indistinct European accent, 'Even with this evidence pointing towards the Wilkins.. I can't help feel it just seems.. off. Frankie told me aswell that Angela, Jay's wife is a drug abuser. She pops prescription meds which she gets from work.. now.. combine that with a protective father who sleeps around with the neighbours wife.. and a brother who gets into brawls or fights with the Fitzsimmons.. combined with the hate she might have been shown by Janet.. and that seems like a recipe for a girl to want to.. flee home. I mean. The evidence hasn't even come back positive to it being linked with her. right?"'

"We should speak with the Davis family.. before Jay gets back.. I think." Leonidas offers to Isobel and Fenneke as he glances down the cul-de-sac and then up to the one remaining house they've yet to venture to.

"Yes, I was trying to insinuate Warren and Anna. And the wife did confirm it was Jay to me that she cheated with," Isobel nods to Leonidas. "That's why I think it's the old lady who did it. I've my share of experience with cheating spouses," she offers somewhat cryptically. She does give a nod to Leonidas, "I won't be convinced until we have the so-called forensic evidence. See what I can get from any residual blood, if any..."

"Once we get the forensics report, I say we should talk to the Davis boy. Or, I guess, I will. I'd talk to the wife but... Isobel would probably have more luck with the wife," Fenneke says as she chews on her lip, before letting her eyes wander northward. "If he finds us, the forensics are out the door. One of us should go do that, the rest... wait for Jay. We'll just say that person had to leave. Isobel, I think it should be you. Figure out what we're dealing with."

Spot on time, a white car comes puttering down the street, pulling up to a halt at the curb of the cul-de-sac. Jay, the caramel-colored cop, climbs from the front seat of the sedan, towing a blue-and-white cooler in his hand, with evidence tape sealing the lid. He makes his way over to the group uncomfortably, lifting his wrist to wipe sweat from his brow. "I take it you didn't have as much trouble as expected, with the Fitzsimmonses?" the man asks, peering from Fenneke, to Isobel, to Leonidas, before extending his hand to offer the cooler. "Just... get this back to us. It's all we have of her."

Fenneke reaches out a hand for the cooler, smiling at the ex-cop as she does, before passing it easily over to Isobel if she takes it. She says, quietly, "Could you possibly wait at your house and I'll be over soon?"

Isobel takes the cooler from whoever, holding it. She gives Jay a small smile, "I apologize for making you go through all this. I'm sure it will be incredibly helpful."

Leonidas remains relatively silent, though he does look between Fenneke and Isobel before dropping his eyes to the cooler and then back up to Jay. A vibration in his vest sees him hauling out his phone momentarily to fire off a message before tucking it away again.

Leonidas types a message out on their phone.

"I should remind you, you guys aren't cops," the mourning father reminds Fenneke, Isobel, and Leonidas. "It's pretty late, and folks aren't going to take kindly to much more infringement on their privacy. If you've got a lead, Rockfield, and the Pee Dee, have worked out a deal to put them into custody, while you follow up on leads. But I don't know that you'll get much more from these people..." The man gives a brief look at the cooler in Isobel's hand. "The bite marks... nobody could really place them. But it looks like a were attack, almost. The only partial on it looks human, though."

To Jay, Leonidas asks then, "Mister Davis, the maids of Warren's.. do you ever see them leave before they're replaced?" his nose giving a sniff at the air, seemingly towards the cooler Isobel carries.

"I agree. It is too late to be bothering anyone... perhaps we can arrange the meeting with your family tomorrow?" Fenneke says as she nods her head to the ex-cop, before flicking her attention between Leonidas and Isobel. "This is a marathon, not a sprint... "

"Mm. Are we expected to put someone into custody tonight? It feels premature," Isobel offers. She carefully opens the lid to peek inside.

"I may remind, that taking someone into custody might be a good means to get private time to talk with said person, without the influence of other parties present. Such as Warren.. Janet, James or Fionna." Leonidas says quietly to Isobel and Fenneke.

"Can't really say I've paid any attention to their maids," the ex-cop admits to Leonidas at his question, rubbing his thumb thoughtfully at his lower lip. "You could probably pull up their employment records, though. Maybe talk to some of the former maids personally." A nod is tipped towards Fenneke. "Exactly. These things can take a while... But like I agreed, you can talk to my wife, or my son. I'll set up a meeting. Just... be delicate. All I ask." He turns to Isobel, then, nodding his head slightly to Leonidas's point. "Right. It's an opportunity to dig a bit deeper. But moreover, if this was... a were attack. Or something else. It might happen again. A couple of nights in holding for the right person might save somebody's life."

"It does feel pre-mature," Fenneke admits with a nod of her head, as she hooks her thumbs into the pockets of her jean shorts, lunch bag dangling against her thigh. "For now? I'd like to meet with Misses Davis or George before we do anything. Which probably means tomorrow, since it's past midnight."

"If it's a werewolf, I can probably find out fairly easily," Isobel admits, looking on the inside of the cooler for a few moments.

"I'd be more concerned for a wight," Fenneke says thoughtfully, as she glances over to the cooler in Isobel's grasp. "Frankly, I'd be -far- more concerned for a wight."

"He's right.. if there -is- a killer.. if we put them into custody.. it may prevent another attack.. murder or disappearance.." Leonidas says to the group, then nods after Fenneke's words, "My thoughts.. the turn over in maids has be suspicious.. it seems the Wilkins could be hiding something other than infidelity."

"I don't think I can detect a wight," Isobel laments.

"Then again.. I suppose there is another case of infidelity.. Mister Davis." Leonidas adds somewhat pointedly towards Jay, lips thinning a bit as he asks, "Your relationship with Donna. Did your wife Angela know about this? Did Anna or George know? And is that why your wife self medicates?"

The ex-cop levies an uncertain gaze back and forth between Fenneke and Isobel. "Could be... I guess that would explain the partial," he admits to Fenneke. "Though, weres can be kind of... in-between, right? I'd put money on one or the other. It'd be hard to be sure." His head slowly bobs in tacit agreement with Leonidas's initial point. "Probably best to play it safe, righ--" he snaps his mouth shut at Leonidas's pointed stare. "Look. When you been together as long as Angela and I have? You get distant. I'm a cop. She's a nurse. Twenty years, and we maybe saw each other for an hour or two a day. We're together for the kids. She doesn't know about it, and she doesn't -want- to know. We haven't slept together in years. I don't know if the kids have any idea. Maybe. Just... they've been through enough. They don't need this, too."

Isobel gives Leonidas a kind of incredulous look before turning attention to the limb. She closes the freezer, "How soon did you need this back? I believe I'm good for questions and answers for today."

"It's a -very- important subject, and piece of information we need to know, especially when talking with the member of his family." Leonidas returns to Isobel with a sweep of his hand from her to Jay, whom he looks back to, "I get that you and your wife had problems, and that your careers probably didn't help.. but you withholding vital information like this didn't help one god damn bit either. I get it.. you want to have the image of being the perfect cookie cutter family with the white picket fence, good kids and a happy marriage.. but that isn't the case is it Jay? No. It's not. And how do you think your children.. Anna even may have taken this if she found out.. hmm? If she found out her life is a lie.. and her parents are miserable and -she- is the only reason they're together? That shifts this whole case towards a missing person, or run away rather than a homicide."

Isobel tries to slip out of Jay's sightlines, assuming a bit of a heart-to-heart with Leo.

"J-just keep it on ice. I'll give you a week, okay?" the cop answers to Isobel with a heavy sigh, eyes darting back to the blue-and-white cooler. "So. Do you want somebody in holding? Even--" Leonidas's verbal attack results in fuming from the cop, knuckles clenching until the caramel skin of his fingers stretches thin and knuckles whiten. "That's my daughter's foot. In a fucking cooler, you fucking asshole. You think she cut off her foot to runaway because I'm such a bad dad? I'm human. For all of our faults, Angela and I still love each other. We love the kids. Anna knew that. She didn't runaway."

"Or... maybe given the bite marks, you think she chewed off her own foot. Just to get away from her family. Is that it? It's all my fault?" the ex-cop just keeps barking towards Leonidas, looking increasingly incensed.

(to Janus) (Privately)Isobel attempts to slip out of said sightlines as Jay retaliates, peeking back at the foot to check for any blood or identifying marks. The blood will get a quick taste if she finds any, trying to see if there's anything notable about it. Diet, drug use, age, whether it actually belongs to a teen girl.

"I'm absolutely sure that she didn't cut off her foot to escape you," Fenneke offers soothingly, trying to slip her small form defensively in front of Leonidas, almost protectively, as she shakes her head. "I apologize for any disrespect. We will be sure to take care of it and we'll make sure to get it back to you in a week. Until then, we'll be on contact with you and your family and... for the time being, perhaps we could have Janet in custody?"

[to Isobel] The blood is certainly that of a teenage girl, human, and perfectly clean of drugs and drink. Pure as the driven snow. Virginal, even.

Isobel gives a faint frown, closing the cooler again. She slips back towards the cop's side, "Leo, that's just really out of line." She looks to Jay, "I apologize for my co-worker. We'll leave you alone for the evening." She looks to Fenneke, "Might we wait until morning to make a decision?"

Temper still flaring, Jay breathes in and out, chest rising and falling with a fair degree of rapidity, until he appears to calm down. "I'll make the call. If she tries to resist, or admits anything of relevance, I'll let you know immediately. You can come interview her yourselves, if need be. Otherwise, are we done here?" The man looks astoundingly tired, and even old, suddenly.

Leonidas meets Jay's stare levely, his jaw clenching though after a moment he sighs and his features soften a bit as he offers back to Jay, flicking a glance aside to Isobel briefly with a faint frown before turning his focus back on the man, "Look. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. However, perhaps she made the means to run off, if she did find out that information that you were withholding.. and she turned to people who she -thought- she could trust.. and it backfired on her.."

"Yes, let's see if we can wait until morning for a decision," Fenneke says as she nods to Isobel, before shooting a withering look towards Leonidas. When her glasses-guised gaze returns to the ex-cop, she shakes her head, "If we can't wait until the morning, I think we should hold Janet, personally."

Still watching someone closely, Leonidas offers to Isobel and Fenneke, wetting his lips, "I believe we should take Warren in.. both for questioning and because he's a wildcare in this scenario. He's the one getting women to come to his house to sate an appitite and is also the source of Janet's jealousy issues.. if he is in custody.. who is it that she can be jealous with?"

"You have to consider everything," Jay admits to Leonidas after a pause. "That's your job. You're doing it well enough. As a father, though, there are some things I'm just not going to consider. I -knew- my daughter." As his breathing begins to return to regularity, he settles into an idle peer between Fenneke, Isobel, and Leonidas, waiting for their decision.

"I'd like just one night to look around, my friends, before we decide on who... and a little bit of time to deliberate between us. Can we call you, Mister Davis, if we make a decision before tomorrow morning?" Isobel inquires.

"Just give me a call when you make up your minds," the man finally agrees to Isobel. "And I'll forward the news along to the pee dee."

"Thanks," Fenneke says with a nod of her head to the ex-cop, nodding in agreement with Isobel as well. "Give us a minute to think and talk, too."

"I need to turn in... I've spent enough time away from my family tonight," Jay points out. "You have my number," he notes, before starting to step northward across the concrete cul-de-sac, headed for his home.

Leonidas dips his head respectfully to Jay as though having come to some terms with the man before looking back to his comrades.

"Thank you, Mister Davis," Isobel offers before waiting on him to depart. Once he has, she offers, "Well... it is a teen girl's foot. Takes like virgin blood, though, and that's... well. From what we've heard of Anna? I want to see if we can't get inside the Wilkins' home tonight while they sleep and have a few more tastes. For evidence. Mmyes."

"Are... you sure that's wise?" Fenneke says with a little raise of her brow as it appears over the rims of her glasses. "I guess... I guess so. I don't have your 'skills'. They just seem like the type to have security."

"Mm, well. That's why you two have eyes for me. So we could either break in... or we could get someone to come to the door, put them in a trance, and then we'd have about five minutes free reign to look around before they snap out of it," Isobel offers to Fenneke. "You're the ranking Shadow here, though."

Leonidas gives a sniff and glances across the street to the Wilkin's home. His arms folding over his chest, and his foot tapping on the concrete in consideration. He seems to agree with Fenneke's words adding, "It's also illegal.. and if we get caught, it's us how will be looking for at fines or charges for breaking an entering."

"Actually.. that could work." Leonidas offers back to Isobel, then casts some doubt on it as he adds, "What if one of the two other persons in the house wake?"

"Isobel's going to have to be quiet. I'm not going in, I'm about as stealthy as an elephant," Fenneke says with a shake of her head before she shoots over a glance to Isobel. "Alright, so, you knock, you do the thingy, we'll keep them busy while you go -really- fast and try everybody. No drinking, tasting."

"Won't the knock maybe wake the others?" Leonidas ponders after a moment, trying to fully think the plan through.

Isobel gives a brief nod towards Fenneke, "Alright... you guys stand by the door as an excuse if she wakes up before I come out. Sound fair? If someone else wakes up, I'll.. try and hypnotise them, too. Should only be one at a time. I think I can handle that." She glances to Leonidas, pursing her lips, "We... could try James's window instead? Say we want to talk to him privately."

"You're got a married couple.. who -may- be sleeping in the same bed, and a kid.." Leonidas offers to Isobel and Fenneke then pauses at the end of Isobel's last words, nodding a few times, "That's a better idea. We try to use the Kid. Hell. We can even ask him a few more questions without Janet or Jay running interference."

Leonidas said 'you've'

"Let's... okay, let's think about this. Let's just back up and... think about this. We can't force the issue. Let's play this by the book. I'm the ranking Shadow member and I vote that breaking into the house is a bad idea for now," Fenneke says as she rubs her temple, peering back and forth between Isobel and Leonidas. "Let's go -back- and figure out who we're going to put into custody. And we pick up here tomorrow. There's plenty more nights when we can play breaking and entering."

"That's why I wanted to wait, Fenneke. Werewolves have a very particular taste, so I'd know if one of them is a werewolf," Isobel explains towards the other woman. "That way we know for sure who to put into custody."

"I'm -sure- it's not werewolves, Isobel. I've lived with werewolves at increments my whole life. They don't eat humans as humans. They just don't," Fenneke says with a wrinkle of her nose and a shake of her head, stubbornly crossing her arms.

"I agree.. breaking in is a bad idea-- unless it lead to the possibilty of finding the rest of Anna before she should be eatten. However, we can't be sure it would.. and it could make -us- look -very- bad.. though.. we -could- just knock on Jame's window and try to converse with him quietly.. though, if that's out of the question. My vote is final on Warren." Leonidas says firstly after Fenneke's words, before carrying on to explain, "What do we know of Warren? He likes young girls.. he wasn't anywhere to be seen this evening when we were doing the questioning.. his wife is protective and jealous.. if we take way the source of her jealousy.. we maybe save problems.. or, we further paint her as a suspect if any harm comes to anyone else. Aswell.. wights need to feed, correct? I imagine there would be visible evidence if Warren has .. other needs he needs to sate, that he isn't able to once in custody."

"I generally try to avoid them," Isobel admits. "But I might know if one was a wight, too. I wouldn't know until I tried, though. Never tasted wight to my knowledge... not looking forward to starting either, though." She gives an idle sigh. "Well, how do you propose we decide on who to put into custody, then?" She looks to Leonidas, "Taking Warren may just agitate the wife even further if she's the culprit."

"I don't know how long it takes for a wight to rot," Fenneke admits as she flicks her fingers through her hair, shifting restlessly from foot to foot.

"As I said. If she's the culprit, and it aggitates her.. it just makes -our- job all the easier as we can apprehend her then." Leonidas returns to Isobel with a hitch of his shoulder.

"And it may lead to another death," Isobel counters.

"It could, and it could also save a life. That's the gamble." Leonidas offers back to Isobel, his mind seeming set on the matter.

"All the more reason to gather information tonight so we can make the most informed decision," Isobel shrugs helplessly. "Could be none of them. Could just be a random red herring."

Leonidas glances over to Fenneke as though waiting for some input from her as he lets out a sigh and massages at his temple; eye flicking across the street the the Wilkens after a moment.

"The fact is, we don't have enough information to make an educated guess and we can't get any more information tonight without putting ourselves and this operation at sizable risk," Fenneke says as she lifts her hand, signalling to the group. "So, we should go with our top suspects. We haven't met Warren -- but pulling him in seems a little much, you know? Without even meeting him? So, I say so we don't seem like complete shot-in-the-dark lunatics, we go with Janet. We've -met- her. We have at least -some- leads pointing in her direction."

"And she could just be a bitter cuckoldess," Isobel sighs to Fenneke, "Though I agree she's our best lead so far. I'm pretty sure we only get one person in a holding cell, and I want to be sure it's the right one. How about we just... do independant research, then meet up tomorrow sometime for a final vote. I'll try to be up during the day at some point."

"Fine." Leonidas says simply after Fenneke's words, hitching a shoulder as he looks away from the house and begins to step off towards his car, pausing a moment after Isobel's words, "By the time we do research something else could have happened. However, if you want to play it that route, i'll look into the former maids.. someone should look into the foot, to see just what we're dealing with.. Frankie gave me an alibi that he was working at a club called Electro during the time of the incident.. and I don't really think he's involved.. so it would maybe be a waste of time looking into that lead." to Fenneke he offers, "You trust the kids? Danny and Fionna?"

"I'll try to do my work during the day as well," Fenneke says with a nod of her head to Isobel, before offering to Leonidas, in uncharacteristic bluntness and crude language, "They are -super- fucked up but I don't think they did it. The kid can't even handle his day to day without the drama of murder."

"I'm pretty sure the demonborn family is a waste of time," Isobel nods towards Leonidas. "Anyone know any forensic specialists? I'm kind of... best with more direct investigation. I don't have much in the way of contacts in these parts. Everyone I know is in New York."

"I think Miranda knows somebody," Fenneke says after a moment, nodding to Isobel. "An old vassal of hers, if she's still in town. She could be really helpful."

"You want that? Or give me a name and I can look into it," Isobel hefts the cooler a bit.

"Merideth Bailey. Her husband used to be Hand," Fenneke offers after a moment, glancing down at the cooler in Isobel's hand.

"I suppose I'll... keep this in my freezer until then, then," Isobel sighs a bit. She pulls out her phone. "At least I have Miranda's number."

Isobel gets a black smartphone from a pocket.

Isobel types a message out on their phone.

"Maybe take it to the medical facility in the lounge." Leonidas suggests to Isobel, his nose scrunching up a bit, adding, "They have a morgue there right? I'm sure they're used to body parts.. and nasty things like that."

"They are and we can apply to find someone who can properly look into it," Fenneke says with a simple nod of her head. There's a weariness on her features now, her strength obviously flagging.

Isobel gives a light nod as well, not looking remotely tired. "Alright. I'll try and look into the foot, then. Leo can look into the maids. Fenneke can do... whatever she was planning. We ready to go home?"

"I'll look into the alibi of the kids and try and get in to talk to Jay's family," Fenneke says as she nods to Isobel, offering a little bit of a yawn. "Yes, let's head home."

"It might not hurt to look into the records of Jay or Angela-- or.. the kids I suppose." Leonidas offers back to Fenneke, giving a nod, his hand rubbing at the side of his face, concluding, "I'll dry and drag up the ROE for the girls employed by the Wilkens, and then meet with any who are available to see what they have to say about their time there.. I -may- need help with those interviews depending on how many are available."

Isobel sighs, "Mm, well. Time for the long ride home. Want to use my car rather than another taxi?"

"I'll ride with anyone. I took the taxi -after- the bus, which wasn't pleasant. Doesn't help I look like some sort of 'woman on the run from her abusive husband,'" Fenneke comments as she gently touches her face, wincing.

Leonidas continues to pad on towards the Lamborghini parked on the curve of the cul-de-sac; the thing sticking out like a sore thumb. He pauses after deactivating the anti-theft system with a press of a button on his fob, looking back to Fenneke and Isobel, offering out, "You're welcome to come with me too if you like, take your pick, beats cabbing."

Fenneke says (to Isobel), shrugging her shoulders after she trails after the man, smile apologetic, ' His car is -so- pretty.'

Isobel eyes the fancy car, "Mm. That's probably the comfier trip. Either way, see you guys in Haven."

Leonidas raises a hand to Isobel as he then steps around the car to get Fenneke's door for her, "See you back there. Best of luck in your hunt."