\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/A Squirrely Situation

A Squirrely Situation

Date: 10/22/2016 Saturday.

Anna has accepted the encounter. Your target has been hexed and transformed into an animal against their will. Unable to turn back they need to try to find allies who can understand their problem and find a way to undo the curse.

In a unisex dorm The lights are on. It has average decor.

  This room has the feeling of a military barracks when one enters. It's

considerably sparse in luxurious decor and has more utilitarian feel to it. Lining the southern walls is a series of twin sized beds with white sheets and steel frames, complete with large, safe like trunks bolted to the concrete floor at each bed. One end of the dorms is divided by a privacy screen with an archway as it's entry point, leading to the bathrooms and showers.

Above pale fluorescent lighting shines when the lights are on.

It is afternoon, about 67F(19C) degrees,

[ ] [ down ]

Anna is standing here.

OOC: Welcome and thank you for accepting the encounter if you see [this] it means it's a message meant specifically for your character, not the room. If you have any friends/allies who would be nearby, please 'stalk (message)' up to me now. Otherwise, please post a pose of what your character was doing prior to the encounter and I'll put in my opening pose.

Anna closes the door behind herself as she heads into the dorms. There's a cup of coffee in her hands and a tired look to her eyes. They're the eyes of someone who has been staring at a screen or else reading for quite some time. She drinks some of the coffee and sets it aside as she settles onto a bunk bed. And just sits.

As Anna sits down and starts to enjoy her morning, all seems fine. The sounds of the dorm are normal. Almost as soon as Anna sets the cup of coffee aside, she begins to feel strange and cold. Then there is pain. Her limbs begin to shorter, fingers shrink and brown fur begins to sprout on her, a bushy tail pushes out from her tailbone and she becomes a squirrel within a pile of her clothes. The transformation comes without much warning and the crackle and popping of her bones is painful, but ends once her squirrel-form is fully developed.

Anna lets out a shrieking chitter, then an angry sounding one as she digs out of her clothing with an indignant shake of her squirrely tail.

Everything seems so much bigger now. And your sense of smell is increased. The coffee can be scented and a dirty pair of socks left carelessly under another bunk, as well. A fly buzzes around the ceiling and bounces off of a fluorescent light again and again. Nothing else seems out of the ordinary, other than, of course, the transformation.

Anna thinks; "What the hell!? WHY THE HELL?! WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?!"

Anna chitters more as she shakes her tail again. One could imagine the scolding that's happening right now as she scampers down the bunk post and to the floor with the skidding of claws on metal.

Anna thinks; "Ugh. Those socks are rank. Did Josh leave them? What the hell just happened? Who is there?"

Anna lifts onto her hindquarters and begins to scent the air as if looking, or smelling, for anything unusual... or anyone.

An ancient air raid siren spins up from somewhere far atop the academy. Within minutes, it's replaced by the academy's bells to alert students throughout the town. They ring out as if counting down to some catastrophic event.

Anna tells you 'It's locked usually. It's possible, however, that a construction worker may have left the stairwell/door open and unlocked.'

The fly continues its ceaseless bouncing off the fluorescent light. There doesn't seem to be anyone present within the dorms itself. Fortunately, however, the doorway seems to be open just a crack. A foul smell is coming from that direction, subtle enough that it wouldn't have been noticed while Anna was human, but with her squirrel-senses, it's evident.

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 6 minutes.

Anna tells you 'Would you offer Josh a chance to join in? I didn't mention him because he was offline, but he's the only other person who might be here.'

You tell Anna 'Sure.'

You tell Josh 'Anna's in an encounter and would like to know if you'd like to join.'

Anna sneezes but seems to steel her squirrel self and hops towards the cracked open doorway.

Josh tells you 'Sure, I'll join'

You attempt to summon them.

Josh arrives.

Anna thinks; "I could have sworn I shut that door. Good god what is that smell?!"

OOC: If you can give a pose, Josh, about how you ended up in the dorms and your entry pose that would be good, I'll then pose the situation you see.

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 11 minutes.

Josh opens the door to the dorms in a casual pace, the man unsupecting of anything that might be happening on the other side. He is carrying some items on his person, including, but not limited to; a hammer, some nails, a box of playing darts, and a dart board of Ronald Regan's face.

As Anna approaches the door, it opens and she sees the giant form of Josh. Josh, meanwhile, would notice Anna's clothes on a bed, a cup of coffee nearby it. He probably would also notice a small squirrel making a bee-line for the door he just entered through.

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 16 minutes.

Maybe if Josh looked closely enough, because a squirrel in a windowless room and the haphazzard pile of Anna's clothing on the bed and floor is most likely unusual, he might notice that the squirrel's eyes are a hazel green instead of black. The rodent freezes and makes a beeline back for Anna's bunk.

Anna thinks; "Oh hell. Please don't try to squish me..."

Josh jumps back in surpise at the little rodent scurries towards him, letting out a somewhat surpised gasp, nearly dropping his prized target, the 40th president of the United States. He watches the rodent scurry back, likely not seeing the rodents eyes just yet due to his more normal human vision. But he does see the clothing though, looking around as he closes the door behind him. "Anna? You here?" He calls, particularly over towards the shower area, though he's quick to keep his eyes on the squirrel.

The showers seem to be free of sound or any sight of escaping steam. A fly bounces off one of the fluorescent lights repeatedly and Anna does not seem to be anywhere in sight. Josh may have noticed the door he entered through was ajar when he arrived, as well.

Anna is not in the shower area, nope. The squirrel scampers up onto the woman's bunk and parks in the pile of clothing. Her tail thrashes as she manages a surprisingly plaintive chit-chit-cheeee.

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 21 minutes.

Josh sets his new decor for the dorms down next tot he wall as he slowly approaches the squirrel, each step light and easy as he watches the critter in a small amount of surpise. He coos to the creature, speaking to it in a soft tone, "Hey there little guy...or girl. How did you get in here?"

The coffee cup is still steaming a bit, Josh may notice.

Anna seems to sag a little in what might be excused as squirrelish frustration. Then, it stands on its hindquarters and places both front paws on its chest. A second later the paws come out in a shocking mimic of how humans indicate a busty... bosom.

[That same, foul scent is more evident since the door opened, coming from the stairwell]

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 26 minutes.

Anna thinks; "I /never/ leave my coffee unfinished! COME ON, JOSH. It's ME."

Josh briefly looks to the southwest at the faint ringing of the bell that could be heard, but otherwise he turns back to the squirrel. Noticing the motions of it's paws, he lets out a little laugh, approaching the bed with a little grin. "Heh, I didn't realize squirrels were this cute. You don't seem to be that skittish."

The academy's deeply toned bells cease abruptly as the institution goes into lockdown.

The fly bouncing at the fluorescent light suddenly dies and falls from the air to land on the floor. A draft blows the door Josh came through open a bit.

Anna chitters and moves to where the coffee cup is sitting. She dips her paw in and begins to scratch an 'A' with it on the pillowcase. Big 'A'. Hard to miss. DIP. Paw goes back into the coffee. Then an 'N' and another 'N'. Back and forth until 'ANNA' is spelled out on the pillow case by the little squirrel.

An ancient air raid siren spins up from somewhere far atop the academy. Within minutes, it's replaced by the academy's bells to alert students throughout the town. They ring out as if counting down to some catastrophic event.

The fly that dies and falls in front of him, but Josh is not distracted by Anna as she writes upon the pillow with the cup of coffee. She doesn't even have to finish the N before he figures out, eyes go wide as he steps in front of the bed and ask in a shocked voice, "Anna? That's you?!"

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 9 minutes.

Anna nods at Josh and chitters plaintively again. She holds up both hands as if asking to be picked up.... All this is made possible by virtue of the fact that Squirrels are dextrous little buggers. Her hazel green eyes dart back and forth between Josh and the door to the hallway, nose twitching.

The fly's wing twitches a few times, then it goes still as the Academy's bells continue their slow, ominous ring.

Anna nods at Josh and chitters plaintively again. She holds up both hands as if asking to be picked up.... All this is made possible by virtue of the fact that Squirrels are dextrous little buggers. Her hazel green eyes dart back and forth between Josh and the door to the hallway, nose twitching.

Josh's eyes briefly go southwards towards the bells ringing in the distance, but then goes back to Anna, hands coming down to carefully pick Anna up and holds her to his chest. He stares at the critter in his arms, mouth agape as he watches the critter. "Uhhhh...I don't know what to do about this."

[The smell of Josh is likely overpowering as he picks you up, your newfound senses still adjusting. It doesn't manage to disguise that smell, though, from the stairway. Dead flesh, old blood, something cinnamony and spicy mingle together in the unpleasant, subtle odor.]

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 14 minutes.

Anna sneezes. Violently. She then taps a hand on Josh's chest and then motions for him to head towards the door. The other hand is held over her nose.

Josh follows Anna's gaze towards the door and points that way, asking, "This way?" The question is rhetorical, because his feet carry him towards the door, stepping on that poor fly as he heads that way out of the dorms, following Anna's gaze.

The fluorescent lighting just above Josh and Anna begins to flicker rapidly when Josh approaches the door. The light suddenly goes out, its dim glow remains until the final last few particles within the tube die. The other lights within the dorm continue to burn normally, however, and a tiny little stain marks the resting place of the fallen fly.

[When you approach the door in Josh's arms, the scent only grows in intensity. Your fur stands up a bit, as if from static. The aroma seems to be wafting from the base of the stairs to whichever room is beyond.]

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 19 minutes.

Josh's head snaps upwards at the light that goes out, blue eyes scanning the last dying breaths of the bulb until it goes dark. But that doesn't stop his progress to the door, taking the handle to pull open the door, asking Anna, "Just point your head in the direction you want to go."

Anna shivers as her fur stands to attention as if from static electricity. She looks, once they're out the door, towards the staircase and then buries her nose in Josh's neck.

Within the stairwell, a patch has formed along the wall, near the bottom steps. It seems to be moving, but with the light out it's difficult to tell from the top of the stairwell. There is the faintest sound of something scraping rapidly from the black patch.

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 24 minutes.

[The patch is something you likely would have seen coming in, depending on how observant you are. However, it wasn't present when you came up the stairs.]

                Stat Report:Josh
        he has Perception stat at *.

[With your keen vision, you definitely would have noticed the patch on your way in, but it wasn't present just moments before. It's roughly the size of a hubcab and its edges seem to be moving.]

Josh thinks; "Huh, I thought that was a shadow."

With one hand carrying Anna Josh's other hand graps for his headlamp and pulls it over his head, using the hand to flick on his flashlight and shine it towards the patch, hopefully bringing the mysterious thing into the light.

[Despite the odd patch, you can tell with your acute sense of smell that, while odd, the patch is not what is giving off the subtle, putrid-sweet smell]

Anna shakes her nose in Josh's neck, clearly still trying to hide the poor organ from /something/. She motions with her outward facing hand towards the door at the base of the stairwell.

Josh wears a simple headlamp.

Josh switches on his simple headlamp.

When Josh shines the light onto the patch, its composition is obvious, even from a distance. Beetles and roaches are crawling over one another in a vaguely circular shape. It undulates and moves, the light glistening off of the beetles' carapaces.

The academy's deeply toned bells continue to ring ominously, raising alarm on campus and abroad. They have been ringing for 29 minutes.

Josh recoils in disgust at the scurrying mass, face scrunching up in silent horror. He looks down to Anna inquiringly, but obviously she has no answers, so he sighs, muttering 'God damn it' under his breath as he moves forward. "You're luckly I'm a caring boss," he says a little louder, holding Anna a touch tighter as he hurries down the stairs, past the mass towards the door.

Anna just nods, not trying to dispute anything at this point. She shudders as they hurry.

The academy's deeply toned bells cease abruptly as the institution goes into lockdown.

One of the beetles falls from the pile and skitters after Josh as he and squirrel-Anna go passed. The hallway beyond seems as usual, no odd patches of insect-life. The lights are all on and functional, the doors that should be open, are, and the doors that should be closed are closed. Normal sounds continue as the lone beetle skitters toward Josh.

[Despite the normal appearing hallway, you notice one thing out of place. A single screw on one of the air-vents isn't entirely screwed in at one corner.]

[While nothing appears out of the ordinary, the scent is incredibly strong here and seems to originate from an air vent, high up on the wall].

Josh close the door behind him once they are past it, hopefully cutting the annoying pest off from the path it needs to get to Josh. He does look behind him every so often though as he approaches the vent, eyes bouncing from behind him up to the vent. "Huh, I thought I was careful to put that on right." He glances down to Anna questioningly.

Anna gags at something and shudders again, this time forcing her nose away from Josh to point it, and her paw, at an air vent high up on the wall.

Anna thinks; "Ohhhhh, I'm going to be sick..."

An ancient air raid siren spins up from somewhere far atop the academy. Within minutes, it's replaced by the academy's bells to alert students throughout the town. They ring out as if counting down to some catastrophic event.

A small piece of half-dislodged lint blows lightly from the air current in the vent, the vent's cover remains securely on, however. As Josh approaches it, the light above he and Anna once more flickers violently and goes out abruptly, dying into embers of light until the tube goes entirely dark.

[The closer you and Josh get to the vent, the more your fur stands on end, your whiskers pull up and open from the uncomfortable sensation.]

Considering Josh is still finishing construction of the base, it should not be hard for him to find both a ladder and a screw driver, carrying both over to the vent and setting his ladder up under it. "Why the air vent? Here I thought you'd want to go to the library, figure out how to change you back."

Anna points at her nose with a paw then the air vent. Her fur is completely on end, wiskers fully extended... Though she gives Josh a blank look with her green eyes at his question.

A swarm of ants begins to pour out of the vent as soon as Josh has set up a ladder beneath it. The swarm crawls about the vent's cover in a vaguely spiral shape, even as that single beetle catches up to the pair and starts to climb up Josh's boot.

Anna suddenly chitters angrily at the beetle and scampers down Josh until she is able to engage in GLORIOUS BATTLE. Teeth will gnash and claws will slash. All phear the enraged squirrel!

Josh is besieged on both sides by bugs, the man too distracted by the ants to notice the beetle approaching. Anna's struggling has him surpised, the man loosening his grip on the rodent in surpise as she struggles against his grip, making it quite easy for her to break free. "What the fuck?!"

Anna has no trouble with biting and clawing at the beetle, which falls off of Josh, it's just a normal beetle. The ants, meanwhile, continue to writhe and move in that unnatural, spiral shape, as if warding the vent from Josh.

The sun dips below the western horizon.

Anna sneezes, quite pleased with herself as she holds her hands up to be lifted again by Josh. Her eyes turn to the ants, now, narrowing in thought.

                Stat Report:Anna
        she has Occult Knowledge stat at *.

                Stat Report:Anna
        she has Ritualism stat at *.

                Stat Report:Anna
        she has Education stat at *.

[With your knowledge of the occult and rituals, you can tell that something in the area is causing the oddities in the building. It could be someone who cast a spell, or someone who left a cursed item nearby. The item would need to be destroyed for the curse to end.]

"Alright, when I decided we should be out in the woods, I was not expecting to be part of some kind of B-flick horror movie," Josh mutters mostly to himself, looking up to the ants that swarm around the vent. "Ah, I know what to do," he says, arm going back around Anna. "Smoke grenade. That'll flush 'em out." He looks back down to Anna, saying, "Gonna run back up real quick to storage and grab one. Thanks for the save, by the way."

Anna shakes her head at Josh. "CHITTER. Cheep-cheee-chit-chit-squeak." She sighs, defeated by her inability to speak.

Anna suddenly mimes writing.

"No?" Ask Josh back to Anna with a furrow of his brows her way, watching the little thing in his arm with confusion. He looks at Anna and shakes his head as she makes her miming, pointing out, "No thumbs. Plus it'd take you forever. Instead, I got a better idea." He passes the ladder and the ant filled vent for the lobby, where there is a secretaries desk that should have pen and paper in it.

Fortunately, no other insects or other strangeness deters Josh from getting to the lobby. He's able to acquire the pen and paper without incident if he so chooses.

Josh sets Anna down upon the desk so that he might fumble through the draws for the required items, a pen and paper, which he quickly scribbles in large print the twenty four letters of the alphabet, in addition to a 'Yes' and a 'No. He sets the pen down and instructs Anna, "Spell out what you want to say."

Anna noses at Josh's cheek in a snuffle before she's set down. She waits until he's finished to quickly begin spelling. C U R S E D I T E M

"Cursed item..." Josh reads allowed what Anna writes, furrowing his brows as she points with her paws at the letters, reaching up to scratch at his head in confusion. "Okay...where is the cursed item?" Ask the man next to Anna, leaning against the table as he waits for the woman.

The spiral of ants only grows, partially on the ceiling now and a third of the way down the wall as the swarm moves, skittering along the surface in an unnatural pattern. Every light in the hallway go out for a split second before they come back on, a few of them flickering erratically.

Anna touches 'Yes' and then sort of glances back. She spells V E N T. Then she spells D E S T R O Y.

"Okay...but there are so many ants, and I don't know how far into the vent it is. You might have to go in there. Thus, smoke grenade to get rid of the ants," Josh points out to Anna, looking over his shoulder to the growing mass of ants. "So unless you got a better idea..."

O K is the next word spelled. Anna looks back down the hallway and then holds her hands out to get picked up again.

Josh picks Anna up and craddles her in one arm, turning to face the growing mass of ants with a nervous sigh. "Well...at least they arn't fire ants." He begins to brisky walk through the hallway, eyes nerviously on the ants above, warily watching them as he heads back for the stairs to head up to the restricted second level and fetch himself the necessary tool.

The flickering lights go out as the spiral widens around the vent, the ants' numbers grow in size as the swarm becomes larger. Josh has no trouble getting himself to the second level or with acquiring his smoke grenade.

Anna is, for this part of the journey, along for the proverbial ride.

With the smoke grenade in hand Josh hurries himself back down the stairs, giving a wide berth to the beetles and cockroaches in the stairwell.

Josh thinks; "Fuck fuck fuck bugs."

The cockroaches and beetles haven't moved from their spot, other than that solitary one. They also haven't grown in size.

With safe passage through the stairwell Josh heads back over to the ladder and preps the smokebomb, pulls the pin, and sets it down under the vent and backs away, clearing the way for the smoke and any potential falling ants from a hopefully successful trick.

As the smoke billows upward, the ants do indeed scatter, some retreat within the vent itself, but most break formation and begin to crawl away, along the ceiling and walls, all around Josh and Anna, though not in any coordinated fashion. When the smoke thins and clears, the vent is no longer being protected by the swarm of insects.

Anna watches the ants intently as well. When it's done, she nods and motions towards the vent. Apparently, she wants closer.

Josh make sure to stay faaaar away from the ants, hurrying over to the ladder once the ants have cleared. Setting Anna down on the top of the ladder, the man grabs his screwdriver and climbs, moving as quick as a pace he can without falling to unscrew the screws to the grate. "If I can't reach it, you're gonna have to climb in and push it out to me. If the ants are too much, then retreat and I'll get another smoke grenade."

The interior of the vent is empty, save for a few dozen dead ants. Far down within the vent is a bundle of some kind of cloth, a little larger than a lucky rabbit's foot.

[The bundle is definitely out of reach of your arm and hand, unfortunately.]

Anna sighs as she climbs up Josh's clothing to roost on his shoulder. When the item is spotted, she chitters in a resigned manner. Clearly, she's going to have to crawl down there.

Josh doesn't even bother sticking his hand in the vent once he peeks briefly, shaking his head as he reaches for Anna to lift her up and place her into the vent. "Okay Anna, this is all you. I don't see any ants, you should be safe." Once he has the furry little lady in there he keeps his head poked into the vent so that the light shines for Anna, illuminating the path to the object.

[The vent looms ahead, apparently empty. The bundle is definitely the source of the foul odor. It's nearly overwhelmingly strong now that the vent cover is gone.]

Anna chitters softly, a shudder rippling her fur, and then scampers down the vent to retrieve the item. She'll inspect the bundle before touching it, perhaps hoping to avoid direct object-to-fur contact. However, if nothing can be done for it, she'll try to bat it down the vent and out onto the floor.

[The bundle is unmoving and rather light. A single stain coats one side of it and a small, greasy puddle, barely the size of a dime is beneath where it was as you bat it away.]

The bundle flies out of the vent, toward Josh, but arcing in a way that it will hit the floor rather than Josh if he doesn't try to catch it.

Considering it's a cursed object, of course Josh doesn't try to catch it, and just lets it fall to it's place. Instead he reaches for Anna, beckoning her with, "Okay, you gotta tell me what to do with this thing. I'm afraid to even touch it."

The bundle remains still and inert, its woven sides not unlike those of a hacky-sack. A small smear of a greasy, dark substance is on the vent from where it had been placed and where it skidded out of the vent.

Anna accepts the hands down and points at the floor. Apparently, she wants to inspect the object better.

Anna thinks; "Kill it with fire."

With one hand carefully cradling Anna Josh climbs down the ladder and stands before the object, setting Anna down next to it with a suspicious look given to the object. "Okay...should I be touching it or should that be all up to you? I look better in a non-furry form."

Anna thinks; "Maybe"

[The bundle looks to be a tiny sack, its top sewn to its side to close it off. It's made of some kind of cloth material, dark-purple and black with little sigils woven into the bag. The smell from it is horrible, spicy, coppery of blood and putrid with dead, decaying flesh. Beyond that, it's inner contents are difficult to determine without touching/opening it.]

Anna looks at Josh and then runs down the hall and scampers back up to the desk where the paper is. She can move infinitely faster than he can so she drags the alphabet sheet back to him. F I R E she spells.

Josh tries to chase after Anna, but she is indeed faster, and stops half way when he notices that she is coming back with the paper in mouth? Probably mouth. He squats down to reach what she is spelling out, giving her a nod of the head. Heading into another room, likely the office, he grabs a small trashcan and a few pieces of paper. Setting the can down he tears up the paper into something resembling kindling. A hand reaches for the object, pausing giving Anna nevious gaze.

Anna chitters warningly. She's already touched it. She's already a squirrel. She gags again as she aproaches it and picks it up as gingerly as she can with her paws.

Josh doesn't grab it. He instead tips the can over so that it is laying on it's side, pointing his finger to the inside. "Push it inside. I'll burn it in here."

[The bag is relatively light, despite being large, relative to your current body size. Something inside it is yielding and squishy, your paws grow damn from a greasy substance within.]

Anna quickly pushes the object inside and releases it. Immediately, she begins trying to wipe her paws off on the floor.

Once the suspicious object is in the garbage Josh tips it back up and pulls out a pack of matches, striking a match and tosses it into the little trash can fire to hopefully burn the object, looking between it and Anna with a hopeful gaze.

As the fire catches, smoke begins to flow from the trash can. A tiny fire is evident within the trash can and a shrill, screeching sound can be heard, not unlike a lobster being boiled. A loud pop emanates from the trash can, which shakes and an intense, putrid scent fills the air shortly afterward. Once the pop happens, the squirrel that is Anna begins to grow, bones cracking painfully as her skin stretches, the fur retracts and she's returned to her normal form. The lights that had gone out suddenly surge back to life and, aside from being naked, Anna is returned to normal, no worse for the wear. The pungent, spicy, deathly scent from the trash is soon consumed or dissipates, leaving a small, dwindling fire within the can.

[Your skin and bones crack painfully, as if being broken and reshaped, worse, perhaps, is how much it -itches- as your form grows, flesh forming out of nothing as you return to your human form. Once the transformation is complete, the itching and the pain stops as suddenly as it began.]

Anna shivers, now quite naked and inspecting herself for lingering damage. "Well, thank goodness for that," she mutters, looking back at Josh. She looks shaken, but that's about all.

Josh flashes Anna a happy little grin as he stands to his feet, giving the woman a small nod of his head. "Glad you're back to the world of the not hairy. What the fuck happened?" He ask, reaching for the wall to grab a fire extinguisher to spray upon the can and put out the flame.

OOC: This concludes the encounter. Feel free to continue to RP or head down to exit. Stalk up if you need/want a summon to a certain stop/location. Feedback is always appreciated. OOC Note 'Charlie' with feedback if you would like. Thanks for coming!

Anna shakes her head. "I don't know. I sat down on the bed and ended up a squirrel." She watches the fire extinguish with a look of supreme distaste. "I'd like to know who hid that thing there, though."