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Alchemys Encounters

A log of select encounters I've run.

Encounter 3/2/15- Containment Breach encounter launch

Layla has accepted the encounter. Someone in Haven has found out about the supernatural and is freaking out about it. They're at risk of exposing the secret, hurting themselves, or hurting others. Your target and their allies are tasked with containing the situation.

[Narnia] - The Wood between Worlds The interior of the building is draped lavishly in clothing of all sorts and rotary racks pepper the bulk of the available space like multicolored trees. The walls here are obscured with wood paneling from which hangs can be attached to display individual items and the floor is likewise hardwood.

The floor plan of the interior of the thrift shop channels customers through this central location from which the rest of the store can be accessed. The area is marked with a prominent lamp post doubling as a street sign. The two paths leading out from it are marked in delicate gold as Witch's Castle to the west and Cair Paravel to the south. The sections are stocked primarily with outerwear and formal wear respectively with a transition in the center. The color scheme changes dark to warm as it transitions to the south, but is done in whites and silvers to the west.

It is night, and about 65F(18C) degrees. There is a waxing gibbous moon.

[ ] [ down ]

Layla is standing here.

encounter bringin You bring in more characters.

[Narnia] - The Wood between Worlds The interior of the building is draped lavishly in clothing of all sorts and rotary racks pepper the bulk of the available space like multicolored trees. The walls here are obscured with wood paneling from which hangs can be attached to display individual items and the floor is likewise hardwood.

The floor plan of the interior of the thrift shop channels customers through this central location from which the rest of the store can be accessed. The area is marked with a prominent lamp post doubling as a street sign. The two paths leading out from it are marked in delicate gold as Witch's Castle to the west and Cair Paravel to the south. The sections are stocked primarily with outerwear and formal wear respectively with a transition in the center. The color scheme changes dark to warm as it transitions to the south, but is done in whites and silvers to the west.

It is night, and about 65F(18C) degrees. There is a waxing gibbous moon.

[ ] [ down ]

Layla is standing here.

Kacey arrives. Kacey joins the encounter.

Go ahead and emote whatever you were doing.

Kacey runs a hand over her hair, starting to look through the racks as she bites her lip with a purposeful expression, searching for something.

Layla hums softly as she flicks through the clothing, sighing a bit as she looks over some of the clothing, "Hmmm..spring items...spring items.."

A crackle of static is heard over your comm units. It's a frequency used by Temple staffers to report emergencies to the ranked members of the faction. "Come in Temple, this is Operative Dawson. Repeat, come in Temple, this is Operative Dawson..."

Kacey blinks with surprise, reaching up and tapping at the earpiece settled into her ear. "Ummm... hello?" she says awkwardly, glancing around and spying Layla, shrugging a bit in her direction.

"This is Private Layla, is something going on Operative Dawson?" Layla replies as she glances over too see Kacey, raising an eyebrow curiously.

Kacey just shakes her head slightly at Layla, falling quiet as she listens with a quizzical frown.

Both of you receive the reply. "Yeah- I got a situation on Hart. Got a civilian who's running around claiming she saw monsters in the woods. Might be a containment breach."

Layla"Alright, I guess we can head on over there and see what we can do." someone over to Kacey as she gets off the comms, "If that's alright with you Kacey?"

Kacey closes her eyes, sighing softly as she nods her head. "Ummm, okay, thanks....y-yeah, that's fine. I mean, I'm not... yeah, we should check it out. The others are probably busy," she agrees with Layla.

Kacey says (to Layla), with a quiet and strained Northeastern accent, 'Do you have a car nearby, or should I meet you there? I only have a scooter....'

Layla says (to Kacey), in a mezzo-soprano, with a slight French accent, 'I've got a two seater, we're in luck.'

Kacey nods her head, zipping her jacket up as she taps out a quick message on her phone. "Okay, I'm set if you are."

Layla nods her head as she heads towards the door, "Let's head out."

You leave Narnia and get into Layla's car. You start driving toward the destination reported to you by Operative Dawson.

Kacey asks idly as she looks out the window, "Should we call in one of the higher ups? Not Mitch," she adds quickly.

"Shauns Busy..." Layla replies as she glances down at her phone a moment but continues driving on, "I can try texting him though."

Kacey chews on her lip before she sighs. "Dammit... I want to let him rest, but he knows the protocol and procedures and all that. I don't," she admits, tapping out a text to Michail quickly.

Layla frowns a bit as she sends out a message, waiting for a moment before she gets a text back, "He's busy, I guess we might have to deal with this ourselves."

Kacey chews on her lip before she sighs. "Dammit... I want to let him rest, but he knows the protocol and procedures and all that. I don't," she admits, tapping out a text to Michail quickly.

Layla frowns a bit as she sends out a message, waiting for a moment before she gets a text back, "He's busy, I guess we might have to deal with this ourselves."

Kacey slips her phone back into her pocket, chewing on her lip as she fiddles with her earpiece some more. "Umm, Operative Dawson, you know anything about what this person saw?"

You turn onto Hart Street, headed for the location the Operative gave you. "She was screaming about monsters," Dawson says over the comms. "Nothing more descriptive than that, but she said it was in the forest. She's neutral to my Shroud device, though. Not a red, not green... must be local."

"Great just what needs to be done..a poor local getting terrorized." Layla sighs as she drives along.

"I thought locals knew... guess there's a few still," Kacey murmurs, more to herself than Layla or the comms as she nods her head.

"I guess not..." Layla sighs as she continues driving along as she listens to her comms and than spaks into it, "How close are we?"

"I can see your headlights, and it looks like Mitch is here, too. I'm pulling back."

"Alright than, thanks.." Layla mutters a bit as she starts to move the car over towards where they are supposed too park?

This is Hart Street, lit by flickering street lights and the occasional tickle of yellow light from a neighborhood window. Some of the blinds and curtains on nearby houses have been pulled back.

Ahead of you is a narrow, Victorian style house painted a light blue.

A lone HSD patrol car is pulled up here

It is night, and about 65F(18C) degrees. There is a waxing gibbous moon.

[ ] [ down ]

Kacey is standing here. Layla is standing here.

summon michail You attempt to summon them.

Michail arrives.

The situation: Layla and Kacey have emerged from Layla's Nissan, parked nearby. Mitch has just arrived in his own vehicle. There is a single, wary Deputy standing next to his car, crackling radio in hand. Up on the second floor of the house, a girl has emerged from a window and is standing on the narrow awning. She's clutching her forearm, which she keeps tucked against her body. The wind blows hair into her face. You can hear her making terrified gibbering sounds which carry down to you from above.

Kacey gasps as she looks up towards the house. "Oh crap, is she gonna jump?" she asks anxiously, barely looking around and keeping focused on the scene above.

Michail goes AFK. (Question, is the spotlight of the cruiser focused on the girl at the window?)

Michail is no longer AFK.

private michail You doubt the fall will kill her, but it will cause her serious, and possibly permanent injuries.

afk yes Alchemy goes AFK. (yes)

Layla glances up at the window and notices the girl as her lips turn into a frown, shaking her head a bit, "We need to get up there...but..if she jumps because we go in.."

"C-Can't someone call the fire department or something, get one of those nets or trampolines or something?" Kacey hisses over towards the trooper, looking past him and towards Michail with a bit of instant relief.

Michail pulls up behind the Nissan and climbs out, looking up at the girl in the spotlight. "Oh shit..." he murmurs as he hurries to Kacey and Layla. "I came as fast as I could, what's she saying?"

Kacey shakes her head slightly as she murmurs, "We just got here, I don't know...." in Michail's direction, chewing on her lip as she keeps looking upwards.

The Deputy levels a glare at the Templars. "She's talking about skeletons and monsters in the forest," he says. "This sounds to me like it's something for -your- people to handle."

Michail goes AFK. (gotcha, Alchemy)

"It might be something for -us- to handle, can you at least make sure she doesn't kill herself?" Layla mutters in response, "Something for her too fall on?"

Michail is no longer AFK.

Kacey tears her gaze from the woman as she looks over towards Michail and Layla. "I-I'll go in, maybe I can talk...." she offers a bit uncertainly. "You think?"

"What've you got in the trunk, Deputy?" Michail asks the officer as he moves closer to the cruiser. "A tarp or something, maybe?"

The Deputy gives a grudging nod to Layla and turns away, muttering something into his radio. He wanders back over to his patrol car and just looks up at the young woman. When someone calls over, he says, "Just a blanket. I called for a net. It'll be here in a few."

Layla hums softly as she glances up, "Question is though if theres anythign dangerous up there with her now.."

The girl peers down at the newcomers. Her face is a taught mask of horror. Tears stream down her cheeks. She holds her arm protectively to her side. "Go away!" She cries. "Just go away! Nobody's going to believe me!"

Michail gives a nod to Layla as he turns back to the Deputy. "Can we get that blanket out? Just in case? If she jumps, it might be just you and me trying to catch her with it."

private layla You scan the rooftop. You don't see anything besides the girl. Nothing Shrouded, either.

Kacey shakes her head slightly. "If there was, and she knew about it, she'd be screaming about it even worse," she tells Layla with a soft sigh. "I get her, I was her not long ago....just make sure if she falls, she's okay, okay?" she asks, shooting a quick look towards Michail and Layla before she starts to head into the house. Her hands turn upwards slightly, showing the girl they're empty if she's looking.

Layla sighs a bit as she rubs the back of her head, "I can get in and grab her from the window if you need, she won't like it, it'll be easier that way Kacey, I can hold her down as well to keep her from running and keep her calm."

Stat Report:Layla she can stay out of people's sight lines, making her very difficult to detect.(3)

Stat Report:Layla she is as strong as a professional athlete.(2)

Kacey pauses in her walk, sighing a bit as she murmurs, "And scare the crap out of her even worse. Try and talk to her at least, okay?"

"Or you cause her too jump and she ends up even more terrified than she already was." Layla points out.

Layla is able to slip out of the girl's notice pretty easily, especially with a spotlight and two other people to deal with. "Go away!" She screams down again.

Kacey glances up towards the window, sighing a bit as she mutters, "Whatever, I'm going to argue while she's out there...."

Kacey is not goign to argue, she means.

Michail turns toward the house and takes a few steps toward it, his hands out from his sides and palms facing the house. "Miss? What happened?" he calls toward the girl.

private Kacey You think the girl has something on the arm she's got pulled against her body. You can't quite tell what it is with the distance and the glare of the spotlight.

private layla Oh oh, the front door is locked.

"Noody's going to believe me!" She girl wails. "There are -things- in the woods! Skeletons...zombies....I saw it! I can see them!"

The girl's aura has no color.

Kacey bites her lip before she steps forward, raising her hands up slightly. "I believe you," she calls up to the girl. "I do, honest. Y-You wanna talk about it?"

Layla frowns a bit as she looks up at the girl, though as she makes her way towards the door she finds the door is locked, peachy.

"I'm Mitch, and this is my wife, Kacey," Michail calls up to the girl as he points to Kacey. "What's your name?"

"Ann," the girl calls down, her voice trembling. "And I don't think you do. You want me to come down so you can take me to the psych ward or something." She clutches herself tightly.

Layla takes a few steps back as she looks over at Kacey and Michail before turning her attention up, "What if we proved it too you?"

Kacey shakes her head slightly. "No, Ann, I do. In the forest, you said, right? What were you doing in there alone?"

"I go there to write," the girl says. "And before...before tonight, I never saw anything out there..." She looks over to Layla. "How can you prove it?"

"You need to come downstairs and unlock the door, alright? You let us in and you can lock it, but please get away from the window and we'll show you that you aren't crazy, alright?" Layla offers a smile as she looks up at the girl, "I promise you the deputy won't come near you."

"I...I'm scared," the girl admits. "I don't want to open the door." She looks between your group and the Deputy. "Can you get him to leave?" She calls down. "The Deputy sets his jaw and looks over to your group. "

"If we get the deputy too leave, you need to unlock the door, we need you to give us something in return so we know you won't hurt yourself, alright?" Layla calls back. Kacey glances over to the deputy with a slight bite of her lip. "Please?" she murmurs to him with a grateful nod. "Leave the tarp, just in case?"

"How about if we ask him if he'll sit in his car? I'm pretty sure Frank would be upset with him if he left and you still out on the ledge," Michail calls up to Ann then looks to the Deputy. "Right, Deputy?"

The Deputy exhales heavily. He goes around to the trunk of his patrol car and gets out the tarp, which he brings over to someone. Looking the man over, he says, "We'll expect a full report." He turns and saunters over to the patrol car. Taking someone' suggestion, he gets in and sits, but doesn't drive off. Ann watches the scene for a moment before stepping back through the window and closing it. She vanishes into the house, leaving you with no sight of her for the moment.

lets out a sigh of relief as she notices the girl has left the window, nodding her head a bit, "Looks good so far.." Layla murmurs.

Kacey exhales slowly with relief once the young woman is back inside the house. "Hopefully she unlocks the door....." she murmurs, reaching over to Michail's hand and giving it a quick squeeze before she lets go. "...thanks for coming."

Click. The door unlocks and opens just a tiny crack.

Layla goes AFK. (Alas I must depart from this :( Need to get off. I'm sure a way can be found on why Layla had too depart.) >

Layla is no longer AFK. >

Ann's House- Living Room

It is night, and about 60F(15C) degrees. There is a waxing gibbous moon.

[ ] [ down ]

Michail is standing here. Kacey is standing here. Layla is standing here.

Michail nods toward the door as it opens. "C'mon..." he tells the two women as he walks up to it and pushes it open a couple inches. "Ann? Can we come in?" he calls out through the opening.

Your comms crackle. "It's Dawson... can we get Layla out here? A troll has slipped out of the forest...still Shrouded, but walking down the street!"

Kacey follows Michail up towards the door, offering a soft smile to the woman within. Looking back to Layla, she nods her head and mouths a quick, "Thank you...."

"Yeah I can get there quick as can be." Layla glances towards Kacey, "You're welcome, make sure she's alright? Let me know later." making her way too her vehicle.

You tell Layla 'Exit down and I hope you enjoyed yourself. '

Ann's House- Living Room This is a cramped living room, the walls papered a hideous perriwinkle blue, the same color as the sofa and two chairs. A coffee table stacked with magazines sits in front of a TV that looks at least ten years old. The walls are covered with shelves upon which rest an assortment of tacky knick-knacks. You can see a doorway on the north wall leading into an ugly yellow kitchen. To your immediate left is a rickety-looking wooden staircase leading up to a white door It is night, and about 60F(15C) degrees. There is a waxing gibbous moon.

Michail is standing here. Kacey is standing here. Layla is standing here. Layla tells you OOCly 'I did thank you :3 hope to do more encounters with you'

Layla walks down.

Ann lets you in. "My mom and dad aren't home," she informs you. "They're having dinner at the Chop House. You can come in for a little bit." She seems nervous. Then, you notice....

....she's wearing a black bracer with a device on top. It has something etched into it...

Kacey looks back to the door. "Are you okay, Ann?" she asks gently as she steps through the doorway. Looking the young woman over, she pauses at the bracer on her wrist. "Mitch......"

"Where'd you get that, Ann?" Michail asks the girl as he points to the bracer.

Ann looks down. "A guy gave it to me," she says. "He said it would let me see...the real Haven."

Kacey sighs softly. "What guy? Where?"

private Kacey You can see that the device has an hourglass engraved on the side, difficult to see, but you're more perceptive than most.

"His name was Doug," Ann says. "He was in the woods. He says... he protects Haven now. Protects people like me. He said he found...other people that protect Haven, too."

Michail stands next to Kacey just inside the door as he listens, one hand idly reaching for his watch. "Did he say how he protects Haven?"

"He says that he hunts things," Ann says. "Things that hurt normal people. He said he joined some guys that do the same thing. They make Haven safe by killing... monsters. God. Monsters."

Kacey listens quietly, holding a hand out but just a bit, not making any grab at all, as she asks, "Can I see it, Ann?"

Ann clutches the device with her free hand, protectively, as if it were some kind of guardian talisman. "He told me not to give it to anyone," she says.

"You don't have to give it to us, we just want to look at it," Michail says to the girl soothingly. "Promise."

Ann extends her forearm outward, showing off the device.

If Mitch hasn't noticed it yet, he sure does now. An hourglass has been engraved on the device.

Kacey looks without touching, being careful not to spook the young woman, before she sighs softly. "Hand..." she murmurs towards Michail.

Ann's House- Living Room This is a cramped living room, the walls papered a hideous perriwinkle blue, the same color as the sofa and two chairs. A coffee table stacked with magazines sits in front of a TV that looks at least ten years old. The walls are covered with shelves upon which rest an assortment of tacky knick-knacks. You can see a doorway on the north wall leading into an ugly yellow kitchen. To your immediate left is a rickety-looking wooden staircase leading up to a white door.

It is night, and about 60F(15C) degrees. There is a waxing gibbous moon.

Michail is standing here. Kacey is standing here.

Michail bites his lip as he looks over at Kacey and shakes his head. 'No, Keepers," he murmurs back to Kacey. Pulling up his jacket sleeve he exposes his watch. "Ann? This is mine. It's a one of a kind. Experimental, you could say.""

Ann looks down at the device. "A watch?" She asks softly. Her eyes dart up at Michail again, over to Kacey, and then between the two devices- hers and Michail's watch

Kacey blinks, looking at Michail with some surprise, but she falls quiet and nods at the woman when she looks her way. "Mitch is a good guy, you can trust him," she offers to her softly. "Promise."

"What's it do?" Ann asks.

"Same thing that does," Michail admits as he points to Ann's bracer. "It's just miniaturized. Want me to show you?"

Ann nods, looking more curious and less terrified.

Michail turns the outer ring of the watch first one say and then the other. The air around him starts to shimmer slightly before the Shroud finally envelops him.

"It's okay," Kacey says quickly as Michail begins his demonstration. "REally."

Ann gasps, observing Michail as he Shrouds. "You... you can go where they are," she says, incredulous. "How do you do that?"

"...he just shows off a bit now and then," Kacey adds, a slight hint of lightness returning to her tone as she smiles over to Michail warmly, then back at the young woman.

Anna peers at Michail and Kacey. "How come you glow all the time and he just glows there?" She asks. "Is this a dream? I feel like I'm dreaming..."

Michail deactivates his device and returns to "normal space". "I honestly don't know how this thing works. Just that I can turn it on and off," he admits with a slight shrug. "But Ann? You need to know something. The...monsters...they can't hurt you when we're in the normal world. But they -can- hurt you if you turn yours on and go into the woods."

emote Ann looks stricken. "Were...were those things always there?" She asks, her voice low. "Were they always watching me?" Ann looks stricken. "Were...were those things always there?" She asks, her voice low. "Were they always watching me?"

Kacey's cheeks flush slightly as she reaches up, pushing a bit of hair back behind her ear nervously. "They're not watching you, Ann, it's okay," she tells her quickly, jumping on the conversation moving on. "it was just bad luck that you saw them just like that..... but Mitch's right, you need to stay out of the woods. The guy who gave that to you is just trying to... stir up trouble."

"What am I going to do now?" Ann asks, a pleading look on her face. "How can I just act normal and pretend nothing's wrong? Doug said that there are monsters everywhere...he said they run the town and we're all just cattle to them..."

"Well, that's what the people Doug works with think," Michail points out as he squats down. "There are...special people...out there. But you know how people can be good and bad? Special people are that way, too. Good ones and bad ones."

"What do you mean?" Ann asks, drawing back a little. "What does that have to do with monsters?"

Kacey speaks up after a moment, asking the young woman directly, "How long have you lived here, Ann? In Haven, I mean?"

"Since I was five," Ann replies. "Why?"

Michail points in the vague direction of the forest as he says, "Monsters live out there". Pointing toward the town he says, "People live here."

Kacey frowns just a bit, slightly, as she glances over to Michail.

"Are you sure?" Ann asks, her voice soft. "He said..." She trails off, looking askance to the pair of Templars.

Kacey asks softly, "What did he say?", her gaze gentle as she looks back to the young woman.

Michail nods to someone. "Promise. See, the people he works with? They think "special people" are monsters, too. Kacey and I don't".

Kacey thinks; '... well, some of them are'

"How do you know all of this?" Ann asks. "Are you guys part of the government?"

Kacey wrinkles up her nose slightly. "No, Ann, we're not," she says softly. "Promise. I'm like... really far from the government type."

Ann eyes the pair of you, obviously conflicted. "I don't know what to do," she says. "I don't know what to do now."

"Do your parents know you've got that?" Michail asks as he points to Ann's bracer. Kacey reaches out, brushing a bit of the girl's hair back if she's allowed. "Does anyone else live here, Ann? You're not all by yourself, are you?"

"No, they don't know," Ann says. "They're out to dinner... but they'll be home soon." She looks past you and out the window, a worried expression on her face.

Michail rubs his chin a moment before he asks, "Have you got a place you hide things? A loose floorboard you put things under or something?"

"I can hide it," Ann affirms. "My parents don't search my room. I get good grades and they trust me."

"Hide it," Kacey tells her gently. "Forget it exists. Forget the woods exist, folks are just out there that want to cause trouble."

"Take it off and hide it. Forget it's there, okay?" Michail advises with a nod. "If you see Doug and he asks about it? Tell him it gave you headaches and you put it away. Okay?"

Ann nods, looking glazed over and exhausted. "I'll try..." She says. "I'll just pretend it didn't happen." She looks intently at the pair for a moment. "I won't go in the woods anymore."

Michail reaches out to give Ann a friendly pat on the shoulder if she lets him. "You can go in the woods, just don't wear that thing when you do. You'll be much safer if you put it way and forget about the thing." "No more woods," Ann resolves, despite Michail's reassurance. "The beach'll be nice in a month or two..."

"The beach is awesome. Go to the beach. With a friend or two," Kacey tells someone with a soft chuckle. "Maybe we'll see you there sometime, okay?"

"Okay," Ann says. "I should be getting to bed."

Michail grins and looks over at Kacey before he says, "Maybe you'll see us there. We'll do marshmallows over a fire if we see you!"

Ann nods.

Kacey smiles tiredly at the young woman. "Get some rest, Ann. It's okay.... honest," she tells her with a smile. "Good night."

Ann opens the door and lets you out. You hear the lock slide into place once the door closes behind you.

Alchemy goes AFK. (Encounter resolved! You can exit down to be at Narnia, or I can zap you somewhere.

Encounter 3/26- "Cabin in the Forest"

Leonidas has accepted the encounter. Your target's been contacted to help find a civilian who's become lost in the woods.

73 Gerry Avenue - Bedroom

  Under an oak arch is the bedroom, lacking a door but possessing a

tied-back curtain to give privacy should privacy be needed. Like the rest of the home, it has a rustic feel in its knotty wood walls and flooring, with a large hunter rug softening the center of it and some wall-hangings giving it a bit of life. A large bed dominates most of the space, with a wardrobe and dresser pushed against the walls to give walking room. Two of the four walls are covered ceiling to floor with mirrors, and a door to the south leads into the bathroom.

It is night, about 30F(-1C) degrees, There is a first quarter moon.

Leonidas is standing here.

It would seem Leonidas was walking from his house, on Gerry Avenue, speaking into his phone-- to one Morrighan Reid. He has just delivered something of present to the woman and was seeing she had recieved it.

Suddenly, your faction comms crackle. It's one of your Excelsior staffers. "Anybody that can hear this, anybody near the woods, please respond..."

The conversation is suddenly cut short-- the devious smile that had been painting Leonidas's face being wiped from it as the crackle injects. Brows knotting Leonidas adjusts the device in hand to transmit to faction comms, "Leonidas Leonhardt here. Who is this? What is it that's wrong?"

Rather, the crackle probably would have interjected Leonidas's conversation, not inject it.

Your comms crackle. "It's Alice," the voice says. You think you remember her- low level staffer, does investigation/background checks for Excelsior. "I have a shapeshifter who's lost in the woods. I was on the phone with her, but the call dropped. I went in to find her and can't... and I'm not exactly equipped to handle this kind of thing anyway. Can you assist?"

Tongue comes out to wet Leonidas's lips, the 'v' to his brow etching a bit deeper as he listens to the voice drift from his phone-- head lifting to ponder the northern stretch of Gerry leading towards the forest, when 'Alice' has concluded he chimes in quickly, "Of course. Where exactly are you. I'll head there immediately-- and is there any more information you can give me? The name of the shifter, or at least what type-- also, why was she in the forest?"

"North end of town, off Ash Street," comes Alice's reply. "Her name is Emily. She turns into a dog. I'm not sure what kind, some brown kind of mutt. She wanted to find one of those crystals. I told her it was dangerous, but she wouldn't listen. I don't think she's in the Shroud...sounded like she was pretty deep...but then the call cut off and now her phone goes straight to voicemail."

"Alright, i'm on my way Alice. Just sit tight. I won't be long." Leonidas replies after a vague direction is given-- hands fishing into pocket to retrieve keys, jingling as they're drawn out and a button is thumbed causing the Lamborghini parked across the street to chirp-- notifying that its anti-theft system has been disarmed. While approaching the vehicle, Leonidas adds to 'Alice', "If you could, continue to attempt to make contact with Emily. Being as she's a shifter there's a chance perhaps she simply.. well.. shifted, and thus cannot contact you." though he sounds unsure of this statement as he drops down into the drivers seat after opening the scissor style door, "Alice, also, is Emily a member of Excelsior? How is it you know her? Has she.. well.. offended anyone you can think of?"

"She's not," Alchemy admits. "She's thinking about joining the staff. I met her because I saw her aura and chatted her up. She thought she was going nuts. I don't know. I told her to stay away from Suns and Hourglasses... but she never mentioned seeing any of them to me." You're in your car and on your way north by the time the conversation has reached this point. At this point, you may call other Excelsior members or other friends to assist, or you can go it alone.

Inside your car

  You are in your car, driving north toward Ash Street.

"I see. Well. I'm enroute now Alice-- have you any idea of where it is I should begin looking off of Ash?" Leonidas wonders as he presses the ignition button to the import-- causing the engine to roar to live, V-12 surging; while driving Leonidas thinks to send a text to one Morrighan Reid, aswell as Saige Darenger while keeping 'Alice' on the line, notifying them of the situation, and if able, they could assist.

"Ash and Gerry," Alice responds through another burst of static. "Do you want me to go in? I mean, maybe just go in a little again? Maybe I can see if she dropped her stuff to shift..."

"No, that's quite alright Miss Alice. You stay where you are-- and once i've met with you, you can return to the Conway's store. You've said you're ill equipped for the situation and on the off chance there -is- trouble, I don't want you getting hurt." Leonidas replies into his phone, switching the device over to the interior bluetooth within the vehicle.

The text Leonidas would send to 'Morrighan' would read "I had left a present for you at your gate-- not sure if you got it. I've also just recieved a message from a staffer named 'Alice' she's requireing assistance, an acquaintence of hers seems to have gone missing in the forest off of Ash. After repeated attempts to contact her via phone, it simply goes to the girl's answering machine-- though she had said she was just speaking with her not long ago. Also, it was said the girl was near the deeper end of the shroud." the same message would be sent to 'Saige' though, emitting the portion about 'gifts' and ending instead with request for aid in the matter.

That is, Leonidas assuming the deeper end of the forest would also be the deep shroud.

message Morrighan `y[A text from Leonidas]`w: I had left a present for you at your gate-- not sure if you got it. I've also just received a message from a staffer named Alice. She's requesting assistance, an acquaintance of hers seems to have gone missing in the forest off of Ash. After repeated attempts to contact her via phone, it simply goes to the girl's voicemail-- though she'd just been talking to her. Also the girl might be in the deeper end of the forest. message saige `yA text from Leonidas:`w I just got a call from a staffer named Alice. One of her shapeshifter acquaintances is lost in the woods and her phone has gone dead. She seems to be pretty deep inside.

tell morrighan Did you get it?

Saige tells you 'Nope. If you actually sent a text, she's in wolf form like I said.'

You send the texts off to Morrighan and Saige. They haven't replied just yet. Your car reaches the intersection of Ash and Gerry. Down the road you can see Alice. You recognize her now- she works in women's ware at the Conway store. She huddles pensively under the flickering halo of a street lamp.

Morrighan tells you OOCly 'She'd text that she found the box and what she found in it is adorable, and she'd thank him. Additionally she understands and suggests he be careful.'

You receive a text from Morrighan: I found the box. It was adorable. Thank you! I understand about the call. Please be careful.

Saige has yet to reply...

Spotting Alice, Leonidas would veer his car to the side of the road; the luminescent blue beams of his headlights furthe bathing the girl in light, and making the snow flakes falling about her appear to dance-- that is until the lamps are cut, along with the engine. Leonidas departs from his vehicle, locking it before stalking along the sidewalk to greet the girl-- a hand coming over head to protect from the small frozen flakes of water, "Alice." he says simply, icy blue gaze casting off to the nearby woods, "She was near here then?" he wonders, a shudder running through him as a cold breeze cuts down the street and into his bones.

Alice shivers in her navy blue pea coat, cinnamon colored hair hanging to her shoulder. "Yes, sir," she says, her gaze flicking into the woods. "She told me she was going in off this intersection to make it easier to find her way out." She sighs, her breath puffing out into the night in a cold fog. "We were on the phone, and then I my phone started getting all staticky...and then the call dropped, and now I only get her voicemail." Her face creases with worry.

Your phone beeps, or vibrates, whichever mode you left it on.

It would seem the ripples running through Alice only do well to infect Leonidas as well-- his hands coming to pull his jacket a bit tighter to fight against the winter elements. He listens quietly as the girl explains her story, his own eyes remaining on the woods, and when she has finished he returns his focus to her, nodding once, "Well, it's good at least she shared where it was she'd be hunting. I'd hate to think of problems it would have caused, hadn't she." reassuringly he offers to Alice, with something of a practiced smile, "I'm sure her she just hit a dead spot out there, no reception-- and being as you said she was on the hunt of a crystal, perhaps she's still doing so." though as his head turns once more towards the woods-- that smile he had sported fades; showing his own lack of belief in his words-- though, hiding the fact from the girl. "Let me look about a little hmm? You should get somewhere warm, i'll contact you when i've found Emily." he supplies to Alice, his hand

Leonidas supplies to Alice, his hand reaching into his jacket then after the vibration, looking to fish his cellular device from inner pocket.

Alice nods, looking grateful and guilty at the same time. She rattles off her cell number to you in case you need to contact her. "I'll wait at the bookstore right off of twenty-one," she says, heading towards a little silver Honda. She casts one last glance over her shoulder before getting into the car and starting it. She drives off as you check your phone. A text from Saige: where in the woods was the girl and where are you now?

"Keep warm, and safe." Leonidas returns to someone as she departs-- and when the Honda has driven off he sets to returning a message to Saige, tacking on a GPS location to the message as to help provide his exact location, "Exact location unsure. She's off of Ash in the woods from this location though (my location, aswell). She went in pretty deep from what Alice said. Should I await your arrival, or begin the search?"

You tell Saige 'Text from Leo Exact location unsure. She's off as in the woods from Ash/Gerry. My location as well. She's pretty deep in. Should I wait for you or begin the search? '

Text from Saige: Start into forest. I'll run that way now and follow scent trail. Be there in minute or so.

You tell Saige 'You are running as a wolf? Estimate how long you think it would take you to arrive at the intersection and I'll summon you'

After the message from someone, it would seem Leonidas does just that; making his way to the edge of the woods, which he drifts into quietly. Finding a place not far from the road-- though far enough away as not to be seen; Leonidas begins to strip down, tucking his clothes away into the crook of a tree before beginning to shift-- his body shrinking, bone composition changing entirely to something inhuman. White fur begins to sprout from the pores of his skin and before long what was once man has become-- cat.

Leonidas removes a pair of navy blue boxer briefs and slips it into a pocket. Leonidas removes a pair of white cotton socks and slips it into a pocket. Leonidas removes a copper brown slip-on dress shoes and slips it into a pocket. Leonidas removes a vibrant ivory pocket square with a twill finish and slips it into a pocket. Leonidas removes a tailored, ivory white dress shirt and slips it into a pocket. Revealing that; His pelvis tapers down in a 'V' to a well groomed patch of light pubic hair, which sits above the beginnings of his generous endowment, whose length has the odd freckle upon its pale skin.

Leonidas removes a pair of slim fit, navy blue trousers and slips it into a pocket. Leonidas removes a sky blue necktie with royal blue and ivory stripes and slips it into a pocket. Revealing that; The man's forearms are marred in several places with pale white burn scars.

Leonidas removes a three buttoned, navy blue suit jacket and slips it into a pocket.

An elegant young man with light skin and hair turns into Leonidas.

Saige tells you 'no as human. Running's only 2 as wolf. :( And...I have no idea what the distance measurements are, but she's coming from 19 ash, which is about half way between sidney and sherman. Probalby not long going at 50 MPH'

The Forest

  You are standing among the trees, which stretch northward as far as you can

see. There is a light dusting of snow on the ground, and fresh flakes filter down through the canopy above. It is deathly quiet.

It is night, about 31F(0C) degrees, There is a first quarter moon.

[ ] [ down ]

           a pile of an elegant young man with light skin and hair's belongings

Leonidas is standing here.

You prowl into the forest. Immediately the scents of nature fill your animal senses. The woods are cold and dark tonight. You search for tracks, but catch only the faint outlines of a pair of boots, already almost obscured by the falling snow.

Fortunate it seems for Leonidas, given their heightened sense of vision and smell-- the cat lurking closer to the imprints to better observe them, feline eyes moving as if trying to find more of the trail. The small cat seems tense, muscles coiled in nervous agitation-- ears pinned back as it listens to the deathly silence.

summon saige You attempt to summon them.

Saige arrives.

em You are searching for the tracks, following them into the woods, trying to pick up the scent.

Saige- You have just stepped off Gerry and Ash, Shrouded, in human form.

Saige Steps from the shroud and crouches low, nostrils flaring as she searches for Leonidas's scent. Her eyes simultaneously seek out any tracks, a skill she's quite adept at given her upbringing. as soon as any sign is found, she moves rapidly to follow it, moving with a quiet, familiar grace through the forest.

		Stat Report:Saige
	she is very perceptive.(2)

		Stat Report:Saige
	she can blend in and move quietly, making her difficult to detect.(2)

		Stat Report:Saige
	she has a particularly acute sense of smell.(1)

Saige glides through the forest, following the tracks even as they begin vanishing under the snow that filters down through the canopy- and if not for the forest canopy, they'd have been long covered over- until she spots the form of a cat in the woods ahead, sniffing carefully along the ground. (Unless Leo is trying to be stealthy, that is...)

It would seem Leonidas -is- infact trying to be stealthy, a guard mechanism for the animal perhaps-- it's on edge as it follows, or attempts to follow, the trail left by the boots.

That is, Leonidas being unaware of Saige's arrival, just yet, aswell.

Saige glides forward, following the tracks. Leo is ahead of her in the woods.

private leonidas You have only a faint scent, coming from tracks, but both the remnants of the foot prints and the scent head steadily north.

Leonidas would continue to press on northwards, cautiously; following his nose, eyes and ears-- the animal a bundle of nerves ready to explode it seems. The olfactory portions of the cat's brain seem to log the scent, using it as a guide.

Saige Continues on as fast as she can without losing the trail, her ears straining for any out of place sound while her feet move lightly from root to stone to hard packed snow. Her body dips and weaves under and around branches to as to make as little disturbance and noise as superhumanly possible.

The two Excelsior operatives slip through the forest. The street lamps of Ash Street begin to grow further and further behind you, the darkness of the forest eveloping you. Your eyes quickly adjust and you can see the details of the forest as your night vision kicks in. the tracks begin to list left, then right, as if the person was staggering or perhaps simply unable to tell absolute north. A deathly silence blankets the woods.

		Stat Report:Leonidas
	he has a natural bond with animals.(3)

		Stat Report:Saige
	she has particularly acute hearing.(1)

private leonidas Although it's cold out, you should be hearing -something-

The abscence of sound-- be it bird or beast only serves to make Leonidas grow more tense with each small step-- guiding him along with the zig zagging trail. The cat's eyes stray from the filling prints to observe the habitat around himself as if trying to draw on other clues to the eerie quiet.

As you follow the tracks, (still unaware of one another), you find a pile of belongings. Clothes, it looks like...and a phone.

Saige thinks; 'not like silence. Far too quiet for woods. Is only like this when something bad is near. big predator, not counting me since am not showing true self.'

The Forest

  You are standing among the trees, which stretch northward as far as you can

see. There is a light dusting of snow on the ground, and fresh flakes filter down through the canopy above. It is deathly quiet.

A pile of women's clothing is here A white smart phone has been abandoned here

It is night, about 31F(0C) degrees, There is a first quarter moon.

[ Saige is standing here. Leonidas is standing here.

Evidence of 'Emily', finally-- or so it would seem comes Leonidas's thoughts as the muscles of it's shoulders ease some of their tension-- if only slightly. The cat looking about the area surrounding the clothing before daring to creep closer, his intent being to smell the clothing, or examine them-- as well as the device. Though the animal would lack the opposable thumbs to use the device proper, he would attempt to lay it's weight down upon the thing-- whether it be touch screen or otherwise, attempting to get some reaction from the device-- be it simply the screen to turn on.

Leonidas reaches the site first.

Spying the bundle on the ground ahead, Saige speeds up a bit, then spots Leonidas. "Leo?" she asks in a low tone, pitched to carry only to those very near by with sensative ears. That you?" Not waiting for an answer, she squats down and leans over to sniff first at the cat, then at the clothing."

The clothing lays discarded, the items laying roughly in the order the person would wear them. As shifters, both would recognize this as the typical pile of belongings that would be left behind when one slips into animal form. However, the phone lays a bit off from the pile. Leonidas is in the process of flipping it over with his paw and trying to get some reaction out of it. The phone display lights up just as Saige calls out to him.

Leonidas's assessment of the various articles and cellphone would freeze as Saige's voice carries out-- the small cat looking her way, and then after a blink he would let out a low, 'Mrreow.', not at all uncomortable in the prescence of the newcomer, as if familiar with the woman-- perhaps also lending answer to her at her question. The feline seems a bit taken aback by the sniff from Saige though as it slinks back a touch before turning attention back to cellular device.

after seeing if she can learn anything by smell from the clothing, Saige reaches over to take the phone from Leonidas, inspecting it to see what it can tell her.

The device is lit up. A grid appears, the type you have to swipe a pattern on to unlock the phone. The information displayed across the top shows the phone to have no service at the moment- No 4G, no wireless, no signal. The battery symbol shows that it's close to half full.

As device is scooped up by Saige Leonidas rather easily abandons the thing, moving instead to stalk about the site-- looking for further tracks-- be they the same made from boot, or... otherwise.

As Saige examines the phone, Leonidas finds what appear to be the circling tracks of a canine. The tracks make several circles before heading west in a very shaky pattern.

"Don't know how to unlock," Saige admits to Leonidas in a quiet tone,, sighing slightly before sticking the device into her coat pocket, "best we move on and try to find her." Leaning over, she joins in sniffing and scanning for the trail, her nose likely able to tell what kind of animal they're after.

As Saige speaks, Leonidas would glance her way-- a low, shrill, "Mrrreow." emitted again, the cat's head shifting to look in the direction which the newfound tracks lead, as if beckoning the woman to follow. The persian cat begins to stalk along quietly once he is sure the woman has begun to tail him.

The cat moves through the woods, following the canine tracks. They get more erratic, farther apart, as if the canine starting moving faster, gradually faster, until it was running. You detect a second scent now, somewhere nearby yet implacable. It's foul. It's wrong. No animal smells that way. It almost smells oily, like a chemical.

		Stat Report:Leonidas
	he has basic supernatural knowledge.(1)

private Leonidas Nothing immediately comes to mind.

private leonidas ...that you're sure of, that is...

Holding true to the mission at hand; Leonidas continues along, following the sporadic trail cut through the snow-- again, the foreboding new scent causing the cat's hair to practically stand on end-- it's upper gums peeling back to reveal tiny, sharp canines.

You continue to follow the trail. The dog at this point was clearly running as fast as it could. You even find some skid marks here and there where the creature obviously lost its balance in the snow, running too fast to have any real traction. The smell becomes stronger. It's oily, acrid. It seems to be off on your right, and getting gradually stronger as the dog tracks grow gradually more erratic.

The Forest

  You are standing among the trees, which stretch northward as far as you can

see. There is a light dusting of snow on the ground, and fresh flakes filter down through the canopy above. It is deathly quiet.

Erratic canine tracks zig-zag throug the forest here.

Those with supernatural senses detect an acrid, oily, unnatural stench nearby.

It is night, about 31F(0C) degrees, There is a first quarter moon.

A low, quiet growl rumbles deep in Saige's chest and she abruptly speeds up, leaping over Leonidas if necessary as she keeps an eye to the trail but otherwise begins to move as fast as the forest will allow, knowing that time for the one they came out here for is probably running short at this point, if it's not too late already.

Saige thinks; 'Another monster. They never stop coming, but each of them sstops when they meet my blade and fangs.'

Saige thinks; 'this one will be the same'

Saige begins to move as fast as she can, presumably without leaving Leonidas behind her. She can't run at full speed, due to the density of the trees and the presence of snow on the ground, but she still moves far faster than any normal human could ever hope to.

You reach a point at last where you find two splintered trees off to your right. There is a large drag mark in the snow coming between them. There is one damaged tree to your left, showing a sign of having been impacted by something. A spot of blood lingers. There are numerous other signs of a struggle.

Saige Pauses only long enough to get a quick read on the scene, sniffing to confirm that the blood belongs to the shifter dog as she expects, then urgently attempts to find and follow the way the dog was dragged off, which would probably not be difficult if it was being dragged through the snow.

emote The blood is, in fact, that of the dog you've been following. Turning, you pass through the two broken trees. Oddly enough, there is no blood in the drag marks. You would be headed north again, if your sense of direction is to be trusted. The blood is, in fact, that of the dog you've been following. Turning, you pass through the two broken trees. Oddly enough, there is no blood in the drag marks. You would be headed north again, if your sense of direction is to be trusted.

Leonidas has lost his link. Reader’s Note: It later came to light that Pof Leonidas lost power, missing most of the encounter

You follow the drag marks north, or north-ish. What seems odd is that there are only the drag marks: no other tracks. The stench is definitely here, though. In fact, you're following it more than you're following the scent of the dog.

Without further hesitation, Saige takes off down the trail after the foul smelling creature and it's unfortunate pray. She's not longer worrying about the cat following if indeed he still is, all her protective instinct urging her to race ahead, though her nose and ears remain a keenly alert for any sign that she's closing in on her goal.

Saige easily outruns that cat in this form. The path moves through trees, though occasionally a tree is splintered or pushed aside. The smell is nearly unbearable. As you continue through the forest, you suddenly see the faint outline of a light of some sort.

Saige goes AFK. (about how far ahead is the light?)

Saige is no longer AFK.

The light is just at the edge of your vision. Maybe 60-70 yards? It's snowing and in the woods, but you have pretty powerful senses.

Saige slows to a jog, then a walk as she grows near to the light, again beginning to move with stealth as she approaches. Stopping about thirty yards out, she quickly seeks out a sheltered spot created by tree, rock or large bush. There, she shrugs out of her coat and then strips off the leather vest, belt and skirt she wears beneath. as soon as she's naked, she calls the wolf to her, her body flowing easily in the span of a breath from woman to dire wolf.

A slim and wild looking young woman turns into Saige.

The wolf emerges, your paws landing on the snow. You can see now that the light is the outline of a window, the window to a small, cabin-like structure ahead in the woods...

Saige Courches down, putting her belly close to the snow before she speeds ahead, pointed ears pinned down to minimize her profile as much as possible, not that spotting her dark coat should be at all easy in these conditions. Like a furry missal, she aims straight for the cabine and that lighted window, all senses hyper tuned for any sign of who or what might be inside or near it.

Saige probably meant crouches

You are beneath the window to the cabin. Your supernatural hearing can pick up faint lilting chords of music through the glass. It sounds like 1940's band music (for your reference, since Saige likely isn't familiar with Earth music of that time, right?)

Saige is definitely not familiar with the exact erra that the music belongs to, though being she can tell it's not current. Carefully, she rises up high enough to be able to peer through the glass, trusting to the dark fur on her face to keep her from being easily spotted in the dark long enough to have a look.

The inside of the cabin is dimly lit. You can hear, just barely through the music, the growl of a gas-powered generator. A small living room sits with a television that is presently turned off. A small radio sits on the counter in the "kitchen", which is really just separated from the living room by a half-wall. You can see a small bed in the corner- more like a cot. An old grandfather clock stands against the north wall. There's an empty fire place. The only exit appears to be a door set into the floor, which has currently been left open.

The room is presently devoid of any inhabitants.

Saige pads over to the door, testing to see if she can push or paw it open without making the ruccus that smashing it or the window would cause.

The doorknob is an old fasioned affair... the kind that requires an opposable thumb to open. The material seems fairly flimsy, though. Smashing is definitely an option if wolf-Saige has Strength 1 or greater.

Saige thinks; 'switch back to human and open...or just break this fragile thing down. If it hears, maybe it will come for me and leave her...whatever her name was, alone...'

Come to think of it, Leonidas never told you what her name was...

Leonidas, who you left far behind in the woods. Hopefully he's safe out there....

after a moment of consideration, Saige shoulders the door, not trying to take it off the hinges, just break the latch, then proceeds swiftly inside.

		Stat Report:Saige
	she is much stronger than any human.(4)

Crack! The door is easily shouldered open, and once it is so, the volume of the music inside the place is apparent. You are unlikely to have been heard.

A horrible scream issues from the basement. Ragged, breathless, sobbing, it's like an icepick through your preternaturally sensitive ears.

Saige thinks; 'I will kill you, monster, just like all the others.'

That has Saige moving at top speed, bounding across the floor to the trapdoor and peering down it to see if she has to deal with a ladder or stairs.

Stairs. Stairs that lead down into darkness. You can hear a visceral sobbing, which blossoms again into a woman's scream of fear and agony.

Your senses are also aware of a barely audible thrumming sound, like...machinery?

Saige bolts down the stairs, her predators eyes, ears and nose seeking out both victim and the creature that now is the focus of her rage.

A Cabin in the Forest - Cellar

  Illuminated by a lurid glow, this dank, unfinished cellar is lined with

rusted, jury-rigged equipment. Strange tubes pump foul looking liquids meant for unknown purposes. The middle of the table is dominated by a crude metal table with leather restraints. On a rolling cart next to the table is a small stack of worn looking books and a set of brutal looking surgical instruments.

A naked girl, no older than perhaps 21, is strapped to the restraints. Her ribs are visibly bruised, as is her face on the left side. Tubes with needles on them are attached to her arms, legs, chestand neck. The machinery around her thrums, chemicals travelling to and fro, and you're sure some blood is in one of the tubes. The device looks like a jury-rigged alchemy lab. The girl trembles, her eyes squeezed shut, before the machine hums a little louder and she screams, though it looks like she's trying to hold as still as possible despite being in considerable physical agony. Next to her, you see....

A monster.

You barely even notice this thing's black eyes, which are almost it's most normal feature. The bent, deformed body of a man, with mottled purple skin and bulging, hideous muscles distributed unevenly throughout the torso. The head, bald, the jaw bowed in on the left side, a gash where a nose should be. And the legs- or rather, lack thereof. Below the waist, below the creatures, misshapen genitals, the legs have fused into a wet, thick, slug-like appendage that trails behind the creature.

A mess of cords runs between the various machines.

Saige Doesn't hesitate any longer than it takes to take in the scene before she's hurdling across the room and toward the hideous monstrocity. With a bound, she aims to land right on top of it with all her two hundred and fifty pounds of pissed of, claws extended werewolf.

You crash into the beast, claws tearing into it, bite finding the throat, though your teeth don't immediately penetrate the rubbery, thick flesh, your mouth is filled with a polluted, acidic taste that invades your sense of smell as well as taste. The creature topples backwards with you into one of the machines, which crumples and showers sparks across the pair of you. In your rage, you don't feel it. You are distantly aware of the screaming behind you as you try to rend the creature. The flesh is almost like whale blubber, and black blood wells up out of the wounds. The creature seizes you with an gruesomely muscled arm and hurls you sideways into a shelf full of metal cylinders.

		Ability Report:Saige
	she can cause a surge of adrenaline in their own body.

As the adrenaline surges, everything slows down- the distant sound of the music upstairs, the screaming, the machines, even the horrible ululation coming from the abomination as you collide with it. You may have caught the makings words, but the creature's collapsed jaw no longer allows for human speech. Your mouth finds the throat again, but the flesh won't give. The claws tear more meat from the chest, scraping across something that feels like bone. The attack would've torn apart any Shroud beast, and likely most of your enemies, but the creature doen't yield. With it under you, you continue to claw and rend. The creature puts its fists together and brings them down in a smashing attack right into the middle of your spine. Your toughness holds out, but for a moment your back legs go tingly.

With a thunderous growl, Saige batters and slashes at the abominations head, then wirls back and away ling enough to dive at the softer lower looking lower part of the creature, seizing a chunk of it with her powerful jaws and renching her head back in an attempt to take the portion of the slug-like thing with her

. The creature's skull seems almost plated, your claws scraping against something. The force of your attack batters its head into the floor, buying the time you need to whirl around and take a chunk of slug-like appendage in your mouth. With a powerful wrench, you pull a piece free, dragging an agonized bellow from the monster. The meat wriggles and pulses in your mouth, as if still alive somehow, and your mouth fills with what is perhaps the most vile taste you have ever encountered, nearly choking you with its sheer wrongness. You hear the sound of screeching metal behind you, and you are suddenly bludgeoned with some kind of metal tube or pipe, the blow nearly causing your legs to give out. The pipe breaks from the sheer force. Ahead of you, you can see the top of the girl's head, thrashing back and forth. The tubes coming from her seem to be extracting her blood and her supernatural essence.

Having briefly noticed the cylinders that she crashed into, Saige is unsurprised by what the machines are doing. Shutting down the pain from the blow she just took, she attacks once again after flinging the foul flesh away. This time she digs in with her claws and fangs, then rips backward with her head and outward with her claws, doign her level best to separate the creature's two halves right then and there.

The creature's slug appendage proves much more pliable than it's upper body, and you tear deeply into it. Your nerves shut off, and all the tingling goes away, the pain, and you find yourself numb to the hammering blows of the creatures fists as it attempts to bash you into a pulp, You rip into the flesh, digging about halfway through...you need only a few more seconds to get through...the girl begins to make gagging sounds that you can hear. Machinery sparks and creaks, the damage causing some kind of reacting in the chemicals. The stench of alchemical compounds begins to fill the room, barely noticeable over the test and smell of the creature's repugnant body fluids.

Saige knows the girl is in, if possible, even more danger now, but also knows that she can do nothing for her as long as the creature lives. with a howl, she slams back in, ripping and slashing with fangs and claws with wild,d esperate abandon as she all but burrows into the monster to sever it in half in the most brutal fashion imaginable.

The fight turns into nothing more than flying tissue, spraying blood, and snarls. You feel the impact coming back, you frame shuddering beneath the savagery of the creature's fists while you finish the horrific task of ripping through the sluglike appendage. Black, viscous blood pours from the halves of the beast, and it keens, a sound that you can feel in your bones.

With a triumphant snarl, Saige rips through the last bit of flesh and, bloody, slimed and battered though she is, she flings the lower half of the creatures body away from the top half and steps back, eyeing it to make sure it's finished.


Flipping itself over, the wailing abomination begins to drag itself forward on it's arms, leaving a trail of black sludge behind it. It seems to be much slower this way. The sluglike parts of the creature have been torn to fleshy ribbons... but the torso appears to be healing before your eyes. Off to your left, a tube of alchemical compounds explodes, showering the machinery in front of it. The girl on the table appears to be seizing.

You feel your own minor wounds healing up, your supernatural toughness knitting you together even as the creature's rubbery skin seems to be sealing itself shut, like a high-end tire. The slug appendage remains in bloody ragged ruins where you tossed it.

snarling in frustrated rage, Saige calls upon her powers to start healing her even as she makes a lunge for some of the cords connecting the machines in an attempt to pull them from their sockets or cut them entirely.

		Ability Report:Saige
	she can increase their healing rate and close wounds.

		Stat Report:Saige
	she can run as fast as the fastest sprinters in the world or 21 MPH.(2)

You bound past the creature, who swats at you, and lay into the machinery, tearing randomly, without any idea of what you're doing.

The machines begin to shriek. Another glass tube explodes, raining down a freakish orange solution. Steam begins to emanate from parts of the devices.

Saige Continues her frenzy, trying to avoid the creature but otherwise doing anything she can think of to disable the machines draining the woman's life and essence away. She bites and claws and smashes with her massive paws, anything that she can think to do that isn't likely to kill the captive. If the abomination gets in her way then she lash out at it hard enough to knock it away before going back to her destruction.

Given your mobility and the creature's lack of mobility, you can run circles around it, destroying and fleeing to keep clear of it's arms.

The girl whimpers, going still and sobbing quietly as more and more of the machines fail.

Saige carries right on rampaging until all the alchemical equipment appears to be dealt with. At every opportunity she calls upon her power to heal up the bruises and so on that the abomination gave her since she can do that while dashing around and crashing into things. Only when she's convinced that the girl is no longer in danger from the machines does she refocus on the monster itself.

The creature seems to have healed up almost entirely...above the waist, that is. Even the wound below the waistline has sealed off and doesn't bleed anymore.

With a shove from her back legs, Saige leaps up and onto the creature, attempting to slam it painfully into the ground with her weight. With one heavy paw, she slams the creature skull, attempting to daze it by knocking its head on the ground. Then she turns, sinking her black claws and fangs into the flesh to keep a hold while using her front paws and claws to reach over and start digging nastily up inside the stump of the creature's torso, the idea being to circumvent the hard bone by going at it fromt he inside.

You daze the creature, buying yourself time to get your claws to start digging under the stump. You rip through the fleshy layer and hit...the blubbery, seemingly invulnerable skin. Overhead, a glass tube explodes, starting a small fire which begins to spread quickly among the spilled compounds.

Meanwhile, on the table, the girl is trying desperately to free herself from the restraints.

Saige thinks; 'why can't I get through this nasty stuff!'

Truely irritated as well and angry now, Saige stomps on the creatures head, then slashes it with her claws out of spite as she leaps away and to the table, going after something she probably can deal with -- the restraints. assuming they're not made of steel, she uses her sharp teeth to snap through them in rapid succession.

The restraints are made of leather. Strong and sturdy, but no match at all for your teeth.

The creature begins crawling after you, but you're up on the table now with the poor girl, who is sobbing uncontrollably, There are needle marks all over her body as she pulls them out by the fistful.

Another bank of machinery catches fire.

As soon as the girl is completely freed, Saige telepaths into her mind, 'run! Run! now if you can while I keep it busy.' Then she casts around quickly for anything that might be down here and look like it might be bloth flammable and portable, cloth or a piece of wod for example.

The girl screams, shifting into her dog for as she flees up the stairs. There are many things to choose from...chemicals, compounds, broken cylindars, some rags...

Saige goes for a rag, picking it up in her jaws and whipping the end of it into a fire until it ignites. That done, she whirls and leaps on the creature, slashing open a wound with her claws before dropping the flaming rag on it and springing away!

You manage to plant the burning rag in a wound, though you suffer a crushing blow to your ribs for the trouble. You bound away. The creature is ripping out a fistful of melted flesh. Behind it, the fire is spreading, nearly out of control. Acrid smoke begins to choke you. Another bottle of chemicals explodes...

moving away to the shelving, Saige shifts back into her human shape, scoops up a few of those cyllinders if they're not all exploded, then, cltching them against her bare chest, sprints up the stairs after the dog shifter and right on out of the cabine.

Leonidas wakes up.

Leonidas is no longer AFK.

Leonidas goes AFK. (I am incredibly sorry-- apparently there was a 'scheduled power outage' in my area that I wasn't aware of.)

Saige bounds up the stairs, across the floor, where the big band music continues to play, and out the door. Moments later, the structure is destroyed by a huge, multicolored fireball that billows up into the night, scorching the trees around it.

Leonidas was outdistanced by Saige and found himself wandering the woods in search of her. By the time he picks up the trail, he comes across a running, screaming, bloody, bruised naked girl of about 21.

Saige Will double back just long enough to make sure there's no chance that things survived, and if there isn't takes off again. after redressing, she seeks out the shifter she just saved, likely pretty close behind her considering her speed.

Saige finds only a smoldering, smoking pile of ruin. The alchemical smoke makes it hard to see, smell or breathe...you don't see how anything could've survived that.

Damned woods. Damned snow. Or so it seems Leonidas's thoughts would be as the persian cat stalks about the dark forest-- its fur covered in a healthy layer of snow by this point. The cat is practically scared out of it's skin though as the young woman darts past-- and after a moment to regain it's composure Leonidas would take flight after the girl, a loud, 'Mreeow' sounding as if to get her attention.

Leonidas manages to get the girl's attention. She's hysterical, naked, and covered in bruises and needle marks...

Saige turns into a slim and wild looking young woman.

Saige gets A pile of a slim and wild looking young woman's belongings and straps it onto her back.

The two of you can retrieve the girl and exit the encounter. I'll send you a brief followup.

End Encounter

Encounter 3/7- Plaything Chet has accepted the encounter. Your target and their allies encounter the former thrall of a vampire who's become accidentally separated from their master. Likely mind controlled into complete devotion the thrall wants nothing more than to return. It is up to the characters to either help them do so, or prevent them from doing so.

emote Go ahead and emote whatever you were doing. (Which was probably buying furniture?)

Rooms-To-Go - Offices The lights are on.

  Like a tastefully arranged office floor, this section is like a small

gathering of cubicles, save for the fact that almost each desk in every little area is different, accompanied by office chairs, from the cheapest spinning kind to comfortable egg variety. The desks are just as varied, ranging from hardwood to glass. The computers atop them are not for sale, but each are programmed for a quick catalogue of what the stores have to offer, and sales associates stand by, ready to help.

It is afternoon, and about 60F(15C) degrees. Ahead of you is Rooms-To-Go - Offices.

[ ] [ down ]

Chet is standing here. [D]A brisk, lively furniture sales associate greets customers here

Chet idly walks through the aisles of the large store, poking here and there at desks-- opening their drawers to peer inside. He looks like he has all the time in the world as he wanders aimlessly north through this section.

Seems to be a slow day at Rooms-To-Go. You are one of just a few customers who are in search of furniture today. Your shopping is then interrupted by a sound most out of place here...that of soft weeping.

Your senses are much sharper than those of a normal human. It appears you are the only one to notice the sound. You can easily pinpoint which area of the store it's coming from- the southeast section, near a series of shelves and cabinets.

As Chet peers curiously into the empty drawer of a desk, his head comes up sharply, and his eyes flick around the store, settling towards the shelves and cabinets to the southeast. Slowly, he closes the desk drawer and turns that way, attempting to peer between the furniture as he takes a few steps closer. Curiosity would win out, and if he couldn't spot anyone, he would follow the sound of the weeping, weaving between displays.

You move between the furniture displays, not drawing anyone's attention, really. The one salesman on the floor seems more interested in a particular customer who is looking to buy a new queen sized mattress. You move over to a section of cabinets and find a girl there. She appears to be in her mid-twenties. She is pressed against a cabinet, cradling what appears to be the remains of a broken smart phone. She presses the home button, but there is no activity from the shattered screen. She is so intent on her device that she seems not to realize you are standing there. Your enhanced perception allows you to notice two very faint red dots, about an inch apart, on her pale exposed neck.

Chet stops a few feet away from the woman, close enough for conversation, not so close as to alarm her. "Excuse me, ma'am?" His low voice holds a hint of the south, his words weighed down with a faint twang. His expression is a little tense, even as he attempts to get the woman's attention.

The girl's head snaps around. Her eyes are dark brown and filled with tears, terror, and desperation. She opens her mouth to say something, but her quivering lips produce no sound. She seems very doll-like. Pale skin, wearing mostly black, black bangs trimmed neatly and falling in a perfect line across her brow. She suddenly thrusts the phone out toward you, her shaking hand urging it toward yours.

slowly, Chet reaches out his hand to take the phone from the woman. He glances down at it as he speaks in a slow, mild voice. "Looks like this got busted up good." His attention focuses on the phone as he peers down at the device.

The phone is probably trashed. It looks like it was dropped on the pavement, but it landed just right to take out the screen entirely. You think the data on the phone could probably be saved, but this particular device has probably had it unless you had a miracle worker on your hands.

Chet sucks air through his teeth as he experimentally presses the phone's home button. Looking up at the woman, he ignores what is probably a vampire bite on her neck, attempting to meet her gaze as he asks, "What happened to your phone?" His posture is almost like someone attempting to keep a wild animal calm. His gaze immediately drops away from the tear-filled eyes of the woman, focusing instead on the phone.

You tap the home button. Nothing happens. The screen is shattered and behind it you see only blackness. "I dropped it," the girl says, her voice thick and lifeless. "I need to fix it." Her body trembles as if she is cold. "I need it," she repeats, before beginning to cry breathlessly. . A flash of panic flits across Chet's face as the woman continues to cry again. Stammering a little, he fumbles his own wworking phone out of his pocket. "Let me ask my friend if she knows anybody that knows about phones. I... Don't cry. It's all right. Just... hang on here a minute and let me see." Chet begins messing with his phone, tapping away at the screen. If left to his own devices, he would hold a finger down on the screen and speak into his phone, saying, "I got a lady here's got a busted up phone, and she's uh... kinda broke up about it. You know anybody who can get the data off it?" (Chet would be comming Excelsior under cover of dictating a text to somebody. Saige, Sumner, Morri, Emma are online.)

tell chet Throw one of them a tell and if they're willing I'll summon them in. You tell Chet 'Throw one of them a tell and if they're willing I'll summon them in. '

Chet goes AFK. (Sumner says he guesses he'll come along)

Chet is no longer AFK.

summon sumner You attempt to summon them.

Sumner arrives.

. Sumner responds to Chet's faction communications call, meeting him and the girl he's talking about at Rooms-To-Go. Sumner will find Chet in the back of the store near the cabinets, holding a very broken phone. Kneeling on the ground next to him is a girl dressed in blacks, sobbing quietly with a glazed over expression on her face.

Sumner strolls up to the two people within the store, an eyebrow raised at the particularly upset girl beside him. "...So. Dare I ask what happened here?"

Rooms-To-Go - Offices The lights are on.

  Like a tastefully arranged office floor, this section is like a small

gathering of cubicles, save for the fact that almost each desk in every little area is different, accompanied by office chairs, from the cheapest spinning kind to comfortable egg variety. The desks are just as varied, ranging from hardwood to glass. The computers atop them are not for sale, but each are programmed for a quick catalogue of what the stores have to offer, and sales associates stand by, ready to help.

It is afternoon, and about 60F(15C) degrees. Ahead of you is Rooms-To-Go - Offices.

[ ] [ down ]

Sumner is standing here. Chet is standing here.

Chet holds the busted up iPhone out for Sumner to take. The screen is shattered, showing only black behind it. "She says she dropped it." As he passes the phone across, he jerks his head the woman's way, shoves his own phone into a pocket, and raises his hand to the side of his neck, pointing a finger there.

Sumner takes the busted phone from Chet, eyeing it as he turns it back and forth. "Hm. It's certainly broken, that's for sure," he comments unhelpfully, then looks down to the woman. "So, Miss. Did you have cloud storage on this phone? Or some other form of uncorporeal storage?"

The woman looks up at Sumner. Her eyes are empty, uncomprehending. "I need it," she says in a flat voice. "I need the phone." She slumps back against the cabinet. If the store weren't so slow, your trio would've undoubtedly drawn more attention by now.

private sumner When the girl looks up, you seen twin red pinpricks, about an inch apart, on her pale, exposed neck.

Chet throws a look Sumner's way as he crouches down next to the woman. The expression is mingled curiosity and worry as he settles down in a squat next to the upset woman. "What's your name, miss?"

"Ah..." Sumner utters, nodding slowly as he suddenly begins to understand the situation better. "So, Miss. Why exactly do you need this phone? What does it do for you?"

The girl's head wanders between the two men as they ask her questions. "My name," she mumbles. Rather than producing an answer, however, she says, "Alex gave me that phone. It's how he calls. Me." Her face slackens, growing a shade paler. "How is he going to call me now?" Her voice is small and suffused with fear.

"This Alex... Is he your... Keeper, by any chance? Your guardian?" Sumner asks, pursuing further. He peers at the smashed phone, frowning. "Why can't you use another phone to call him? You could use mine..."

"Alex loves me," the girl murmurs. "And I love him." She looks up at Sumner. She extends her hand to him when he makes the offer of using his phone.

Chet just stays crouched down, looking between the woman and Sumner.

Sumner pulls from his trench coat pocket a green iPhone 6, and casually hands it over to the girl, watching her closely as he does. "Go ahead and call him."

The girl takes Sumner's phone with trembling hands and punches in a number. She puts it to hear head. After a beat, she says, "H-hello? Alex? Alex, it's me. I'm lost. I got lost." You hear the unmistakable sound of someone yelling coming from the other end of the phone. "I'm sorry," the girl says quietly. "I was on my way back and I got lost. I dropped my- no, I dropped it. It was an accident. I tried to find my way back, but I don't know the- no, I'm sorry-" She appears to be on the brink of another breakdown.

Chet reaches out tentatively, laying a hand lightly on the woman's arm. His mouth turns down into a frown as he stares at Sumner's phone and the voice coming out of it.

Sumner crosses his arms, leaning his head onto his shoulders as he stares down at the woman impassively. Or rather, he looks at the phone in her hand. "You may hang up now."

The woman trembles at whatever is coming from the other end of the phone. She flinches when Chet lays a hand on her. When Sumner instructs her to hang up, she looks up at him. "He doesn't know where I am," she says, her voice quivering. Then, into the phone, "I- I don't know. He's a man. He let me use his phone so I could-" He is interrupted with another burst of angry male voice coming through the phone.

Chet wonders if his acute hearing could pick up what the male voice is saying

"Then hold it away from your ear. Better yet, put him on speaker phone. I'm sure this store would love to hear what you have to put up with," Sumner continues, glancing over his shoulder at the people within the store, going about their business.

The girl fumbles with the phone. "He-he wants me to put you on speaker phone," the girl says. Suddenly, an angry male voice projects outward. "Don't put me on speaker phone. Stop stalling. Get your ass back here, -now-" The girl flinches again. The low growl from the phone wasn't enough to alert the customers, but your group has been congregated at the back of the store for a bit now.

Chet says (to Sumner), in a raspy bass with a faint southern twang, 'We need to get out of here. This is gonna attract the wrong kind of attention.'

Chet's attention goes back to the woman. "Where does he want you to come to? Where does... Alex live?"

"Bring her to the Clock Tower and leave her," the voice on speakerphone snaps. The girl looks up at Chet. "You can just leave me there," she says. "H-he'll come and get me."

"I didn't hear a please, sir," Sumner says cheekily as he reaches out a hand for his phone. From the corner of his eye, he glances at Chet, as if seeking a plan of action from him.

The girl looks down at the phone as if afraid to part with it, but she hands it over to Sumner nonetheless. "Please, sir," comes the plea, but from the girl, not the phone.

Sumner snorts as he gets the right answer from the wrong person, and takes the phone off of speaker, putting it up to his ear. "We'll be there shortly. You wait for us there, and we'll hand her off to you. If we don't see you, we're not stopping."

Frowning, Chet pushes up to his feet and reaches a hand down to help the woman to her feet. "We can take a little walk over to the clock tower. It's a nice enough day. But I'd kinda like to meet this Alex of yours..."

The person on the other end of the phone, presumably Alex, issues a frustrated grunt of assent before disconnecting the call. The girl reaches a tentative hand out and allows Chet to help her to her feet. A sales clerk is peering suspiciously in your direction.

"Let's move. The clerks are getting a bit too nosy for their own good," Sumner remarks aside to the two, and makes his way through the store towards the door.

As Chet assists the woman to her feet, he keeps a hold of her hand, steadying her. Pitching his voice to be heard by the clerks, he starts moving the woman towards the exit. "Things can get nasty when your sugar drops like that. My mama's got the diabetes too."

The clerk moves aside from Sumner as he moves out. He nods sympathetically when he overhears Chet mention diabetes. The girl is easily lead out of the store onto the street.

The three of you emerge onto Adams Street. You can either get into Sumner's rental car or make it on foot to the Clock Tower.

The three of you take the trek from Rooms-To-Go to the intersection of Main and Adams Streets. It's a nice day, at least nice compared to recent weather. The girl is simply lead along, shuffling behind Chet with her eyes downcast.

Chet assists the girl as the group walks, maintaining a solicitous expression as he urges her along. As they near the clock tower, his head lifts, and his eyes scan the street, the tower, the sidewalks and traffic, looking for any sign of Alex.

Sumner eyes the area as well, searching for any particularly angry looking males. "Hm... Where oh where is this Alex? If he's not here, I propose we continue on to a nearby restaurant. Perhaps that will raise our dear Lady's spirits."

You reach the Clock Tower. While there are ordinary passers-by, you can see one of them is a thin, rakish man whose gazes fixes immediately on the girl with you. He looks tired and irritable. He wears a light gray hoodie and cheap sunglasses.

Sumner smirks. "Theeere, you are," he mutters under his breath, motioning to approach the man. "I presume you are Alex," he calls out, pocketing his hands. "We have your... girlfriend, I suppose? She seems very upset by this entire ordeal, care to reveal to me as to why such is the case? I don't see many people breaking down over a broken phone..."

As Sumner takes the lead and approaches the man, Chet stays back with the woman. His hold tightens on her hand, his green gaze fixed on Alex. All his attention is devoted to the man, even as he keeps a strong hold on the girl. His body is angled towards the confronting pair.

"Girlfriend," the man called Alex says, a slight edge of contempt in his voice. "Sure, we'll go with that. She's crazy about me. Can't stand being apart from me." His head tilts slightly in her direction, eyes obscured by his sunglasses. "Aren't you, babe?" The girl nearly lunges forward, kept in check by Chet's grip on her hand. "Alex!" She cries out.

The Intersection of Main and Adams The lights are on.

  You are standing at Main and Adams, near the Clock Tower. 

It is afternoon, and about 60F(15C) degrees.

[ ] [ down

Sumner is standing here. Chet is standing here.

Sumner quirks an eyebrow at the girl behind him, before looking back to the man. "You appear to be the crazy one here, what with all your shouting and such over the phone. She seems more scared of you than in love with you. Why might that be?"

Chet trusts you to moderate level.

"She aims to please," Alex returns. "Babe, why don't you tell them how much you love me?" He calls to the girl that Chet holds back. "I love him with all my heart," the girl says, trying to tug free of Chet. Her struggle is to no avail. "See?" Alex says. "She's completely devoted to me. Like a fairy tale."

Alex's aura has a faint red glow to it. You would've also noticed from earlier that the girl's aura has a faint green glow.

Chet keeps a firm hold on the girl, flashing a look to Sumner before his attention is back on Alex. "Nice sunglasses," he comments, his drawl pronounced in his voice. "I didn't figure somebody like you'd be out here before dark."

"That's perfectly right," Sumner agrees with Chet. "I wonder, why are you using and abusing random people, hm? I don't think you'd be in a very good position if a certain group of people found out about it, no?"

Sumner cocks his head to the side. "Perhaps I should go to a Temple and pray...?"

"She isn't random," Alex retorts. "She's been mine for quite a few months now." He squints, looking over the pair of you for a moment. "You work for -them-?" He nearly hisses.

The girl, meanwhile, continues to try to pull forward. She has nothing in the way of muscles, so Chet can keep hold of her without much effort for the time being.

"It don't matter who we work for," Chet answers, staring with open hostility at Alex. "I wanna know what ya got goin' on behind them glasses of yours. Let me see them eyes." There is a demand in his voice, and the ponytailed southerner displays no traces of fear as his own eyes narrow.

Sumner chuckles. "No, but I -do- know a few of them, and they would absolutely adore taking care of this girl here. Fixing her up and the like. Then there would be you. I'm sure there's a toilet somewhere to flush you down when their finished with you... So, since you've had her for months, I can say that you're new in town?"

Sumner carries on with his calm demeanor despite Chet's growing hostility, smiling at Alex politely.

Alex pulls his sunglasses and tosses them to the ground. His eyes are squinted, likely from the daylight, and a pretty plain brown in color. "Just passing through," he says. "Never even wanted to leave my shitty hotel room, but then -she- has to go and get herself lost when I let her out for food." The girl wilts visibly at his criticism, but her face still wears a plain longing. "I'll take her back and we'll be out of here by tomorrow morning."

Sumner says, in a calm, imperative tone, 'Did you force her to drink your... Juice?"'

Chet thinks; 'Kool-aid'

"I didn't force her to," Alex says tersely. "She wanted it."

Chet looks across at Sumner, disbelief and mistrust evident in his gaze.

Sumner scoffs. "Nobody -wants- that. Especially if she's acting like that even if she did what she 'wanted'."

"Don't knock it til you try it," Alex counters. "There are a whole bunch of her kind that want it."

Chet looks down at the woman, then back up at Alex. "What do ya mean by... her kind?"

"Cattle," Alex murmurs. Normal hearing might not be able to pick it up, but Chet's senses certainly can.

Sumner crosses his arms, waiting for Alex's response.

The girl's struggles are starting to become a little bit more desperate, a little bit more obvious on the city streets. Some passers by give you a second glance, but you haven't started to incite any notable alarm yet.

private sumner You catch the word, note quite able to hear it, but you can see his mouth moves and make a guess as to his single word response.

"I oughta knock your teeth out for what you just called her," Chet informs Alex in a low, dangerous voice. His eyes take in the growing attention coming their way, and he frowns, clearly weighing his options.

Sumner lifts his chin at Alex, both eyebrows raising. "...Now, now. I -highly- doubt someone who desired your affection so much to allow herself to be forever bound to you would have enjoyed being referred to as cattle. In fact, I don't think a lover would refer to his significant other as such. Would you not agree, Alex?"

"Why don't you ask her?" Alex says, crossing his arms over his chest. "Go ahead. Ask he what she likes and doesn't like." He rests his gaze on her. The girl freezes up, a deer in the headlights, and momentarily ceases her struggle against Chet.

Making up his mind, Chet steps around, placing himself between Alex and the girl, breaking his line of sight to her. He speaks in a normal tone of voice, audible to any rubberneckers within earshot. He still keeps a hold of her hand, but facing her now, his grip probably isn't quite as solid. "You ain't gotta let him talk to you like that, call you names like that. Anybody that keeps you afraid of them all the time, that ain't healthy."

"But he loves me," the girl says, her gaze dull. She tries to crane her head around Chet to see Alex.

"You believe me to be half as dumb as you, don't you?" Sumner inquires coldly, head cocked to the side. "You know perfectly well she's not in her right state of mind, having had her brain toyed with. You likely made her desire you and love you like no one ever would."

Alex's gaze falls to Sumner's ouroborous band. "Why do you care?" He challenges. "Your people feel the same way, don't they? Some people are better off this way."

Speaking to the woman and ignoring Alex and Sumner for the time being, Chet asks gently, "You didn't hear what he called you. He called you cattle. That can't make you feel good to hear him say that about you..."

The girl blinks, fresh tears already welling up in her red eyes. "But he loves me," she says, clinging to Chet. "He loves me. He doesn't mean it."

Sumner lifts his wrist to chin level so as to inspect and finger the bangle. "Alas, this situation is indeed not contrary to my ideals. In fact, in my base demeanor, I may have chuckled, inclined my head to you, and continued on my way, uncaring... But I saw her fear. I saw her hopelessness. It was then that I figured, maybe vee is worse than I once thought it was, if used ineffectively. By how you've changed her, I'm sure you did a rather botched job."

Alex tenses, looking angry, but also confused. "It works," he insists. "She does what I want. I'm not the only one who does things this way. Just give me back my damn doll and I can leave this piece of shit town." Meanwhile, the girl's expression grows soft, clearly mistaking the term 'doll' for a compliment...

Assuming the pale red dots from before are still present on the girl's neck, Chet reaches up with his free hand and lightly touches a single finger to the mark. "How'd ya get this mark on your neck?" His voice is gentle and quiet, and he still has no attention to spare for Alex.

"From Alex," the girl murmurs to Chet, her voice low like his. "He needs me. He says he needs me."

"No, I don't believe we will," Sumner states sternly, recrossing his arms. "I think you're too irresponsible a lord. You seem to enjoy treating the one who keeps you afloat like garbage, and she can do nothing but keep coming back for more. You know, this is similar to a situation people get killed over in prison, I hear. Child abusers. The child keeps coming back, because it has nothing else left. I can't say I particularly enjoy the presence of children, but I value their innocence. I suppose your woman can be put in a similar category."

Alex scoffs. For a moment, he balls his hands into fists, as if he might throw down here in front of the Clock Tower. The growing attention that your situation draws, however, seems to stay his hand. He shrugs stiffly. "Keep her, then," he spits. "There's more where that came from, and one is just as good as another." At this, the girl wails and tries frantically to pull away from Chet. "No, Alex!" She keens. "Don't leave me!"

Chet had been about to say something else to the girl, but her sudden keen and jerking movement catches him a little by surprise. Her hand pulls free of his.

private chet Your reflexes are sufficient that you can grab her before she gets away, should you choose to do so.

Sumner simply crosses his arms as Alex begins walking away, though looks a bit startled himself when the woman starts screaming for the man. "...Oh bother. Where are you going, Alex? You have a responsibility lagging behind you. She's used goods, as unfortunate as it is to be said. All she has is you. You should be owning up to it, lest your behavior eventually draws the ire of those not particularly fond of people like you."

Chet lets the woman go, though his eyes are gleaming dark with promise. As the woman runs after Alex, Chet's fingers curl inwards, and his lips pull back from his teeth.

Chet thinks; 'I hate vampires. This could be Kylie. I'll kill him.'

Alex turns around, seemingly surprised at Sumner's words. He is nonplussed for the moment, simply standing there as the girl runs toward him while calling out his name over and over.

The sun dips below the western horizon.

Chet doesn't make a move for the girl. His face is thunderously dark, mouth turned down in a frown, eyes full of cold hatred as he watches the girl run.

Since Chet doesn't intervene, the girl runs up and throws her arms fiercely around Alex. He smiles down at her, but there is nothing joyful in the expression. The smile is completely predatory. He looks up at the two. "Sorry for causing trouble in your domain," he offers. "Clearly I need to... step up my responsibilities. I'll be checking out as soon as it's dark."

Chet's face is a mask, quite unusual for his normally calm and friendly expression. Saying nothing, he turns away, striding off down the sidewalk and turning north out of sight beyond the town hall building.

Sumner cocks his head at Alex and smiles. "I certainly hope you do. I'll be having my eye on you. My eye, and a few others'. -I'll- give you the benefit of the doubt and let you leave. Should I find out you're being abusive in any sort of way, you'll end up ash. It will be a 'fuck up and get fucked up' sort of deal for you. Agreed?"

"Agreed," Alex says with a small nod. He turns and watches Chet stalk off. Dismissing the man, he turns his attentions back to Sumner. "I'll go now." He takes the girl by her hand and begins walking with her in tow eastward on Main Street, in the direction of Old Franklin Bridge.

Chet doesn't return from wherever he's gone off to. A battered green moped is parked near-by, but he doesn't return to it for as long as Sumner hangs around the area. The southerner appears to have just walked off, not to be heard from for several hours into the future.

Sumner is standing in front of the Clock Tower. Alex takes his wayward thrall eastwards down the street, and Chet is...gone.

Encounter 3/30- A Walk in the Woods Mikhail has accepted the encounter. Your target's been contacted to help find a civilian who's become lost in the woods.

A fully Finished Basement Studio Apartment This area seems well populated.

  Brick walls make up the framework of this rectangular space with three

having been covered with a sheer wash of eggshell paint and the third, the western wall, left the original deed rust brick. The floors are a walnut hardwood and are covered with plush rugs. It is a studio style apartment, with only the bathroom walled off from the remainder of the room. A small yet fully functional kitchen takes up the northeast corner and a queen sized bed is positioned on the southern wall. A spiral staircase leads upwards to a landing and door while another door, behind a curtain, is in the northern wall.

A recent addition, shoji screen bearing designs of pink-flowered dogwood branches have been arranged around the bed several feet away to allow more privacy. One section has been set out smaller, with a tan and brown area rug, right before a full body mirror.

It is night, about 47F(8C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is T-junction of Elm Street and Cherry Lane.

Mikhail is standing here.

Your comm unit crackles with a bit of static.

Fssssshhhht.... your comms crackle.

Mikhail's fingers reach down to the comm unit as he gives it a tired little prod, his brow raising before he shakes his head, "American garbage." he mutters, as he gets up to his feet and trudges his way over towards the kitchen to pop the fridge open in the search of his post-nap vodka.

"...to any available points," comes a voice. "Please respond..."

Mikhail pauses as he looks over at his comms as his brow raises, as he sighs perhaps from a lack of vodka, he moves back to under his bed and he pulls his duffle bag free and unzips it to pull out his sword, "Nyeeet." he groans as he picks up his comm link, "Comrade Abramov, reporting." he offers as he pulls his blade free.

"Oh, Abramov. It's Jamison." You recognize the voice as one of the Order's tails, used to follow various targets. "I think I've got a civilian in trouble in the forest. I can go in, but, uh, I'm not exactly heavily armed."

"Nyeeeeeeeeet." Mikhail offers, as he gives a little roll of his shoulders, "I will be offer shortly, comrade. Maybe get some vodka along the way. Tell me what is happening?" he asks, as he starts assembling his rifle before he slips it over his shoulder too.

"I was trailing a bite victim of the latest lunacy outbreak," Jamison says. "Trying to discern the potential risk of them turning into a werewolf next moon... get them educated, you know? I was tailing them when all of a sudden he starts walking around in circles... he seemed to be almost lost. Then suddenly he just walks straight into the woods. My concern is that if he's a werewolf now, he'll end up in the Shroud and he has no idea how to handle the beasties out there in the woods. I tried to follow him in but I lost track. He's in the woods just east of Court and Stone."

Mikhail nods his head as he makes his way over towards his tactical gear and he seems to be getting dressed in his traditional jacket attire, "I will be on my way soon, keep an eye out if you can, comrade." he tells Jamison, as he trudges his way towards the apartment complex.

Assuming you don't call for backup, you'll reach your jeep unmolested and can drive to the intersection. (I will change the room.)

Intersection of Court and Stone. This area seems well populated.

  You are standing at the intersection of Court Street and Stone. The forest

looms before you, with the familiar streets of Haven behind.

A man in a green coat is standing here, eying the forest. Order staffers might recognize him as Jamison, the scout.

It is night, about 45F(7C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is T-junction of Elm Street and Cherry Lane.

Mikhail nods his head as he slowly kills the engine and he looks over at the dog in his back seat, "Comrade, woof-woof, with me." he calls to his faithful canine companion, as he starts to trudge into the woods.

		Stat Report:Mikhail
	he has a few, not particularly powerful, minions.(1)

Jamison gives you a nod and steps aside. You and your faithful hound enter the woods together...

Mikhail's fingers move towards his dogs ears as he starts his trek into the woods properly, "If we are with the lucky we won't have to go too deep." he tells the dog with a nod of his head, "Then we be getting you big milkbone, da!"

The Forest

  Trees fan out in all directions, with little path or guidance for a curious

explorer. You can hear the sounds of forest life in the branches and along the ground. The canopy lets in the fading evening light from above.

It is night, about 45F(7C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is T-junction of Elm Street and Cherry Lane.

[ ] [ down ]

           a large, blue duffel bag

Mikhail is standing here.

The canine, the American Terrier she is seems happily enough at Mikhail' statement anyways, replying with a loud bark.

Just west of you are the city streets and sidewalks. You can go northeast, east, or southeast, all taking you deeper into the woods. For now, you don't spot anyone or anything.

"If they're running in circles..." Mikhail muses as he continues going east with his dog in tow as he rubs the pups ears getting a happy sounding noise from the dog in turn, "It would be best to be staying alert. Speak if you see anything comrade." he tells the dog as he keeps his eyes pealed around the area.

Your hound lets out a small chuff of understanding. You wait for a minute... nobody arrives.

Mikhail thinks; 'Perhaps, it is going to wide, a little bit further. '

Mikhail lowers his body as he starts to run, heading deeper east, yet not enough so that his dog can't keep up with him, the silly doggie likely having fun at this point as his hand moves into his jacket to produce a pack of cigarette as he keeps his eyes pealed, "Likely, if we be luckily comrade, the fledging will of taken something out of the trees."

You begin moving through the forst, Woof-Woof at your heels. You can almost feel the eyes of the Shroud beasts on you, though they remain safely invisible and on the other side of the Shroud. The trees flit past, growing a little bit denser, but not difficult for you to maneuver around and maintain most of your speed. Command not found. Did you mean one of these , hour, job, ooc, out, pour, to, yes?

"Nyet, nyet, nyet." Mikhail mutters, as he takes a moment to catch his breath as he looks over at his dog, "You okay, comrade?" he asks the canine to get a woof in reply before he tilts his attention to the area around him, "I wish I had been paying attention when learning how to be tracking." he mutters, as his eyes move around the forest, "You will be getting yours soon, monsters." his teeth grit as he starts breaking off to towards the southwest, attempting to circle around.

You finish another circle. Nothing. Unless your quarry is wandering in an absolutely huge circle, they must have deviated course.

"All you alright, my friend?" Mikhail asks his dog, as he lets out a small exhale as he taps his comm lines, "Jamison, you are better at this then me. What places are local of dis area, the canvassing isn't working." he tells the man on the other side with a grunt.

Your dog whines, but seems able to keep up for now. Your comms crackle. "Checking my map of the area now... forest goes pretty deep off this end of town."

"Copy, comrade. I am unsure at this rate we will be able to reach out to them on our own." Mikhail tells Jamison, as he reaches down to rub the dogs ears, "It may be wise to be reaching out to Comrade Risa and Marley."

Your comms say, in the voice of Jamison, "Looks like you can only go a little bit further east from your position before you hit the shore. I'm going to try to go around the woods, see if I can get eyes on the coast." At your behest, he radios back, "I can patch you through to one of them if you want, or I can stand by."

"Da, patch them out. We may be on our own, though." Mikhail tells Jamison through his comm link as he starts to push east again, as he rubs his pups ears, "Come, on comrade, you may get bath later." he calls down towards the dog as he moves.

tell mikhail Send Risa a tell as if you were using comms. You tell Mikhail 'Send Risa a tell as if you were using comms. '

Risa arrives.

Risa arrives. RP whatever you need to do to get caught up.

Risa slips a gold-toned iPhone 6 Plus into her a voluminous, deep grey coat pocket.

Mikhail gives a small nod of his head as he continues his trudge towards the east and the coast line as he calls into his comm line, "Any word, comrade Jamison?" he asks, with his Russian accent thick as he's clearly started to get winded from all of the running.

"Risa should be arriving shortly," your comms say. "Maybe hold position until she arrives?"

Mikhail ponders the offer for a moment before he looks down at his dog, leaning down to press his lips against the dogs head as he takes a seat in the woods, "Da, Comrade Woof-Woof, Risa is coming, you buddy who you let borrow your bed in boston." he tells the dog with a faint smile.

Assuming Mikhail holds position, Risa will find him due east of the intersection of Court and Stone, about halfway through between the city and the shore.

Assume this comm call came a while ago, requesting assistance.

In that case, Risa probably would have brought her gear with her when she shows up, soon parking her car nearby. Her coat is adjusted when she gets out, and she ventures out into the forest towards Mikhail. Only briefly does her attention go to the dog, and she holds out a hand to it. "Freshly bitten? Or is the ritual... causing problems?" she wonders to Mikhail.

"Mm, we're assuming a mix of both." Mikhail tells Risa as the dog licks her hand, obliviously happy to see her cuddle friend from boston again, "I did a circle of the area, it is likely be moving in bigger circle, or it deviated. I think I will push towards the coast."

"...I am not our best tracker," Risa admits to Mikhail as she stops next to the man, taking out a bowl from the weapon harness that she wears and looking deeper into the forest. "Do you have identification for the werewolf?" she wonders, before readjusting her bow. After she has done so, she raises her hands to cup around her mouth and attempt to mimic a wolf's house.

		Stat Report:Risa
	she has no skill with animals.(0)

Risa isn't particularly good at it, though.

Risa sounds more like an injured cat than a wolf, the sound echoing into the woods and finding no reply.

Mikhail gives the dog a little nudge as he grunts, "Sing, Comrade-Woof-woof. Like when baby is with da crying." he tells the faithful canine, as he brings himself to his feet.

At Mikhails' request, the hound looses a howl into the evening sky. It echoes through the woods, but doesn't achieve much more than scaring some of the birds out of nearby branches. Nothing has approached you, Shrouded or otherwise.

"...You probably should have called Marley," Risa tells the Russian after a while of listening to the howl bounce off of the wood's trees. She looks off into the distance, keeping her crossbow against her shoulder before sighing softly. "...We should probably continue on with a sweep. Perhaps... ten meters between us?"

Mikhail nods his head as he snaps his fingers at his dog, "Da, we will head to east to give us better vision to be with da canvassing." he tells Risa as he starts to keep his trudge over towards the shore line, "Keep on your toes, I will buy you dinner for coming out to be helping!" he tells the woman as the dog perks up at the mention of food.

"...I was planning to hide in my apartment this evening," Risa admits as she begins off from Mikhail at the angle, keeping her crossbow at the ready while she walks. She stays within sight of the Russian, and within easy calling distance, and soon turns her attention out through the forest to seek the missing werewolf.

Ten meters apart, the Orderites move further into the woods. Aside from the usual forest wildlife, they see nothing unusual. As you continue further east, the smell of the ocean begins to faintly touch your nostrils, and you can hear the distant sound of waves against the shore.

Mikhail takes a deep breath of the ocean air as he gives the dog a playful nudge, as he pulls out his water bottle, "Sing, dearest and longest known comrade." he tells the dog as he pulls a water bottle out from his coat and pops the top for the dog to lap at afterwards.

The dog howls as Mikhail takes a refreshing drink of water and moves further east. The sounds of the ocean get louder. You're very nearly there.

"It might be afraid of the dog, if it does not actually sound like a wolf... maybe a hunting dog..." Risa says from her space further away. She doesn't really have much trouble navigating the woods with the help of a headlamp, looking through in search of anything wolf-shaped, and big.

The Rocky Shore

  Ahead of you is the shore, the sand shot through with various rocks, making

running treacherous. Ahead of you is the water, cold and lapping against the shore. Behind you is the forest. The shore runs to your left and right.

A circle has been drawn into the sand. Laying bound within it are two individuals, one male, one female. Above them stands a woman in a long, red coat.

It is night, about 43F(6C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon. Ahead of you is T-junction of Elm Street and Cherry Lane.

[ ] [ down ]

           a large, blue duffel bag

Risa is standing here. Mikhail is heading towards the direction of the shore with his dog in tow with him.

"Da, once we reach the ocean, we'll get our bearing and start a new circle, I am thinking it zig zagged a bit. But, we're lucky to have this breaking point to give us some variance in our search, comrade." Mikhail admits over towards Risa as he pours a little bit of water in his hand for the dog to lap at as he tries to keep moving.

The two Orderites emerge from the woods, Mikhail a bit ahead of Risa, but presumably not much since he was keeping pace. You're ten or fifteen meters apart. Ahead, near the shore, you seem to have stumbled upon some kind of ritual in progress. (Roomdesc)

private mikhail None of the individuals have color in their aura, no red, no green, no nothing.

Mikhail's fingers move over towards Risa as he lowers his body, his eyes moving over towards the group as he attempts to stay out of sight with his dog, putting his fingers against her muzzle.

Though she is not the stealthiest by far, Risa is probably best equipped to handle this situation as she uses the bow to be less noisy. Next to Mikhail, she crouches in the brush and looks out towards where the woman in the red coat stands over the two. She frowns while she switches her headlamp off, whispering to Mikhail, "...Hypernatural?"

You seem to have gone unnoticed for the moment, the sound of the waves covering your initial emergence from the woods. The two figures twist and thrash against bonds in the middle of the circle. The woman has something in each hand. In one hand is clearly a knife or small blade of some kind.

should clarify, the coat is not a hooded robe or anything. It's a red coat, like you could buy at any department store.

"Nyet, I don't know." Mikhail tells Risa as he slips back into the woods, using it to hide him as he unshoulders his rifle and looks through the scope to get a better view of what they're doing.

private Mikhail The woman in the red coat has a ritualistic-looking dagger in one hand and what is unmistakably a blood crystal in the other. It looks like she is preparing to kneel over the man, whose description matches the man you are looking for. You'd say maybe twenty, twenty-one years old.

 The girl looks much younger and thrashes violently against her bonds. 

The woman in the red coat has a ritualistic-looking dagger in one hand and what is unmistakably a blood crystal in the other. It looks like she is preparing to kneel over the man, whose description matches the man you are looking for. You'd say maybe twenty, twenty-one years old. The girl looks much younger and thrashes violently against her bonds.

Mikhail clocks his rifle as he looks over towards Risa, "You trust me, da?" he asks her quickly as he raises his rifle into the air, and clocks it back not really aiming for the woman as he takes aim for the ground near the gathering.

"...Yes," Risa says as she glances to the side at Mikhail, keeping her voice and body posture both low.

With Risa's offering in turn, Mikhail fires off into the air, in an attempt to scare off the women.

The woman in the red coat looks up, clearly startled, body crouching slightly. She stays rigid for a moment, not running. Perhaps she though the gunshot an errant hunter?

There is a slight click from Risa's bow's mechanism as she readjusts the crossbow in her hands, leveling it at the red-garbed woman's leg. She doesn't fire yet, instead preparing herself while she watches the other female. Slowly, her eyes narrow, but she waits for a reaction.

A tense moment passes on the shore ahead. The woman kneels down, setting the knife against the forearm of the bound man. Her eyes watch the treeline, though she doesn't seem to have spotted you yet.

Mikhail keeps his body low as he moves through the tree line, as he fires off a secondary shot, "Move to disable when we get into the thick of it." he calls to Risa.

Mikhail thinks; 'Be scared, damn you. I don't want to do this.'

The second shot definitely has the woman's attention. She flattens her body down on the sand. You hear a muffled male cry.

The woman's off hand, the one without the knife, makes some kind of slight motion.

Risa doesn't really wait to properly get into the thick of it. As the shots are fired from Mikhail's rifle, she looses the bolt from the crossbow in the direction of the woman in the red coat. It's oriented towards a fleshy area, so it probably won't do too much damage. Maybe. She's not even using the razor heads.

It's dark, but Risa is a hell of a shot. The arrow hits the woman somewhere and she screams in agony, rolling over onto her side. She starts using one arm to try to drag herself toward the bound female, screaming something you can't understand.

private risa The wound is probably mild....probably.

As Mikhail shoulders his rifle he nods towards Risa as he moves to draw his blade, charging into the beach line as he tries to cover some of the distance closed with a leap, "Nyet." the Russian roars.

Mikhail can probably clear the distance before the wounded woman can reach the bound girl.

Sadly for Risa, she's not nearly as fast as the Russian, though she is fairly graceful and quick by human standards. She moves up and out of her crouch before sprinting forward after Mikhail and towards the trio of individuals on the beach. Not cocked back, her bow is held down and off to the side.

Mikhail will have time to do something before Risa can reach the scene.

As Mikhail hauls his ass towards the bound woman, he tries to place himself between her and the wounded jacket wearing woman, his hand on his blade as he snarls at her, his canine companion likely following after him.

Mikhail gets between the wounded woman and the bound woman. The wounded woman is sobbing and moaning, her arm held against her body, an arrow clean through it and emerging from the other side. Her knife is nowhere to be seen at the moment, but a blood crystal is clutches in her shaking hand. The girl behind you, maybe in her mid teens, is thrashing violently, moaning through a rag that has been stuffed in her mouth. The man is likewise whimpering. Risa can arrive at this point.

"Put down the crystal," Risa says as she approaches the now-wounded woman with the arrow through her arm, leveling the presently empty bow at her. And possibly hoping that her present opponent won't think to look for a bolt in the crossbow's stock.

The woman screams, feebly holding the crystal close to her chest and trying to mumble something...a spell, perhaps. She curls her body, trying to protect the crystal. Blood flows freely fro her wounded arm. The woman is very nearly fetal.

Mikhail slowly trudges towards the woman as he lowers the blade towards the wounded woman, "Drop it." he tells her, "I am not interested in your life." a harsh coldness echoing through his words.

The woman tightens her body, trying to protect the crystal. She's still mumbling, though her voice shakes with pain and fear. She seems determined to finish whatever she's doing.

Risa is not really a very nice person, truth be told. When the woman doesn't release hold on the crystal that she's clutching, or cease her mumbling, the Japanese woman lifts up a foot and then brings it down on the woman's wrist. Thankfully, she doesn't -stomp- on it. More just pins it into the sand.

As Risa has the current situation handled, Mikhail trudges over towards the man, "Buddy, can you be with da hearing me?" he calls over towards the man as he examines his bonds.

The man nods frantically. He's tied up and gagged, and seems to have a wound on his arm. Risa will step on the non-wounded arm, eliciting a ragged scream from the woman as the crystal rolls into the sand.

Mikhail will also see the bloodied dagger in the sand nearby.

"...What are you doing?" Risa asks the woman in the red coat, leaning down in order to get a better look at her face. The sand beneath the wrist likely helps support it, giving a little rather than grinding it further into the ground when she shifts her weight. Dark eyes are on the other woman's face, unloaded crossbow still angled down at her.

Mikhail nods his head as he moves out to cut into the man's bonds, freeing his arms, "Your lucky, someone spotted you going into da woods, new one." he tells the man before he moves over towards the woman.

The woman tries to answer, but she's hysterical, struggling in vain to free her hand. She tries to say something but it comes out a gibbering mess.

The man starts to scramble to his feet, clutching his arm. "Oh my god!" He chokes out. "Oh my GOD! She was going to kill me!" He looks down at his arm, panic on his features. "Oh, n--n-no...I'm going to bleed to death!"

Though neither of you are medical professionals, you're pretty sure he's -not- going to bleed to death. At all.

"...Breathe," Risa tells the woman in the red coat, not having moved towards the teenager that is also bound just yet. She leans down to pick up the blood crystal, putting it away into one of her pockets. "You are unlikely to die," she finishes up to the woman, dark gaze drifting over to the teenager nearby.

The woman draws in a ragged breath. Behind her, the teenager thrashes in the sand, trying to roll out of the circle. "N-need to finish-" the woman moans.

"Breathe." Mikhail tells the woman as he moves towards the thrashing woman, "Calm." he tells her with a firm nod of his head as he kneels down near he and shows her his blade, "I will free you."

"Hey!" the man cries to Mikhail as he turns to the thrasing girl. "I'm -bleeding to death-!" The girl does deathly still as the blade nears her.

"Finish what?" Risa asks the woman in the red coat, keeping the blood crystal in her pocket. She allows Mikhail to take care of the girl, her foot still firmly down on the coat-wearing woman's wrist. A quick glance is allowed the bleeding man, and she's quiet for a pause before saying, "You are not bleeding to death. Put a little pressure on it."

With the skill of a man whose held a blade since he was a child, Mikhail cuts the binds of the thrashing woman, before he looks around, "Anyone want to be telling what has happened here?"

"It hurts!" the man whines as he tries to put pressure on his arm. The woman manages to choke out "B-" But the freed teenager proceeds to start screaming her head off, newly freed hands clutching frantically at Mikhail.

"SHE'S A WITCH!" the teenager shrieks. "KILL HER!"

"It's okay! Its okay, It is okay!" Mikhail tells the freaking out teen as he she tries to clutch towards him, taking extra care so the poor girl doesn't impale herself.

"...You are fine," Risa says to the screaming teenager, her words perhaps falling a little flat. She might also sound tired. There is a subtle let-up of the pressure she's leaning into on the woman's wrist, the ball of her foot lifting slightly so as not to grind the appendage into the sand. Down to the woman in the coat she demands once more, "What were you doing?"

The woman starts to say something, "I have to-" but now the teenager is trying to push past Risa toward the downed woman.

Not seeming willing to relinquish her captive at the moment, including to the teenager, Risa moves in between the girl and the prone woman. In that moment, her weight does lift off of the arm she'd been pinning to the sand.

The girl is trying to push Risa away, trying to kick past her and plant her shoes into the prone woman. The injured man says, " Man, forget this...you're all crazy!" He turns and starts to run for the woods.

"...We need a box," Risa decides to Mikhail, while she's stepping off of the injured woman in order to properly grapple with the girl. Unfortunately for her, she's not very big, even if she is possibly a bit taller than the mid-teenager. Her attention swings after the man running off for the woods, but she doesn't attempt to pursue.

"Da?" Mikhail asks, as his hands move to the girls arms as he tries to give her a hard tug off of the woman.

Although the teenager isn't a trained fighter, neither is Risa. The girl's ferocity catches the Oderite off guard. As the wounded woman tries to struggle to her knees, having been freed from Risa, the teenager... tries, to give her a tick in the teeth, but Mikhail is much faster and stronger and yanks her back. The kick hits Risa in the forearm, smarting but not really doing much harm to the woman.

The girl screams bloody murder when Mikhail yanks her away fighting and kicking and calling him all manner of unkind names.

Blandly, Risa looks after the girl as she back off, shaking out her arm and wincing. Unusually for her, really. Dark eyes continue to track after the girl, and she moves her bow back into the slot she has for it along the harness. Next her attention drifts down to the wounded woman in the sand, and she offers out a hand to help her up.

Mikhail's grip grows firm as he looks over at the screaming woman, "Enough." he roars over towards the girl screaming at him.

The wounded woman struggles to her feet with Risa's help, clutching her other arm, the wounded one, against her body like a broken wing. Her face is streaked with tears, and her eyes focus sadly on the feral girl struggling in Mikhail's grasp. When Mikhail roars at her, she goes limp. "Please," she says in a soft voice. "She tried to kill me. She was going to sacrifice us... I was so scared..."

"Unlikely," Risa says to the girl, seeming to be mostly weary with the screaming more than anything else. She moves her hand away from the coat-wearing woman's arm, and then demands of her, "What -were- you doing?" Presumably the bleeding-to-death bro has escaped into the woods, by now.

The dudebro is long gone, probably on his way to receive the withering gaze of the admissions nurse at Downtown Medical. "I'm trying to banish the spirit that has my daughter," the woman says through pain-clenched teeth. "I needed a virgin's blood. I...I didn't want to do it, but I have to save her." This prompts the girl to shrink back into Mikhail. "She's lying," the girl implores the Russian. "I've never even -seen- her! Don't let her hurt me!"

Risa tells you OOCly 'Does the crystal have blood in it?'

reply A single unit of Virgin. You tell Risa 'A single unit of Virgin.'

"...A banishing ritual will not hurt you, if she is lying," Risa tells the girl, after watching the injured woman discerningly. Her features do twitch only briefly as she looks at the bloody bolt in the woman's arm, attention soon swiveling onto Mikhail. Then her eyes drift to the crystal she pulls out from her own pocket, and she says to the Russian, "...Hold her."

Luckily for those present, Risa really -is- a witch. She takes out a cord of rice rope and steps towards the girl, retrieving a slip of paper and an india ink pen. Assuming that Mikhail is successful in holding onto the girl, she loops the rope around her neck, loosely knotting it before bracing the paper against her shoulder and writing something down on it in Japanese kanji.

. Mikhail is successful, though he finds the girl surprisingly strong for a teenager.

Holding out her hand, Risa draws a thin cut across her thumb, and seals the slip of paper with a bloody thumb print, speaking mostly to herself in Japanese before suddenly thrusting the paper forward against the girl's head.

		Stat Report:Risa
	she has a professional level of ritual knowledge.(3)

Mikhail's brow raises as he tightens his grip on the poor girl as he lets Risa work, "Settle down." he tells the woman.

The woman watches nervously, her arm still pinned against her side. When Risa finishes the ritual, the shrieking girl goes ridged, then limp. Everyone immediately feels a cold, dark presence. A rasping hiss of agony fills the air, fading away and leaving the shore feeling a few degrees warmer...

Mikhail gently settles the girl onto the ground as he looks over at Risa with a raise of his brow, "is it..." he trails off looking between her and the adult.

emote "M-mom?" the girl asks. She gasps, seeing the injury in the older woman's arm. "Momma!" "M-mom?" the girl asks. She gasps, seeing the injury in the older woman's arm. "Momma!"

"...I am sorry about the arrow," Risa says to the older woman quietly, after the girl's response. She offers the crystal out to her after, in an open palm.

The woman tucks the crystal away and moves forward to embrace her daughter, though only one armed. She gives Risa a side glance, neither angry nor forgiving, before her daughter tucks her head against her mother's uninjured shoulder.

"It will heal," is the woman's belated reply. "Its' a flesh wound, I think."

Mikhail slowly slides the blade into his scabbard as he watches the woman, "You should of came to us." he tells her firmly, not really apologetic, "It would of spared you all dis trouble."

"...I am sorry," Risa, in contrast, is apologetic to the wounded woman and her daughter. When she says it, she bows lowly to them before turning to head off along the beach and to presumably leave them to the rest of their evening.

"You mean the trouble of being shot in the arm?" the woman says softly, though to Mikhail, not Risa. She sighs. "I apologize...you helped me. You couldn't have known..."

The pair appear ready to withdraw to tend to the mother's wounds. If the Orderites let them go, they simply withdraw along the shore and you can exit down.

End Encounter

4/6- First Contact

Layla was lying on her bunk as usualy, resting after a long hunt and texting random people on her phone. Your comms crackle. "Operative Dawson, here. Any Templars available?" The man's voice sounds tired and frustrated.

Layla sighs as she replies too the coms, "Layla here, what can I do."

"We have a lost civilian somewhere in the woods west or northwest of Vine and Lynch," comes the reply. "Possibly being pursued by a pair of reds- vampires, I think."

"On my way...I hate vampires anyways." Layla chuckles as she slides off her head and makes her way out of the dorm.

After a few minutes zipping through the streets of Haven, you arrive at Trolley Stop 3, at the corner of Main and Lynch. You see your contact standing on the sidewalk.

Layla lets out a sigh as she walks over towards the man in the coat and offers a friendly nod, "So..where is this civilian?"

"We lost track of them headed into the woods," the scout says. "Name's Leonard Sherman, a librarian at the Public. We got word of somethin' strange goin' on there, found two Shrouded reds. That was two days ago. Since then we been keepin' an eye on Sherman, then we caught those two vamps stalking him in the Shroud. We went into pursuit but we lost 'em right about here." He sweeps his hand across the expanse of trees, already dense with shadows in the setting sun. "Think Sherman is headed north or northwest."

Layla nods her head a bit as she lets out a soft sigh, "Alright..I guess i'll shroud up and going looking."

Your contacts nods. "Want me to radio for reinforcements, or are you going in alone?" he asks.

"You can try radioing for reinforcements, but i'll take them on aline if I have too.." Layla replies.

encounter bringin You bring in more characters.

May arrives. May joins the encounter. l Intersection of Main and Lynch

  You are standing on the corner of Main and Lynch. To the east loom the signs

of familiar businesses- The Velvet Rose, Hunt & Hook, The Chop House. To your right looms the expansive forests surrounding Haven.

A man in a dark green coat stands here. The coat bears an arm patch depicting a stylized white sun.

It is night, about 67F(19C) degrees, There is a waning gibbous moon.

private May You were sitting in the Rusty Nail, eating dinner, when you noticed one of the customers become visibly disturbed...afraid, even. He kept looking over his shoulder, jumping a few times as if touched. Finally he got up and straight up rand out of the restaurant. Your involvement assumes you decided to follow him? Perhaps you had been chatting with him previously.

Of coarse, May would follow a patron of the rusty nail in concern, especially if she was chatting with him previously and making nice. Then again when someone becomes that visibly disturbed, one naturally might become curious. It's been a strange weekend for the blonde. Anyways, she's followed along up until this point, stealing glances over her shoulder and around for the mysterious disappearing patron.

May arrives here at the intersection, the direction she thinks the man went. Leonard was his name. She finds Layla conversing with a man in a light green coat, who seems to be taking a step back and nodding to her.

Layla glances over towards May though says nothing as she rubs her head a bit and only replies, "What brings you all the way out here?"

"I was .." May points over her shoulder briefly then gives a fairly confused glance about before smiling to Layla and the man in the light green coat. "Looking for someone..But they must have made it home." Biting her lip at the edge.

The man in the green coat clears his throat and shuffles off down the sidewalk. (He is not the man May was looking for.)

Intersection of Main and Lynch

  You are standing on the corner of Main and Lynch. To the east loom the signs

of familiar businesses- The Velvet Rose, Hunt & Hook, The Chop House. To your right looms the expansive forests surrounding Haven.

It is night, about 67F(19C) degrees, There is a waning gibbous moon.

[ ] [ down ]

May is standing here. Layla is standing here.

Layla glances around a bit as she turns to look at the man curiously. Her attention shifts too May as she shrugs her shoulders, "A friend? Maybe...got a name?"

"Leonard." May says to Layla with a nod, slipping her hands with her phone into her jacket pocket with a smile. "We were chatting a bit at the Nail and he just took off so suddenly. He looked .. really worried about something."

"Interesting name..." Layla murmurs as she glances towards the Northwest, "You can join me if you want. Maybe we'll find him together?"

"Sure." May says to Layla with a faint nod of her head and drawing in a breath. "I Mean, just for a few minutes more. I don't know where he lived, or if he's even from Haven. I thought he came this way but.." Shifting her weight she starts to turn in a circle then looks in the same direction.

The forest awaits you to the northwest. The last rays of light are disappearing over the horizon.

Layla chuckles a bit as she nods her head a bit and starts making her way towards the forest, heading northwest, "Peachy...it's getting dark.."

The Forest

  You are standing on the corner of Main and Lynch. To the east loom the signs

of familiar businesses- The Velvet Rose, Hunt & Hook, The Chop House. To your right looms the expansive forests surrounding Haven.

There is reluctance for May, as Layla starts to head to the northwest into the forest. The blonde reaches into her tote, to grab a flashlight and hold it in her palm. "Alright..Then we'll need this. But lets not go to far in so late? I mean.. if it gets really concerning I'll just call HSD."

The two enter the forest, heading northwest away from the intersection.

Layla nods her head in agreement at they walk through the forest and glances around, "Hmmm.. move the flashlight around..maybe we'll see him."

May flicks the torch on and starts to move it about in the tree's, staying close to Layla , her outfit bright enough to stand out against the brush. Gnawing on her lip she sweeps back and forth slowly.

private layla You can almost feel the eyes of the Shroud beasts upon you. You know they're lurking just on the other side...

"Doesn't look like theres any sign of him here...or maybe.." Layla murmurs, "Close your eyes."

The flashlight beam scans across the forest. A few small animals retreat from the beam's light, but no sign of your human quarry yet.

"Cl.. close my eyes?" May says to Layla with a bite to her lip before she hangs the beam down by her feat, crinkling her nose. "I don't think that'll help but.. alright." And the blonde closes her eyes, standing still.

Layla nods her head as she slides her hand to rest on May shoulder before she pulls them both into the shroud, peering around now to see if she can spot anything.

May pops her eyes open again with a shiver as she hugs the light closer to her, and starts to sweep the beam again from side to side beside Layla. Nervous, the light, and her fingers, tremble. "I hate this place." She murmurs quietly.

The Forest- Shrouded

  Mist coils around the trunks of the trees, and mist surrounds you, seeming

at times to hold unknowable shapes and malevolent faces. You can hear a strange, chittering laughter from time to time.

It is night, about 67F(19C) degrees, There is a waning gibbous moon.

[ ] [ down ]

May is standing here. Layla is standing here.

You have entered the Shroud. You don't see any immediate sign of the man, though you are more keenly aware of the presence of Shroud beasts lurking in the woods around you.

Layla frowns a bit though she stays infront of May and continues on their journey, though not going too much further in.

May stays close to Layla, keenly aware they arn't in Haven anymore (well, yes and no) while her eyes pensivly search out the man. "Leonard?" She hisses at just above a whisper before she shakes her head. "Doesn't look like he's this way..Maybe we should go back.."

The sounds of malicious laughter fill the air. A floating distortion zips past, seemingly unrelated.

Layla sighs as she cups her hands over her mouth as she glances around and calls out a bit louder, "Leonard? You here?"

A distant scream, echoing through the Shroud.

frowns and whips around in a circle until her back is face May and she draws in a breath. "Leonard?" The blonde calls a little louder, but still softly. "I really.. really think we should stop.." She breaths slowly.

"You can go back if you want...but it sounds like he's in trouble." Layla mumbles as she starts forward.

Another scream, rippling through the mist.... seems it's just a little bit deeper. You can hear the sounds of otherworldly things slithering through the Shroud.

May draws in a deep breath as if steeling herself, shaking her head to Layla. "No.. I want to help him if I can. Let's go." Hearing the scream again she swallows and narrowing her eyebrows.

Layla nods her head as she moves along with May protectively as they head a little deeper into the shroud.

You move deeper into the Shrouded woods. You hear another scream, it sounds closer. At the same time, you detect a nearby growling sound...

Layla sighs a bit though she keeps going on into the shroud.

Erupting from the woods is a man-sized creature, canine in form, clutching a crude longsword Layla probably recognizes the beast, having almost certainly encountered one. The thing crouches low, assessing the two invaders.

May follows along beside Layla, eyes wide as she stares at her seemingly unaffected state from all the slithering and weird sounds. The growl makes the blonde jump, making sure she's quick to stay with her in woods companion. When the canine erupts from the shroud she throws a hand up to stifle her surprise, eyes widening.

Layla frowns a bit as she stays infront of May and lets out a sigh, 'Should of done this sooner...can you pick up my things in a moment?""

May takes a half-step back from Layla, eyes glued to the creature with the sword while nodding a bit. "Yeah.. sure. I can do that." She stammers in agreement.

The creature begins running, making a beeline towards the women. It raises the sword over it's mangy head and lets out a vicious snarl, eyes gleaming in the dim of the Shroud.

Emerald-eyed, white-haired woman turns into Layla.

Layla grumbles as she easily pulls off her clothes since she didn't really dress much to come out here and shifts, her skin being covered by long fur and moving onto all forms as she changes.

May totally forgets her promise to Layla as she ducks behind a tree once the thing with the sword starts to run towards them. Staying down low she watches intently with wide amber eyes and holding her breath.

The two canine creatures come together. The sword comes down and strikes the wolf in the shoulder blade, but seems to inflict minimal injury.

Layla snarls as she takes the hit and jumps at the other canine with her maw open and launches to bite onto an exposed part of the creature, biting down hard.

There's a yelp, the creature not quite yielding yet but taking a pretty nasty bite. It brings the blade down on Layla again, still seeming to inflict only superficial damage.

Layla growls a bit louder as she launches once more, bringing a paw out with claws bared and swipes at the canine in retaliation

May stays hidden behind her tree, silently rooting for the white wolf and cringing when she takes any damage, even if it is superficial. Drawing in a breath again it's held, the blonde grabbing the tree tightly.

The claws bite deep, severely wounding the creature. A normal animal would submit, but this Shroud beast seems berserk. It lashes out again, a weaker blow this time, the blade slamming into the wolf's ribcage. The beast seems slightly bruised but overall the monster seems to have inflicted little damage.

At that moment, while Layla is locked in battle, a face seems to come into being on the tree that May is leaning against, face distorted in agony, but no sound coming from it. It seems to be almost dragged back into the tree, leaving no trace that it ever existed.

Layla moves around on her feet as she holds her ground a moment her eyes rest on the creature and jumps, moving as quick as she can to latch onto the Canine, biting down overly hard.

May falls back from the tree as the face comes out into it beside her. "Leonard?" She asks in a hiss as her bottom hits the brush, causing her to bounce with a gasp as she stares at the bark, lips hanging open agape slightly in surprise, or shock. "Leonard?" She asks again in a hiss as Layla and her battle locked partner go at it.

With a sickening crunch, followed by a visceral gurgle, the monster expires in Layla's jaws. May calls out to the tree, but nothing replies. You hear that scream again, nearby. Layla's body has already nearly regenerated the superficial wounds received in the fight.

Layla releases the creature in her maw and drops it too the side as she turns towards the May, waiting for her body too regenerate before nodding to her stuff and than too May.

May pushes herself up from the ground, looking to Layla and the expired creature. "I think I saw his face..He might not be far." She tells the animal, leaning down to scoop up the woman's things and hold them in her arms.

Layla nods her head as she leads May and follows along with the woman towards where they think the man shall be.

The wolf lopes through the woods, with the woman in tow holding her belongings. Luckily, you aren't impeded by any more Shroud beasts. Suddenly, you are both aware of a man crashing through the underbrush. He seems to be running towards you.

private layla The smell of blood fills your vulpine nostrils.

Layla blinks a bit as she lifts her nose as the blood lingers in the air as she looks over towards the man and over too May for confirmation.

May jumps a bit in surprise at the man crashing through the underbrush, gasping softly and lifting her torch as some sort of club above her head. Blinking slowly however she studies him to see if it's her friend from the bar, backing up faintly as he is running after all.

The man is tall and reedy, wearing a blood-stained sweater vest and slacks. he seems to have lost one shoe, and, May would note, his glasses.

"Leonard!" May says with a bit of relief as she looks him over, nodding to Layla. "Are you alright?" She offers her hand, looking over his vest. "We should get you out of here."

Layla stays on guard as she looks around, sniffing the air as she seems watch carefully.

Leonard crashes to his knees, clutching his side. He is clearly wounded. Layla would think him injured enough to have been forced out of the Shroud, yet here he is. You can hear vicious laughter echoing through the woods... getting closer, perhaps.

Tilting her head, May tries to listen to the laughter this time with a shiver going up along her spine. Biting her lip she lifts her hand to Leonard to take his arm and give him support. "We need to get you out of here.." The blood, if it does, smearing her clothes not seeming to be cared for.

Layla nods her head over towards May as she guards over the two of them and stays close, ready to pull them both out of the shroud.

May might get a little blood on her, but poor Leonard's sweater vest seems pretty absorbent. As Layla looks ahead into the gloom, she can see two humanoids approaching in the Shroud. They have the telltale ethereal bat wings of a vampire aura, as well as a faint red glow surrounding them.

Layla growls as she looks between May and Leonard and stays near them as she watches the two humanoids and snarls as she moves slightly forward to meet them.

May doesn't seem observant of the bat-winged creatures, attention turned to Leonard as she tries to start helping him hobble back in the direction where they came. Looking over her shoulder she bites her lip, staring at Layla before noticing the pair.

The two figures wear hoodies and sunglasses. As Layla begins to move forward, the one on the left crouches down into a low stance, the one on the right pulls a pistol from his waistline and brings it up, gangsta style, aimed at the werewolf. He looses a mocking howl.

Leonard is in shock, or going into shock. He clutches at May, his skin deathly pale, babbling but unable to form any real, actual words.

Layla growls as she turns around briefly to look at May before lunging forward with haw maw open as she goes after the two hooded figures without hesitation.

As Layla lunges forward,the pistol-toting vampire pops off several shots. Meanwhile, the second one launches himself impossibly high into the air, hurtling through the branches to dive at her.

private Layla You are winged. your toughness holds out, leaving you at probably 90% fighting capacity.

"Go.." May shouts to Leonard as she grabs his waist and props his arm around her shoulders. The blonde starts to half carry, half-drag the shocked man a bit further away while trying to keep him at least awake. "Leonard.. Leonard hang on. It's me, May. We were just talking at the Nail, remember? Ribs and to much sauceyness?"

Layla growls a bit as she is hit, snarling as she concentraits a moment to toughen herself after being hit and charge towards the vampire firing off with the pistol and snapping her jaws at him powerfully.

Layla tells you OOCly 'Biomancy's resistpain'

The vampire throws up his arm and Layla clamps down on it. Her teeth sinnk into his cold flesh, but finds the limb surprisingly resilient, the toughness that only a vampire can possess. With her nervous system turned temporarly off, she barely feels the impact of the second vampire as it delivers a vicious dropping kick from above. Meanwhile, May drags Leonard through the Shrouded woods. He seems lucid for a moment before observing the twisting mists around him and going into shock again- the mental trauma of being in this place perhaps worse than the wounds he has suffered.

Layla winces as she looks over at the second vampire, but she holds her ground and raises a claw pawed up and launches it at the current vampire that she is focused on though her attack isn't as strong as the first one.

Layla's claw rakes across the vampires chest, drawing a pained hiss, but of course no blood. The undead responds by pistol-whipping the wolf across the sound, a crushing blow that bends the handgun. Meanwhile, the second vampire flanks the wolf, delivering a series of fast punches into its rib cage. Her nerves are slowly beginning to come around, and she can feel the impacts shuddering through her body.

Layla seems to have a slight pained look on her face as she looks between the vampires, feeling cornered though she continues her assault on the first vampire. She leans in and gives a very weak bite, as though getting ready for something stronger.

May is trying to not succumb to trauma herself her soul focus right now trying to get Leonard out of the woods. Swallowing heavily she can certainly hear Layla and the vampires, but unarmed herself, she focuses on the battered man.

The city lights come into view for May, but they seem washed out and hazy on the other side of the Shroud. The cityscape seems slightly tilted, as if Haven were lopsided. In the battle behind her, the bitten vampire snarls and slams his boot into the wolf, while the other continues to pound away.

private layla You're starting to feel it... you hope that your biomancy recharges soon. The first vampire seems fairly torn up, but the second one is in top fighting shape.

Layla finally turns her attenion all of a sudden to the second vampire, her eyes rested on his as she lashes out with a clawed paw and hitting him with one of her harder attacks and moving too try and pounce onto him and pin the vampire down, her eyes showing sign of hunger, more so to kill.

Going a bit dizzy, May stares almost helplessly out into the skewed vision of Haven, eyes wide. The blonde has no idea how to get out, so she sits and lowers Leonard to rest, trying to keep him awake and talking, even if it doesn't make sense.

The wolf pounces on the vampire, her ferocity having been stored up for this attack. She takes him off his feet, bitching viciously at his throat. His sunglasses get knocked off, his eyes glowing red with night vision. He opens his hands and brings them together, clapping the wolf's ears and momentarily dazing her. the other vampire picks up his handgun and aims down at the wolf...but the weapon explodes in his hand, the barrel having been deformed by his early pistol whipping. He shrieks, clutching his hand, and turns to flee. At the edge of the forest, May is talking to Leonard, who is still in shock but awake, trembling and still bleeding- May's no medical professional, but she can tell he's going to need a hospital. Unfortunately for the pair of naturals, they lack a way to exit the Shroud...

Layla snarls as she rips into the vampire and licks her maw before turning her attnetion towards May and Leonard, taking this chance that both the vampires have been injured and goes over towards the pair as she shifts back into her human form, "Let's hurry while they are down."

Layla turns into emerald-eyed, white-haired woman.

One vampire seems to be fleeing. The other is on the ground, momentarily stunned from the ferocity of Layla's last attack. The white haired woman is now fleeing, unclothed, through the woods toward where May and Leonard are crouched.

May nods a few times to Layla feverently. "We have to get him to the hospital. I think he's lost a lot of blood." No medical expert, but the shock is pretty obvious. "He isn't going to make it much longer. Can you get us out?" She asks, keeping the man close.

Layla nods her head as she tries to move a bit faster to get over towards May and someone while the vampire is stunned, "Toss me my things and i'll take us all back to the other side."

May nods and is quick to hand Layla her things, somehow bundled into her pocket or under her arm. "Here."

Layla dresses quickly and is able to pull May and Leonard through to the Shroud. You would be on Lynch Street, just a few blocks north of the intersection where Layla's bike is parked.

Layla pants heavily as she nods over towards May, "I'll get him to the hospital..i've got my bike..he'll be safe."

"Are you going to be okay?" May asks Layla with a once over to her then looking to Leonard, whom she hands over very gently.

At this point, Layla can drive the man to Downtown Medical, while May is free to go about her business. Leonard nods weekly, though he is clearly in deep trauma... having been brutally exposed to the supernatural.

"I'll be fine. my body can deal with it better, i'll be fine in no time." Layla smiles as she helps Leonard onto the bike before driving him too the hospital.

May stands for a long moment with her hands over her face and terribly worried. She'll have to check on Leonard later, but for now.. starts to make her way back to the Nail, where her car is parked out front.

End Encounter