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Alley Encounter


The scene opens with Raine discussing something with a medical worker at the hospital. In the nearby alley there is a noise to investigate.

At Haven Medical Center Parking Lot This area seems well populated.

  Parking spots are marked clearly and visibly for easy access.  A few lamp

posts light the space and buildings are settled to either side of the parking lot. The ground is asphalt, looking to be in good condition with few dips. A few handicap spots are settled amid the general layout, closest to the entrance.

It is night, about 64F(17C) degrees, There is a waning gibbous moon. You can hear the sound of waves behind and to the right of you.

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Raine is having a hushed conversation with a guy in a lab coat

The weather begins to cool as Raine stuffs the bills into her pocket. The wind billows in from the south and ruffles are her blouse, the blood splatter beginning to certainly dry upon it. There are comings and goings at the Haven hospital all hours of the night and this is no exception. A nurse taking a smoking break, male, looks over to Raine, "You need some help there?"

"Oh huh?" Raine looks up rather stunned that she's being addressed, then her eyes drop down to her blouse and she realizes she's standing, covered in blood in the parking lot of the medical centre and is not looking suspicious at all. "Just a friend had an accident I dropped them off inside and was taking a moment to get some fresh air" the tawny blonde lies, giving a reassuring smile towards the nurse. The man gives Raine a once over, filled with doubt, but he just shrugs his shoulders and says, "If you're fine how about you clean up and let me take you out to dinner? My shift ends in about an hour." The man gives her a flashed smile of shown teeth. He's a dark-haired man, a bit below average in the looks department.

Raine's brow creases and she takes a step away, responding to the nurse "I'm not available, but uh. Are you a Doctor here? Imight know someone who's looking, and a great catch."

"I might be on my way to becoming a Doctor, but school is expensive and I have enough student loans to bury me," says the man as he stamps out the cigarette. "Who's your friend?"

Raine sinks her hands into pockets and shrugs "I lied I don't really have a friend and if I did I'm not a fucking free of charge dating service. I just wanted to figure out if you were a Doctor" her lips form a slightly askew grin and eyes dart off to either side scanning the parking lot before she takes a few steps closer and confides "Always useful to have contacts on the inside, you know? Like people who know how to shut up and stuff."

"Something you might want to learn," says the dark-haired nurse as he turns away from Raine and walks into the hospital, complaining the whole time. This leaves Raine mostly alone outside but in the distance a short away down the street from the hospital in a nearby alley there is a flash of skin, pale, and movement.

"Fucking rude" Raine mutters to herself, flipping the bird towards Mister Perma Single as he disappears back into the building.

Raine thinks; "He's probably gay and just looking for a beard anyway"

The movement across the street now peeks out of the alleyway towards the hospital. It seems to be a man with scruffy, ragged hair and beard. He ducks back into the alleyway after spotting Raine, shrouded, and vanishes out of sight.

Her businessnow well concluded, Raine turns slowly to head back over to where her bike was left leaning against the corner of a building, right on the edge of the alley. There's a slight narrowing of eyes as the teen scans the darkness, certain of having seen something, but deciding it must have just been a feral cat she continues making her way over to the bike.

When Raine moves closer to the alley and the bike there is a voice from deeper within the darkness, "Hey... hey lady..." The voice sounds weak, or perhaps embarrassed. "Come over here? I need help..." There is a trash bin about ten feet into the alley and in the darkness, nothing else can be seen beyond trash.

Raine looks around to check if there's any other 'Lady' being addressed, of course she does, people always do that in movies and real life is no exception. "Me?" the teen asks rather redundantly, seeing as how she's the only one around the dark parking lot. "Uh I guess, What help do you need? I could run back over the hospital for you?" she offers politely, not advancing too much but most certainly inching a little closer. "Are you hurt?"

"I don't want a lot of people seeing me or knowing," says the voice coming from the trash bin in the distance. "I'm lost. I have no idea where I am and..." The voice trails off and the tone drops, male, but whispered, "I'm naked..."

"Oh shit" Raine nods and starts moving in, any notion of common sense suddenly flying out the window on the wings of a Peregrine Falcon, yes that fast. "Okay so uh How'd you get naked?" the young blonde inquires, stepping into the alleyway and sweeping her eyes around trying to pinpoint where the man is speaking from. She spots the trash bin and makes her way closer, leaning to one side to try and peer around the side "It's okay, I'm not gong to scream rape over you being naked or anything. I see .. a lot of that in m line of work. So hey I'm Ray, what's your name?"

"You won't believe me," says the man from the trash bin. He is cowering down behind it and has wrapped his arms around his knees as he sits, bare butt on the ground. When Raine peers around the side he leans back, trying to keep himself covered more with his legs, "What line of work is that? I'm Johnny..."

"I'm a Janitor" Raine informs the man now known as Johnny, though she doesn't go into detail as to how that equates to seeing naked men a lot "So you're lost? Well you're in Haven, near the Hospital. Does that sound familiar to you Johnny? How did you end up with no clothes, do you remember?"

The man looks up at Raine and over her slowly, "A janitor? You don't look like any janitor I remember growing up with." He's dirty, absolutely filthy and covered in specks of darker something. It could be blood. It is mostly around his hands and neck area, stubbled jaw showing it as well. "I don't know Haven, and I don't know where I am. I remember things, Ray, but I didn't do them... I didn't."

Raine steps in a little closer, looking down at her blood splattered self and she assures Johnny in soothing words "It's cool really, there's a lot of things in the world that don't make any sense at all, and we think it's so messed up that no one will believe us right? Like for instance. Me being a Janitor and seeing naked folk at my work. doesn't make sense. but it is what it is" The teen flashes a smile towards the filthy guy and in a low whisper she suggests "How about you tell me one super crazy nuts thing that happened to you today, and I will tell you one super crazy nuts thing that happened to me. And then we can decide which one of ius is more crazy than the other. Yeah?"

The smile from Raine has the young man giving one of his own, but it is a cautious motion of mouth. He looks towards her blood splattering and asks, "You're really a janitor? If you're going to make a joke about seeing some 'super' nuts at work because of all the naked guys I'm doing to think you're just fucking with me." He lowers his arms and says, "I remember running through the woods and finding a farm, and chickens..."

"Yeah, I absolutely totally am a Janitor, that's what it says on my paycheck each week" Raine nods to confirm, her lips twitching at the corners when Johnny mentions super nuts befre diverting the conversation back on the topic that interests her more."Running through the woods sounds fun, were you running faster than you thought you could?" the tawny-blonde queries, her head canting a little and eyes carefully appraising Johnny for his reaction. "Did you catch those chickens?"

"I was running really fast, but I wasn't me," says the man as he looks down at the ground between his legs. "I felt like I was faster than ever and I could run and run, but I caught those chickens and I ate them. It was a nightmare, wasn't it? None of it really happened..." He reaches out with his hand trying to grab at Raine's shoulder, "It didn't happen."

Raine allows Johnny to reach out and touch her, she doesn't challenge his notion that it didn't happen, but instead asks "Would it be a terrible terrible thing if it had happened?" there's a pause and the young woman drags her teeth along her lower lips, eyes searching the grubby man's face for response as she continues "Being free to run fast, and agile, no clothing to restrain you. I mean, is it really that horrible a notion? There's worse nightmares that you could have right?"

The man gives Raine's arm a firm squeeze as he questions, "It is terrible terrible if it happened because that isn't all, but I can't even tell you all of it or you'll..." He releases her arm and cowers back against the wall, the blood really noticeable now against his grubby skin as he lifts his hands up to clutch at his face, "There was so much screaming..."

The alley itself remains dark for the most part, but a car illuminates it when it pulls out of the hospital parking lot and the bright light flashes across Raine's silhouette while the trash bin protects the confused and traumatized man.

"I have friends, they have similar experiences to you" Raine offers, choosing her words carefully now "I could take you to see them, get you some clothes, hot shower and a warm meal.. though maybe you're still full" she adds quietly, recalling the chickens mentioned earlier. "They could explain to you a little more about this kind of happening and, maybe make things go away for you." The teen's grey eyes take on a rather concerned expression and she offers "Anything that is bugging you if you wanted to forget, though I suspect there are some things you shouldn't forget. My friends would be able to examine you more properly and make a beter diagnosis. Oh and don't worry" she brightly assures "They're not shrinks or anything, just people that can help when weird shit goes down."

"You're not really a janitor, are you?" asks the man as he tries to follow all of Raine's suggestions, but the trauma in his eyes says he might just be having most of those words breeze right over his head. He stares are her blankly towards the end and then begins to break down, "They started to scream... I tore into them... I remember ripping off... claws... I ate...oh... oh God..." He turns to the side and out comes the vomit, spewing forth into the alleyway next to him. He retches until there is nothing left, and then continues to dry heave, beginning to cry in terrible, snot-filled snorting sobs.

Raine leans against the wall of the building behind her,listening to Johnny recall the scene, her nose screwing up as he babbles and then finally vomits what is likely chunks of person. "Well that will need to be cleared up too" she mumbles to herself, waiting patiently for the filthy man to calm a bit beforeshe speaks up to him "I'm a Janitor, I help clean up messes, and I think you got a mess to clean up, you know I'm right" she states firmly, taking charge of the situation now. "So this is what we're going to do Johnny. You're going to come with me quietly now, I'll cuff your hands behind you and we'll walk around the corner to my work where people will be on hand to help you out." then she gives a shrug, her fingers wrapping around the blade that's hidden in her pocket and she adds confidently "Or I'll take you in to work in a less.. friendly way. Either way you're going to shut the fuck up with the crying and come inside to get cleaned up and dressed."

The coughing and sputters begin to stop after the man recovers from his vomiting session. He is sniffling and trembling now, gacking and gulping every now and then as if he might just puke some more. He looks at Raine, his eyes filled with tears and vision blurry as he reaches out to try and grasp her again, "I didn't really do it, did I? It was just a bad dream... a nightmare?" The recollection of the possible events seems to have sent this one off his rocker. He tries to clutch desperately at her, "Just tell me it was all a bad dream and I'll come see your friends just a bad bad bad bad dream..."

"Yeah, it was, we all have bad dreams" confirms Raine to Johnny, her voice softening a bit as she fumbles in her bag for some of the zip ties she always keeps hand for bike repairs "But we can learn how to tune those bad dreams out. My friends can teach you how, reprogram your mind if you like. Whatever you want.. need to help you deal with stuff. You really don't wanna be seeing the shrinks over there" she jerks her head towards the medical center "The'll probably think you're nuts, but I know better, you're a good guy yeah?" the teen coos, looking back at the zipties and requesting "Let me have your hands, to make you safe, so you don't get hurt before we fix things for you."

Raine thinks; "Definitely drain and brainwash, looks like fresh meat anyway, I don't think any

other faction has gotten hold of him yet"

A shake set of arms are held out with trembling fingers towards Raine as the man complies with her request. He stares at her, shock starting to set in, or at least some kind of trauma induced daze, "Yeah..." He just keeps his arms held out, "They'll help me. Make me forget... I can be reprogrammed, it never happened, bad dream..."

Raine slips one tie around the ragged man's wrist, then loops the other through, and with a firm hand, manipulates the man's hands around behind him where she secures the other wrist. "Sorry about that Johnny, but you know, protocol and the likes" the teen then places herself in a position ready to intercept should the man try to run and takes out her phone, speaking coolly into it "Yeah Ray here, bagged one, needs to be tagged. Drain and do whatever. Dunno if we can have this ne running free though, it's got that killer instinct from the sounds. Consider reprogramming and training, could be useful. Oh and find some clothes?" she rolls her eyes at something on the phone and comments back "Learn to trace, oh fine. The alleyway behind the Medical Center, send the Van around.. Yeah. No conscious still, I didn't really want to, he's being cooperative so far" the young woman kicks idly at an empty beer can, sending it clanking up the alley as she chatters on the phone "Am not soft, t"

Raine chatters on the phone "Am not soft, there's just better ways to handle shit.. no you"

The man is turned around and placed into the zip-tie cuffs. He doesn't struggle and instead keeps repeating while Raine's on the phone, "Just a bad dream... such a bad dream... there wasn't a baby... it wasn't a -real- baby... it was just a nightmare baby..." He laughs out as the can clanks up the alleyway and his voice joins in to echo out into the street. "They were soft... real soft going down..."

Raine shudders as Johnny mentions baby and she backs away from the cuffed man a bit, fingers still around her knife while she keeps the phone line open "Yeah, hurry up guys" she urges "I don't need to be rounding other people up and bringing them in too after they hear this guy" And then there it is, the van, it pulls slowly across the entrance to the alleyway in an almost silent idle and the side door slides open, two men scramble out and head over towards Raine's 'package' to collect him.

The man doesn't complain and keeps rambling now, almost incoherent as the group grabs him and tosses him into the van. They give a nod to Raine and drive off, leaving her in the alley with her bike and ready to finish her evening.