\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/Amber Alert

Amber Alert

Amber Alert Date: 10/29/2016 (Saturday) - Mid Day

Elias has accepted the encounter. Your target's been contacted to help find a civilian who's become lost in the woods.

In the Underground Library It is dark. The lights are on.

  Stepping down the stairs through the closet leads one into a well-stocked

library. While not luxurious there is a sense of casual wealth throughout, shown in the solid, dark-stained wooden bookcases and brocade bedecked armchairs scattered randomly through the room. In the center is a round dining table, now used for laying out books while researching or for discussions and meetings. Servants, both male and female keep to the shadows and corners, watching and waiting for someone to call on them for refreshment or assistance.

It is noon, about -10F(-23C) degrees, and the sky is covered by dark grey stormclouds.

[ ] [ down ]

Elias is standing here.

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Elias is sitting at the table, carefully going through the pages of a book. Each page he flips, he seems to be taking notes on a separate piece of paper.

Your cell phone begins to buzz, the probably familiar Amber Alert notification showing up on your screen: Michelle Smith, ten years old, brown hair and eyes, last seen fleeing from an SVU on Legacy and Dead Oak to the northwest. while wearing a bright yellow raincoat.

Elias looks over at the buzzing cellphone on the table, muttering, "Really?" He glances back towards the northeastern door, "Well, that is really close to here. Probably be alright. Won't hurt to look anyway I suppose." He says to himself, pushing himself from his chair. He begins to ascend the stairwell to go investigate this missing child.

The cold of the previous night has passed, it is still in the noon hour and the weather, while not rainy, is downcast. Thick, grey stormclouds hang overhead and ankle-high mist flows about your ankles as you exit the building. From Legacy, there's very little to be seen on the road itself. However, a torn piece of cloth hangs from a low hanging branch almost directly west of your location. The forest is eerily quiet. Now and then a rustle of movement within the bush can be heard.

It starts to hail.

Elias kneels down inspecting the piece of yellow cloth as he glances over to the rustling in the bush. He slides his hand behind his blazer, resting it firmly on the hilt of his concealed blade. He squints, studying the moving in the bushes to see if he can see more.

                Stat Report:Elias
        he has Perception stat at *.

A single kobold sticks its head out of the bush. It spots Elias and, having no companions to assist it, chooses the better part of valor and retreats back within the misty woods. The cloth is slick and coated with some kind of water-proof film. Further, tiny little shoeprints are near the pieces of cloth, leading to the north. Based on the distance between each print, it's likely the person who made them was running away or toward something.

Elias briefly considering to hunt down the kobold, he decides to keep to the task on hand. He moves to his feet, traveling northward after the small tracks of what he assumes is the little girl.

Soon, the road is gone from sight. The forest rises up around Elias, thick trees, some wider than a man, grow upward. The hail coming from the sky stops, scattered pellets left on the forest. Many end up in the tiny depressions in the shoeprint trail you follow. Far off to the northeast, a stone golem lumbers through the forest toward the east. The trail of shoeprints stop abruptly. Several of them are in a tight cluster, facing different directions, then a clear path starts, leading directly west. From somewhere within the forest, something hisses a dozen or so yards from Elias.

Elias crouches down, attempting to give whatever is making that sound a wide birth as he slowly moves around to continue westward. He pauses briefly, the look on his face becoming clear that he is starting to feel he has made a mistake entering the forest after a small child. He continues onward regardless, but takes extra effort to take careful steps to minimize the amount of noise he is making to try to not draw undue attention to himself.

The hissing stops and does not resume. A soft crack of a twig snapping underfoot of something comes from the north. But nothing makes itself evident. The forest is quiet once more, save for the distant sounds of the golem lumbering through the forest, which grows further and further away as Elias and the creature put more distance between each other. Abruptly, the silence is broken by a short, child-like scream from the southwest. The scream ends mid-way through, cut short by someone or something.

Elias heads towards the scream of the child, but he does not change his speed in which he is approaching. He still moves with caution, heading towards where he perceived the scream to come from. He doesn't seem to show any sense of urgency, whether he just doesn't care about the child or whether he thinks doing otherwise would just be recklessness, it is unclear as he shows little to no emotion about it. Just a calmed determined look painted on his face as he trudges along through the woods, hail pelting off him.

As Elias continues to move at his careful pace, the trees part away from around him, revealing a short clearing. He is still nestled within the shelter and cover of the trees. Within the clearing stands a tall minotaur, who has lain its axe down on the forest floor. It is kneeling down over the form of a young, brown-haired girl in a yellow raincoat. Her hands are bound behind her back and the creature is working on binding her ankles. Her forehead has a gash in it, a welting-bruise already raising from the wound and she seems to be unconscious. The minotaur's back is to Elias currently.

Elias slowly moves to reach into his pocket of his blazer, pulling out a small plush ferret. He closes his eyes focusing intently on the toy as a cold breeze swirls around it. After a short moment, he sets the toy down on the ground and it begins to twitch and move on it's own accord. Scooping up the ferret in his hands, he carefully attempts to sneak up on the minotaur, trying to move towards the creature's axe. If he is able, it is going to go and try to grab the axe before the minotaur can.

                Stat Report:Elias
        he has Minions stat at *.

The little girl falls to the forest floor, the breath knocked from her from the impact as the minotaur twists down and to the side. Its horn catches the axe on it and a deep groove is dug within his horn. It reaches up with one hand to grasp the ferret, its little claws having dug deep cuts into its face and flings it roughly to the forest floor with a sickening crunch of impact. The minotaur has one eye gone, gore oozes down from a hole in its socket down one cheek. The beast lashes out, clipping Elias on the shoulder with a punch that is barely a graze, but is strong enough to stagger the man.

Elias groans as the powerful hit knocks him back, taking a few steps back to maintain his balance. Shifting tactics and using the frigid climate to his advantage which strengthens his magic, he begins to focus on the minotaur. The air begins to rapidly drop around Elias as he begins to gather raw elemental energies as the runes in his watch glow dimly white. He begins to refocus them towards the minotaur, causing all the wet hail to freeze densely on the minotaur, bitting down deeply in to the creature. Elias hefts up the axe, trying to take advantage of the hopefully weaken state of the monster, striking down at it's head with all his might.

The minotaur takes a step back and swings out, barely deflecting the axe from going into its face. Its body is pelted and weakened by the hail and the axe continues its motion carries it into the leg that is still forward and it catches the beast behind the kneecap, sheering it off and impacting with the knee. Something inside the knee snaps and the creature's weight causes a louder crack to follow, its knee bends sharply to one side and the creature hits the ground with a loud thud. Its horn's tip nearly impacts with the form of the girl and the beast lets out a roar of anger and pain, both hands move to grip onto its thigh above the injured knee, Elias momentarily forgotten due to its agony.

Elias not really having much interest in staying and fighting and seeing the opportunity being graced upon him, he runs over to his ferret, tucking the stuffed toy into his pocket. He tosses the axe off into the bushes, well out of reach of the minotaur and goes to scoop up the little girl into his arms, not checking if she is awake or even alive at this point. He moves over into the nearest set of bushes, trying to find a good hiding spot considering if something comes for the anguished cries of the minotaur, hopefully minotaur will be their first meal. Clenching the girl tightly to himself, he begins focusing on building a path into town, figuring this is where the little girl likely came from.

                Stat Report:Elias
        he has Pathing stat at *.

The minotaur continues to writhe in pain on the forest floor and it begins to crawl toward Elias. Reality shifts around Elias however and as the creature reaches out for he and the softly breathing, unconscious girl, Elias finds himself elsewhere. City streets extend from about him. He has made it back within the city limits with Michelle. The Amber Alert notification had a phone number on it for information about the girl if she is found or seen.

Elias works at unbinding the little girl, keeping her close to himself so her condition doesn't worsen due to the cold weather. Glancing around, he looks for the nearest shelter he can find and heads to it. As he does this, he pulls out his phone, dialing the contact number.

A clipped voice answers the call and takes Elias' information and provides him an address to deliver the girl to. He's able to drop Michelle off. The people there extend their gratitude to the man but respect his wishes for anonymity and soon Elias is able to drive off and away, having saved the life of a young girl.