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Bad Dog

Someone has sent the state police after your target. Perhaps they're a real criminal or perhaps they've been framed, in either case it's up to them to get their arrest warrant handled and removed.

It's a lovely morning, not yet too hot with few clouds in the sky. The road is largely empty, with most of the early morning rush having already passed through. Birds can be heard chirping nearby, and sirens can be heard in the distance signaling that troublemakers seem to be awake, too.

It is a lovely morning, isn't it! So Bonnie seems to think anyway, with that bright smile on her face as she lifts her head to greet the day. She's just popped out of her bungalow and comes to a stop on the lawn, admiring the view for a spell before starting off towards her bike, parked just down Sidney Way.

The sirens seem to be heading to another part of the town, thankfully; they get more and more faint. A jogger, passing by a different route than usual, passes by and gives a nod of acknowledgement as she continues along her way. Unfortunately, it seems those sirens weren't the only employees of the city out and about today. A squad car drives up the road as Bonnie nears her bike, marked with the logo of the HSD. It slows down as it approaches the bungalow. It parks in front of Bonnie's home.

Stopping near her bike, Bonnie turns to look over at the squad car with morbid curiosity. She doesn't yet seem concerned, more nosey, although when it parks in front of her house, she straightens up. Her hands find the front of her summery skirt, brushing it down and out to ensure that she's presentable, and she stands there smiling with her heels pressed together. Raising an arm, she casts the HSD an exuberant little wave.

Bonnie thinks; "This about the House Red again? Oh I hope they won't give me another bad review on Yelp!"

Bonnie thinks; "It's probably for Dante. Such a cheeky old man."

It takes a moment, but two male officers step out of the car. Rather than approach the bungalow, they approach Bonnie with stern expressions and eyes hidden behind sunglasses. One looks older than the other, though both are clean-shaven. It's this one that speaks, "Are you Miss Bonnie Bright, or do you know where we might find her?"

"Helena Miller," Bonnie introduces herself, flashing the officers a wide and flirtatious smile. She in the end settles her gaze on whichever looks to be in worse shape, likely the older one. "But Bonnie lives here with me." She hooks her thumb over her shoulder, towards the bungalow. "How can I help? She's out of town right now."

The younger-looking of the two pulls out a folded sheet of paper from his back pocket. Two, looks like. He unfolds one and looks at it. Then he looks at Bonnie. He speaks quietly to his partner, though Bonnie can easily hear: "Matches the description." The older man gives a nod, keeping eyes on Bonnie, "Need to ask you some questions, ma'am. Can I see your ID?" He approaches. His partner stays where he's at, pocketing the papers again.

Bonnie thinks; "Shit."

Bonnie feels a strong desire to flee..

Pausing to consider, Bonnie taps a finger to her lip, looking about in vague confusion. "Oh my god, I am SUCH a ditz." She lets out a girlish, inane little giggle, slapping the side of her forehead and shaking it there. "I left it at home. You mind if I go and get it?" She starts towards the bungalow, glancing between the pair with an expectant, doe-eyed look, and her overgrown eyebrows lift askance.

There's a brief exchange of glances. It's hard to read the details with those large, aviator sunglasses they're both wearing. "It's a good thing you remembered," states the younger one, nodding towards Bonnie's bike, "Wouldn't want to leave home without it." The older continues approaching, clearly intent on escorting the woman, "Don't mind one bit, ma'am. I'm Officer Mills. You can call me Jeff. When's the last time you saw Miss Bright?" His partner glances between the bike and Bonnie, hand lingering near his belt, near his weapon and other tools.

"She went into the forest, you know? People do that around here," Bonnie mentions conversationally, happily leading the officer on into the bungalow. "But yeah I'm like, blonde on the inside." She raps her fist against the side of her head before unlocking and opening the door, beckoning him in. "Please, come in. Did you want some coffee or something? We have a whole basket of apples too, my other roommate is really into healthy eating and stuff."

As his partner follows Bonnie, the younger of the pair moves towards Bonnie's bike. He checks the thing for anything out in the open that might be incriminating, not poking around too far. He speaks quietly into his radio when he thinks Bonnie is out of listening range, but her hearing is stronger than he accounted for. He's calling in the license plate, having the numbers run. He then moves to join the others. All the while, Jeff is talking to Bonnie. A distraction, maybe, "Just into the forest? When was this? Coffee would be great, thank you ma'am." He steps in first. His partner waves Bonnie in, moving to hold the door for her.

"Oh my, a gentleman!" Bonnie chirps over at the cop who opens the door for her, visibly charmed and blushing. There's nothing openly incriminating at her bike, but a much closer inspection, perhaps by a forensic specialist or a detective, might find some bits of stray human hair that aren't the same colour or curl as her own, a few spots of blood and ... dog hair? There are some dark golden hairs there, likely belonging to a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever. The seat is just covered in it.

"They don't make them like you any more, not around here." Bonnie winks at the man holding the door open for her, then nudges him gently with an elbow as she leads the way into the kitchen. She waits to hear the front door close, meanwhile fetching a cheap plastic container of instant coffee powder.

(Internally) Bonnie patiently waits to hear the front door close while she makes a homely show of stirring her spoon in the instant coffee, smiling benignly.

Bonnie feels a strong desire to tear out this officer's throat and make an example of him..

Fortunately, the younger cop is just a cop. No crime scene investigator here. He doesn't seem to notice most of these details, and the dog fur raises no brows. "I try," answers the younger, still nameless for the moment, demeanor and tone not turning any more comfortable once inside. Officer Mills slips off his sunglasses, hanging them from a shirt pocket to reveal brown eyes to match his hair. By contrast, he seems far more at ease once indoors. The door is pulled closed, now. When Bonnie passed the younger, she'd likely notice the paper sticking out of his back pocket. With her keen sight, she'd notice it's a warrant for Bonnie Bright.

Revealing that; Her toenails are playfully painted in pastel colours.

Bonnie removes a flat-soled, strappy wooden sandals and slips it into a pocket.

"Is it okay if you take your shoes off?" Bonnie turns to ask the officers politely, offering them each a tremulous smile and knitting her brows faintly upwards. She looks nervous, maybe even frightened, her shoulders starting to shake in a way that makes her tall yet slender frame look so much smaller. She regards them with dark doe eyes as she slips out of her own sandals, glancing down at their own much nicer shoes to indicate that they should do their same. "I just had the floor redone, don't want it getting stained. And I'm sure work has you going to all sorts of sordid places." She pushes her sandals off to the side, and next, moves her hands to the hem of her tank-top as she waits for the kettle to boil. "So hot in here," she complains, raising an elbow to wipe at her forehead.

Revealing that; A slim waist gives way to a womanly paunch, which while far from oversized, has no muscle definition to render it flat.

Revealing; a black bra with a scalloped trim Bonnie removes an olive-green tank-top with a low-cut neckline and slips it into a pocket.

Bonnie feels a moderate desire to shift..

Bonnie feels a moderate desire to bluff these pigs into thinking she's nervous and vulnerable, maybe a victim in this whole situation..

The two look between each other, both looking uncomfortable with both the request and Bonnie's disrobing. Once more, it's Officer Mills that speaks for the pair, "I'm sorry, ma'am. We really can't stay long. Work to do. You understand." The other nods his agreement to these words. Jeff continues, "Could you go ahead and grab that ID? Then we can get out of your hair." The partner finally speaks, quick and to the point as before, "Sorry for the trouble."

"Yeah, it's just in here." Bonnie bends into a crouch, opening up a cabinet by the sink. Practically topless excepting her bra, she nearly crawls into it in her search, and the audible banging of pots and pans clatters out as she reaches further in. In the process, she ends up removing her bra -- unseen by the cops, unless they're peering in to see what she's doing, and even then, it may be a bit confusing to see exactly what's going on. Suddenly, she yells. "Ah!" The woman falls on her stomach and winces, convulsing on the floor. There's a loud, sickening CRACK as her arm suddenly breaks, and then yet another as her spine snaps in half. She shudders, her whole body trembling as her long, black hair sweeps across her body, and soon there's a rumbling, inhuman growl. Her maw lengthens and sprouts a pair of fangs, brown eyes flecked with amber as she salivates with a maddened look. Honey-brown skin draws forth a brush of burnished golden fur, and when she rises, her bones have rearranged, reformed, a large and wild, feral animal standing in place of the semi-nude woman. She regards the pair with hunger in her eyes.

Bonnie removes a series of cheap, multi-hued metal bangles and slips it into a pocket.

Revealing that; She has modestly-sized breasts that suit her frame.

Bonnie removes a black bra with a scalloped trim and slips it into a pocket.

A honey-complected, scrappy young lass turns into Bonnie.

The woman reaching somewhere out of sight does have the two trained cops on-edge. The younger brings his hand back near his gun, just in case. Neither goes peering, but both move to approach when they hear Bonnie calling out. By the third break, the younger yells out in surprise, "Holy shit!" Officer Mills throws out a "Mother of God" once the transformation is evident. The younger pulls his gun on Bonnie, pointing it at her, trembling whole-body. Officer Mills, the apparent veteran, is struggling to get his gun out of his holster. He looks like he might piss himself. It's clear that neither are supernaturally aware, or at least not familiar with werewolves. No bullets are fired, yet. They do both seem to be red, too, likely from frequent trips out into the more rural areas around Haven.

The enormous beast that is Bonnie wastes no time at all in leaping on top of Officer Mills, sending those pots and pans that were under the sink clattering loudly across the floor. Its salivating maw rips to the side with a flash of large canines, intent on ripping out the poor man's throat. That floor she's supposedly just redone will clearly need a lot more work now, because whether or not she finds her mark, blood is certainly going to splash the walls, fatally or no. It presses its front paws down on the cops chest, pinning him down, then turns and snarls in warning at the much younger cop. What's clear is that this is no ordinary wolf, twice the size.

                Ability Report:Bonnie
        she can bring a target to the ground in animal form.

Bonnie thinks; "Going to bring Dante breakfast in bed, so romantic."

"Holy shit!" the younger partner calls out again, echoing his earlier sentiment. His gun goes off, wildly missing the target. Even so large as it is. "Holy fuck!" slips from his mouth once again, this time the sheer terror clear in his voice as Jeff's blood escapes his body violently. Officer Mills never had a chance, dead in mere moments. Trained to take down human thugs, not giant beasts with human intelligence. Two more shots fire. One goes wide, into a wall. The other grazes Bonnie, hitting more fur than flesh. The bullets stop coming at the warning snarl, and he drops the gun. "No, please. Oh God, please," he mutters in a vain attempt at a prayer and begging both.

Bonnie yelps and then whimpers when the bullet grazes its flesh, flinching from the sound. Its ears press against the side of its head, but with blood staining its maw, it leaps up towards the younger cop next. The wolf does not go for the throat again this time, instead targeting the younger cop's hand in order to try and injure it, impairing the man's ability to shoot or possibly knocking the thing to the ground. However, the beast is feral and build for pure aggression, with no real finesse to disarm him -- only to hurt. It strives to shove him against the counter, peeling back its lip to bare those canines in clear, predatory warning.

Bonnie feels a mild desire to let this one live..

The gun had been dropped, shortly before the man began his begging to God and Bonnie both. Bonnie's efforts ensure that he won't be picking it up again anytime soon. He cradles a bloodied hand, pressed up against a counter. He's flinching, head turned away and eyes closed. He begs no longer, instead just whimpering incoherently. The pungent scent of urine suggests that the floor's bad day isn't over yet.

Despite only having been shot once, Bonnie's head snaps to-and-fro to every side, squirming with visible pain and whining in agony. The cause of this soon becomes clear, bones cracking in the poor cop's ear as the beast begins to tremble all over again. Its nostrils flare, letting out a huff, and soon the monster starts to shrink, fur shedding around it in a hazy plume -- hair which, to someone who didn't know better, might be mistaken for that of a dog, like a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever. When she completes her transition, the now nude and human woman reaches up a hand to try and grab the man's throat, pushing him against the counter once more and her naked body against him with it. She catches her breath with a heavy pant, clearly still in pain.

"You're cute," the raven-haired woman muses, leaning in to breath in the scent of fear that coats the man's skin. "I could just ... eat you up. What's your name, sweetie?" She is much, much weaker in human form, and w

Bonnie is much, much weaker in human form, and would be incredibly easy to push away or harm in this state. She relies on intimidation factor to limit the risk of him doing that.

Bonnie turns into a honey-complected, scrappy young lass.

There's more flinching, whimpering, and recoiling in fear as the bones begin popping again. The poor man seems to have absolutely no idea what's happening. The naked woman only confuses him more when she takes form. "T-t-t-tim," he answers the question after a moment to regain control of his body, "T-Tim Sutton." There's no struggle or pushing. In fact, Tim holds very, very still. As if expecting that the beast is still there somewhere. Hiding. Ready to do to him what happened to Jeff. His eyes flick that way, looking to the corpse as if making sure it really happened.

"Tim. Baby." Bonnie repeats the name, her voice deep and sweet, as though rather than one of them trembling in fear, the pair were on the verge of coupling. Her hand clenches around his throat in a vice-like grip, while her bloodied tongue darts past gore-stained lips to lave his cheek, leaving a messy, crimson trail in its wake. "There's been a misunderstanding. A really terrible one," she whispers. "I'm sure you didn't mean to trouble us here. We're law abiding citizens. There's no arrest warrant for Miss Bonnie Bright. None for Helena Miller. Definitely nothing for Dante Moretti. Would you ... be so kind as to make sure the paperwork gets rearranged, Mister Sutton?"

"Misunderstanding," Tim agrees quickly, nodding while still trembling, "N-no trouble. No. Sorry." He shifts his weight some, trying to keep his footing through the fear. "I'll-... I'll figure out a way. I'll make it go away. I'm sorry." His voice turns to whimpering again, "Please don't kill me."

"Kill you? No," Bonnie assures Tim, raising her eyebrows with a shocked expression, as if the very idea was abhorrent to her. "I've just had breakfast, honey, I don't kill people." She releases her hand from Tim's throat gently, then lifts both up to stroke down his hair, making sure it's nice and neat, and briefly cups his cheeks to regard him with a smile. When they descend once more, it's to straighten out his suit and release him, gesturing towards the door in all her naked glory. "Your colleague was just telling me he's gone to retire. Somewhere nice. Somewhere other than Haven. There's all kinds of weird rules around here, you know? Cops aren't allowed to mess around with the societies." She reaches over for the now boiled kettle, pouring it into the ready mix of instant coffee and an inordinate amount of sugar. With her back turned, he may have already taken the opportunity to bolt or attack her again -- but if he hasn't, she turns back around to offer out the nice hot cup with a smile. "Your coffee," says Bonnie.

Bonnie thinks; "He seems stupid. He'll learn."

Bonnie thinks; "Can't break the treaty with members of the HSD, right? They're supposed to know these things, one way or another."

Bonnie thinks; "I did him a favour, really."

Bonnie thinks; "Should've killed Tim though. He looks fresh, other one looks kind of gamey."

Officer Sutton listens, eyes wide, still shaking. He stands still as she touches him, fixing his hair and clothes. Speechless. He watches as she moves away and turns to prepare the coffee. It isn't until she offers it that he starts to move. He just gives a few quick nods, showing his understanding, and he goes to bolt out the door, planning to take his car and leave as quickly as he can.

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Raising the coffee to her lips, Bonnie takes an indulgent little sip, smiling as she watches poor Tim rush for the door.