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Bleedforthe Birds

It's a pleasant, if brisk, Saturday morning as you find yourself strolling through the yet to be completed building site. Lengths of 2b4 lay scattered around on the ground, the workmen obviously having abandoned everything they were doing right in the middle when the end of the Friday workday finally came. The wooden frame surrounding you allowing you to move in and around it easily enough as well as see the trees of the forest just a bit to the south.

Sumner weaves in, out, and between the wooden frame surrounding the plot of land, whistling. "Looks like it's coming along nicely... I wonder what it will be. Probably someone's home, no idiot would build a shop in the middle of nowhere."

Sumner looks westward from where he loiters about, eyeing the back of the Orc's Barracks Gaming Store as if for the first time. His eyes narrow significantly.

You hear a faint bird call from the forest, the wind blows lightly through the branches and carries some of the ocean's chill over your frame. After a moment there's a fluttering near your head a a small blue-black common starling lands on some of the expose frame just a little ways in front of you, the bird cocking its head slightly to one side as if it is studying you and shuffling an inch or so to the left along the frame.

Sumner looks down at the small bird inquisitively, cocking his head his head to the side as well. He watches the bird as if it might fly right into his face. Or abruptly start pooping.

Instead the bird lets out a small series of melodic chirps, and hops a little closer, fluttering its wings a few times for balance.

Sumner looks surprised by the bird's approach, his eyes widening a bit. He crouches down so as to inspect it closer. Smirking, he makes a sudden, jerking motion with his hand towards the bird. A feint, but meant to be startling.

The bird hops in a little closer before the sudden motion has it flapping its wings in a sudden panic and lifting off into the air, it circles around once before landing on the building's frame again but this time on the opposite side of the would be room, settling down and continuing you watch you.

Sumner chuckles as the bird spazzes out, flapping away from him to land across the room. "Persistent, are you? Interesting... I'm talking to a bird. Dear me, I should take a break from all my research, I'm expecting animals to respond to me."

The bird studies you for another few seconds before letting out another melodic series of chirps and then launching itself back into the air with a flutter of wings and attempting to land on your shoulder.

"Oh shit?!" Sumner exclaims, startled by the bird's sudden advance and backpedaling with a hand outstretched at the bird so as to keep it at bay. "Damned winged rat! I don't carry scraps of food!"

You successfully ward off the bird and it flutters away again but you feel a sharp pain in your finger as you so so and as the bird lands on the structure on the other side again a single crimson drop falls from the tip of your digit where it pecked you.

Sumner curses under his breath as the pain courses its way down his hand. He grips the wounded digit tightly, and glares at the bird. "I ought to kill you," he hisses at the beast, frowning deeply.

The bird studies you for a moment after the threat then launches itself from it's perch once, more, flying straight at your face all flashing beak and raking claws despite its tiny size.

Sumner backpedals once more, and swings his fist so as to catch the bird in mid air, all the while yelling, "Try me!"

Your fist connects solidly with the small bird and it careens off course, crashing into the side of the frame and then falling to the floor, one of its wings obviously broken in the landing as it scrabbles around in a panic, trying to get back to its feet. The tiny feathered creature looking entirely pathetic now that its injured and grounded.

Sumner sucks his teeth and strides on up to the injured creatures. Reaching down, he nabs it by its leg despite its likely violent disposition and holds it up in front of him scowling. "...I get the feeling you're no ordnary bird... You respond to speech interestingly."

The bird continues to dangle from your fist, twisting and scrabbling, its wings beating furiously as it chirps in violent protest. There's the faint sound of rustling from the south, easy to ignore at first but then louder, and again... Suddenly a swarm of starlings burst from the trees and flock towards you, a thick black cloud of feather, beak and talon that seems almost one entity, impossible to separate one bird from the next.

"OHHH FUCK NOOO!" Sumner bellows, and slings the bird at the swarm heading his direction, and hightails it, sprinting about the construction site and flailing his arms so as to protect himself from the beasts. "Mother -fucking- birds, man, no -fucking- way!"

The flung bird does little to distract the swarm who flow in and around the wooden framework of the construction site, one or two birds colliding with the wooden beams and falling away but the rest keep on, chasing you out onto the street. You feel a sharp pain on the back of your hand, another on your earlobe, and your neck as the tiny creatures start to overtake you and draw blood.

Sumner starts screaming in pain as the birds swarm over him, hand digging through his coat frantically. He snatches out a dagger and starts swinging it wildly about him, eyes closed and one arm shielding his face.

Julian is likely drawn by the sounds of screaming as he comes down the street towards the southern part of town to see Sumner being swarmed by a giant flock of tiny starlings, the little birds swarming everywhere as they dive in to peck and rake at the poor man over and over, drawing little spots of blood with each strike.

Sumner manages to stab one or two with his dagger and they fall to the street twitching and shuddering but the others just keep going on, attacking as if possessed.

Julian dons his onyx plate armor and pulls his onyx bastard sword. He then l, well protected, joins in the fray. His attacks are more skillfully trained with several precise blows. Though terribly weakened due to his human form he could still put one hell of a fight and his carbon steel equipment was fantastic in endurance and effectiveness.

Sumner attempts to press something on his right arm but, being swarmed by the birds, simply has not the pain tolerance nor the space to do so, and instead starts banging on the slight bulge on his right forearm, as if he believes that will save him.

The swings of Julian's sword take out several birds at a time but there's too many for any such strategy to be effective. They seem to ignore him as much as possible though, so focused are they on attacking Sumner. He can't even be seen anymore now for the thick of birds around him, red drops spattering over the asphalt all around. A few nearby houses might offer some shelter however, and there's an entrance to the sewer a block away.

Seeing that the swarm just carries on growing and not diminishing, Julian, realizes something is utterly wrong. He couldn't see no aura with his disguised bracer either. Being much more armored he grabs Sumner by the arm and yanks him "Come on. We have to run these things. Too many of them." He lacked his pyrokinetic powers as well so he couldn't start a fire to distract the beasts either. "Come on move!" he says in a coarse voice.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Sumner blindly allows himself to be led wherever Julian leads, gnashing his teeth and thrashing violently. Throes of pain overcome him in waves, at times making him spasm into silence for but a moment before he howls once more.

The pair stagger down the road towards the tunnel entrance, a small trail of tiny red drops in their wake. They finally manage to make it but the man hole cover is still in place.

Julian says to Sumner after studying him some more "What's wrong?" There was something wrong. But he could not put his finger on it. His medical eye evaluated the man while he sought cover from the infernal birds. But he was sure this was more supernatural in nature then medical in quality. He would go first with the explainable then move on to the occult.

Torn, bleeding, and blinded by pain, Sumner shivers slightly, though likely not from the cold. "Birds... Accursed, possessed birds! Damned things want to kill me!" He hisses, running a scratch-covered hand over his eyes in an attempt to get the blood out.""

The pair tumble down into the tunnels, hitting the ground hard but finally managing to escaping the swarm of birds. Sumner is covered in tiny little cuts and wounds, none of them significant in and of themselves but together still very painful. They can still hear the birds moving around above the tunnel, as if waiting for them to come back up. Just before you fall into the tunnel you could swear you saw someone watching you, a figure hunched over and with a black shawl entirely covering their head and face, just a wisp of what looked to be green hair visible outside of it. But you only saw them for a second before falling down into the dubious shelter of the tunnel.

Julian looks a bit skeptically behind the red visor of his plate helmet. Not the man could see. Things just didn't attack you out of the blue for no reason. Yet he could not see any aura on Sumner unless he was obfuscating, which could be possible. "Look man you have to trust me here. You any kind of supernatural being?" it was a far stretch but the other possibility was that he was cursed.

Sumner grimaces slightly, shaking his head slowly. Leaving the surface has the man calming down slightly, focused somewhat more on getting as much blood off of himself as possible than Julian. "No, I'm not, and I doubt that had anything to do with my situation... Did you see them? There was a person up there, standing like an apparition with concealing clothing. Whoever they are, they must have something to do with it."

Over time the sounds of the birds diminishes, although whether that's due to them disappearing or just laying in wait isn't clear.