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Boston Bank Robbery

Boston Central Bank {The Fractured States}

White corinthian pillars border either side of the heavy wooden entrance to the bank which is flanked by two heavily armed security guards. Inside the bank is all old wood and marble with the heavy vault entrance just visible down the corridor. Tac suits are a frequent sight flying by overhead as they keep an eye out for any criminals trying to attempt a robbery.

Exits: Streets of Boston(Out)

When Takeshi arrives, his eyes shift up towards the tac suits flying above overhead, but he's silent for the moment, moving to lean against the coffee house that Tia's inside of, crossing his arms over his chest.

Tia frowns at the latest editorial about the migrant crises and right wing commentators insisting that Boston needs to close it borders and flips the page over to read the latest news from Europe, sipping from her latte.

Kane dressed in ratting sneakers, an old black hoodie, torn up jeans and sunglasses, the man squats by the stairs of the bank, a jar before him with a cardboard sign before it reading 'Generosity Approciated'. Though no one really gives him anything, most likely because he keeps looking ether side of him and whispers to himself.

Doctor Thorne is reclining comfortably in his hover limo far above the city, on screens in front of him however are an array of computer screens that control the man's small army of androids. And come to think of it there are a lot more wrapped up homeless people around the bank today...

Takeshi's eyes dart to the homeless people wrapped up and around the bank, jaw twitching briefly before his gaze slides to Kane. He's still quiet for the time being, his eyes lifting up again to the tac suits flying up before they settle on the entrance to the bank and its guards.

"There are too many begging around here, Nikki," Kane says over to his right, speaking in a low voice, the man nodding to himself as he speaks to himself. "You're right, Kane. Too many people. We should move?" His shaded gaze goes to his left, the man's voice taking on a more playful tone, "We could push them away. Come on, just a little nudge, no one will know it was us." Shaking his head, he responds to his own suggestion, "No...that wouldn't be right. Maybe we'll hvave better luck next time."

Everything seems quiet on this early Thursday afternoon, people come in and out of the bank on their regular business. All that changes in an instant however when a security guard comes flying out through the glass doors of the bank and crashes into the street. A pale woman with red eyes in a nice black suit just visible through the broken glass before she turns to head to the cashiers. Almost immediately several Tac suits with flashing police sirens on their shoulders swoop in towards the bank but a dozen homeless people peel off their clothes to reveal shiny chrome androids who launch from the ground to intercept, people start running and screaming as gangsters start to pour out of nearby vans and fire wildly into the air as they rush for the bank.

When things devolve into chaos, Takeshi makes his own move. He begins sprinting towards the bank as well, seeking to backhand one of the security guards who were outside before he joins the fray, though he tries to spin or weave past any of the androids who might stop him in his mad dash for the bank. He's moving with the gangsters, though he obviously isn't one of them.

Busy listening to her ipod and reading her newspaper, Tia is embarrassingly slow to react to the attack on the bank and it isn't until androids crash into Tac Suits that she finally looks up, eyes widening with alarm. She freezes for a minute but then rushes out of the coffee shop with the others but as they flee away from the scene she turns towards it, lifting her scarf up and securing it under her eyes to form a lower face mask, violet lightning crackles in her eyes as she leaps for one of the vans and tries to kick it over.

"Hey! Hey, Kane! Look! It's bank robbers!" Says Kane as he looks to his left, pointing at the bank robbers. "That's pretty cool, right? Never seen a bank robbery before!" He looks to his right again, suggesting gently to himself. "You should do something about it." He gives a nod of his head to the right side of him, rising to his feet. His eyes focus on the gangster closest to him, raising his hand up and gives a pushing motion, attempting to send one of the robbers flying into a wall on the other side of the street.

A telekenitic ribble eminates from Kane's hand as it travels in a ball shape towards the gangster.

Takeshi rushes over to the bank and backhands a security guard as he steps inside, all the occupants seem to be lying facedown on the ground while the pale woman in the nice suits punches the entrance to the bank vault over and over, each one creating another dent in the hard steel. Tia's leap caries her sailing over the heads of several fleeing residents and her kick sends the van toppling over, half crushing several gangsters beneath it, but it also draws a lot of attention and several uzi wielding thugs turn their sights on her and open fire. Kane's blast sends the robber hurtling into the far wall but just then he's tackled from behind by a polished chrome android. "Please do not resist." It chimes at him pleasantly as it drives him into the asphalt.

Tia turns towards the thugs when they open fire, violet lightning crackling along her hands as she summons a shield to deflect the bullets as she looks for a way to get out of the line of fire and resume the attack.

Kane lands on the asphalt with a thud, grunting at the force as his body slams upon the hard ground, looking over his left shoulder to the android. "Kane! Do that fun thing you like doing!" He gives a small dip of his head, pushing his hands upon the ground, and tries to throw him and the android up into the air so that he may reach behind him and crush the android's head with his psychic might.

Martha Carroll, obvlivious of what might be happening at the bank, simply enters, no doubt because she has some business to tend to in a bank. But as soon as she arrives at the entrance, she needs to jump backwards, Kane and an android seemingly in a super-powered street fight.

Seeing the red-eyed woman smashing into the vault, Takeshi pauses and watches her for a moment before thinking better of it and turning towards the entrance, his fists clenching tightly enough that his knuckles begin to pop as he waits for the woman to finish with the door. The fact that Tia ended up being an empowered makes his upper lip curl as he sees the violent lightning crackling around her hands.

Tia's shield sparks into life in time to deflect a burst of bullets but then the concentrated stream blasts through and impacts her hard in the chest, before she gets a chance to make for cover she's knocked to the ground and blasted with gunfire from all sides. The gangsters, sure she must be dead or at least unconscious, close in all around her... Meanwhile Kane and the android leap into the air, but the robots head proves far too resilient and far from being crushed it lands on Kane when they come back down, hard. It raises a rise and drives it into the man's side, letting out a burst of taser like electricity into his side at the same time. "Please do not resist." It reminds him again pleasantly. More police are arriving by the second, cars screeching up outside the bank and officers pouring out as tac suits sweep down from the air engaging with thugs and androids alike. Several other colourfully dressed individuals come running towards the chaos and one lithe girl in a green ninja-like getup comes vaulting off a hover bike and straight through the broken bank door, rolling to her feet and kicking Takeshi clear across the room to smash into a support pillar before she turns for the pale woman.

Tia just curls up in a ball under the sustained submachine gun fire from the thugs, relaxing with a faint groan when they finally stop shooting long enough to approach. She lays perfectly still for a few seconds, and then just when they get near unleashes a massive blast of violet lightning all around her before faulting back to her feet, staggering slightly as she tries to shake off the battering and looks for new targets.

The taser shocks through his body, Kane grunting as it shocks the man's body. Teeth bared like an animal, he turns his hand up to face the android and claps it before flicking his wrist. The android will suddenly feel a pull of it's head off of him and to the wall of the bank, a kenetic force dragging the robot off of him and flinging it towards the wall.

Takeshi smashes into the pillar and slides down, looking for a moment like he's unconscious, but his head shakes and he rises to his feet, slowly rubbing at the side of his skull before he begins advancing on the ninja girl, looking angrier in his humiliation that someone in such a colorful costume was able to knock him about so quickly. "You capes and tights types," he seethes, rushing towards her to try and throw a punch directly aimed for the side of her head.

Martha Carroll stepping back a bit, trying to get into a ... well, more or less safer place in all this mess, tries to assess the situation around her, not running from the place. She notices Tia and Takeshi's fights, but more Kane's spetacular fight with an android, but all that means nothing, since she can't decide who's fighting for what, or against who, and why. Instead, she decides to focus on the cops that just arrived, trying to figure out who the hell will they try to attack -- that will give here a better way of understanding what's going on.

Tia's massive discharge of power sends thugs flying in all directions, and none of them are getting back up. It is also rather attention drawing however and out of the crowd comes a large muscular blond man, throwing shurikens of ice at the woman. Kane's telekinesis sends the android flying and damages the circuitry enough that its having trouble standing back up, but it's almost immediately replaced by three more just like it who all chime in pleasant harmony. "Please do not resist." Before attacking the man from all angles. Takeshi's target seems distracted and only half turns by the time his punch connects, the lithe woman going flying across the inside of the bank and smashing through a pane of glass before tumbling into an office beyond. Only a moment later though she's up again, darting forward with super human speed to launch a series of acrobatic kicks in his direction. One of the thugs unleashes a spray of bullets that punches into a cop car near Martha and a young blonde cop taking cover behind it falls back with a cry, bleeding profusely from her abdomen.

Tia spots the blonde man coming just in time and twists one way and then the next to dodge the incoming shurikens of ice. She summons up a rope of violet lightning and flicks it out at the man's feet, trying to pull him off balance.

Assuming the attacks are physical strikes and not any sort of energy attacks or bullets, Kane is struck by the androids, taking their punches as he grunts. He makes a grabbing motion towards the air of one of the androids and pulls towards the other anroids, attempting to use the first one to knock over the other two and buy him some time to create some distance.

Takeshi steps after the ninja woman, her kicks sending him staggering back a few steps right before one of the kicks catches him in the face and causes him to nearly fall over again. Still, he doesn't let up on his own assault, reaching up to try and grab at her leg when her next kick flies towards him, and if he's successful, to throw her towards the entrance and away from the red-eyed woman working the vault.

Martha Carroll runs to take cover behind another cop car, even if she just saw what happens to those doing what she just did. Peeking through a window towards the thugs that are shooting against the cops, she focus on them and just tries to take from them all the will to hold their guns.

Tia's rope trips the big man up and he crashes heavily onto the ground, but right then another thug comes up from behind her and starts firing his shotgun at her back. Kane sends the androids sprawling like bowling pins but then he's hit across the back of the head by a thug with a heavy steel chain. Takeshi grabs a hole of the ninja woman and hurls and she goes shooting out of the bank and over the heads of the other fighters, crashing into a police swat van and sending it skidding backwards. The woman slumps out of the dent and doesn't get back up. The thugs Martha focuses on frown and slowly drop their guns, but then one of the androids lands right behind her. "Please do not resist." It chimes pleasantly before kicking the woman in the back. Meanwhile the bank vault door finally collapses under the assault and the pale woman strides inside, emerging a few moments later with a rectangular safety deposit box. Several of the thugs rush into the bank to dash into the vault to claim their own prizes as she leaves.

That was a quick intervention from Martha Carroll. Assuming the android kick is as hard as the ones Kane has suffered, she just collapses at the floor and doesn't resist - unable to, and probably with a broken rib or three.

Kane was about to leap up, but it didn't work out for him, because he gets struck real good behind the head by the chain weilding man. What would have likely knocked out cold a normal human causes Kane to fall forward a moment, dazed by the chain, though he rolls around to push his hand forward to try and send the man flying. Though having just been hit, his aim might be off.

Tia goes down hard when she's shotgunned in the back, sprawling on the ground dazed for several seconds.

With the ninja woman taken care of and the red-eyed woman's mission a success, Takeshi moves towards the vault himself, grabbing hold of some cash and stuffing it in his blazer, which he pulls off to turn into a makeshift sack. He does begin to step for the door with his plunder.

Martha Carroll tries to use her powers to make herself feeling less pain, but it doesn't seem to work. So, she just keeps groaning down on the floor.

As Martha, Tia and Kane all go down hard and the thugs start ransacking the bank things look dire. "Congratulations, you have stopped resisting." The android tells the crumpled form of Martha as the shotgun wielding thug grabs the dazed Tia by her boot and starts to drag her back towards his van. "Look what I caught!" He crows to his companions. Kane's vision blurs and his telekinesis misses the chain wielding thug who steps in with a big grin. Suddenly there's a sonic boom and a blur of white too fast for any eye to follow and then the pale woman is sprawled on her back in the bank, deposit box flung far from her grip. A powerfully built man all in white is standing in the entrance to the bank. "This robbery is over." He booms in a powerful voice and the fear is palpable as it spreads through the thugs and criminals as the gaze upon Diamond, the class A superpower who defends Boston. The thug dragging Tia and the one about to clobber Kane all pause in anxiety giving the heroes an opportunity to rally as a tense stillness washes over the crowd. Then there comes another sonic boom and a blur of black and Diamond disappears. Booms of thunder start to rattle the buildings below as black and white blurs shoot back and forth overhead, colliding with each other over and over. "Obsidian..." Some murmur in awe, never having seen the Class A From Chicago in action. Suddenly the pale lady is back on her feet and scooping the safety deposit box back up off the floor, even as she nurses her ribs.

When Diamond's appearance makes her would-be-kidnapper pause Tia shakes off the last of her buffudlemnt and raises her head, violet lightning crackles in her eyes before blasting forth to strike the thug straight in the back. Then she vaults back to her feet, sparing a quick glance for the battling superheroes above before she sets her eyes on the looters streaming from the bank and sets off to intercept, although her stride is far from sure as the weary woman closes in on the thugs.

Seeing the chance to get away, Kane pushes his hands upon the ground and attempts to summon a blast of telekentic energy to launch him into the air, getting away from the chain wielding and onto a roof of a nearby building so that he may collect himself without fear of having his head clobbered.

Martha Carroll is missing quite a show, being on the floor. Amongst other things, she can't see what's happening inside the bank. She keeps groaning and on the floor, silently hoping that the android that kicked her looses interest and goes to pick another fight, away from her.

When Takeshi spots Diamond, for a moment he stares at him, then looks over towards the pale lady as she scoops up the safety deposit box. With that in hand, he looks back up at the two beings clashing together over and over again, before striding for the street with his booty, pausing to look down at Martha Carroll as she lies there on the floor. Stepping over the poor woman, he heads towards behind the coffee house Tia was just trying to settle down at before this all happened, so he can watch the fight and not be bothered. Hopefully.

A nearby steeple explodes as the black blur is blasted through it, but a moment later he reverses direction and there's another boom that shakes the city as the two shapes above collide. Tia blasts the thug with her eye lightning blast and he goes sprawling insensible to the ground, but she's too late to stop the pale lady who is already vaulting onto the back of a expensive looking hover bike and peeling away into the sky with her lockbox. Kane's blast sends him clear of the thug but he falls short of the roof he was aiming for and crashes into a fire escape, bouncing off the stairs once before coming to a rest on a balcony halfway up the building. Martha begins to shake off her concussion as she finds the android has left, indeed most of the droids and gangsters are now fighting a rear guard action against the police and heroes as they seek to escape into the air or into the backstreets of the city with their ill gotten gains. There's enough chaos on the street that Takeshi seems to slip through unnoticed, although he does catch a stray bullet in the side.

Takeshi does stagger to the side when he catches the bullet, and it imbeds itself in his skin, though not very deeply. He lets out a snarl of displeasure, giving the coffeehouse wall a brief swat with his knuckles before collapsing into a kneel, looking up to watch the battle between the two blurs in the sky.

Seeing the thugs and criminals start to get away, Tia breaks into a sprint to try and run down and catch those she can, violet lightning starting to crackle around her as she summons her power, but as one of the thugs turns around with an uzi she adroitly twists out of the way just a little too slowly and takes a blast of fire to the chest, driving her back down onto the the street in a daze where she can do little but watch the remaining thugs flee with their booty, groaning in pain.

The head wound still bothering him, Kane lays upon the stairwell, safe, though injured at the moment, grunting as he spends the moment resting and recovering. He looks to his left, groaning, "Greg...jumping is suppose to be fun, why isn't it fun anymore?" He speaks to himself the answer. "Because you messed it up. Take a breath, collect yourself, and get back in there Kane!" His head turns back to his right, the man speaking again, "Yeah Kane! You can do this. You're strong. You're the strongest person we know!" Kane smiles at that, nodding, slowly pulling himself up, "Yeah, I can do this."

Martha Carroll never had a broken rib before, and it seems that what she thought was only a few of them, is only a concussion. With another cry of pain as she's stepped over, she doesn't, however, do anything in retaliation. Noticing what's going on around her, she just aims her focus to the thugs running, making them -want- to surrender, sure that her actions won't be noticed amongst this chaos.

Unfortunately by the time Kane's multiple personalities psyche him back up there's little left to do, the remaining thugs either already in custody or fled into the backstreets. One small group of hold outs finally decide to surrender to the authorities after Martha looks their way and Takeshi with well concealed loot just looks on as order is re-established on the street. Tia finally regathers herself enough to sit up, although she is certain to be a walking bruise the next day with the amount of weapons fire she's taken. The two blurs overhead crash together again with an earthshaking boom but then suddenly the black blur is gone, streaking back across the skies towards Chicago.

Tomalin Denver strolls into the bank area, apparently arriving shortly after order has been restored to the city. He tucks his hands into his pockets casually looking over the carnage that was left behind by the likely marauding bank robbers.

With Obsidian gone, it's time for Takeshi to start weaving through the alleys to get away with his own plunder, teeth clenched tightly and jaw twitching.

Tia groans as she sits up and gingerly gets back to her feet, she ducks down behind some cars to pull her scarf back down, removing the mask and doing up her jacket to make her outfit at least mildly different as she starts limping past the police and heading directly towards the closest pub.

Rising to his feet, Kane notices that the fight seems to be over; and he lost. He drops down upon the ground, landing with ease, strolling out from the alleyway onto the street, rubbing at his head. He looks to his right, "Nikki...it's over. We failed." He dips a head in that direction, wincing at he touches the bit of blood coming out of the back of his head, sighing. "I thought I was strong. A guy with a chain got me." He leans against the wall of the bank, looking to this glass jar he was begging with, the jar having shattered long ago. His eyes drift to Tomalin Denver, Tia, and Martha Carroll, blowing out a breath as depression takes him over.

When no more fleeing thugs are in her sight, Martha Carroll decides she won't get any help by laying down there, not with so many dead and critically injuried. Gathering her strenght, she slowly and painfully tries to stand up.