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Butchers Of Havens Bay The Musical

Time & Date Sunday 22nd of July, 2018
Storyrunner N/A
Type Scheme
Genre Musical Horror/Comedy
Player Cast Seye, Admiral Hunter Freeman, Topaz Hawn, Gageleon Gagon, Captain Volke, Kinette
Content Rating PG-13

On Pub Raod
It's a dirt road. This short dirt road broadens into a gravel parking lot for a small building nearby that seems to contain a home and, from the signage, a pub and a tattoo parlor. All around the road and parking area thick forest encroaches, the trees hung with a mist that makes it impossible to see into their depths, though occasionally shadowed movement can be seen and one might get the impression that straying from the lot might be a bad idea.

It is afternoon, about 87F(30C) degrees, and there are a few wispy white clouds in the sky. Ankle high mist flows through the area.

Seye is standing here.
Topaz is standing here.

Turning his focus back to Topaz, Seye offers her a smile. "Now then," he says. "Shall we begin with self-defence?"

"Did he really just turn into a bird?" Topaz blinks before nodding at Seye. "Out of curiosity, I wonder what I'd be on Doc's scale."

"Ready," Topaz adds.

"A one or a two," Seye says to Topaz, then gives her a curious look. "You're ready? Good. I'm going to attack you then, and I'd like you to react the way you'd normally react if someone were to attack you outside a pub."

Seye starts pulling his blows.

Without real intent to hurt her, Seye suddenly lunges forward, making a grab for Topaz's arm. His expression darkens as he tries to take her down, but with that purple knife of hers, she's able to avoid the attack.

Topaz starts pulling her blows.

As Seye grabs her, Topaz fends the major part off with her knife as if by reflex. Her other hand pulls a taser which she then jabs Seye with and she takes a step back, aiming her pistol. Or well. A few steps back putting space between him and herself.

Topaz jabs Seye with a taser.

You believe you are Admiral Hunter Freeman from the world of Legends of Butcher's Bay
You want to act as if you're part of a dark, horror musical.

Stumbling back from Topaz in horror as she shocks him with her taser, Admiral Hunter Freeman cries out in a British accent, "Devious wench! You will burn at the stake for this, the fires they will drench! Your soul in that dark abyss, your sins will entre-e-e-ench!" In a deep, inspired bass, he bursts into song.

Topaz looks in confusion at the taser and the singing man. She doesn't attack. Nor does she sing. She just stands there unsure what she is doing.

Admiral Hunter Freeman stops pulling his blows.

It becomes eminently clear that Admiral Hunter Freeman is no longer here to train Topaz, his approach to her now distinctly darker, menacing. His attacks become vicious, with every intent to hurt her. He hurls a dagger her way. "Like a siren on the waves, like ghosts amid the graves! You struck me with your sorcery, your kindness only forgeryyyy!" he sings in a deep, British bass, unfortunately just a little bit off-key.

Topaz stops pulling her blows.

Equally off-key comes Topaz's reply and reprise, "I know not what sorcery you speak of ... I am not of them who do." She raises her pistol as she sings, "Stay your hand..." The shot ringing out, she skips backwards as her previous training kicks in.

Gageleon Gagon flashes with light briefly, his silhouette changing from bird to man and he backs up, watching the exchange in amusement. While he has a sword drawn, he settles the flat end of it against one shoulder and tries to stay out of the way.

"It's too late, now! Your time, has come," Admiral Hunter Freeman sings to Topaz, performing a sudden pirouette which sends another dagger hurling at her kevlar, applying pressure to her chest even though it doesn't nick her skin. His serenade turns much darker, each beat two syllables, pounding like the drums of war.

"I'll bind you to the prow! You will, succumb! And when your body breeeaks! The sea, will take ..."

As he starts to advance once more, he raises his knife high in the air and cries, "JUSTICE FOR KING GEORGE!"

Gageleon Gagon steps back up onto the road to better observe the fight, though he remains out of the way while he watches, an amused smirk on his lips.

"I know not what you accuse me of," Topaz tries to reason with Admiral Hunter Freeman. In song, of course. "I am with confusion." She isn't a good singer. She grunts at the impact and knowledge that her changes are slim but she fires anyways. "I won't go down without a fight!"

Gageleon Gagon wets his lips as Topaz misses her shot and his bracelet shimmers briefly as he murmurs under his breath and glances between the pair, amusement sparkling in his eyes.

As the clock strikes five, Admiral Hunter Freeman abruptly starts to breakdance, his feet tapping rhythmically to an unheard beat. He splays his hands out at his hips, twisting and gyrating, boogieing down and deep. "Justice for King George, Justice for King George," he repeats, but each time now his voice is dropping to a whisper. It rises and rises, building up a dark and eerie bridge. "Justice for King George, Justice for King George. Justice for King George, Justice for King George. Justice for King George, Justice for ..." Suddenly he leaps, another blade hurled her way with all the fury of the sea.

Ok. Topaz looks very confused. Like she has no idea what is going in, so she skitters back more creating space between the two. "Snap! Snap! Snap out of it!" she sings on the top of her lungs as she fires off again. "There is no King George!"

Gageleon Gagon covers his mouth with his free hand when Admiral Hunter Freeman starts to breakdance, he then drops his hand to his pocket and withdraws his phone, pointing it toward Admiral Hunter Freeman and Topaz, despite the very risky gunfire and knives they're exchanging at one another.

When finally the blade he hurls at her actually takes out Topaz's leg, Admiral Hunter Freeman abruptly comes to a stop, spreading his own legs wide apart. His arms, splayed out at his sides, start to rise up around him, like the glorious rays of the sun. "King," he opens, before belting out on a long, deep musical note, "GEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOORGE!!!!!"

Trying to dance, yes literally dance but it isn't graceful and she looks like a broken bird, Topaz isn't able to escape the blade which takes out her leg. She collapses but tries to scoot away still and fires off at Admiral Hunter Freeman again. "Never bow! Never, not even now!!"

Gageleon Gagon backs his way up and glances to Admiral Hunter Freeman in amusement, he holds his phone up, keeping the black man in the shot and manoeuvres to get Topaz back into it as well, his smirk almost a full on smile now as he watches the pair.

Dashing and heroic, Admiral Hunter Freeman skips and pirouettes across the forest, using his throwing knives as props in his dance. He's surprisingly fast for what he is, more than any human rightly should be — and spry too, quick on his feet. Making a grab for the villainous Topaz' hand, he pulls her in close all of a sudden, spins her, and starts to waltz. His movements are as violent as they are mad, and with each step he tries to knock her against a stone or tree. It's clear that to him, this is now the epic finale of their song, and placing a hand upon the small of her back, he leans in to dip her low, the gesture almost romantic. (In a very fucked up way, of course.)

Somewhere in a that song and dance Topaz never got rid of her purple knife. So, after being jarred around she seem just through with this and she tries to smack him in the face. With a knife blade ... just as he tries to get romantic, in a fucked up way, with her ...

Gageleon Gagon jogs along after Admiral Hunter Freeman, certainly not as fast as the man and the video quality will suffer from the bouncing of his steps, he stops near a tree behind Admiral Hunter Freeman and Topaz to keep his phone pointed at them, stifling a laugh of amusement into the back of his sword-wielding hand.

Rather than resisting Topaz's assault, Admiral Hunter Freeman grabs her wrist and drags it down across his cheek, causing it to bleed in a thin diagonal line. There's a sorrowful look upon his face, one which could only be seen were the cameras to pan in, and alas, there are none but Gageleon Gagon's phone.

"In another liiiife ..." he starts to sing, this obviously being a new number, different from the beloved 'Justice for King George'. "You might have been my wiiiife ..." The dip, previously low, now sees her dropped to the forest floor entirely, and he too kneels down in front of her.

Admiral Hunter Freeman trips Topaz.

As Topaz is dropped to the ground, she grunts. She is bleeding, unhappy, but as he says this she gets an idea; as he kneels beside her she tries to grab him, to bring him in close with one arm ... "Iiin another liiife," she sings quietly, before trying to stab him in the back. Literally! "But! Not! THIS ONE!"

Gageleon Gagon bites down hard on his lower lip when Admiral Hunter Freeman starts to swing and ducks against his tree, his forehead pressed against its bark as he tries not to laugh while he watches the pair's second number begin, the record light steady on his phone.

Letting out a cry of pain, Admiral Hunter Freeman stretches both of his arms out in a V-shape to the sky as Topaz quite literally stabs him in the back. "Not! THIS ONE!" he echoes, and then he spins round, scowling, before he grabs a fistful of her hair and knocks her painfully down into the dirt. "This one we fiiiight, on another night! This one is PAIN! No time to mourn the slain!"

Admiral Hunter Freeman knocks Topaz out.

Gageleon Gagon leans back in against the tree, though he keeps his hand outstretched to continue recording the scene, his face barely peeking out so he can watch with one eye as well, he's snickering under his breath by the time Topaz is knocked to the ground.

Producing a coil of rope from his harness, Admiral Hunter Freeman proceeds to wrap it several times around his arm, making a loop. His gaze is dark as ever, utterly unmindful of Gageleon Gagon's recording device. "For you broke my heart! You tore my life apart. And now you must pay, on goes another day." But suddenly, turning wistfully to the side, he starts to sing his much sadder refrain. "In another liiiife ..."

Gageleon Gagon has to sheath his sword quickly to clamp his hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing now, his face red as he watches Admiral Hunter Freeman and Topaz, his eyes glittering with his amusement as he watches this real life musical play out.

"Think of what weeee — could have beeeen," Admiral Hunter Freeman mourns, his voice choking up as he proceeds with the romantic portion of the song, and then turns to spread his arm towards the fallen form of Topaz in blame. "If only I had not seeeen ... How blackened ... is your heaaaaart!"

Gageleon Gagon narrows his eyes at Admiral Hunter Freeman and bites down on the back of his hand, his shoulders shaking with his stifled laughter as he watches the fellow choke up.

From either side of Admiral Hunter Freeman, a pair of buccaneers burst from the forest silently, brandishing cutlasses. They start to back up dance for Admiral Hunter Freeman soundlessly around the form of Topaz.

Picking Topaz up, Admiral Hunter Freeman stares down at her with regret, sweeping a hair from her face to tuck it behind an ear. He rise then, carrying her bridal style, and turns to march onwards, towards the road — towards the sea. "You know not how lonely, how lonely is my work," he laments, stopping to twist and twirl, swaying Topaz in time with the backup buccaneers that have miraculously arrived. "I live for King and God only, we all must play a paaaart."

Gageleon Gagon inches his way along the western side of the tree, trying to keep out of sight, though he is unwilling to stop recording the singing Admiral Hunter Freeman and continue to peek out from behind his cover.

"Countryman, follow me!" Admiral Hunter Freeman turns and calls to Gageleon Gagon, looking wistfully back at a buccaneer whom he does, as it happens, recognise. "Onwards, we go! On towards the sea!"

The buccaneers follow along with Admiral Hunter Freeman and Topaz, though they don't sing as they walk soundlessly after them, periodically stopping to breakdance.

Breakdancing all the way, swaying Topaz violently from side to side, Admiral Hunter Freeman marches on in time to some unheard beat, brooding fiercely.

More and more buccaneers and privateers show up, until there's a gang of twelve or so following Admiral Hunter Freeman, excluding Gageleon Gagon. They all move in silence, but they're dancing to some unheard song and point toward the passerbyers with their cutlasses and rapiers as Admiral Hunter Freeman leads them down Elm.

Admiral Hunter Freeman, Gage and Topaz arrive at the Outer Railing of the Overlook. The overlook is a large, mostly wooden construction of white painted beams and a lattice embellished canopy that keeps elements from the interior. The path leading up to it has been marked with logs from the nearby wood and layered in gravel that almost keeps out most of the weeds. Benches have been constructed along the outer rim of the structure just before the railing that lines the edges. The center is kept clear, presumably for events. It tends to gather some grit, but most major debris is blown clear by the common wind gusts at this height.

When the trio arrive, Captain Volke is in the middle of some chorus about how amazing he is, shaking his rapier over the head of some Havenite who probably just wanted to enjoy a quiet Sunday. Noticing their approach puts a stop to that, and the distraction is enough for our nameless and unimportant victim to flee.

Breakdancing as he arrives, Admiral Hunter Freeman spins on the axis of his heel, lifting and lowering Topaz up and down in his arms, the woman a mere prop in his dance. Ropes bind her wrists and ankles, and at present, she is unconscious. He steps up onto the stage — which as it happens, is the Overlook — and boogies his way towards the northern prow of it, setting her aright. At the moment, he still has to hold her up unfortunately, causing her to face the sea. "See now the price! The price of sin and vice!" the man sings out, in a deep British bass. (Which could use some work, honestly.)

Gageleon Gagon follows Admiral Hunter Freeman in, his cell phone up and the record light on, pointed at Admiral Hunter Freeman, Captain Volke and Topaz as he follows, an amused smirk on his lips as Admiral Hunter Freeman starts up his singing again, he glances after the unimportant victim and shakes his head a bit.

Well. While the sea is a lovely sight... this is not how one imagines waking up. Topaz's eyes grow wide as she stares at the sea and she screams! "Oh! Please! Oh for what is good ... Let me free if you would!" she sings shrilly, frantically. This isn't her day.

At Admiral Hunter Freeman's pronouncement, Captain Volke lifts his chin and struts forward a step, eyeing the fellow and his crew. "The price of sin and vice?" he responds to that call, and his singing voice is horrendous. "Made paid by what device?" In more conversational tones than song, he sneers, "Methinks, Emperor's dog, it's time ye be put on ice."

Gageleon Gagon takes a few pointed steps away from Admiral Hunter Freeman at Captain Volke's words, though his smirk has broken into a full-on smile as Topaz and Captain Volke sing as well. He bites down on the webbing between his index finger and thumb of his right hand while he continues to record with his left, hazel-eyed gaze dancing between the three.

"Captain Volke, Captain Vooolke!" Admiral Hunter Freeman sings out, and it's clear from his voice, cracking at the higher notes, that the British man considers it a name to be feared. "For long! Enough! These oceans you do choke! Behold! The price! The flames be her demise!" Reaching back over his shoulder, he suddenly withdraws a golden sword (so ridiculously flamboyant that it can only be a theatre prop) and holds its blade to Topaz' throat. "The witch will buuurn," he hisses out, that last word rolling and rumbling upon his tongue, "and soon you'll have your tuuurn."

Topaz gasps, her fear very real despite the ridiculousness of the prop sword. "Witch I be not! it was science, magic it was not," she badly tries to rhyme, freaking out. She is held up, a gold sword held to her throat and tears stream down her eyes.

Gageleon Gagon's phone vibrates and he quickly silences it, though he temporarily ends the recording to send out a quick text, glancing to Kinette when the naked woman draws near.

Kinette makes her way up towards the group gathered at the outer railing. She would step up onto the platform, bare naked and pad on over lightly on bare feet, "Witch! Burn her with the pitch!" Despite her own appearance branded as a slave in the dream, but not in reality, it seems, "I am on a errand from the person who owns, to jump anyone who wants to jump my bones!"

Captain Volke takes an instinctive step back when Admiral Hunter Freeman draws that golden blade, and then lifts his rapier so the point is level with the pirate hunter's throat. He doesn't stray a step closer, though. "Then burn the witch, give her the switch, dump 'er in pitch and keelhaul'er," he musically goads, sparing Topaz nary a glance for the moment. "Slay 'er, hang 'er, burn her on the pyre. But ye'll not see Volke care one wit about your fires."

"Wrong! wrong! Wrong!" Topaz cries out as the others rally up to burn her, the witch? "A witch I am not! A witch I am not! Wrong you have it got!"

Lifting his flamboyant golden sabre skywards towards Captain Volke's rapier, Admiral Hunter Freeman meets him in the middle, attempting to cross swords against the sky in a tall, symbolic act. "So we are agreeed!" he belts out in his booming British bass. "On this day upon this deed! Even in the daaark! Rivals can agree upon one mark!"

Gageleon Gagon glances at Kinette, distracted by her naked form, but even so, the singing fellows and Topaz draw his attention once more and he covers his mouth to stop himself from laughing as he tries to stay out of the way and in the background, his camera on his phone still recording away.

There is a jostle as Kinette makes her way closer to Gageleon Gagon, seeming to recognize the man as she says, "Captain, we met once!" She would step over closer, bold in her movements as she stands their naked beside him, "The witch will burn, but there is always something captains yearn, my owner has sent me on this mission, giving myself up in submission!" She would shout out towards Topaz now, "Wiiiitttccchhh!"

In chorus with Kinette, Admiral Hunter Freeman cries out, "Wiiiitttccchhh!"

Keeping up a faster patter in response to Admiral Hunter Freeman's more flamboyant punctuations and Topaz's protesting chorus, Captain Volke's rapier meets the stately Admiral's saber as the weapons rise. "On this mark, aye, but hark, I'd rather feed ye to a shark. But we'll cover her in pitch, we'll burn the witch, at least we agree on this mark."

Taking his cue, Admiral Hunter Freeman abruptly withdraws his rapier and releases Topaz's neck, forcing her to stand on her own, lest she topple instead into the sea. One hand holding its guard, he grabs the other end in the other, his palm wrapping tight around the blade. Though it sees his knuckles bleed, the man is remarkably, even unexpectedly tough for a human; he withstands the pain, all for the love of art of course. Pushing his sword outwards from his chest, he then proceeds to get down and low, facing the south, erupting into a breakdance solo.

Gageleon Gagon watches on in relative silence, interrupted only by him waving at Kinette and shushing her. "No, not now, get away," he murmurs quietly, turning his face away from his camera to try to avoid his voice from being picked up on the recording, though he does give Kinette another glance and looks back to Topaz, Admiral Hunter Freeman and Captain Volke in amusement.

When a pirate's nemesis starts breakdancing, what is one to do? The only thing they can do: Captain Volke cups a hand at his mouth, and drops some sick beats for Admiral Hunter Freeman's solo.

"Burn a witch, fuck a bitch!" Kinette chants out to Gageleon Gagon as she is shushed and waved away. She would stare at him and with a little side to side movement say, "The Cappin' shouldn't be sitting around fappin', he should bury himself deep, in a slave he could keep!" She wouldn't let Admiral Hunter Freeman's dance go unnoticed, instead, turning and facing away from Gageleon Gagon to give him a view of the back as she calls out, "The witch is making him dance!"

Gageleon Gagon clamps his hand over his mouth when Captain Volke starts to drop sick beats. He closes his eyes and laughing loudly into his hand his face turns red as he tries to hold it in, though Kinette's bare bottom is given a glance and he pointedly looks away from her to watch Admiral Hunter Freeman's breakdance solo.

Admiral Hunter Freeman's dance is dark and dramatic, fervent palms ushered to the sky. He looks up with such intense, theatrical emotion etched upon his face, performing for all the world to see. His sword is used to hold him up, and then, pushing his elbows up to the sides, he starts to march on Topaz. Here the dance solo ends, as he instead grabs a fistful of her hair, yanking it back. "Repent your sins, repent your siiins!" he serenades. "You'll burn 'afore you see the circling fiiins!"

"The witch deserves to burn," Kinette says as she walks closer to Gageleon Gagon, pointing in his direction, "You deserve to yearn!" She would begin to walk herself off towards whatever road is in the distance, "I'll be near the tavern and and Inn, if any of you want to commit some sin..."

Gageleon Gagon looks after the naked woman and drops his hand from his mouth to give himself a slap to the cheek to focus, watching Admiral Hunter Freeman and Topaz for the woman's reaction, his eyes dark with amusement as his gaze flit between the three.

With the slave girl's exit downstage right, Admiral Hunter Freeman sweeps his golden blade around the Overlook. "Who has pitch to burn the witch?" he wonders to the beat.

Gageleon Gagon shakes his head firmly from behind his camera, he glances to Captain Volke, thick brows upticking curiously at the man.

"Repent! Repent?" Captain Volke calls as he paces somewhere on the decks of the overlook, behind Admiral Hunter Freeman. As the naked slavegirl sets the stage for a different sort of scene elsewhere, he advises Topaz by way of song: "That thought, lass, you ought to resent! Own your sins, this is the thing — We all go to the locker 'ere long."

In chorus with Captain Volke, Admiral Hunter Freeman echoes out in song: "We all go to the locker 'ere loooong!"

"Repent," Gageleon Gagon echoes Captain Volke to Topaz from behind his camera and grins in spite of himself, though it is short lived as he looks back at the group.

"If I had but a chance to prove innocence," Topaz laments in her situation, "I would take it." Her voice is quiet. Thoughtful. The kind of voice an actress uses to indicate whispering or inner thoughts. To Admiral Hunter Freeman she sings, "Oh faithful warrior of The King. Look into mine eyes! See ... the truth. A man of great faith knows the devil lies to separate ... to kill. Steal. Destroy...."

Gageleon Gagon lifts his brows a bit at Topaz's singing, though he stays quiet and smirks a bit as he watches the pair and slips his free hand into his jacket to continue recording the pair.

This turns out to be Admiral Hunter Freeman's exact cue to burst into his romantic, sorrowful refrain. Cupping Topaz' cheeks in both hands, still holding up his golden sword, he belts out that soft, familiar and wistful tune. "In another liiiife ..."

"Cut her free, Captain! She can prove her innocence by her dancing and her song!" Gageleon Gagon calls to Admiral Hunter Freeman with a laugh after he starts to sing again.

Like any good pirate Captain, Captain Volke is apparently perpetually sloshed. Because he just passes out for a bit. He comes to slowly, and not a little bit groggily, excuse the pun.

"Why not make that other life this life now?" Topaz replies, tears streaming down her eyes. Fear glinting in her eyes. "Why not make it now? Here? Happiness can be made ... forget the past! Make the future!" she urges in a soft song. Now she isn't trying to sing.

"I cannot show mercy," Admiral Hunter Freeman laments, draping a forearm over his gaze and peeling back from Topaz in horror. Alas, this is not that kind of musical; all is not well that ends well. "The witch must pay." He has no pitch to burn the witch, and so he's forced to improvise. Utilising sleight of hand, he produces, seemingly out of nowhere, a smoke grenade. This he hurls down at the ground, causing everyone to abruptly start coughing up smoke — him too! And in that black haze, Topaz finds her ropes slashed ... before being abruptly shoved forwards, over the railing, and sent plummeting into the waters below.

Topaz falls north.

Gageleon Gagon coughs and backs away from the smoke cloud, his video momentarily screwed up as he lowers his phone to jog back and away from the group. Unfortunately, the woman's shove is missed and he looks between Admiral Hunter Freeman and Captain Volke to see how this plays out, his phone lifted once more toward the pair.

Topaz stares around as she ends up in the waters, looks up a moment before she says a silent prayer and tries to swim off.

Coughing smoke, Captain Volke hauls himself to his feet. "You've had — Kaff — Your fun," he calls to Admiral Hunter Freeman, "The witch is —" But all that smoke is really just not conducive to singing. He stumbles back across the deck of the overlook, seeking somewhere with a bit fresher air.

Gageleon Gagon looks around himself and, taking his opportunity, ends his recording and turns to run away from Admiral Hunter Freeman.

Making no move to stop Gageleon Gagon, Admiral Hunter Freeman is far too busy falling to his knees and crying out dramatically to the heavens, likely making ready for another number.


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