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Date Gone Bad

Svetlana (Subtly) giggles and plays a bit with Robyn's foot under the table using her own gently. "You know you like the humor, da?" She waits with Robyn for the hot chocolate and water, smiling happily in the booth and asking. "So, we come here tonight because I hear good of it. You like Mexican food, da?"

Svetlana tells you 'Well Svetlana and Robyn are on a date which this encounter is having an npc probably interrupt in big scary ways.'

Robyn had only just arrived with Svetlana and sat down in a booth. "I'm not picky," Robyn confesses with an easy shrug, "Been a long time since I've had mexican."

The waitress comes around soon enough, small silver platter carrying the pair's drinks. A short, somewhat stout latina woman, maybe in her early forties, smiles down at the pair as he hands a glass of water to Robyn, hot chocolate to Svetlana. The large silver cross on her busom jingles on it's chain as she lingers by the table, hip rested against it. "Already decided what you might want to eat, dears? What's the occasion?"

Svetlana nods in consideration, reaching for Robyn's hands across the table, still smiling at her when the drinks arrive. She answers the waitress without looking. "My first date with this beautiful woman. Enchalada sounds nice, da?"

Robyn gives a bit of a curious glance over towards the waitress. She gives a nod of agreement towards Svetlana's explanation. "I'll have what she's having," Robyn answers back after.

The smile on the woman's face falls, air of disapproval about her palpable at the word of the meeting being a date. She lets out a soft hurumph, just jotting down some scratch onto her small yellow pad, before tucking the thing into her pocket. Her hand brushes across Svetlana's arm by consequence of her movement as she passes, presumably heading further into the resturaunt to take more orders and deliver the pair's own.

Svetlana: Soon after the woman leaves, you begin to feel a bit odd. It's hard to place, a little bit annoying, really. But a headache that comes on sudden and strong is certainly the beginning of it.

Svetlana blinks a little and watches the waitress walk away, "She was not tolorating, da? Ahh!" She suddenly puts her right hand to her forehead and bends over the table, clutching Robyn's hand tighter and shutting her eyes as she cries out in a bit of pain.

"She does seem to have some kind of issue, at least," Robyn purses her lips, speaking after the waitress is likely out of earshot. She gives a shrug over to Svetlana. She speaks quieter with a little smirk, "I know somebody who's not getting a good tip if she doesn't change her attitude." The dramatics are not commented on, merely observed.

Svetlana: The headache fades from blinding to merely a heavy, pounding annoyance, like someone is repeatedly smacking the inside of the space behind your eyes with a rubber mallet. You find little issues become blood-boiling without much provocation. How long have you known this girl, now? And she clearly doesn't even care about your headache, the bitch.

Svetlana keeps holding Robyn's hand tightly and rubbing her head. "Nyet, she not get tip at all. Robyn I know you three days now, da?" Her eyes are a little narrow and she looks like she is really holding something back but she does raise her tone just a little. "I spend so much time holding you and being cofortable touching you and come here for the date with you. My head hurts suddenly and you not even ask if I am okay? Is something wrong in you, nyet?"

Robyn blinks a little at Svetlana, "Oh, I thought-... I'm sorry. I thought you were being dramatic because of how she acted." She sits up a little straighter, refocusing her attention upon Svetlana, "I didn't realize you were actually hurting. Are you alright?"

Svetlana thinks; "What is this feeling? I am not this angry all the time. Why now? I like Robyn wih everything..."

Meandering her way through the cantina, the portly waitress returns, a faint smile on her lips. It isn't a warm smile, though the enchiladas she's carting over are steaming. She sets the paired dishes on the edge of the table, asking quietly of the couple, "Are you two enjoying your evening so far?"

Svetlana tugs on Robyn's hand, firmly but she's still holding back. "Nyet, Robyn, part of me is I do not do dramatic things just for doing them I am open book and honest always." She turns her head to the waitress and forces a smile. "Da. Ever since you walk off I get bad headache but nothing ruins this date for us." She slides her plate in front of her. "But after you scoff at us you can kiss tip goodbye with your self rightness and bigot boobies. Intolorant waitress!" She is certainly holding back less with the waitress but visibly fighting off some feeling inside that's greatly conflicting with her nicer nature.

Robyn squeezes the hand back in response to the tugging, giving a little nod to Svetlana. "I'm sorry," Robyn repeats. She looks back to the waitress at the arrival, "We're just fine, thank you." The response might be a little curt, but not quite on the level of Svetlana's outburst. To Svetlana, she frowns a little, "She wasn't quite that bad. Let's not cause a scene, please?"

The woman lets out a shocked scoff at that, setting a hand to her breast. "-Bigot?- How dare you? I am a very loving person." She leans in, placing both hands onto the edge of the table as she stares Svetlana down, cross pendant bouncing noisily on her skin. "But, if you're getting a headache around this girl, maybe that's someone letting you know that -dykes- like yourself aren't -welcome- in a family establishment like this." The pertinant word has a cold, malignant, cutting tone to it, like it's one of the worst insults that could be uttered.

Svetlana: The ball-peen against the inside of your skull continues to pound.

Svetlana squeezes on Robyn's hand a little more, taking in the things said to her and putting her hand to the side of her head. "Nyet!" she says somewhat loudly. "She is not problem. I have been around her for long time without headache! You want scene? I give you scene! Dyke like us not welcome here? Then we go eat in my restaurant and you can have this crapchelada!" She picks her plate up in one hand as she stands up and in a swift motion flips it over and slams it down at the place she was sitting, likely shattering the plate. "You call yourself nice loving person but nice locing persons do not discriminate because of gender preferences! You give this restaurant horrible name!"

Robyn frowns, watching the flying plate and splattering food. She rises to her feet, slipping out of the booth. "Svetlana, look at me," Robyn states firmly, attention on the woman across from her. She holds a 'wait a moment' finger out towards the waitress.

Robyn: It may not have been easy to notice at first, but with your attention likely on the woman, it's plain as day- the faint red glow of someone without the protection of Sanctuary about the waitress.

At the place but on the table Svetlana slammed it down, to be specific.

Svetlana's raised voice brings a hush to the mostly-empty late night resturant, and the shattering plate brings silence. Steaming enchilada and sauce is flung everywhere, likely coating Svetlana, Robyn and the waitress in equal measure. She lets out a surprised, exasperated shout, trying to get the red chunks off of her as she steps back a few. Another waitor looks over at the table with concern, but she shoots him a glare, and he shuts up, heading back into the back of house.

Svetlana turns from the waitress to Robyn, taking very deep breaths. "I... Oh no did I just..." She stares in worry at Robyn with pain held in her expression as well.

"Please try to calm yourself, Svetlana, let me handle this," Robyn offers towards the woman in a calm voice, though there's a slight edge due to the raised tensions. She takes a napkin from the table, gently brushing at a few splotches. She looks to the waitress. "Now you. Discrimination is serious business," Robyn speaks to the woman. If she meets Robyn's gaze, Robyn will state more forcefully, eyes locked, "Make this right."

Robyn attempts hypnotize the waitress to make this right with hypnotism(2)

probe robyn hypnotism Their skill is: 2

Svetlana mutters softly, "Try to calm myself. Da, have been trying to calm myself ever since this headache start. But ever since she touch me I get this headache and everything make me beyond angry. If I was not such nice person I would be doing much mpre than breaking plates." She glares at the shattered plate and folds her arms together.

Robyn: As the psychic influence meets the woman's own, there's a brief struggle for dominance- before it breaks, and the feedback hits you. It's like the entire breadth of an intense migrane is forced into the space of four to five seconds.

As Robyn's eyes meet her own, the waitress locks them- before reeling back, letting out a pained screech. She clearly doesn't seem to care for the excess of attention being drawn, floundering back and, slipping on spilled enchilada, nearly falls into a side table. She pulls her weighty self up as a pair of other staffers in blacks rush out of the kitchen- both also hispanic, one male and one female, both pretty lean looking.

"Gabrielle, what's happening here?" The man asks, looking in mixed confusion, panic and concern between Svetlana, Robyn, and the huffing and puffing woman.

Svetlana: Oh, now THESE TWO are butting in?!

Robyn flinches a bit, starting to reach to touch her head but restraining herself. As the attention is drawn towards the waitress and away from Svetlana and herself (hopefully), Robyn suggests to Svetlana, "Let's just go."

Svetlana quickly turns to glare at the men who came in, hurrying the few steps closer to Robyn and putting an arm around her waist. "Oh you two want piece of this argument too? Is none of anyone elses business but you want to know you ask Robyn or the bigot waitress you helping and you all are lucky I am not sueing this place!" Wrapping Robyn into a fairly aggressive hug she replies. "Da. I have enough of this treatment from them. We go to my restaurant and finish the date there. I treat you to good food."

"Yeah! Yeah, get out!" The woman replies, being held up by the oncoming cooks- and held back, shuffling her towards the kitchen. The both look very apologetic as they bustle her into the kitchen, a lingering, mostly incomprehensible shout following the two as they make their way out the door.

Svetlana: Unfortunately, the induced intensely foul mood seems to persist, despite being away from the vile bigot.

Seemingly not kept from leaving, Robyn leans slightly against Svetlana. Something seems to have her worn out and needing the support. She starts towards the exit. "I think I've lost my appetite," Robyn confesses, "But I'd like to see the restaurant."

Svetlana holds on to Robyn as they walk to the exit. "I am still very angry and I have no knowing of why this is... Is not like me at all and you know this is the truth. Come, I show you the restaurant. We see if you become hungry again."