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Duchess Stolen

The Saturnalia Bar

"You would prefer that I don't like everyone?" Rhiannon asks, her brows lifting a bit too exagerattedly at the question she poses to Takeshi Sinjiro. Her head tilts to look toward the bar and to Captain Nightstar, but goes back to Takeshi Sinjiro. "I am a companion droid, it is part of my package." She admits though, "I sometimes do not like what people do, and can sometimes not like them." She looks aside to Nathan and greets him, "Good morning, Captain Nathan."

Captain Nightstar sips from her drink before tapping under her ear. "What is it Naas?" She demands to apparently nobody. "No, I said five hundred a piece..." She says before staring off into the distance as whoever is on her comms goes on at length. "Why are we even debating this?" She asks, "You know you're going to-" She cuts off with a frown, tapping under her ear again as she brings something up on the holographic display on her wrist. "Mother fuck-" She begins, before turning to address the bar at large. "A hundred credits for anyone who helps me stop these motherfuckers trying to steal my ship right now!" She calls out before quickly downing her drink and stalking for the door as she pulls out her pulse blaster.

"Here to pay what you owe me, Nathan?" Takeshi Sinjiro queries to Nathan, eyes finally drawn from Captain Nightstar to look at the man. "Or has nothing came up yet?" To Rhiannon, he agrees, "I would prefer if you did not like --" Captain Nightstar's words cause him to fall silent.

At Takeshi Sinjiro's offering, Rhiannon tells the man, "I did not like you much when you asked me to do what you did." Captain Nightstar's request has her sitting up a little taller. "I am getting short on credits. I have been drinking too much orange juice."

"Come on if you're coming." Captain Nightstar says over to Rhiannon, "You can bring the big guy." She adds, probably meaning Nathan who is at least superficially a lot more badass looking than Takeshi Sinjiro.

100 Credits isn't exactly a lot to get into a gunfight, but this is Epsilon 7, so a decent number of patrons are desperate, drunk or curious enough to follow after Nightstar as she heads out of the bar and towards the docks.

"Hundred credits? What specifically are they doing and how likely am I to get shot?" Ask Nathan back to Captain Nightstar, propping is elbows on the table, looking over to the woman curiously, before going back to Takeshi Sinjiro. "Yeah, I got the credits." He pulls out his device, looking at the screen, which comes alive on it's own. Another five thousand credits is transfered over to Takeshi Sinjiro.

Deciding if there's ship stealers at the docks, Takeshi Sinjiro should probably be there anyway, he does rise to follow after the rest of the crowd, checking his device at Nathan's transfer with a cock of his head before he sends him Rhiannon's root password.

Captain Nightstar gives Nathan a small shrug as if she's no idea how likely he is to get shot before she disappears out the door and heads for the docks.

"A hundred is not a lot." Rhiannon says, following the group out.

The Docks

It's mostly business as usual at the docks, except of course for the small gang of half a dozen ruffians camped out on the gangway to a predatory black and gold frigate, working at hacking through the door.

"There they are!" Captain Nightstar points out to the ruffians and starts running at them, bringing her pistol up to start firing. Her clothes shift as she goes, black sculpted armor plating developing along the front of her jumpsuit.

Nathan walks with Rhiannon to the docks, unslinging a pulse shotgun from his shoulder, pumping the action to load in a new shell. "Fucking ship stealers," says the man who stole a ship, putting the shotgun to his shoulder as he takes cover behind some machinery, pressing his back against it. He lifts up his shotgun over the edge and fires out a blast towards them.

Rhiannon follows the group out to the docks, not quite at Nathan's side but behind him. She appears to be processing new data, as far as what has happened. She does not immediately pull out her weapon, blinking rapid-fire to access the sudden danger posed by the ruffians, and forgetting her own problems at hand.

For his part, Takeshi Sinjiro doesn't engage, in fact, he remains mostly out towards the promenade while his thugs go further and seek cover. They don't even shoot at the pirates, they're just checking to make sure none of their boss's merchandise is getting hit.

As the rag tag band open fire others in the docks leap for cover and the ruffians duck down before shooting back, bright lines zip back and forth across the open space as the ruffians break through the door and several of them slip inside to start trying to hack the ship, leaving just two crouched in cover behind the door returning fire.

Data scrolls through her eyes and Rhiannon removes the smart weapon from her holster and seeks to give a warning shot in the ruffians direction, something that does not go directly for a man, but near one.

Captain Nightstar curses when the ruffians slip inside and the shots all seem to miss, her cog-like pupils spin as she takes in the angles and starts trying to get closer to get off a better shot, dodging from cover to cover as she relies on her computer to keep her clear of likely lines of fire.

Rhiannon probably shoots far off her mark, given that she is still rather distracted with the recent bartering of her very body between Takeshi Sinjiro and Nathan.

Nathan pumps the shotgun to load the next shell and lifts it once again over the top of the machine, lining it up with one of the pirates taking cover and fires a blue blast of pulse energy in a shatter shot towards the man, grinning a bit. "Fucking not even worth a hundred credits."

"One hundred is not alot to get shot." Rhiannon says off to Nathan, but she follows the man anyway, ducking behind cover as it comes available, in hopes to remain unseen.

Nightstar zips between blasts as she gets close to the ramp, but there's nothing but open space before her now leading up to the entrance of the ship and it would be an extremely difficult run. The thugs from the bar seem far less inclined to run into danger to help, and mostly just seem to hang back near the entrance of the docks behind some crates for cover, popping off lazy shots in the direction of the ruffians. Rhiannon and Nathan make it a little further up into cover, but hitting the ruffians continues to be a difficult task as they duck down behind the door of the ship.

Takeshi Sinjiro is one of those thugs who remain in the back, him and his guys, and his own don't even offer return fire, only watching, seeing how the three do under pressure.

Captain Nightstar fires a few wild shots over the top of her cover as she stalls for time. Finally she crouches down behind the crate and takes a few quick breaths, her suit changing again as the front armor thickens, the small small heels develop springs and she loads in her most advanced acrobatics program. Then she bursts from cover and tries to make a crazy dash for the ruffians inside the ship, firing wildly.

A shot from one of the thugs strikes Nathan in the shoulder, the man letting out a loud cry as he nearly drops his shotgun, teeth gritting as he pumps his shotgun once again and props it on top of the machine, firing several shots into the pirates across the docks. "Fuck you ass holes!"

"Well lookie here." Thomillar Khan as blaster shots fly around the docks with a broad grin on his face as he pulls his pistol out from his holder, "Now..." He looks around trying to determine what exactly is going on, but he almost has the look in his face where he doesn't really care and might start shooing indiscriminately.

When there is a blast that hits Nathan's shoulder, Rhiannon pops from her own cover and tries to fire at the ruffian who had hit him with its laser. She isn't sure exactly who that was so simply just takes aim and squeezes the trigger.

"Now..." Thomillar Khan looks over at the thugs, "They look broke as shit..." He glances over to Nathan and Rhiannon, "They take a fuckin' ever to pay you..." Then his eyes shift over to Takeshi Sinjiro, "Hrmmmm."

Takeshi Sinjiro and his thugs don't seem to be involved in the combat at all, only taking minimal cover to watch the ongoing fight, bystanders at best.

Nathan and Rhiannon's blasts have the ruffians hunkering back down as Nightstar makes her valiant run for the the gangway of the ship, she bounces off one of the struts acrobatically and leaps for the entrance just in time to see a flash of light as one of the ruffians blasts her point blank in the chest. The armor seems to absorb the brunt of the blast however as the Captain is sent skittering back down the gangplank, smoke trailing from the armor on her chest. "Fuck, do it now!" Yells one of the Ruffians and there's a detonation from the other side of the Docks, one of the crates has been blown open and a whirling mass of black tentacles bursts from the crate, a new shipment for the arena presumably now set free as a distraction. It rolls towards the group but pauses when it comes upon a tech, several of the tentacles wrapping the man up and lifting it up into the air as others tear off his jumpsuit to prepare for an arena worthy degrading finish.

Thomillar Khan strolls over to where Takeshi Sinjiro taking whatever cover they are taking, almost daring one of the stray shots to hit him or stray too close, his pistol still drawn, "Mornin' Cap't." He says over to Takeshi Sinjiro as he nears, "The kids got out to stretch their legs?" He asks, pointing his pistol over to the fray before lowering it again, "Kinda looks fun, but I might get carried away, they look a bit amateur out there. Those thugs just bums living in the pipe work?"

Rhiannon (Internally) wonders if 100 credits is worth being eaten by a xenomorph when the thing busts free of its shipping crate.

Captain Nightstar groans on the floor of the docks as smoke trails from her chest, she drags herself back into cover as the armor melts away and she takes a few moments to recover herself, looking over at the Xenomorph she doesn't seem to have much sympathy for the poor tech, at least not while her ship is still in the process of being hijacked.

Nathan grins over to Rhiannon when the woman fires upon the ruffians, though his attention goes to the xenomorph when the thing bust from it's crate and prepare to turn the man into a Japanese school girl. He winces, shaking his head as he mutters, "That ain't right." He lifts his shotgun back up and fires at the xenomorph.

Rhiannon takes a wary step back when the crate bursts open and the tech is being prepared to be either torn apart or eaten. Her gun is focused on the black tentacled beast instead of any of the ruffians in Captain Nightstar's own ship.

Thomillar Khan eyes the Captain Nightstar as she lays there with a smoking blaster hit in her chest and starts strolling out towards where she is laying, firing off any shots at any xenomorphs or thugs that stray too close to him or open point any weapons vaguely into his direction.

Rhiannon closes her eyes, though it is apparent that she can still see the xeno, when she takes her shot.

The Xenomorph holds the man aloft as if before an imaginary crowd as it proceeds to violate him in both directions. That doesn't stop it from approaching though it does slow it a little as it continues to move on towards where Nathan, Rhiannon, Takeshi and the rest of the group from the bar are gathered. Nathan's blast deflects off one of the armored plates of the creature, but Rhiannon's strikes a vulnerable point, the creature hisses but if anything this just seems to spur it on faster. Everyone seems mostly too concerned with the giant Xenomorph to pay Thomillar too much attention, but a few stray blasts force him to move from cover to cover until he makes his way over to where Nightstar crouches near the entrance to her ship.

"Shit shit shit. Fucking thought this would be fun," Nathan grunts, pumping his shotgun again, backing up to another piece of cover a little further away from the xenomorph as he lifts his shotgun again, taking careful aim before firing the blast towards the beast.

Fear is a feature in this droid, as well, it would seem, as the speeding xeno gets closer. Rhiannon's eyes flash in binary, head on a swivel to access the situation and the danger. She appears to be looking for exits, cover, or something to simply stop the xeno.

"...Well, uh, boss, it's coming our way," warns one of the thugs, to which Takeshi Sinjiro peers over cover. He doesn't order them to fire yet, drawing his pulse pistol and firing off towards the xenomorph.

Captain Nightstar gives a little nod to Thomillar Khan when he approaches. "Want to run up that gangplank there real quick and knock out those thugs for me champ?" She asks the man with a wan smile, motioning to the gangplank to her ship at which the two thugs are crouched behind the entrance to.

Rhiannon blinks a couple times, her frequency likely jammed by her own growing feeling of fear and dread.

Thomillar Khan doesn't fire any shots as he approaches Captain Nightstar, as chaos reigns on the docks, thugs, giant xenomorphs, shots flying every which way, but it seems Thomillar Khan is mainly ignored which he seems content with, "So, you the Cap't of this ship?" He gestures up to the Dutchess, "Pay me and I am in." He says, glancing back towards the xenomorph with the crossing look of excitement on his face, "Well, shit. How about a drink after this instead? I think I am missing too much of the fun." He says, not giving Captain Nightstar a time to answer as he begins firing at the thugs hiding in her ship.

Nathan's blast deflects off armor again as the Xenomorph rolls closer, tentacles shoot out towards Rhiannon but Takeshi's shot hits one and they pull back as the creature hisses, the man being defiled above its head moans as more tentacles wrap around his legs and neck and he is pulled apart in a spray of blood, the monster tossing the two halves aside. Thomillar's blasts force the thugs to duck back down inside the ship as the engines roar to life.

"Sure sure." Captain Nightstar agrees with Thomillar Khan easily before the engines on her ship roar to life. "No no no no no!" She curses, popping back up out of cover and letting off a barrage of fire with her pulse pistol.

"God fucking damn it, my gun must be broken," Nathan mutters to himself, pressing a button to switch over to solid slugs now that Rhiannon is closer, aiming the gun before firing it towards the xenomorph once again, trying to aim between the plates to get at that soft, vulnerable spit. "Rhi! Get away from there!"

Thomillar Khan barrels up towards the thugs as he suppressed them behind the bulkhead, his shots continuing to rain down upon the thugs and their cover, hoping to get a chance of one peaking up their head, but they will have to do something as the large mercenary barrels down on them.

When the creature has finished defiling the man and then rips it apart even Takeshi Sinjiro is dumbstruck, before telling his men, "Fire at will!" They lift their pulse rifles and begin unloading on the creature, with him stealing behind cover again.

Screams are real, and one of them comes from Rhiannon, when the tentacles reach out for her. She again tries to assess the situation with a scroll of data in binary in her dark eyes. She looks to the xeno, to Nathan, and to the ship where Thomillar Khan and Captain Nightstar are. It is a near last minute decision for the platinum blonde to duck behind a crate.

Nightstar and Thomillar's combined fire clips one of the thugs and he falls back with a groan, but the ship is already lifting off, Thomillar unable to keep up with it as it peels out of the dock out and into space. The tentacles lash out again but Rhiannon's system anticipates the trajectory perfectly and she slips easily clear, even as the combined fire of the bar thugs and Takeshi's minions join with the crew to start to seriously slow down the monster. It's bleeding now from several spots as the tentacles lash out again and snatch up one of Takeshi's minions, ripping his clothes apart.

Thomillar Khan lifts his aim towards one of the engines of the Dutchess, clearly annoyed the ship is taking off, but seems to fail to realize it is a space vessel verse a hand held pulse pistol. He fires at the engine anyway.

"Who the fuck makes a tentacle raping monster?" Grunts Nathan, who does not bother with cover anymore, firing into the xenomorph with a large bolt of blue energy that causes his gun to recoil heavily. He fires several shots, teeth gritting in anger and frustration.

With the monster closer, Rhiannon pulls the whip from her belt and presses a button. There is a hum from it, which likely gives her cover away, but she uses it to try and slice through the tentacle that has wrapped about the foot of one of Takeshi Sinjiro's minions. This does, unfortunately give her away for real.

"Please don't let it rape me!" The thug bawls out already, but Takeshi Sinjiro ignores his plea. When Rhiannon goes to save the man, he calls out to Nathan, "Your synth is going to get torn apart." He doesn't dare get close himself.

Captain Nightstar bursts out of cover to also run after her ship, firing wildly even though it's clearly pointless.

Takeshi Sinjiro's other thugs don't either, opting to scatter.

Another tentacle lashes around Rhiannon's foot, but a quick swing of her nano blade severs it and the cut tentacle reels back, the continued blasts of Nathan and the rest of the group do seem to be having an effect however and the beast sags, finally releasing the thug as it slumps down into a mess of bleeding, twitching tentacles.

Rhiannon blinks again in rapid-fire, after attempting to save one of the thugs. Her clothing starts to transform into something chameleon, trying to blend her into the background of the dock.

When the beast appears to be dying, Rhiannon's clothing returns to normal and though she breaks no sweat, she looks strained from exertion.

Captain Nightstar stalks back towards the rest of the group and the dying Xenomorph, her face a mask of fury and not seeming to have a lot of sympathy for their near-rape-tentacle-monster escape. "Fucking fuckbitch on a fucking fuck stick." She curses. "Who has a ship?" She demands, "We gotta go after them! They're getting away!" She argues, pointing back to where the predatory black frigate is slipping out of the dock.

"Damn it Rhi! I said to get away!" Nathan shouts back to Rhiannon, slowly approaching to get closer for one more finishing shot into the xenomorph's head, just to make sure that the thing is dead, not wanting to take any more chances.

"You got a boarding craft?" Thomillar Khan asks over to Captain Nightstar, "Because we can get that bitch back if we get on board of her." He says as he watches the Dutchess fly off, "Space is a big place and no one will hear 'em scream."

Takeshi Sinjiro is going to assume Nathan lands the shot anyway, since it's dead. Either way he and his men approach, while he tells the naked thug, "...go clean yourself up."

Takeshi Sinjiro even kicks a rag his man's way.

"Tell me," Takeshi Sinjiro then asks of Captain Nightstar, "What are you going to pay for a Captain to take you to your ship? One hundred credits?" This is asked snidely.

Thomillar Khan grins over to Takeshi Sinjiro's comment, sliding his pistol back into its holster, "Hey Cap't" he says to Captain Nightstar, "If you can get me to the ship, I will still kill them all for that drink, it better be real bourbon though. I just don't fly."

"No." Captain Nightstar tells Thomillar Khan with a small shake of her head. "But someone's gotta have a shuttle around here they're not using." She decides, thinning her eyes at Takeshi Sinjiro. "Two hundred credits." She offers instead, seemingly sincerely. Although it is worth noting the ship in discussion is quite a nice one.

"Yeah, I'm with Takeshi on that one. Shooting up some thugs is one thing, that's kinda fun, but I'm not about to lose my ship trying to get yours back for pocket change," Nathan says back to Captain Nightstar, slinging the shotgun over his shoulder as he steps over to Rhiannon, checking her form for any wounds.

Captain Nightstar sighs. "I got a haul of Synth chips on board, the eighty eight hundreds, you help me get her back and you can have... Ten percent of them."

Rhiannon has a lash mark around her ankle where the monster had wrapped its tentacle around, but there is no further outer damage, the very things Nathan can see. She asks, after Captain Nightstar's new offer, "Are those better than the X58?" It might be pride, or simple curiosity.

"Twenty," Takeshi Sinjiro barters to Captain Nightstar. "You're not going to be able to afford another ship like that one.

"That's not even a thousand credits," Nathan says back to Captain Nightstar with a shake of his head to the woman, huffing out towards her. "Come on, cheap women are not sexy."

Captain Nightstar just shrugs at Rhiannon. "I don't know chips." She states and peers at Takeshi Sinjiro. "Fifteen percent, and I'll say something nice at your funeral." She offers.

"Fifteen of this haul, ten of your next," Takeshi Sinjiro shoots back to Captain Nightstar. "Tick tock, Nightstar. The longer we bargain, the further that ship of yours gets."

"Fine!" Captain Nightstar decides dramatically, "Where's your ship?" She demands before nudging Thomillar Khan, "Come on killer, and whoever else is helping." She adds, already starting towards the docked vessels and more or less ignoring all the people from the bar she said she'd pay to help her.

Thomillar Khan reaches into his pocket, pulling out a nicstick and sticks it between his lips. He reaches into his pocket with his good right hand, pulling out a lighter, an old fashion zippo style lighter, but it might be an off-brand. He murmurs through his pressed lips as not to drop the nicstick, "I am just looking for an interesting morning, you got boardin' pods?" He asks over to Takeshi Sinjiro.

"What are we getting paid?" Ask Nathan back to Captain Nightstar, following along with the woman, looking over to Rhiannon and beckons her along. "I mean I'm not doing this out of the kindess of my heart. I think each of us will take that ten percent."

Nathan says "On top of the hundred you already owe us."

Takeshi Sinjiro's ship isn't as nice looking as Captain Nightstar's when they approach it, but it's incredibly well-armed, black and disc-shaped. "This is my ship. And yes, I have boarding pods. Capture, after all, is preferred over murder in my line of work."

Thomillar Khan flicks the lighter open, striking the flint a few times before flame is produced, bringing it to the tip of his nicstick, puffing a few times before flicking it shut. He takes a few more drags before pulling it from his mouth, "So, something a little extra if I flip it over to stun?" He asks Takeshi Sinjiro.

Rhiannon tags along as ordered, the leg of her pants binding themselves back together. She stores the whip back onto her belt, as well as her smart pistol that looks like it belongs in a 1940s sci fi show.

Fortunately for Nightstar, all the sober recruits from the bar fled at the first sight of the Xenomorph. The remainder seem too out of it to really know what's going on, although one does raise a belated. "Hey..." A minute or so after the group walks off.

"Oh, no, I don't have a hacker yet still, do what you like with the lot of them," Takeshi Sinjiro tells Thomillar Khan dismissively. "My point is I run a slaver vessel, so we'd have boarding pods."

"Seven." Captain Nightstar bargains back at at Nathan as they walk over to the ship, she gives it a brief once over before nodding. "That'll do, you alright with me piloting Captain?" She asks Takeshi Sinjiro as she hurries aboard.

"Good, I don't normally take prisoners. Prisoners are a pain in the ass." Thomillar Khan says to Takeshi Sinjiro with a faint shrug as he brings his nicstick back to his mouth, murmuring, "But I do what I am paid to do."

Rhiannon says to Nathan, "Seven is a good number," at Captain Nightstar's bartering.

"Ladies are always right, lets go with seven," says Nathan back to Captain Nightstar, shrugging his shoulders as he walks along with Rhiannon, slipping an arm around her shoulder as he approaches Takeshi Sinjiro's ship

"Lets go kill somebody." Thomillar Khan says with a faint grin on his lips as he tosses the nicstick on the ground, crushing it out with the toe of his boot before he follows along with the others.

"Fine," Takeshi Sinjiro supposes to Captain Nightstar with a nod at that. "My pilot was stripped naked by that xeno anyways." Once on the ship, he moves to the control room, where his seat is behind the pilot's chair, screens above the main window that gives him a tactical view when he needs it. His men scatter about the vessel to take battle stations and do some pre-flight checks.

Rhiannon looks aside to the hand that is on her shoulder, and there is a moment where there is no expression on her face, but she turns to Nathan and grins after a moment. "This is exciting," she remarks, likely by Thomillar Khan's own enthusiasm for the kill.

Rhiannon wonder to Takeshi Sinjiro and then Nathan, "Where should I sit?"

Captain Nightstar moves with a long stride through the hallways of Takeshi Sinjiro's ship until she gets to the bridge, then slides into the pilot seat. She picks up a connector and slides it into a port beneath her hair at the base of her spine as the system warms up. The pre-flight check is rather rushed and then there's a faint lurch as the ship peels out of the dock, a faint bump as they run more or less entirely over the top of a cargo shuttle and then burst out into open space.

Near Saturn

Thomillar Khan stands on the bridge as it leaves the docks as he squints out through the window into open space, "You see where those fuckers went?" He asks.

"You can sit in the co-pilot's chair," Takeshi Sinjiro tells Rhiannon. There is no co-pilot's chair in sight, however.

"To Your Anus," jokes one of Takeshi Sinjiro's thugs juvenilely to Thomillar Khan.

A few seconds after they clear the docks the scanners pick up Nightstar's stolen ship as it moves into the shadow around Tethys.

Thomillar Khan glares back to the thug that comment, "You know son, I could kill you faster than I could threaten to kill you." He says, a large sinister grin crosses his face, "Because boy, I am out for blood today."

Nathan lets out a little chuckle over to Takeshi Sinjiro before he straps himself in on a seat in the back for non-essential crew. "Sit next to me, Rhi," he instructs the woman, strapping himself in, holding his shotgun on his lap as he waits for his moment.

Rhiannon glances around for said chair, but says, "There is not one." in an obvious manner. This earns a frown, but at Nathan's request, she takes a seat next to him, looking over at Captain Nightstar as if she really would like to sit there and watch. She buckles herself in, however.

Captain Nightstar doesn't wait for instruction as soon as the ship comes up on screens her fingers move deftly over the controls and the ship peels for the moon, the thrust pushing the others back into their seats before the interial dampners kick in. "You want me on fire control too or do you have a tactical officer?" She queries back over her shoulder, cog-like pupils spinning as they lock avariciously onto the sight of her ship on the scanner.

"That's right." Thomillar Khan says over to Captain Nightstar, "Lets blow some shit up!" He says, pounding his fist onto the console, hopefully not hitting any buttons.

"You're inside the machine, it'll ultimately be better if you do it, much as I'm loathe to admit it," Takeshi Sinjiro tells Captain Nightstar sourly at her words as they fly closer, eyes shifting over the screens.

The crew steadily gain on the stolen vessel for a few seconds but then the engines on the vessel ahead of them flare as it puts on speed to maintain distance, slim objects separate from the vessel ahead and then ignite with small flares as missiles are deployed and fire back towards the chasing vessel.

"Good job with that xenomorph back there. You were even better then I was," Nathan says back to Rhiannon after a moment as he looks ahead towards the action, squeezing his shotgun as he notices the missles incoming. "Ah shit. IF we die, I'm going to kick Nightstar's ass the moment we get into hell."

"We're not blowing up my ship!" Captain Nightstar snaps back at Thomillar Khan as she nods. "Transfering fire contr-Shit!" She curses as the ship ahead puts on speed, "They've spotted us, hold on to something." She advises as she throws the ship into a series of evasive manauvers, lasers flashing out ahead of them to try and intercept the incoming missiles before they can strike. "I never did fix the port drive shift..." She mutters to herself. "If we can force her into a hard starboard burn..." She mutters as she tries to swing around to the port side of the vessel they're chasing.

Thomillar squints out into space as missiles explode out the window, glancing back to Captain Nightstar, "If you kill us all, I will be pissed." He says calmly before shifting his eyes back out to the window.

The ship bucks and rolls as Nightstar puts it through its paces, tossing the crew about as the dampners struggle to keep up with the rapid changes in direction. Flashing lasers cut apart most of the incoming missiles, although one slips through and the ship lurches as there's a detonation below decks, although its not critical damage. Shortly afterwards the port engine on the vessel ahead starts to flicker and it loses speed, the chasing ship finally closing to boarding distance.

Rhiannon's fingers dig into the armrests that are at each side of her as the ship speeds up with Captain Nightstar's order. She looks aside to Nathan and Thomillar Khan, eyes alight with the binary as she collects data from either them, or her surroundings. She does not look nervous, despite clasping onto the chair rests.

"Get to boarding stations and try to wrap this up before something else goes wrong," Takeshi Sinjiro suggests, with a curl of his upper lip. "Something always goes wrong."

"Alright son, time to make a man out of you." Thomillar Khan says, nudging the thug that made the anus joke earlier, "Time to pop your fuckin' cherry and make your muther proud."

"That'll buff right out." Captain Nightstar claims quickly back over her shoulder to Takeshi Sinjiro when she misses the missile and it blows a hole in the lower decks. "Hah!" She crows in triumph when the engine fails as she predicted and the vessels close. "Go go!" She urges as her hands continue to fly over the controls.

Takeshi Sinjiro doesn't look amused at all by Captain Nightstar's words. "The percentage promised will barely pay for the damages," he complains coldly. "...I'm afraid, Mister Khan, my men won't be boarding with you."

"No more xenos." Rhiannon suggests, lowly. "Deanna said that one ate four of us in the arena..."

Thomillar Khan strolls down to the boarding pods, strapping himself in with well rehearsed precision, tapping onto the intercom pad, "Pod 3 ready to launch." He says, drawing his pistol from its holster.

Nathan gives his shotgun as the ship jerks with the hit, gritting his teeth to keep from bitting off his tongue. When the ship is in boarding distance he quickly rises from his chair, pumping his shotgun to load it with a cock as he moves quickly to leave the helm and get to a boarding pod. "Just like old times, isn't t?" He ask, looking back to to Thomillar Khan and Rhiannon.

A laser turret on top of the other ship swivels round when the distance closes and starts to light up the space between the vessels with trails of green light. When the launch pods are released they float for a second before the engines ignite and they hurl through space, occupants nearly passing out at the extreme G force suddenly pushed onto them by the rapid acceleration. The turret on the ship swings around to try and track the oncoming pods, and the occupants can do little but crouch down and pray they don't explode before they reach the other side.

Strapped into the pod, there isn't Nathan and do a whole lot but hold onto his gun tightly and say, "God damn it Nightstar! You're not paying me nearly enough for this!"

Captain Nightstar starts to try and evade the incoming fire, taking a few grazing shots from the enemy lasers but nothing sustained enough to cut through the armor. When the turret tracks towards the pods she curses and her hands move as Takeshi Sinjiro's ships own lasers start firing back at the turret. "I only just bought that thing..." She complains.

"Launch the pods," Takeshi Sinjiro says when Thomillar Khan, Nathan, and Rhiannon are secure. "They know we're here to take the ship back, so they're likely going to be reckless." He grips his chair's arms tightly as the ship shudders at the damage, however superficial it might be.

Thomillar Khan slams into the side of the Dutchess within his boarding pod as it punches a hole in the side of the ship. As the hatch springs open, so does he. He rolls out of the pod, diving for cover as soon as he does, ready to fire upon any thugs that attempt to stop his boarding attempt.

Nightstar's return fire misses the turret and it blasts a hole in the side of Nathan's pod, air starts venting out of the pod at a rapid pace as alarms sound inside it, as if the occupant might be unaware his pod was venting atmosphere. Fortunately it impacts before the occupant can asphyxiate and with a whine the pods cut through the surface of the other ship and deposit their rattled, and in one case, half asphyxiated occupants into the depths of the other ship. For now there seems to be no one around giving them a chance to recover.

"Your lasers suck." Captain Nightstar claims quickly when she misses the turret and almost gets Nathan killed as a result, putting the ship into a dive to try and get under the effective firing arc of the enemy turret now they pods are safely docked. "If one of you could kill the guy manning that turret, I'd be much obliged." She tells the boarding crew over the radio.

Nathan nearly passes out when Captain Nightstar strikes his own pod, the man gasping for air that just isn't there, not even having time to hold his breath. He flails, seconds away from passing out and slipping into a final sleep before he is deposited in Captain Nightstar's ship. He stumbles out, gasping for air, falling upon his hands and knees, coughing as he takes a moment to recover. "God...fucking...damn it..."

"Time to catch your breath, that was the easy part." Thomillar Khan says, peering around the corner from his cover, "It won't take long for them to realize we are here."

Nightstar is able to keep the ship out of the line of return fire for now, but Thomillar's words prove rather prophetic as a few seconds after landing flashes of pulse fire start lancing down the corridor towards the boarding party.

Breathing seems to be of no issue to Rhiannon, when the pod makes contact with Captain Nightstar's ship. It takes a while for the hatch to open, but she is soon out and standing with Thomillar Khan and Nathan. This however is not the time to simply lolligag and the blonde is fumbling for her pistol at her hip, yanking it off and seeking to find some cover behind the pod before she is hit.

Apparently today is not Nathan's day. Once again he is hit by energy weapons, this time in his side, letting out a cry of pain as he grabs his shotgun and rolls for the nearest cover, propping himself behind it as he turns around the side and fires a blast down the corridor towards the assailants.

Rhiannon pops her head up from her cover and fires her laser gun at an oncoming thugian, without really aiming, however, too caught up, it seems, in assessing all possible entries and exits.

Rhiannon's system predicts the incoming fire almost perfectly as she ducks down out of the way, Nathan takes a shot to the side however and Thomillar is hit in the shoulder before they get down into cover. A spray of fire from Thomillar has the enemy ducking diving for cover before Nathan and Rhiannon's blasts catch him mid jump, sending him skidding back against the wall with several holes in his chest. Leaving the area quiet again for now.

Thomillar Khan walks up to Nathan as he looks down at him, "You alive?" He says, nudging him with his foot a little, as he glances over his shoulder, "Because if you are, you need to get up, shits going to get worse if we don't start moving. We need to keep mobile on a ship or they will pin us down."

Shot twice in one day, Nathan isn't feeling so good, blood slowly oozing from the grazing shot, his augmentations already working on stopping the bleeding. He slowly rises up, grunting, giving a nod to Thomillar Khan. "Yeah, I'm alright," he says, panting a bit, wiping some sweat from his brow. He looks over to Rhiannon a moment, checking on her for the moment before looking back to Thomillar Khan. "You okay?"

With the thugian down, Rhiannon tilts her head to the side, listening, perhaps, for the sound of more people approaching. "How do we know which is enemy and which are Captian Nightstar's crew?" She appears to be unharmed for the moment, at least from the outside.

"Naw, I am sufferin'. Can't seem to hit shit today. This fuckin' sling." Thomillar Khan says as he turns and starts moving down the hallway at a great pace, "We need to get to the bridge. We can lock down this entire ship from there."

"If they are in our way, we kill them. That is how we know. Her crew is dead or hiding." Thomillar Khan says to Rhiannon as he passes by, going towards the direction he believes the bridge to be.

"Yeah, my luck isn't going well," Nathan says back to to Thomillar Khan with a shake of his head, standing up more straight, taking a deep breath as the pain of his wounds fade. "Alright, I'm ready. Lets get going. There aren't a lot of them, right?"

There doesn't seem to be any sign of a native crew, and fortunately Rhiannon's perfect memory is able to recall that there should only be three more thieves, one must be in the turret, and probably the other two on the bridge.

"Well, we are looking for three more." Rhiannon eyes light up again, and from memory recites, answering her own question, "One is wearing grey, the other brown, and the last black. The first is using a nano blade. The second has a pulse like Thomallar's and the third is weilding both. He is probably their leader." She smiles between the men and struts down the path, looking cool as a cucumber, for now. Long as there are no xenos.

"No pulse pistol is like mine. She's special." Thomillar Khan says back to Rhiannon as they trudge onward, "This fuckin' feels like Monday... Shit."

Rhiannon repeats over her shoulder, still listening for either Captain Nightstar's voice, or for foot fall, "Like yours."

Once Thomillar Khan reaches the bridge, he begins pounding on the door with the grip of his pistol as he stands off to the side, "Open up! I am fuckin' Mr. Khan! If you don't want the walks to be painted with your blood, you better fuckin' give up now. I don't fuck around!"

Nathan follows along next to Thomillar Khan, pumping his shotgun, sky blue eyes scanning around, searching for threats, gun pressed against his shoulder as he peeks around corners and through doors, making sure that no one is going to be popping up on them without saying hello to his little friend first.

The team make it to the door of the bridge without running into any additional enemies. When Thomillar bangs on the door it opens rather obligingly. The pulse blaster fire that shoots out of it however is significantly less obliging.

Thomillar Khan already off to the side makes a good defense of things, he reaches back in firing at the thugs at near point blank range, "You stupid mother fuckers!"

Gungho and balls to the walls is not what Rhiannon is. She tries to avoid the pulse fire by leaning back against the wall when the door slide open, keeping as tight to the wall as she can. She leans in slightly to fire, at nothing in particular, though she might have intended to hit the man firing at them.

As the group skips back out of the way of the fire the pulse weapons burn holes into the hallway opposite. They put their own guns back around the door to return fire and while it seems difficult to aim in such a manner the broad salvo of Nathan's shotgun at least finds a mark based on the grunt of pain and sound of a body slumping that comes from the other side.

Rhiannon says, "Try to keep Captain Nightstar's ship in shape." This is off to Thomillar Khan.

Nathan presses against the wall and Rhiannon, with not a lot of room to maneuver they have to share cover, though he tries not to squish the woman and give her room to maneuver. He pops out for a moment to blast into the bridge of the ship, firing i before ducking back inside before return fire can be given. "That's one down."

"Yeah, the shippiest shape." Thomillar Khan says, leaning in to kick the door in the remainder of the way as he moves into the bridge room quickly under a hail of fire, firing as he does, "Die you assholes!"

Rhiannon goes nose to nose with Nathan when he pushes up against her against the wall, not squished, but in very close proximity. She smiles then leans in and over to fire again, not wasting much time.

The direct approach seems to suit Thomillar, and before the remaining man inside can fire at him he's riddled with pulse blasts, spattering half of the back of Nightstar's bridge in blood. "Hello, guys?" Comes from the radio on the other dead man, probably the remaining crew member in the turret.

Thomillar Khan speaks into the radio in return, "Ships all clear, we killed Mr. Khan. Feel free to return to the bridge at your earliest convince." He says over the mic, not very convincing but has a large ass grin painted across his face.

Rhiannon grins a bit at Thomillar Khan's response to the radio call from the enemy's radio.

Once Thomillar Khan is done speaking Nathan quietly chuckles, heading over to the wall near the door to press himself against it, lifting his shotgun as he waits for the other man to approach, leveling his gun about head height.

"Roger that." Comes a relieved sounding voice over the radio and half a minute later the last ruffian comes rounding the corner into the bridge before freezing wide eyed at the site of the three invaders.

Thomillar Khan aims his blaster at the thug and just says "Hey." And pulls the trigger.

"Hi," Nathan greets along with Thomillar Khan, blacking headshot, close range to the man, attempting to take his head clean off with a solid slug shot.

The last ruffian basically explodes under the concentrated close range fire of the group, spattering the previously nice bridge with even more blood and guts.

"Hello?" Captain Nightstar asks over the radio. "You all dead?"

Rhiannon wipes a bit of blood off her cheek that splatters onto it, smearing it under her cheek like it is some kind of rite of passage and warpaint.

Nathan steps over to the radio, slinging the shotgun over his shoulder once again, speaking into the mic as he says, "Yeah, we're all dead, we're speaking to you as ghosts now. We're going to haunt your ass."

Thomillar Khan glances over to Nathan as he slides his pistol back into his holder, "Well, hopefully she carries through on that drink, she is pretty easy on the eyes." He says as he strolls over to the radio as Nathan speaks into it.

"Also, you shot at my pod, who taught you to shoot? A blind man?" Asks Nathan into the radio, sounding annoyed.

"She is augmented." Rhiannon reminds Thomillar Khan, making it a point to .. well .. point it out. "Chip in her head and all."

"Yeah yeah. That is why she needs me." Thomillar Khan says with a wink over to Rhiannon as he gruffly says, "She needs someone to protect her against all those mindfuckers."

Rhiannon stores her pistol away into its holster, giving off a little bit of what might be smugness.

"It wasn't my fault, Takeshi's lasers suck." Captain Nightstar argues back over the radio. "You ok to pilot the Duchess back to port? I'll meet you there." She adds as she turns the ship around to head back towards Epsilon 7.

"Yeah, I can fly her back," Nathan says back to Captain Nightstar with a small sigh, shaking his head as he leaves the mic and heads over to the pilot's seat, sitting himself down, taking control of the ship. He turns it around and and makes his way back for the space station, setting his shotgun against the consul as he flies. "Fucking nearly died back there."

"Ah, they were just amateurs, barely worked up a sweat. They should have surrendered, it would have saved them... Well, saved them something." Thomillar Khan says wit ha faint shrug as he glances down at the blood on his boots, "She is going to keep her crew busy with this one."

Captain Nightstar flies back into port where she divies up her cargo as promised, although it's rather a smaller cargo than she'd have the others believe and thus the seven percent doesn't really go quiiiite as far as they might like. But then she's off to fix up her ship and promising to catch up later.