\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Logs/Dust Rain

Dust Rain

Night has settled over Haven like a blanket and though thick, a moon overhead seems to promise some inch towards light. However the street lamp that would normally show the way is on the fritz, blinking on and off and sending out an irritating buzzing noise as though the bulb might be about to pop.

Kelly shuffles along, barely even noticing the flickering light except how it directly inconveniences her. The girl passes through the pool of shadow where once was light - and nearly trips on a raised seam of sidewalk. "Ow, damn it!" she mutters as she stumbles.

Kelly thinks; ""

Kelly thinks; ""

A shuffle sounds off in the distance. At first it's a faint rasp. It could be anything, really. Rats. Mice. Raccoons. More rats. It happens to be in an unlucky spot without the grace of light, however. The air has a tang of early autumn to it, a crispness, and a few leaves blow by on the ground. The rasp comes again. It wasn't leaves.

Kelly might be high. Or she might just be oblivious. Either way, she trudges on, pausing only long enough to nurse her stubbed toe before trucking onwards, forwards. The darkness does not seem to concern her, though she does keep her eyes downwards now, 'lest the sidewalk assaults her once more.

Kelly thinks; ""

You are briefly blinded by headlights as a car passes you.

Rasp. Rasp. Rasp. The shuffling gait of something not quite alert sounds and comes closer and before long, a figure appears. He seems on collision course for Kelly and his eyes are dark and hungry, the only thing alert about him as the rest of him appears moving in slow motion. His clothes are caked in dirt and a swath of blood crosses his neck, though it's old, almost the same muted rust as the soil staining his shirt.

Kelly thinks; ""

Her gaze stubbornly pointed downwards, Kelly doesn't notice the figure until he's almost on her. Then, something about the rasping catches her attention, and she looks up. Her eyes lock with the man's. They widen. She screams, short and sharp and stops dead in her tracks.

Moving suddenly fast and with surprising agility, the corpse-like man tries to shove Kelly back against a lamp post with strength no man should be able to manage and clamp his hand over her mouth. His eyes, though on the verge of feral, search hers, and he demands in a harsh whisper, "Please, help me. God, help me."

Kelly thinks; "This is the shittiest day ever."

Kelly thinks; ""

Kelly's squeal is cut off before it gets halfway out of her mouth, caught and trapped by the man's steely grip. She freezes up, too terrified it seems to even attempt a struggle. She whimpers instead, and stares, wide-eyed, at the figure before her.

"I'm so hungry. You have to help me. Someone hurt me, they buried me," the man begs in a weak voice, the tone sounding as though he personally swallowed several mounds of gravel in his escape. He leans forward and tries to nuzzle his lips against Kelly's ear, though he somehow ends up at her neck, empty breaths puffing against her throat, "You smell so good. Please, do you know anyone? Can you call the police?" Your scream might have brought some attention, during the corpse-like man's molestation of you.

encounter bringin A scream has just been issued in the night and then silenced all to quickly. This appears to be just off of an intersection. You bring in more characters.

Paralyzed by fear might be an apt descriptor of Kelly's current state - her head tilts back in response to the man's 'affections', eyes squeezing shut. Another whimper escapes her through the fingers of the man's hand, and whether she registers the man's words, or if they've just pinged off her brain, is unclear.

Kelly thinks; "Oh God he's gonna fucking rape me...!"

Well, it's not rape but the man starts to run his teeth along Kelly's neck in a sawing motion, as if scratching an itch or an ache though the source would be enamel. He releases her mouth in the process and settles against her in what would look like a romantic pose from an outside observer. He whispers between his gnawing, "Please, help me. Please."

Kelly thinks; ""

You'd notice that his face is cold, colder than the rain and the true temperature would allow. Also, he's started to get you muddied by proximity.

"Ph-ph-ph--" Something clatters on the sidewalk, hits the ground with a *smack* then slides away. It's a phone, a battered old black flippy one that seems to have 'slipped' out of Kelly's pocket.

Kelly thinks; ""

The phone is enough to distract the corpse-like man from increasing his pressure on the delicate veins of Kelly's neck and he pulls back to give a creak as he lowers himself to pluck up the phone. His expression tight, he insists to the woman as he croaks, "Call someone. Get me help or I'll kill you. I don't know why, I can't help it."

Kelly thinks; "O-oh my God hesgonnarapemethenfuckingkillmeohmygodohmygod"

Hands shaking violently, Kelly takes the phone from the man, flips it open, and dials the only number she can remember - 911. Not a moment later the phone drops, and the girl whimpers.

Kelly thinks; "Ohfuckohfuckohfuck he's gonna kill me I don't wanna die I don'twannadie...!"

Kelly thinks; ""

Kelly thinks; ""

Jason is standing here. Kelly is being held up, /pressed/ up against a lamppost by a figure splashed with blood around the neck

"I'm sorry. I'm just so hungry," the ghost-white muddied figure moans to Kelly and then dives back for her, trying to bury his face against her throat, his fingers tighting to clamps on her arms. It would be intimate if one considered possible homicide to be intimate.

Kelly is pressed up beneath a flickering streetlight by the figure, her mouth covered by the man's corpse-white hands. She whimpers weakly, eyes screwed shut - no resistance seems to be offered to her molestation/assault. A battered old black flip phone lies on the ground besides the pair, open.

Jason pulls up in his vehicle, it's here, he swears, and climbs out, quickly blinking over at the figure coming down on Kelly. He reaches behind and pulls out the pistol and grips it with two two hands before lifting it up. "Hey now buddy, let's back away from the girl, slowly." He steps in, assuming a typical police officer stance.

Jason gets a black 9mm Glock handgun from his black long sleeved jacket pocket.

Jason thinks; "shit"

Kelly thinks; ""

private kelly You'd feel a sharp pain in your neck as teeth sink into the soft flesh, thankfully away from any gushing arterial spots but enough to leave a mark. He's feeding. You may, at this point, become aware of what he's doing.

Jason's gun and words don't even halt the man as he lowers his teeth to Kelly's neck and begins a messy feeding session after making a firm bite to the soft flesh he finds. He's crazed, completely oblivious, but this leaves him open to attacks he might otherwise be aware enough to stop or even move from.

Jason doesn't hesitate from pulling the trigger, sighting on the man's head and neck area. He fires until the clip is empty, and slams another one up beneath the grip and letting the other one drop the ground.

injure kelly mild Done.

Kelly lets out loud, whimpering squeal that quickly evolves into a pained moan - little beads of moisture form at the corners of her eyes and slowly streak down her face as her awareness fades, leaving only pain.

Kelly thinks; ""

That's all it took, at least two of the shots hitting the back of the man's head. Thankfully, Jason is far enough away that they don't pass through and hurt Kelly, but they do have a curious effect. Like a water balloon that had been pierced by a needle, every single bit of dirt-covered flesh and bone erupt in a spew of ash, less than a second after the splatter of gray matter lands on Kelly's forehead. A pile of ruined clothes rest where there was once a man and Kelly is free and freely bleeding, both.

Jason curses beneath his breath and slides the pistol into his holster and quickly trots up to Kelly. He takes a rag and rips it before pressing it against Kelly's neck. "Shhh, it's alright. You're alright."

Jason slips a black 9mm Glock handgun into his black long sleeved jacket pocket.

Kelly thinks; ""

Kelly sags downwards into Jason's grasp, prevented from falling straight down on her ass by his arms. When her eyes reopen they're woozy, vacant, her pupils dilated from terror and shock. The bleeding seems to be slowing at least - even without any medical intervention.

Jason reaches under and scoops Kelly up in his arms and quickly trots across the road to his Impala and manages to pry open the passenger door. "You'll be alright. Let's just get you to the hospital." He straps the seatbelt around her and jogs to the driver side, sparing one glance over his shoulder where the vampire was, then climbs in to take off.

The night has returned to it's still nature except for the rain. The rain is a cruel trick. It begins to wash away evidence that the man ever stood in that spot, leaving behind nothing but a pile of wet, soiled clothing. The street lamp flickers again, casting eerie glow to the whole space.

Kelly thinks; ""

Kelly has the presence of mind to scoop up her phone at the least - in fact, she does so almost frantically, jerking forwards a little in the midst of Jason's care to snatch it possessively up. She doesn't do much otherwise - her breaths are quick and shallow and her entire body shakes, skin pale, sallow, and clammy to the touch.

Jason casually steps down. Kelly shuffles down.