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Good Boy

Date: 11/12/2016, Early Afternoon

Aemilianus has accepted the encounter. Your target is abducted in their sleep, waking up alone in a locked room. They need to either escape or draw attention to them so their allies can come and provide assistance.

Aemilianus wears a simple gold ring.

In Trailer at 14 Dandelion Parkway - Sleeping Area It has cheap decor. It is a bedroom.

  A twin bed takes up about half of this room, pushed against the eastern

wall to allow a walkway at the south and western edges. Further confining this space is a portable cot with a metal frame. In between runs short and worn brown carpet. Overall the room is dull, with old wood paneling covering the doors. An inset closet is next to a built in dresser, below a mirror. A set of shelves have been put up on either side of a small window in the northern wall.

It is afternoon, about 48F(8C) degrees, and there are a few dark grey stormclouds in the sky.

[ ] [ down ]

Aemilianus is standing here.

Aemilianus was probably out the door by now, shopping for groceries.

You tell Aemilianus 'Hello, is there anyone nearby you'd have with you?'

Aemilianus tells you 'Nah.'

The crystals in Aemilianus's simple gold ring start to emit a faint white light.

OOC: Thanks for accepting the encounter. If you need to talk to me, please 'stalk' up. If you see []'s around a pose, that means I'm emoting to your character specifically. Let me get an opening pose started.

As Aemilianus heads out of his trailer, the sky is overcast. In the distance, a raven caws and the temperature is a bit cool. He makes it about two feet before a sharp pain hits his neck. He's able to reach up and feel a protruding dart just before he falls into darkness.

You tell Aemilianus 'Sorry, this one requires a little railroading.'

Aemilianus tells you '*nods* understandable.'

Reaching over for the dart, Aemilianus states, "Sonuva... bitch... not again." Comes his slurred words, even moreso slowed by the fact that he's already drunk. The man stumbles for a moment or two... before he then flops on the ground.

When Aemilianus awakens, he's within a concrete room. He's attached to a metal chair that's been bolted to the floor and his hands are currently bound to it with simple duct tape. The room is empty save for a table that has a small butterknife on it. Beside the table lays a dog that is breathing but appears to have been sedated. From a pair of speakers hidden in the walls comes an announcement: Gooooood afternooooon! the voice speaks in a cheery voice of a pre-adolescent, We're going to play a game, based off of one of my favorite movies. See Fido there? He's got your ring. Go get it. the announcement continues and indeed, Aemilianus's ring appears to no longer be on his finger.

                Stat Report:Aemilianus
        he has Perception stat at *.

Their skill is: *

Their skill is: *

"Kiddo. I'm going to kick your fucking ass." Aemilianus states as he starts to get himself up only to find himself bound to the chair. He tugs up with all of his might, trying to break out of the tape.

Their skill is: *

It takes some doing, but Aemilianus is able to get free. He's perceptive enough to notice that the duct tape seems to only have been there as almost a formality. The dog remains laying on the floor, panting quietly and the butterknife glints dully from the glow of a shielded overhead light, Oooooh scary comes the retort, followed by a tinkle of excited laughter.

Sneaking over towards the butterfly knife, Aemilianus glances this way and that, searching for the placement of cameras. Should he find them and the direction of their lense... Aemilianus would try to do what he does best. That is, disappear from sight. Step into the shadows, ride the wall.

                Stat Report:Aemilianus
        he has Stealth stat at *.

Silence reigns in the little, locked room, aside from the soft panting of the dog and the dim electrical sound of the light as it burns overhead within its glass enclosure. If there are cameras, Aemilianus isn't able to spot them and no further announcement comes at this time.

Not being able to find them, Aemilianus sighs as he then starts sneaking towards the dog. He doesn't think twice before he brings the knife smashing down into the dog's skull.

The dog's skull cracks under the blow and it lets out a yelp and stirs, its legs scrape at the floor of the room as blood starts to flow from its head, its brown eyes move about within its skull wildly as its breathing quickens from pain, its side lifts and falls more rapidly before whatever internal damage occurred takes complete hold and the dog's head rests on the ground as it dies, its breathing ceases and its brown eyes remain open and staring. A single announcement, accompanied by a tinkle of laughter emerges: Good boy.

Snatching up his ring, Aemilianus places the thing back on his finger. And then he starts to strut for the door, completely unbothered by what he did and the blood dripping from his knife. Aemilianus starts to jam the thing into the keyhole. Fuck picking the lock. Aemilianus is going to attempt to break it.

And Aemilianus encounters his first problem. The dog isn't wearing a collar, nor is the ring anywhere around the dog.... another tinkle of laughter emerges from the speakers but there's no dialogue to accompany it.

Having been tricked by crafty kids, Aemilianus lets out a grumpy sound. So he turns the dog on it's back, flipping his knife around a few times before then gutting the poor thing. No respect.

The entrails spill out readily. It's a little difficult to saw through the flesh and skin of the dog with the dull butterknife, but Aemilianus manages. Amongst the coils of innards, bile and blood is a little glint of metal. The ring. Airhorns play loudly from all the speakers then the announcement comes Congratulations! You win! comes the voice and the distinct sound of the door unlocking can be heard. It swings a bit ajar, revealing a darkened hallway beyond.

And so Aemilianus walks out, although he does so warily, with the butterfly knife still in his hand, the war vet sticking to the shadows of the alleyway in case the little brat is trying to mess him up again.

The hallway is short and leads to a stairway with a half-open door. Light is evident beyond it, it leads into an alleyway. No further announcement comes and the light in the room Aemilianus was in with the dog dims and goes out. For now, at least, the unknown sadist seems to have had their fill.

OOC: Thank you for coming, the encounter is over. Please let me know if you would like a summon anywhere.