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Here Comes The Bogeyman Order Descent

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: It's raining at your destination. It was one whirlwind trip - first, magically bridged to Dublin, then along a golden road, magically cut through the ether until you find yourselves here, in an unassuming spot in the Irish countryside. A number of other Order men are with you - they, sensibly, wear great big coats.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: Upon reaching the destination, Tomas looks like he's about to double over - he takes a moment to lean against something while he gets his bearings. Eyes clenched tightly shut, he mutters in Alexis' general direction, "La Santa, that was gut-wrenching..." The Mexican most certainly did not enjoy his ride.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: "This is it," one of the men says, his English lightly accented, and his feet taking him over to the foot of one tree, one tree in particularly. The other mutters, and looks sympathetically at Tomas. "Fucking sucks, mate," he says understandingly.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: It's Alexis's first time outside of the States, let alone in Ireland, and much less sensibly, she doesn't have a coat of her own, or even long pants. "I definitely should've got a jacket without steel buttons," she complains to Tomas as she trudges the countryside in wet, metal-free sneakers. "I still can't believe we're on a whole other continent." She turns a dripping half-smile to the sympathetic local Order member. "Y'all're gonna be waitin' out here, huh?"

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: The one Order man nods. "Yeah, we're making sure when Bogey spits you cunts back up someone's up here waiting, 'case he fucked you into a coma or something." He says this casually - not insultingly. "'fore you guys go though - one last check. Turn out your pockets, check your clothes. Make sure you don't got any iron or steel or whatever on you. Belt buckles, earrings, braces, any of that shit. We don't want to risk Bogey getting pissed off."

Tomas opens leather Nautica wallet. Tomas closes leather Nautica wallet. Tomas opens black rucksack. Tomas closes black rucksack.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: "Phones, coinage, weapons, shoelace heads, zippers on your jacket, buttons - if you're not sure, just ditch it. We don't want Bogey tearing you to ribbons 'cause you didn't play by the rules." The man not speaking reaches into his coat and digs out a cigarette - sheltering the flame of a lighter with his hands, he lights up and takes a long drag.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: "We'll hold your stuff if you need to leave anything."

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: Tomas dips a nod of confirmation to the Order man that has been addressing both he and Alexis after his shawl-covered hands deftly go through his only two containers. He shuffles about in his place, apparently growing anxious and therefore letting his heat come through the cool. Beneath his shawl, his hands can be seen disturbing the fabric as he rings them over one another.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: Alexis turns the pockets of her shorts out. There are no metal elements to the athleticwear, but she does have a phone in her pocket. "Here," she says, handing it over to one of the men. "That's the only thing that might have anythin' metal in it. I took all my piercin's out this mornin'." She shifts on her feet, testing the insides of her shoes as well. Her lips quirk a little, and even though the footwear almost certainly doesn't contain any metal, she ends up pulling her sneakers off, along with her socks, opting into bare feet. "Here. I don't think these have got anything metal, but better safe than sorry, right?"

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: "Yeah, better safe than sorry," the nearer of the two men says, as he holds out his hand to take your items. "Once you're ready, go on down - remember, Bogey's a true Fae. Don't fuck with him." The other man stands leaned up against the tree, above the dark hollow in the roots. He looks at the two of you sheepishly and shrugs. "Uh, looks like you're gonna have to crawl. Hope you don't mind the mud and shit."

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: Tomas takes a good, long look at the entrance of the burrow, eventually shrugging and turning to Alexis. "Would you like me to go first?" he asks, giving her the choice. He certainly looks ready to do it.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: "I'm a werewolf. I ain't afraid of a little mud," Alexis says bluntly as she steps over to the hollow in the earth in her bare feet. Her green eyes turn to Tomas, head jerking lightly toward the hole. "I'll go ahead in first, if it's alright with you. I'd rather go ahead'n get out of the rain." She drops down to her knees, sizing up the hole as she prepares to climb into it.

the entrance of a cleverly-concealed barrow: "Well so am I, but it's shit to get out of fur," the man at the tree shrugs, which earns a muttered and jocular, "Pussy ass cunt," from his companion. That's followed by a, "Fuck you!" the two of you begin your descent down the rabbit hole...

In the darkness down the rabbit hole

  Utter darkness pervades here, this cramped, narrow space that's not even

large enough to stand in. The rich, loamy smell of the earth surrounds, and it's difficult to judge the source or distance of little sound there is.

It is night, and about 60F(15C) degrees. There is a first quarter moon. You can hear the sound of waves behind you.

[ ] [ ]

Utter darkness pervades as the two of you get to crawling. The tunnel is cramped and narrow, barely enough for the two of you to squeeze through. The rich, loamy smell of earth surrounds you, lingers in your nose, and any sound that's made has an odd, muffled quality to it.

"Wish I had my lighter on me," Alexis remarks with a sigh as she gropes through the darkness, feeling her way along the passage ahead of her. "Or that I could shift an' be able to see a little better. I have a feelin' that would be a breach of etiquette, though..."

"Flint and steel, most likely." Tomas confirms for his unseen companion, crawling about blindly and occasionally making small, distressed noises when he thinks something is crawling across his hands. "Gah, this is complete..." he trails off, mumbling under his breath.

Minutes pass, in darkness if not in silence. The crawls seems to go on forever - sometimes you have a little more head room, sometimes you practically have to flatten yourselves.

(to Tomas) Something slithers across your calf, something long and sinuous.

Tomas begins almost shouting something in Spanish all of a sudden, likely curses, as he audibly kicks backwards with his feet. After that moment of panic, he tries to crawl forward faster, panting heavy and throwing his head back blindly as if to look for whatever may have assaulted him. "F-fucking snakes," he manages to grit out to Alexis.

Alexis mutters something under her breath as she finds herself having to flatten her chest against the muddy bottom of the tunnel. "...and this shirt is gonna be ruined," she finishes her thought, straining to gasp it out as she squeezes through. "Did you say snakes?" she asks, raising her head to futilely try and check over her shoulder and smacking it into the roof in the process. "Oww!"

(to Tomas) You see nothing, /hit/ nothing, but in that moment when you're glancing over your shoulder, something slithers over your hand. Something dry, and scaley.

(to Alexis) Your hear a faint *click* in front of you.

Tomas resumes his shouting, cursing, and attacking this time in front of him, all before he can answer Alexis' query. The flowing Spanish descends into mostly just strangled noises as he pushes forward despite the perceived posibility of some sort of /thing/ that's dicking with him. "They couldn't have /warned/ us?" he pleads towards the darkness where Alexis may or may not be.

Alexis turns her head back ahead, straining to try and see anything in the darkness. She starts pushing herself forward a little faster, breathing accelerating and audible in the darkness - if there are snakes behind her, then she'd rather keep moving. "Warned us about snakes?" she asks, brow scrunching as she tries to find some unseen thing in the dark.

Alexis thinks; "The hell was that clicking sound, anyway?"

(to Alexis) There's a loud and sudden SNAP! and suddenly biting pain shoots up your arm. /Something's/ closed around your wrist, something that immobilizes it completely and /painfully/, crushing, cutting. And burning. It's a familiar burn, and only where the metal touches.

(to Tomas) You get not five feet forwards when a snake (that must be what it is, right?) lands heavily on your back, over your neck. Your limbs are suddenly trapped, scaly coils enveloping you and immobilizing your arms, your legs, circling around your throat and flattening you out against the tunnel floor.

(to Tomas) And then, when you're completely and utterly restrained - something pushes at the seat of your pants. Insistently.

"Oh, FUCK!" Alexis cries out, stopping suddenly in the passage and wrenching her arm back as if trying to free herself from something. A distressed whine comes from the girl, as if trying but not fully managing to suppress her expression of pain. "Jesus - Tomas! I think there's some kinda trap - I swear to God, it's fuckin' silver," she seethes as she struggles frantically to try and free herself, using her other hand to try and pry the trapped one free.

"Yes, warned us about snakes!" Tomas replies in a quick snap, more in a panic than of any sort of malcontent towards Alexis. "I fucking ha-" his voice cuts off in a strangled cry before he goes silent. All of a sudden, after a moment's pause, he begins trying to thrash around, noises deep within his throat desparate to escape. Surely, if they could be seen, his eyes would be bugging out of his head.

(to Tomas) You feel your pants slipping, lowering, your futile struggles not at all helping. And that pressure - it's still there, pushing between your cheeks, whatever it is far /larger/ than anything you ever recall... experiencing. A sibilant hiss sounds, and you feel something wet and moist caress the thin strip of skin your pants expose.

(to Alexis) You struggle - every touch burns, and the trap seems unyielding, unwilling to open. You hear nothing of Tomas, nothing of his struggles or of snakes - but there is something else behind you, something whose growls grow louder and louder by the second.

(to Tomas) Of Alexis, you queerly hear... nothing.

Tomas' muffled noises become more ragged, practically screams hold deep down within himself. With his face pressed against the dirt, his fingers as well as his toes dig as deep into the ground as they can manage, as if trying to use that as some sort of bite board. He's crying, now, quite openly, and the parts of his body that are able to shake.

Alexis's head tries to turn back to hear the sound coming from behind her, eyes widening to little avail in the blackness. The muscles in her trapped arm flex. Clenching her teeth, she lets out a pained growl as she tries to tug the trap loose, trying desperately to move forward. "Tomas, I hear something behind us," she warns, her voice quaking and strained.

(to Tomas) Your pants are jerked the last couple of inches downwards, exposing what matters to whatever it is that's pushing and prodding at your rear. And whatever it is, it surges forwards, moist, forked tongue leading the way. It pushes between your cheeks, rims and presses up against --

(to Tomas) -- nothing. The coils release you, and you can hear them slithering away.

Alexis thinks; "Oh god, fuck - I've got to shift. Can I shift? Shit. I'm just imagining this, right? I've got to get free..."

Incoherent half-scream, half sobbing noises suddenly erupt forth from Tomas, body seizing up briefly before he scrambles forward, calling desparately for an unrecognizable name. Or maybe it's a word? Regardless, his hands search the dark fervently for Alexis.

(to Alexis) The growl grows in intensity with shocking(?) speed - faint one second, the next clear and audible, as if it were but yards behind you. The sound of its approach is soon added to the growling, crawling, digging, scrambling forwards. A fetid blast of carrion-scented air reaches your nostrils.

(to Tomas) somewhere deep and dark: Somewhat anti-climatically, you gain maybe two feet before abruptly falling out of the tunnel.

somewhere deep and dark: Tomas is apparently surprised by the suddenly open space, especially when he doesn't hit his head against the ceiling by jerking it upwards. Still unable to see, he (whilst sobbing still) maneuvers against the nearest wall and stops there, fingers splayed against it whilst he faces the dark in front of him.

Failing any attempt to secure mobility, Alexis tries to turn over in the tunnel, squirming frantically in an effort to give her feet some leverage to kick with. She closes her eyes - not that it matters in terms of visibility, but she's trying to keep tears from burning at them. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she says as she draws back her foot, waiting for whatever is after her in the darkness before thrusting her bare feet out rapidly, trying to dissuade her predator by kicking furiously, if not particularly effectually.

Your foot impacts something unyielding and furry... and it seems to work in dissuading whatever it is behind you. The sound of an aggressive approach suddenly vanishes.

And then there's a sudden roar, and something surges forwards in the dark and swallows you whole.

somewhere deep and dark: Tomas blinks a few times, hands freezing against the skin and gulping quite audibly. "A-Alexis?" he asks in a hushed, almost hopeful tone whilst he begins to shake very slightly. Even in the dark his eyelids flicker, obscuring the dark with more dark in a manner that might suggest he is about to pass out, though he most certainly does not.

Alexis's breathing remains rapid and panicked as it seems that her pursuer has relented. When she finds herself suddenly engulfed, though, her entire body flinches, and she lets out a cry within whatever's swallowing her. Instinct kicks in, and she attempts on more than a conscious level to force the transformation from humanity to wolf-kind as she gives into the amygdala.

(to Tomas) Something smacks you on the ass, something /heavy/ and powerful and far larger than a hand - though the intent is the same. A deep, dark, chuckle follows.

(to Alexis) somewhere deep and dark: Your transformation has just begun when your inexorable descend down the tight tunnel of fetid flesh suddenly reverses, and you're abruptly propelled upwards and out. You fly through the air - and land on someone.

(to Alexis) somewhere deep and dark: It's probably Tomas. It sounds like him.

(to Tomas) somewhere deep and dark: And then someone promptly lands on you.

(to Tomas) somewhere deep and dark: It's probably Alexis. It sounds like her.

somewhere deep and dark: Little points of light abruptly surround the four of you - Alexis, lying atop of Tomas, Vance, digging frantically, Alysia, half-buried in the earth - a dim little glow that illuminates each individual and little else.

somewhere deep and dark: And in the darkness surrounding, something lets out a deep, dark, chuckle.