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Huo Dorm Raid

It is just cresting midnight, a few wispy clouds drift past in front of the full moon which shines its light down on the two schools that nestle atop the Mountain. A few beams cut through the windows of the dorm high ahead, a few even catching and glittering off the twinkling silver tiara that hangs from a rope in the very centre of the room, twelve feet from the floor.

Notably -not- wearing her Tiara, Zhi is coming out of the Shui dorms with a group of other students as they make their way across the shadowy grounds towards their rival school. "If you see Okami, don't rough him up too bad." She tells her colleagues, "He helped me out before."

Midnight means it's time for the midnight snack, with the local supply of Shui captives running low, Ka instead satisfies themselves with a piece of roasted pork stolen from one of the local farmers. "You really think they'll come for it?" He asks Sobi between deep tearing bites.

In typical Huo school fashion, Sobi is laying about on his bunk smoking something strange from the depths of the forest. "Sooner or later they're bound to." He informs Ka with confidence. "I'm pretty sure the stick up their asses is made of pure pride." He adds as he tilts his head back to blow lazy smoke rings into the air. "My uncle is sending in a shipment of whiskey soon, the good stuff. I'll give a whole bottle to anybody who sends one of their princes or princesses into qi deviation." He adds, talking about the helpless, pliable state that Shui acolytes frequently find themselves in when overwhelmed and defeated.

Sying follows along after Zhi, the curvy woman looking a little nervous to be out and taking part in her first big raid. "What do we do if they catch us?" She asks the other, much more confident looking Princess.

"Simple - Don't get caught," Jin Zhang says, dropping almost silently from a tree branch he'd been crouching on, landing near Sying and the other Shui acolytes.

"A whole bottle eh? I hardly needed extra motivation to put those stuck up dullards their place but that bottle will make for a feast." Ka laughs heartily before ripping another piece of pork apart with his teeth. "You missed out on her expression when she collapsed last time, was a treat for sore eyes. Stay up this time eh?"

Entirely unaware of the oncoming approach Sobi blows another lazy smoke ring and shifts another pillow under his head. "It's the good stuff." He promises Ka, "Yeah, fucking bitch really surprised me with that uppercut." He complains, "I guess it could've been worse, at least you were there and we still won, would've been downright irritating to have to deal with a Shui bitch strutting around all arrogantly otherwise." He complains dourly.

Zhi glances over at Jin Zhang when he joins them and nods at him. "That's usually good advice." She agrees, "Just run if you need to, at this time of night they'll probably all be drunk anyway." She claims, taking a few running steps before leaping for a nearby lamppost, bouncing off it gracefully and arcing over to the next and the next before landing on the rooftop of the Hao dorms, dashing along the top of them in silence before slipping in through a window far above the heads of their rival students.

"Uh, alright..." Sying agrees, not sounding entirely convinced of this plan as she none the less follows her compatriots into the shadowy darkness between the schools. Her gaze flicks up as she watches Zhi arc up gracefully into the air and she makes an attempt to follow her, but fails to make the second leap and falls into a roll back onto the ground. Picking herself back up the acolyte instead ops to head for the door into the Hao dorms, waiting just outside until her friends are in position and then rushing in through it.

A gust of wind bolster's the running steps of Jin Zhang as he leaps at the wall of the dorm, arms poised for balance as he runs upward at an angle then grips the edge of the rooftop, flipping up onto it and dashing toward a window, poised on a beam far overhead. He looks across at Zhi then toward the door, poised in anticipation.

Shui acolytes suddenly come bursting into the dorm from the windows and doors, leaping to assault their rivals!

Sobi leaps to his feet when the Shui acolytes appear, he throws his herb pipe at the closest one and then moves to attack the closest rival he can find, throwing a few kicks and punches at a nearby third-year acolyte, although he doesn't make much progress. "Don't let them get the tiara!" He yells out to his allies.

Even though he wasn't remotely prepared to face a sudden storm of Shui acolytes, Ka s reaction to them storming in is still only rambunctious laughter as he tosses his half-eaten piece of pork at the closest leaping body, hitting the martial artist straight in the face which is followed up by a kick straight to the groin. "There you are!" He calls out and points defiantly at a group of assailants. "Come to me."

Zhi leaps down from the ceiling, tumbling through the air as she lands and immediately throws out a kick from her crouch, sending a Huo acolyte flying into a nearby wall. She leaps up for the tiara but is snagged by another Huo tackling her around the middle and goes down with him in a tumble, after a quick series of exchanges she lands a palm on his chest and lets out a sharp little 'ki-yah!' her qi strike sapping his strength and leaving him momentarily paralyzed as she vaults back to her feet and scans the interior of the dorm.

Sying rushes in the door and looks around with wide eyes at the large melee that's already breaking out. She rushes in to help one of her allies, leaping into a flying kick at a Huo acolyte that staggers him and following up with a qi-empowered palm strike that overwhelms his senses with illusions of temptation he's unable to fulfil. She glances between Sobi and the tiara when she hears him call out to his allies, a scowl on her features. "They're trying to protect the tiara!"

Leaping down from the rafters, Jin Zhang meets an opponent in mid-air, the two exchanging a flurry of kicks as gravity draws them back down to the dorm floor. Stepping on the student's shoulder, Jin Zhang delivers a swift kick to the jawline that sends him reeling. "Find the tiara?" he calls out, ducking as he's attacked from behind, and he flips the Huo student over his own head to hit the ground, where his foot lashes out to kick him in the sternum, the qi strike making that foot on his chest feel like a massive lead weight. "Where is it?" he demands.

"And why are you Shui people so desperate on finding a little accessory?" Okami says as he walks into the dorms, pretty much late to the fight.

As the brawl rages through the dorm, students are being flung around in every direction, the sharp crack of punches and kicks and groans of pain echoing through the still night as the martial artists battle it out. The tiara is sent swinging precariously on its rope by all the commotion, moonlight sparkling off in all directions as it swings around wildly.

Sobi pushes past a pair of fighters and narrows spots Jin Zhang across the hall. He dashes in that direction, throwing himself into a roll to dodge a flying plate thrown by someone and heading past Sying as he goes, he lashes out at the curvy Shui with a hand, snapping a Qi strike into her stomach and sending a rush of physical pleasure into her frame as he goes past, but then he's coming upon Jin Zhang and without giving the other man a chance to face him fairly leaps to plant a foot in his back with a flying kick and drive him to the ground. "When are you royals going to learn to leave the fighting to the fighters?" He sneers.

Zhi looks up at her swinging tiara in frustration before her attention is drawn back to the fight. She leaps for a nearby column and runs up it, dashing along the wall for a few steps before coming off it and twirling through the air like an aerial ballerina, the tip of one foot flicks out to catch Sobi under the chin and throw him backwards while she plants a heel into Ka's sternum, releasing her qi to send visions of frolicking naked nymphets through his mind, sapping his power with a desire he can't presently fulfil before she lands in the splits and rolls back to her feet. "You boys play nice now." She taunts, eyes wild with the excitement of the fight.

Sying dashes towards Okami when she spots him heading into the dorms, she throws an arcing spinning kick to knock him to the ground then follows up with a qi-empowered palm strike, robbing him of his vision temporarily. "Stay down!" She insists as she hops back to her feet.

Noticing Sobi going after Jin Zhang and someone, Ka levels his blue eyes on the former owner of the Tiara in the shape of Zhi. Rolling underneath the high kick of one of the other Shui acolytes, he leaps up high and lands his knee-deep into the princesses belly on his way up with time to spare to stab his fingers deep into the pressure points of her back, making her hallucinate a thousand tiaras on the heads of every man, woman and piece of furniture in the room, before he comes crashing down to the floor with a roll.

Noticing Sobi going after Jin Zhang and Sying, Ka levels his blue eyes on the former owner of the Tiara in the shape of Zhi. Rolling underneath the high kick of one of the other Shui acolytes, he leaps up high and lands his knee deep into the princesses belly on his way up with time to spare to stab his fingers deep into the pressure points of her back, making her hallucinate a thousand tiaras on the heads of every man, woman and piece of furniture in the room, before he comes crashing down to the floor with a roll.

Ducking down into a crouch, Jin Zhang lashes out with one leg in a low spinning kick to the back of Ka's ankles, his Qi sending the sensation of a jolt of lighting into the rival student where his foot connects. "Not just here for the tiara - we'll be taking that bottle with us as well," he claims haughtily.

The tiara continues to spin wildly on the end of the rope in the middle of the dorms, the groans and sharp cracks of martial artists exchanging blows is broken up the sound of furniture smashing to pieces. Several more junior acolytes are crawling for the walls or doors as they try to find a way out of the conflict.

Too busy looming arrogantly over Jin Zhang, Sobi doesn't spot Zhi's flying attack until it's far too late and that pointed boot toe catches him square under the chin, sending the acolyte sprawling to the ground in a daze. He growls as he pushes back to his feet. "Fucking bitch." He curses Zhi out, "I guess Princesses protect their own huh?" He asks, glancing between Zhi and Jin Zhang suggestively. "That's fine, you'll all mewl just as pretty for me in the end." He claims.

Blinded by Sying's attack, Okami gets up from the floor and, only seeing darkness, tries to fight. Despite his martial arts failing him, he did strike something, using his qi to temporarily impair whatever he had hit with blindness.

Being hit by not one, but two Qi strikes in rapid succession, leaves Ka stumbling and woozy on his feet and he places his palm against his forehead as he tries to steady himself. "You think you can just waltz in here and have your way? Not today, NOT TODAY!" The man roars in unrestrained anger as beads of sweat starts dripping down his face and unto the floor.

Seeming confident that her attack would've taken Ka out for now, Zhi is caught off-guard by the knee in her stomach, driving the breath from her body with an explosive woosh! When he follows it up with a qi strike she staggers backwards, blinking desperately as she tries to re-orient herself through the hallucination. "Fuck!" She curses as she tries to find her way behind Jin Zhang or Sying to recover.

A whoosh of breath exits Jin Zhang in an instant after that proclamation as that kick lands against his back, and he hits the ground, hard. He sneers coldly at Sobi as he regains his feet, arms in a defensive position as he looks out for any further attacks. "Repeating yourself, did that fall knock your brains loose?" he wonders of Ka tauntingly.

Sying's eyes flutter and she lets out a little gasp when Sobi's qi strike sends that pulse of sensation through her frame, fighting to keep control of herself. When she manages to recover she quickly scans the interior of the dorm and then moves to help cover Zhi once she notices her distress. "Focus your qi, you can cure it!" She calls out in advice to the other woman.

The dorm is starting to rapidly empty as acolytes of both schools flee the conflict, leaving only a handful of stragglers as well as Okami, Jin Zhang, Zhi, Ka, Sobi and Sying. Everyone is looking pretty battered as the battle draws out, the tiara still spinning tauntingly above their heads.

"They're going for the tiara!" Sobi calls out in alarm, he dashes for Zhi to try and stop any more aeriel hijinks but as she's still being protected by Sying settles for her instead, throwing a few quick combinations to throw her off before slipping a hard push kick past her guard and flinging her back against a nearby wall.

As her vision starts to clear, Zhi turns her back on Sobi and Ka and sprints for the far wall, she leaps for it and runs up along the wall before vaulting off and towards the dangling tiara, soaring through the air she bats it on it's rope towards where she thinks Jin Zhang is going to be, sending it careening across towards him.

As the Shui makes their last effort for the tiara, the woozy Ka attempts to get in their way with a combination of flying kicks and an attempt to snag Zhi by her long silk dress. Unfortunately for Ka both fall short and the Shui gets past him on their way to the prize.

Sying runs to leap for the tiara with her allies, but the kick to her chest catches her before she can and she goes flying backwards, able to at least get her legs under her and hit the wall feet first, she takes off at a run along the wall towards the exit, already prepping to escape to safety if her allies do manage to snag the prize.

His sight returning to him, Okami moves towards Jin Zhang and unleashes a couple of punches towards him.

Jin Zhang blocks the first punch but staggers as the second from Okami connects - and rather than attempting a second round of exchanges, the Shui acolyte takes a wind-boosted running leap into the air to snag the tiara as it heads his way, thanks to Zhi. "I've got it!" he crows, eyes flashing with defiant triumph, perhaps prematurely.

The tiara swings wildly as Sying distracts the Huo acolytes and Zhi slaps it over towards Jin Zhang. As the prince collects the prize what Shui are left standing quickly flee the dorms before the Huo can gather themselves enough to mount a proper retaliation.

Sobi tilts his head up as he watches the group of royal Shui dart about in the air and swap the tiara between them, as they make their exit his expression darkens, folding his arms across his chest. "Fucking airy fairy Shui." He curses.

Zhi flashes Jin Zhang a brilliant, dimpled grin when he snags the tiara and she runs around the inside wall of the dorm, throwing herself at a nearby window and slipping out into the night to flee back across the rooftops to the relative safety of her own School.

"Damn," Okami mutters as he watches the Shui flee the building with their prize.

Sying takes a moment to watch the aerial exchange before starting to realize that it isn't a good idea to stay here much long and quickly dashing out the door to follow her comrades, the ground level door.

"Slippery fucks." Ka curses as he collapses on the floor from exhaustion and deprivation, holding out his hand vainly towards the running Shui as if hoping he can drag them back by will alone. "We'll make 'em pay for that."

"I'll be back for that bottle," Jin Zhang vows, but with the tiara in-hand, he doesn't risk lagging behind and being captured, dashing out of the dorm with the tiara tucked in close, chasing after Zhi and the others. "Come on," he tells Sying encouragingly when he catches up with her along the way.

Faint sounds of groans and people trying to find ways to put broken furniture bach together echo through the dorms and the moonlight mountain descends once more into a relative peace.